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NVM 452290 viewsFearnes Landcruiser Coaches Denning in 1985
MO 1304290 viewsPioneer Motor Service (51) Denning Denair seen in this highway shot in 1999.
Neville`s Scania N113CRB MO-440.jpg
m/o 440289 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/PMC in 1991.
NSY 091289 viewsBeachmere Bus Service (1) Leyland Royal Tiger Cub RTC1/1/Athol Hedges ex (9) NSY 091, Hornibrook Bus Lines, Redcliffe, QLD, ex (9) NSY 091, Redcliffe-Brisbane Motor Service, Redcliffe, QLD in 1987. Sold to Caboolture Bus Lines, Caboolture, QLD as (1).
MO 8453289 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (111) Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1030
MO 4425288 viewsHall’s Country Buses, Lismore Isuzu LT1-11P/P&D in 2006. Sold to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough, QLD as (72) 437 KFG.
m/o 7414288 viewsRutty’s Bus Service Hino BG300P/PMC. Transferred by Premier Illawarra to Nowra Coaches for sale by 12/12 & Sold to Glenorie Coaches Pty Ltd, Dural for parts 1/4/13. Seen here in 1991.
m/o 7894288 viewsHarris Park Transport Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches in 1990. Sold to Redeemer Baptist School, North Parramatta as BP70ML 27/3/12.
m/o 8370288 viewsCitybus Direct (Harris Park Transport) Mercedes O405NH/Custom Coaches CB60 in 2002. It was sold to Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA as (1323) XMH 620 11/06.
DCV 605288 viewsAustralian Pacific Tours (68) Mercedes O303x3/Denning seen at the Melbourne Cup in 1987.
BNL 953288 viewsAnglesea Tours Denning GM 6v92 in Melbourne on a shopping tour in 1996.
Ex 537 OEE287 viewsBeachmere Bus Service (6) AEC Reliance 505/Athol Hedges ex Darwin Bus Service, Darwin, NT, in 1987. Sold to R. & M. Reynoldson, Caboolture, QLD, then to Coast & Country Buses, Wamuran, QLD.
MO 7051287 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (143) Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1111
TV 887287 viewsCalabros Denning Denair ex AAT-Kings Coach Company, Spotswood, VIC (30) NT m/o 902 -/86; ex Australian Pacific Tours, Sandringham (45) SEF 257 -/84. To Westbus as TV 887 8/6/89 - Sold to ARTS, Padstow as TV 887 3/94, then to Broken Hill's Outback Tours, Broken Hill as TV 887 by 7/95. Advertised for sale in 2003 & sold.
PTV 503286 viewsBeachmere Bus Service (10) Hino BT51/MBS in 1987. Ex (4) PTV 503, Redlands Bus Service, Cleveland, QLD. Sold to R. & M. Reynoldson, Caboolture, QLD.
m/o 6136286 viewsRutty’s Bus Service Leyland OPSU1/1/Comeng ex PTC (2520) seen in 1986.
m/o 7125286 viewsCalabro’s Leyland Leopard (rebodied chassis ex UK) / Domino which later passed to Westbus and then Prior of Batemans Bay. Seen here in 1985.
MO 1948285 viewsKirklands Lismore (277) Nissan RB31S/Custom Coaches in 2006. Reregd 5014 MO then (115) with Ballina Buslines before being sold to Maryborough, QLD for conversion to a motorhome 26/10/12.
MO 4572285 viewsJ & B Bus Service – Murwillumbah (2) Hino RG230/P&D in 2006 It is ex R & C Dickinson, Chinderah MO 4572 and since reregd 3052 MO.
326 PAV284 viewsBayside Bus Service (3) Leyland Worldmaster/Bolton in 1987,
UEF 441284 viewsVIP Express Scania/Neoplan in 1987.
TV 268284 viewsDelwood Coaches Denning high deck coach in 1992.
641 BYB284 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (641) Mercedes O405/MCA in 2000.
604 CUL284 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (604) Mercedes O400/Autobus in 2000.
MO 1410283 viewsCoffs Harbour Coaches (25) Mercedes Benz O303-3/Austral ex TV 979 - Spent some time in Countrylink livery during the 1990s as seen here. Sold to RA Corby, Oberon as MO 1410; then to Bonfield Coachlines, Bathurst as TV 3348; then to Langley's Coaches, Dubbo as TV 3348; then to R & N Roach t/a Roach's Charter Service, Gilgandra as TV 3348; then for a motorhome at Bayswater, VIC 29/1/10.
m/o 448 283 viewsMetro West Bedford YRQ2/Smithfield”Euro” in 1986. ex m/o 972; ex Cumberland Bus Co Pty Ltd, Rydalmere m/o 972 31/8/81. Sold by North & Western Bus Lines to Mersey Bus and Coach (later Merseylink), Devenport as DJ 0948 (co5/017) 16/4/94, then to Sim's Coaches, Sprent - subsequent disposal unknown.
4928AO282 viewsKefford Corporation – Westrans Sunshine (34) Volvo B10B/Volgren ex NLO933; ex (34) NLO933 Westrans, Footscray, Victoria, at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC.
4900AO282 viewsKefford Corporation Westrans, Altona (89) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren CR221L ex OVB856. First Low - Floor at Westrans, Altona. South Melbourne Market Bus, at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC.
KYR 864282 viewsGrenda Bus Service (22) Bedford VAM in 1985.
264 ODV282 viewsBayside Bus Service (25) Leyland Leopard/Austral in 1987. Later regd 526 CGO.
BXA 426282 viewsDysons (72) Denning Denair in 1997. It was reregd 4245AO before becoming part of the heritage fleet.
m/o 4764282 viewsCalabros Leyland Leopard/CCMC in 1980. It went to Westbus as m/o 4764 then sold to Forbes Bus Lines (Wright) as MO 1505, then to Rockhampton, QLD.
m/o 5583282 viewsHarbour City Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC ex UTA 3899 in 1988. It subsequently went to Westbus.
m/o 898281 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (78) Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Custom Coaches which was reregd AC23TQ before being sold to Transit First where it became m/o 8847 and then (673) at Veolia Transport – then lost that fleet number with Transdev NSW, Seen here in 2000.
MO 4906280 viewsBeaumont's Coaches – Mullumbimby (3) Hino RG230/Custom Coaches “310” with a 210 style bumper, in 2006. Reregd 5046 MO and then to Northern Rivers Buslines as (37).
KAR 550280 viewsGrenda Bus Service (82) Bedford VAM in 1990.
451 GRA279 viewsLove’s Bus Service, Cairns RFW-GM/Nambucca Re-body of PMC build 79-1050, ex (324) BHP, Groote Eylandt, NT. ex 451 GRA, 678 GCD, M.J. & G.A. Gamble, Currumbin Beach, QLD, ex (23) MO 2119, Parsons Bus Service, Wauchope, NSW, in 2006. Sold to Kanga Coachlines, Mawson Lakes, SA as SB 95 AK.
MO 1947279 viewsKirklands, Lismore (257) Nissan RB31S/Custom Coaches in 2006. It became (114) 2984 MO with Ballina Buslines then sold to Maryborough, QLD for conversion to a motorhome 26/10/12.
4927AO279 viewsKefford Corporation – Westrans, Sunshine (33) Volvo B10B/Volgren ex NHM391; ex (33) NHM391 Westrans, Footscray, Victoria, at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC.
MO 1797279 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service Volvo B10M / PMCSA "Apollo". It was sold to Brims, Murwillumbah; then Sunstate; then Valley of the Lakes Coaches, Esk, QLD; then Purple Coaches, Morley, WA.
BRJ 782278 viewsGrenda Corporation (37) Volvo B6FA/Volgren in 1985.
PDC 182278 viewsBeachmere Bus Service (8) Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/Superior ex (16) PDC 182, Hornibrook Bus Lines, Redcliffe, QLD, ex (16) PDC 182, Redcliffe-Brisbane Motor Service, Redcliffe, QL, in 1987. Sold to Wamuran-Mt Mee Bus Service, Wamuran, QLD.
MO 8543278 viewsParsons, Wauchope (17) Denflex - GM 6v53t/GBW in 1991. It went to Port Macquarie Bus Service (57) 22/9/99, then King Bros (276) 19/12/00. Disposal unknown.
BPP 985277 viewsGrenda Bus Service (113) Bedford SB3 in 1985.
m/o 8933275 viewsHawkesfords Pleasure Tours Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2565 in 2006. De-registered by 9/11 and sold to the Parker Family (bus enthusiasts), Oakville via Auction 28/10/11.
MO 4905275 viewsJ & B Bus Service, Lismore Hino RG230/Express in 2006. Reregd 5211 MO then sold to Koala Coaches, Burleigh Heads, QLD as (5) 331 LTX.
PFC 284275 viewsBeachmere Bus Service (18) Hino RB120/MBS ex PFC 284, Nambour Bus Service, Nambour, QLD, ex (12) PFC 284, Bayside Bus Services, Manly, QLD, ex (12) PFC 284, Redlands Bus Service, Cleveland, QLD, in 1987. Sold to Caboolture Bus Lines, Caboolture, QLD as (18) PFC 284, then 613 BCK.
m/o 4670275 viewsCalabros Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches Fitted with a Leyland TL11 and Allison Automatic transmission by Calabro's. To Westbus m/o 4670 8/6/89 - Withdrawn late-2006 & sold to Steve Knowles (enthusiast), Terrey Hills 2/07, then to Harbourside Bus & Coach Service Pty Ltd, Wentworthville for parts; Sent to scrap at Sell & Parker, Blacktown 31/1/14.
KBN 417274 viewsGrenda Bus Service (83) Bedford VAM in 1985.
TV 4479274 viewsSpathis Friendship Tours Mercedes Benz O303-03 in 2007.
TV 829273 viewsKing Bros, Kempsey Scania K112TR/Neoplan ex Westons Coaches, Sydney TV 249; ex East West Coaches, Gordon TV 249; ex Australian Trailways Express; ex VIP Express. Sold to Shane Lyons, Walgett as TV 829 - converted to C56F. Foster photo posted by Denair.
0329AC273 viewsFirefly (45) Denning "Landseer Decker" in 2002. It was ex EUV445, ex VX79BK, ex (185) m/o 423(nt) Deluxe Coachlines, Australia. Last reported with Wolters Bus & Coach - Narrabri & Wee Waa ex North Sydney Bus Charters Pty Ltd, North Ryde TV 5599 by 2/12; ex Port Stephens Coaches Pty Ltd, Anna Bay (41) TV 5599 2/10; ex Valley Bus & Coach, Singleton TV 5082 -/09 (written off after a fire -/09); ex Atlas Enterprises, Wangaratta (leased to Cullens as 2099 AO); ex Firefly.
TV 463273 viewsParsons, Wauchope (20) MAN 22.280/Custom Coaches ex MO 0923 in 1991. It went to Port Macquarie Bus Service (60) 22/9/99, then King Bros 19/12/00. Sold to Awon Bus Services, Lyndum as (62) 050 GAS; then to Moreton Bay Coaches, Manly as 050 GAS; then to Sainty's Coaches, Launceston, TAS as ES 4460 -/03; then to Oakleys Coaches, Snug as ES 4460; then to Roscoe Bus & Coach, Melbourne, VIC as 1417 AC by 3/10.
Pye`s Bus Service Mitsubishi RXF-686.jpg
RXF 686272 viewsPye`s Bus Service, Gosford (10) Mitsubishi Canter, ex Victoria, in 1994.
UCN 295272 viewsPremier Roadlines (448) Austral Tourmaster in 1995.
VX79BK272 viewsFirefly (45) Denning Landseer Decker in 1992.It was ex (185) m/o 423 (nt) Deluxe Coachlines, Australia. It later became EUV 445 and then 0329AC before being withdrawn.
m/o 7482272 viewsBaxters (Holroyd) Bus Lines (2) Bedford VAM70/SAthol Hedges ex Glen Innes Bus Service, Glen Innes. Sold to WJ & LT Cann, Corowa as (2) MO 0886; Resold by 26/10/98. Seen here in 1988.
MO 9705271 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (122) Leyland Atlantean ex Plymouth.
2878AO270 viewsKefford Corporation – Davis, Ballarat (135) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren CR221L ex PRL523, at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC.
TV 249 270 viewsEast West Coach Lines Scania K112TR/Neoplan ex VIP Express, in 1990.
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