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m/o 6127335 viewsRutty’s Bus Service Leyland Panther ex Brisbane in 1991.
TV 714335 viewsBusways Group/Rowes Coach Tours Denning GM seen in the Westbus Northmead depot not long after being sold in 1986.
m/o 7574334 viewsHornsby Bus Group Hino CM277K/PMC dating back to 1988, seen that same year. It became (45) with Shorelink and was withdrawn 25/1/2013.
VRI 019334 viewsGreyhound Pioneer (75) seen in Northern Queensland during 2000.
MO 6120333 viewsDunoon Bus Service (3) Metrotec Delta/ABM “Starliner” ex Panorama Coaches, Diamond Creek, VIC (17) 3017 AO; ex QAF 957. Sold to Phoenix Coaches, Devenport, TAS as (10) B60EM 12/09. Seen here in 2006 before being reregd 2952 MO.
m/o 7563333 viewsHornsby Bus Group Hino BG300/Custom Coaches "Euro" dating back to 1986, seen in 1988. It became (49) with Shorelink and was sold to Christian College, Highton, VIC as (6) 0870 AC, rereg ZDH 306 by 7/12.
MO 2810332 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (62) Hino RG197K/PMCA 160 ex (99); ex MO 2808; ex (W13); ex MO 0669. It became 3586 at Hunter Valley Buses and repainted into Canary Yellow livery.
MO 9983332 viewsLindsays Coach Services, Coffs Harbour AEC Regal VI AH590/Howard Porter ex MTT, Perth, WA (646) UQB 646 2/85; ex WAG 8646 22/10/68, in 1987. Deregd by mid-1997 & sold to an Unknown Buyer.
?332 viewsDeluxe Coaches (730) Denning in Oz-Oasis livery in 1988.
LPG 010331 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Bedford VAM3-Dodge/Freighter seen at the Healesville depot in 1997.
Neville`s Scania N113CRB MO-440.jpg
m/o 440331 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/PMC in 1991.
m/o 4256331 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R/Custom Coaches ex Connex (26) m/o 4256; ex Pioneer Coaches, Bexley; ex Westbus; ex Calabro, Bonnyrigg m/o 4256; ex OFR 073.
5262 AO331 viewsKefford Corporation – Westrans, Werribee (94) Mercedes O405NH/ABM CB60 ex (undelivered) King Brothers Bus Group, North Coast, NSW. at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC.
m/o 148331 viewsHarris Park Transport Bedford SB5/Custom Coaches in 1990. Noted stored at the AJ Moore, South Hurstville depot 8/93 - still there, parked outside shed in 2003, but removed by 11/04 & sold to Andrew Haviland (enthusiast) and later with the Parker Family, Oakville.
m/o 7345331 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches 550 in 1999. Subsequently operating with Hillsbus.
UBR 225330 viewsHarris Bus Service, Gawler (14) Hino RC320P/Custom Coaches in 1988. It was ex Sloan, Wonthaggi, ex South Western Coachlines, Jannali m/o 922.
268 DBA329 viewsLove’s Bus Service, Cairns Volvo B59/PMCSA ex 268 DBA, Stagecoach, Cairns, QLD, ex (1170) TA 1170, Trans Adelaide (TA), Adelaide, SA, ex (1170) STA 170, State Transport Authority, Adelaide, SA. In 2006.
m/o 6168329 viewsRutty’s Bus Service Mercedes-Benz O305/Ansair ex ACTION BUS 596. Sold by Premier Illawarra to Hillsong Church, Sydney as AY51RF by 9/08. Seen here in 1999.
?329 viewsDeluxe Coaches (124) Denning in Sunlover Holidays livery in 1989. EL Woods photo.
364 OYX328 viewsMaryborouh Hervey Bay Coaches Austral DC122 Tourmaster
254 ETK328 viewsLove’s Bus Service, Cairns Volvo B59/PMCSA ex (10) 254 ETK, Stagecoach, Cairns, QLD, ex (123) VTS 749, Serco, Adelaide, SA, ex (1113) TA 1113, Trans Adelaide (TA), Adelaide, SA, ex (1113) STA 113, State Transport Authority, Adelaide, SA,in 2006.
JPY 003328 viewsGrenda Bus Service (16) Bedford VAM seen working for Shave Bus Service in 1985
0157 AO328 viewsKeffords Davis Ballarat (148) Volvo B7R/Autobus ex (134) PRL512 Sita/Coachtrans, West Footscray, Victoria. in 2007. It is now with CDC at Westrans, Werribee.
MO 0380328 viewsMurrays GMC PD4107 on a commuter service in 1990.
Neville`s Scania N113CRB.jpg
u/r326 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/Ansair Tasmania in 1992
m/o 413326 viewsHornsby Bus Group Bedford SB/PMC dating back to 1973, seen in 1988.
TV 1590326 viewsBaxters Coach Lines (38) Scania K112TR/Custom Coaches Mk90 ex State Rail Authority (C6.8121) MO 0587 via Hymans of Blacktown (auctioneers) 27/11/90. Sold to Coffs Harbour Day Tours (AJ Quoyle), Boambee as TV 1590 10/03; Sold by 5/9/07. Seen here in 1992.
MO 0849326 viewsPioneer Motor Service (47) Denning Landseer arriving at the 1987 Melbourne Cup.
B87996 [1032185].jpg
FRW 042326 viewsVentura BusLines, Knoxfield (42) Mercedes O305/PMC ex EVA 042, ex STA 1867 taken on a BCSV tour in 2000. It subsequently became m/o 8211 with Crossley Bus Lines, Sydney, Then transferred to Logan Coaches Qld as (51) 005 FXZ, then the same with Cavbus before being withdrawn.
MO 9047325 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (108) Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1127 which finished its days with Dinner on the Decker, St Kilda Vic as SQR 146 (NSW rego).
Cairnstrans Leyland Panther AJO-925 ex BCC 474.jpg
AJO 925325 viewsCairnstrans Leyland Panther/Athol Hedges ex BCC 474
MO 81325 viewsMurrays, Canberra (91) GMC PD4107 at the depot in 1986.
Neville`s Scania N113CRB MO-8143.jpg
m/o 8143324 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/Ansair Tasmania in 1991.
EPC 946324 viewsDriver Group/Pioneer Gray Line (49) Austral Tourmaster which became FZP 049 and then 1049 AO and then sold to Ballarat Coachlines where it was withdrawn 2010. Seen here in 1992.
305 ETK324 viewsLove’s Bus Service, Cairns Volvo B59/PMCSA ex (8) 'Bad Joke' 305 ETK Stagecoach, Qld. ex (1265) TA 1265, Trans Adelaide (TA), Adelaide, SA, ex (1265) STA 265, State Transport Authority, Adelaide, SA, in 2006.
IVW 144323 viewsGrenda (11) ?/Domino Hedges in AOA for Diet Coca Cola in 1989.
BS 00 HT323 viewsVentura Group (1054) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus in earler days in Ventura livery.
MO 9982322 viewsLindsays Coach Services, Coffs Harbour AEC Regal VI AH590/Howard Porter ex MTT, Perth, WA (633) UQB 633 2/85; ex WAG 8633 22/10/68, in 1991. Deregd by 6/3/93 & sold to an Unknown Buyer.
0024 AO321 viewsMartyr Bus Lines (24) Volvo B12BLE/Express.
2035 AO321 viewsWarragul Bus Lines Mercedes Benz O404-3/ Austral Denning Majestic ex Australian Defence Force, in 2007. It was transferred to Panorama Coaches as 3044 AO.
UPP 102321 viewsPioneer Express (415) Setra/Austral seen in Franklin Street Melbourne during 1989.
MO 4595321 viewsParsons, Wauchope Leyland Worldmaster/Bolton ex MTT Perth (537), in 1987.
TV 950321 viewsPioneer Motor Service (59) Denning Landseer at the Nowra depot in 1997.
m/o 8044321 viewsHarris Park Transport Bedford YRT3/Custom Coaches in 1990. Withdrawn by 21/3/99.
Neville`s Scania N113CRB MO-8442.jpg
m/o 8442320 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/Ansair Tasmania in 1992 which subsequently became 613 DWO with Bus Queensland, Park Ridge.
MO 9138320 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service (36) MCA - Cummins L10/MCA in 1992. It was reregd TV 1866 then to Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield (42) TV 1866 (C46FT), then written off 9/8/11 after extensive accident damage & listed for auction on 18/4/12 at Manheim, Moorebank; Sold to Port Stephens Coaches Pty Ltd, Anna Bay via auction by 7/12 as (15) TV 6396.
m/o 4417320 viewsBaxters (Holroyd) Bus Lines (29) Bedford BLP2/Custom Coaches ex Western Road Transport Services, seen here in 1991.
Osborns Muswellbrook Volvo B58 (Artic) MO-2316.jpg
MO 2316319 viewsOsborns Muswellbrook (146) Volvo B58/Volgren artic, ex Allways Bus & Coach, Kingsgrove m/o 732; ex South Western m/o 732 - Identical to Metro, Tasmania 701 class. It subsequently operated with Cumberland Coachlines, St Marys as AH 06 UN and then TV 5052.
3440 AO319 viewsKefford Corporation – Benders Busways, Geelong (35) Mercedes Benz O405/Volgren ex FFJ 435. ex CNG fuelled, now diesel fuelled, at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC.
387 OWY319 viewsBayside Bus Service (49) Leyland Leopard/Hope in 1987.
BKE 986318 viewsGrenda Corporation (28) Volvo B6FA/Volgren in 1996.
m/o 8933318 viewsHawkesfords Pleasure Tours Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2565 in 2006. De-registered by 9/11 and sold to the Parker Family (bus enthusiasts), Oakville via Auction 28/10/11.
266 PWD318 viewsBayside Bus Service (95) Scania K92CR/PMC in 1987.
m/o 7692318 viewsHarris Park Transport Bedford VAM3/Custom Coaches in 1987. It was sold to Katen and Heath with same rego and was noted at Geoff Nance (dlr) 12/04 - sold for non-PSV.
GIP 490317 viewsSita (44) Austral Tourmaster signwritten for Just Fun Tours
m/o 1051317 viewsBaxters Bus Lines, Girraween (94) Csepel 844.31/Custom Coaches at Homebus Bay on car park shuttles in 2001. It stayed m/o 1051 with Westbus and then 4698 MO with Hunter Valley Buses.
m/o 5130316 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Leyland Super Viking/Custom Coaches. Sold to JR & TA Schirmer, Walla Walla as MO 5193 4/92; Sold by 25/1/01.
m/o 501316 viewsHornsby Bus Group Bedford BLP2/Custom Coaches dating back to 1976, seen in 1988.
m/o 4202315 viewsHornsby Bus Group Bedford BLP2/Custom Coaches dating back to 1978, seen in 1988.
MO 9301315 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (111) Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1139 which saw subsequent service with Horizons West, Welshpool WA.
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