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0524AO778 viewsA lineup of three Benalla Bus Lines buses including (19) MAN 16.240/CC on the right.
7543AO778 viewsYarra Valley (Martyrs Bus Lines) (43) Volvo B7/Autobus ex (32) 5432AO C50FT Bayside Coaches/Nuline Charter

7267AO777 viewsVentura Bus Lines (644) MAN 16.240/Designline in Smartbus livery operating a 903 service to Mordialloc 28/9/2011.
m/o 1969777 viewsBrand new Green's Northern Coaches Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Custom Coaches CB60 in Transport NSW livery, on Rail standby at Wollongong Station.
2683AO776 viewsMountDandyBus (Ventura) (359) 2683 AO Scania L113/Volgren 'CR221L', operating tram replacement on route 1, seen here just off St Kilda Rd at Southbank. Later renumbered (825).

614 720776 viewsMarrara Christian College Denning ex McCafferty in Darwin 8/4/2013.
268 LCW775 viewsVeolia Transport (350) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech "VST" in Translink livery is doing a 250 service into the Brisbane CBD and is just leaving Cultural Center
Scania/CC CB60775 viewsBack in 2004 this unidentified Adelaide Metro "CC CB60 Combo/ Scania L94UA" made a visit to Sydney to be shown off to transport industry officials. It is seen here at Sydney Olympic Park.
m/o 3277774 viewsSydney Buses (3277) MAN SL202/PMC at Northbridge in the rain 28/2/2007.
m/o 8895774 views3 Volvo's were acquired from Baxter's by Connex. Seen here is Volvo B10M MkIV/CC number 116. Formerly Baxters 33.

MO 1986774 viewsTransit First MO 1986 is a Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC, recently acquired from Jones Bros, Lithgow. The vehicle was initially STA Mk II 2471. It later became (633) with Veolia Transport - It was withdrawn by 8/11.

m/o 8813774 viewsVeolia Transport (684) Leyland Tiger/Custom Coaches "310" at Hurstville. It is ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (48) m/o 8813; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (83) m/o 8813; ex RC49D; ex Bass Hill Bus Service, Chester Hill m/o 8813 - Second Tiger chassis into Australia and last to be bodied.
m/o 8708773 viewsHarris Park Transport ceased operating route service on the 21st of December 2004. Seen here in the final week of service is Hino RG197K/CC Mk288 operating a route 626 to Cherrybrook, at Pennant Hills. The bus was sold to Punchbowl Bus Co as m/o 9028 where it lost its bullbar
5921AO772 viewsNew for Benalla Coach Lines is this Mercedes O500RF-3 with Coach Design Body photographed at their depot.
6525AO772 viewsDriver 25 Autobus High Deck in Grayline livery is about to squeeze past an armed van parked on the roundabout as it leaves Station Pier with a load from a cruise ship on Australia Day.

m/o 888771 viewsSugar Valley Coaches (11) Hino RG230/P&D which has become 4683 MO since the takeover by CDC.
forest 8573.jpg
m/o 8573771 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes-Benz O405/CC
m/o 6206771 viewsGreens own this Hino RG230/Autobus, photographed outside their depot at Helensburgh.
m/o 8750771 viewsNo ACTION have not extended their services to Macarthur Square, this bus is operating for Interline of Macquarie Fields. This is ex ACTION 691 Renault PR100.2/Ansair
KBL 50771 viewsNew for Kangaroo Bus Lines is this Mercedes O500LE / CC 'CB60' photographed on possibly it's first day of service at Redcliffe Jetty.

u/r771 viewsVentura Bus Lines (1001) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" at Volgren prior to delivery. It did not keep that fleet number for long with it going to a new Scania. It is possibly one of 855, 856 or 857 in the Invicta fleet - these buses were delivered in June 2012.
m/o 9719771 viewsCasula Bus & Coach Service Scania K93/Custom Coaches ex Kingsgrove Bus Service Pty Ltd, Peakhurst (11) m/o 9719, ex MO 1526 ex Busways Gosford, Kincumber (424) MO 1526 13/6/08; ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Ourimbah, on rail at Parramatta. It is very unusual to see Casula on rail. Back to Kingsgrove Bus & Coach when they took over Casula in 2014.
4464AO771 viewsVentura Group/Grenda Bus Service/Peninsula Bus Lines (499) Volvo B7R/Volgren "SC222" dating back to 2003, returning home to the Ventura/Peninsula Seaford Depot in the afternoon peak.
3101AO770 viewsCole’s Coaches 2000 Coach Design, Volvo B12R on Regional Rail about to enter Southern Cross Station.
m/o 8589768 viewsTelfords Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex Action Canberra 778 since reregd TV 5294 shown in heavy rain. This photo graced the Bus Australia home page for a long time.
870 NSN768 viewsBustech are currently producing a number of Volvo B12BLE/VST's for Surfside, who own Bustech. About 11 of these are currently in service for Surfside.

TV 6770768 viewsCarbridge (58) MAN 18.320 HOCL-R-NL/Custom Coaches "CB80"

5253 MO767 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 504 Hino RG197K/PMCA "160" heads back to Tweed depot after completing an afternoon school run. It is ex MO 3161, orig (502) MO.2549.
2394 MO767 viewsShoal Bus a 2002, Volvo B7R/Custom Coaches "SB40", ex MO 5590, ex North Nowra Bus Lines (23).
m/o 9195766 viewsBaxters (12) 9195 is a Volvo B10B/Custom Coaches 238. Seen here operating rail replacement services at North Sydney Stn. It has since become (117) with Veolia Transport. It was withdrawn during 2011 after engine fire, de-reg 2/5/12 awaiting extensive repairs. It was subsequently reinstated as m/o 6474.
1229AO765 viewsMees (97) Volvo B7/Autobus ex (29) 1229AO Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches

TV 5937765 viewsCharterplus Volvo B10M Mk II/Volgren ex (76) 4935 AO, CZU 476 Eastrans, Oakleigh, Vic - transferred from CDC, Vic 6/09, in advertising livery for Moove With Us. De-regd by 4/14 & sold to General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches, Bayswater, WA 8/7/14.
m/o 430764 viewsVeolia NSW (147) Mercedes-Benz O405/CC "510" ex transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (91) m/o 430 1/2/07; ex m/o 7141. Seen here at Rockdale.
ECOBUS 3764 viewsA Hydrogen fuel cell bus part of the worldwide trial, of such buses. Perths PTA has taken delivery of 3 units, built entirely in Germany by Mercedes, for use on the Transperth Urban Transport network. No 3 is photographed at one of the many conventions these buses have taken part in. Since the trial ceased in October 2007 1 and 3 have been used for parts.

BCC Toombul 3 aug 12.jpg
602 FDL764 viewsBrisbane Transport (602) Volvo B10L/Volgren CR222L at Toombul on 3 Aug 2012. 1 of only 6 completed at BT workshops due to Austral Pacific closing down. Received from Derek Orford.
m/o 7301763 viewsAfter just over a week the ANSTO shuttle was operated by Veolia Transport star mini (65) Mercedes-Benz O814D/CC (new to Baxters Bus Lines) which had arrived from Bankstown, with (141) going back to Bankstown. Photo by Daniel.
6926 MO763 viewsPremier Illawarra - a 2010 Volvo B9R/ Irizar "Century" at the Rugby Grand Final
m/o 5267762 viewsToronto Bus Service m/o 5267, a CC 'CB60' bodied Volvo B12BLE. Reregd 4376 MO since the CDC takeover.
m/o 1213762 viewsSydney Buses (1213) Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG/CC "Citaro" in TNSW livery happened to be at Circular Quay as I got off the train on 3/11/2011.
3860 MO762 viewsUlladulla Bus Lines (25) ex MO 9253, a 2003 Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches "CB60"
Singh s bus at Loganholme.jpg
5136 MO762 viewsSingh’s Bus Service, Murwillumbah Volvo B12M Coach Concepts ex NV85GS; ex Currumbin Valley Coaches (Brim's), Gold Coast, QLD NV85GS; chassis; ex Volvo cancelled order, at Loganholme Queensland on charter 5 July 2012. First Volvo B12M chassis in Australia. Photo from Derek Orford.
5114AO762 viewsExcutive Coaches - a 1995, Austral Denning "Majestic", Scania K113TR ex (108) of Dysons in a side St. off St.Kilda Rd – signwritten for Deluxe Coachlines.
2488 ST762 viewsBrand new STA Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches “CB80” operating a 207 on Eastern Valley Way near Middle Cove.
841 JHT761 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 731 841-JHT Volvo B12BLE/Bustech "VST" arrives into Tweed Heads before starting a 700 to Southport in March 2009. This is one of many VST's recieving the white Stainless Steel panel replacements instead of the Grey Plastic Panels.
540 SDE761 viewsRear view of Hillsbus Foundry Road Bustech XDi - Cummins ISL/Bustech "XDi" demonstrator in Transport NSW livery, which arrived 12/4/12, in Castle Hill 7/6/12.
YQX 196758 viewsPort Stephens Coaches YQX196 is a Volvo B10R/CC used on a shuttle between SkiRider and Perisher. Previously registered XFY 523 it was originally Busways (101) m/o 7332

m/o 9114758 viewsVeolia Transport (702) Volvo B10M MkIII/Volgren ex Grenda Corporation (Peninsula Bus Service, Seaford VIC) (429) 4429AO; ex (29); ex EZT595, on a route 901 service into Liverpool.
m/o 3170757 viewsSTA Mercedes-Benz O405/PMC Mk V 3170 is nicknamed the 'Pumpkin Bus' and is in a special livery advertising the late night services out of Manly.

6690AO755 viewsMee's (90) Volvo B7/Autobus ex (24) 0676AO, ex (25) 0677AO, PZZ925 Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches

TV 6208755 viewsRenault PR100.2 in Park St, Sydney 7/12/11. It was reg with Hawkesfords 18/8/10, ex Busabout Wagga Wagga 3983 MO 10/09; ex MO 6364; ex Fearnes Investments, Wagga Wagga MO 6364; ex Action, Canberra, ACT (692) BUS 692 12/05. It has been on dry hire to Telford's Bus & Coach (Marrickville Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Arncliffe since 3/11/11. Then went to Concord Coaches.
1132 25-2mo9918.jpg
m/o 9918755 viewsBusways - the body roll in this frame is interesting! Another ex CDC Scania, this time Scania K230UB/ Volgren "CR228L" "growth bus" Fleet 1132, also an ex Westbus Windsor unit!.
TV 4809755 viewsLakes, Barham (06) is a 2002, Scania K124IB/Coach Design, about to arrive at Southern Cross Station on a Bendigo Rail replacement Service in July 2011.
01 CBL753 viewsNew for Caboolture Bus Lines in Brisbane’s North is this Mercedes O500LE with NCBC 'Downtown' bodywork. Fleet number 1, this bus is also registered on Personalised registration plates 01 CBL. Note also that the bus is now displaying 3 digit route numbers which Translink introduced to Brisbane’s North in late June.

m/o 4060753 viewsCumberland Coachlines Scania K93/Custom Coaches ex Kingsgrove Bus Service Pty Ltd, Peakhurst (9) m/o 4060; ex m/o 122 10/8/12; ex (11); ex MO 1323 9/08; ex Busways, Gosford (423) MO 1323; ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Ourimbah MO 1323; ex Brisbane Water Coaches MO 1323, on rail at Parramatta.
m/o 9210752 viewsCaringbah Bus Service Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (771) BUS 771 in Hay Ave, Caringbah – converted from double to single door. It has been withdrawn since the takeover by Veolia Transport.
m/o 662752 viewsThe first Punchbowl Bus Co bus in Transport NSW livery, a Volvo B7RLE with possibly the last Custom CB60 body, seen here on a 945 trip to Centro Bankstown showing via Riverwood. This is after about a week in service now showing the Waratah logo which was previously missing.
357 FTJ751 viewsSurfside Buslines Mercedes Benz O400/Ansair "Orana" ex TVQ 601, Carbridge, Sydney Airport, NSW converted from double to single door, in Careflight advertising livery.
PCT 09751 viewsPeters Coaches Toowoomba Scania K113TRB/Autobus ex (175) PMS 175, TV 4649, PMS 175, Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW

628 CXQ751 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (628) Mercedes Benz O400/Autobus at Pacific Fair.
TV 6520751 viewsOur "tour" coach on the Central Coast tour 8/5/2011 was this immaculately presented Telford's Volvo B12 with Coach Design body.
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