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3714 MO979 viewsBlue Mountain Bus Company's Volvo B9R with CC SB50 body in Transport NSW livery along the Great Wstern Highway just after it had been delivered.
006 RWI Southport 6 11 12 final.jpg
006 RWI978 viewsSurfside Bus Lines Bustech CDi double decker in a new disguise as a giant sub. Now in Translink green changed from original darker colour with AOA for Subway. Seen here laying over at Southport, Gold Coast before commencing route 5 to Coombabah. 6 Nov 2012. Received from Derek Orford.
WKL 243973 viewsAdmet Torrens Transit MAN NL202-CNG/ABM #760
m/o 662973 viewsThe first Punchbowl Bus Co bus in Transport NSW livery, a Volvo B7RLE with possibly the last Custom CB60 body, seen here on its first day out on a 945 trip to Centro Bankstown showing via Riverwood. Olympian photo.

m/o 9778972 viewsTransdev (64) m/o 9778 Mercedes-Benz O305.in Edward St, North Sydney. It is ex 1833 MO 9/1/09; ex MO 5829 12/08; ex Kirklands, Lismore (286) MO 5829; ex Simes Bros, Lismore MO 5829; ex Bathurst Coaches (unused); ex STA Mk I 1789 10/91. The last ex STA Mark 1 still in service with a route operator. Written off 3/10 and sold via Pickles Auctions, Milperra to R. Chahal 29/7/10. Ben O photo
TV 4069972 viewsWarrigal Charters (21) a 1989 Scania K113TR/NCBC ex Metro Tas. CO 4655, ex Hobart Coaches, heading for Central on Wollongong Rail.
4047 MO971 viewsOne of two Mercedes-Benz 815DL/Custom Coaches CB20's at Hawkesbury Valley that have been repainted into TNSW colours. Believed to be the only two wheelchair accessible mini buses in service in Sydney. It is ex Murton Staff Pty Ltd, Broken Hill (MO10) 4047 MO 10/09; ex MO 5626.
m/o 8625970 viewsSydney Buses (3529) m/o 8625 Mercedes Benz O305/Ansair (ex North & Western, ex ACTION 649), operating former Harris Park Transport route 625 at Pennant Hills Stn.

XLR 722970 viewsSpencer Gulf Coaches, Port Pirie Scania N113CRB/Ansair ex (128) MET 128-ex GV 7452 Metro, Tas still very much in Tasmanian livery.
TV 4442969 viewsIllawarra Escape Tours TV 4442 Denning Denair. Photo by Ben O.

TV 1131969 viewsApple City Tours, Orange Denning Landseer with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

MET 614967 viewsMetro Tasmania MET614 is a Scania N113/Ansair 'Orana'
m/o 5365967 viewsHillsbus Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L Metrobus seen laying over between trips at Parramatta on a miserable day weatherwise.
4000 MO965 viewsBusabout Mercedes-Benz O305/mca at Wagga depot. Rebody ex STA Mark II 2499, withdrawn 13/12/88 after an accident.
8217AO964 viewsWestrans Werribee (126) a 2011 Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" single door – not a regular route bus apparently - at Hoppers Crossing station.

5891AO964 views(114) of Eastrans a Volgren "CR228L", Scania L94UB at the Bent Ave. terminus of Route 630, in AOA for Industry – David Jones.
m/o 8833963 viewsVeolia Transport (310) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L"
741 MFF963 viewsForest Bustech XDI/Cummins ISL demonstrator on loan from Surfside Buslines, Ernest (347) 741 MFF, at Wynyard in their special green version of the Transport NSW livery.
XCP 744962 viewsRecent deliveries to the Adelaide Metro system are these Scania L94UA's with Custom Coaches CB60 Combo bodies. This is a unit for Serco and later Torrens Transit, given fleet number 950.
m/o 1970962 viewsNew for Shorelink is (136) Iveco/Volgren CR228L in the new blue and white Transport NSW livery on Easter Show duties 24/4/2011. It was destroyed by fire December 2012.
5060 MO961 viewsSydney Buses Bustech MDi - Cummins ISL/Bustech "MDi" on loan from Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads (329) 5060 MO by 12/12. Arrived at STA Operations, Leichhardt 1/13 and commenced a trial at Waverley in late 3/13. Seen here at Edgecliff 12/4/2013.
644 EVE958 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 644 644-EVE Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech makes its way to Tweed Heads while operating a route 605 from Murwillumbah.
m/o 7776957 viewsVeolia Transport (144) Mercedes O305/PMC ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 7776 26/11/01; ex STA Mk II 2236 8/99.
m/o 7236957 viewsDriverside shot of Hillsbus Mercedes O405NH/CC "550" in TNSW livery at Pennant Hills Station 19/8/2011. This is one of the buses which was used by Ansett at Sydney Airport and was B41D. Photo by David.
m/o 7205956 viewsOperating an AM Peak service is this Hillsbus (still showing Westbus on the desto) Volvo B10M Mk1/CC in Ray Road at Epping on an ex Harris Park route.
m/o 5430954 viewsBusabout Volvo B7RLE/Bustech VST in Transport NSW livery on a route 853 trip into Liverpool.
m/o 3783952 viewsSydney Buses (3783) Scania L113CRL/Ansair NSW on a 261 in Northwood 26/2/2007.
m/o 3052952 viewsSydney Buses (3052) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV.
m/o 2568950 viewsSydney Buses (2568) Mercedes O305G/PMC artic on its way to Avalon.
m/o 7236950 viewsDoorside shot of Hillsbus Mercedes O405NH/CC "550" in TNSW livery at Pennant Hills Station 19/8/2011. This is one of the buses which was used by Ansett at Sydney Airport and was B41D. Photo by David.
MO 4521949 viewsGoodes, Tumut MO 4521 Hino BC144 / PMC 'Cub' ex St Ives Bus Service m/o 8600 via Shorelink, which operates the Tumut - Mt Horeb school service. Since reregd 3795 MO.
m/o 3067948 viewsSydney Buses (3067) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC Mk IV at Bondi Beach
m/o 8888947 viewsDriverside shot of Hillsbus Volvo B10M/CC "215" ex Glenorie in TNSW livery at Pennant Hills Station 12/8/2011. Photo by David.
Tompson Double Decker at Sandgate.jpg
024 GJT945 viewsThompson Bus Services – Joyner (24) Denning Manufacturing/ Denning Manufacturing "Double Deck" on charter at Sandgate 14 September 2012. Received from Derek Orford.
m/o 527944 viewsPort Stephens m/o 527 Volvo B10M/Volgren at Newcastle Stn 20/11/04.

MO 5441941 viewsFrom Bega Valley Coaches is this Volvo B12 with Alan B Denning body work. This bus seats 80 people and is used on one of their many long distance school services. Since reregd 1101 MO.

S 15305940 viewsAfter the HBA meeting this month, members had a little trip with number 32 the AEC Regal ex Adelaide and took it to Toombul where this photo was taken.
7612 3-7.jpg
m/o 7612939 viewsThe newest addition to the Charterplus fleet (still showing Westbus signage) is a Volvo B10M Mk II/CC ex Windsor, ex Bonnyrigg and has clocked up many many km's over its life.
MO 1317937 viewsThree older photos this month from Andrew MacGee showing Busways Scania K93/CC’s ex Peninsula Buslines. (417) is in Busways livery with white around the headlights.

m/o 8802936 viewsNew for Westbus is this Scania L94UB with Volgren CR228L bodywork. Based at their Penrith depot, there are 4 of these vehicles. In the past few days Westbus and the NSW Government has announced that the CDC group of which Westbus is a part will be receiving 160 new buses over the next 3 years.
5064 MO936 viewsBusways (1018) Bustech CDI on route T75 Blacktown to Rouse Hill during its 2nd week in service. Since reregd m/o 5140.
2250 ST934 viewsAnother photo of Sydney Buses (2250) Alexander Dennis Enviro350H/CC CB80 which is on a Hybrid bus trial, this time at Circular Quay.
m/o 5093934 viewsAbout a month into its career Veolia 348 m/o 5093 Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST about to depart from Hurstville 3/8/2011 on a 947 trip to Kogarah via Dolls Point.
622 HOE933 viewsFrom Brisbane Transport Toowong is this Mercedes O500LE / Volgren just after leaving Queen Street Bus Station for Mount Ommaney on the Busway crossing the Victoria Bridge.

364 HRE932 viewsBrisbane Transport 364 is a Volgren bodied Mercedes-Benz O500LE, photographed at Mt Omanney Shopping Centre.

AC15TQ929 viewsOn the Last day of Baxter's operations at Granville this Mercedes O400/CC ex m/o 132 is seen operating a route 902 service. This bus and Route passed to Connex on the 1st of January where the bus was reregd m/o 7421.
MO 6889927 viewsHunter Valley Buses Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Volgren 'SC222' since reregd 3540 MO
UJE 217926 viewsPremier Stateliner Volvo B10ML/Fuji (211) UJE 217, seen at Adelaide's Franklin Street Bus Terminal. It has since been sold to Torrens Transit and then scrapped.

6152 MO926 viewsWarrigal Charters (29) a 1989 Scania K93CRB/Custom Coaches, ex Busways, ex Pennisula Buslines arriving at Wollongong Station. Deregd 12/11 and to be used for parts.
2006-02-11 10-55-52_0036.JPG
141 JGI925 viewsSurfside 721 (141.JGI) Mercedes Benz O500LE with Bustech VST body. This is the first two door Bustech body in the Surfside fleet.
MET 142922 viewsMetro Tasmania MET142 is an Ansair bodied Scania N113.

MO 9313921 viewsThe latest in the Casula Bus Service fleet, MO 9313 Volvo B58 / CC ex Jennings, Milperra; ex Theiss, Howlong.
XLG 092921 viewsAdmet Torrens Transit MAN SL202/volgren CNG #1641, (Torrens Transit owned) ex (926) 926 EBC Brisbane City Council, Qld.
908 HQA921 viewsWhen this photo was taken V808 was the newest Scania L94UB-CNG / Volgren CR224L for Brisbane Transport. Taken in Adelaide St, Brisbane.

m/o 1670920 viewsSydney Buses (1670) Volvo B12BLEA Artic/CC CB60 departing Mosman Junction, running special back to the City
m/o 3628920 viewsSydney Buses (3628) Scania L113CRB/Ansair at Rockdale.
5628 3-7.jpg
TV 5628919 viewsCharterplus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches "510" ex m/o 9434 7/08-ex Dural (127) 5/08 in Gold livery -ex m/o 7087 Charterbus Direct/Harris Park Transport.

Manly Fast Ferry919 viewsA Manly Fast Ferry on Sydney Harbour 13/3/2013.
m/o 7529918 viewsFrom Glenorie Bus Company (Hillsbus) is this Volvo B10M/CC 516 seen operating a route 638 service from Carlingford High School.
5064 MO918 viewsBusways (1048) Bustech CDI on route T75 Blacktown to Rouse Hill during its 2nd week in service. Since reregd m/o 5140.
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