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083 NUS369 viewsSkennars GM Coach in 1987.
CYU 200368 viewsWestrans Altona (20) Elwood HFA-GM/PMCSA in 1995. It was reregd 4907AO and then sold to Unknown Buyer (Possibly sold to Dick White Bus Sales, Alstonville, N.S.W.).
m/o 8154368 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches. Transferred to Liverpool Transport Co Pty Ltd, West Hoxton as m/o 8154 - Repainted into Busabout livery when business merged with Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd).
TV 325367 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Volvo B58-61/CC in 1991.
EKD 349367 viewsMelbourne Coaches Austral Tourmaster ex (162) VV02BO Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Victoria, in Victoria Coaches livery 1998. It was later reregd 1206AC.
?367 viewsCoachtrans Denning in 1991.
m/o 5389366 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford VAM70/CC in 1988.
MO 3314366 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (8) Mercedes-Benz LO812/Custom Coaches ex (31) which went to Hunter Valley Buses and then sold to PR & PL Willetts t/a Kiama Scenic Tours as TV 4971 between 11/07 & 12/07, then to GJ Cresswell's Transport Pty Ltd, Deloraine, TAS as A 74 DF by 6/08.
BVQ 613365 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Bedford SB3/Freighter taken at the Marysville depot
m/o 5598365 viewsMetro West Bus Lines Bedford VAM70/CCMC in 1986.
TV 347365 viewsDelwood Coaches Denning coach in 1989.
m/o 010364 viewsMetro West Bus Lines Bedford BLP2/CCMC in 1987, ex m/o 4407.
m/o 7202364 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Mercedes-Benz OC1617/Custom Coaches. Sold to Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra as m/o 7202 by 3/97, then written off following a roll over after being hit by a car in 2001.
m/o 7409363 viewsHornsby Bus Group Hino BG300/PMC dating back to 1986, seen in 1988. It became (42) with Shorelink. Sold to Dick White Bus Sales, Alstonville.
?363 viewsDelwood Coaches Denning coach with bullbar in 1987.
m/o 8844362 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz O303. Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Ex Pell's, Nambucca Heads. Sold to Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield as m/o 8844; subsequently disposed during 2004.
BVQ 814361 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Mercedes OC1617/Ansair seen in the city in 1989.
OBB 518361 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Volvo B58-56/PMCSA photo taken at the Fairfield depot in 1999.
EUV 411361 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Mercedes OH1418/PMCA seen at the Healesville depot
URC 050361 viewsCarbridge MAN 16.290/PMCA “Apollo”. Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Ex Kangaroo Island Fast Ferries, Glenelg, SA, VSP 738. Sold to Herbert River Bus Service, Ingham, QLD, as 173 FGC; then to Eastrans, Oakleigh, VIC as (101) QLS 378; then 4945 AO; then sold to Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, VIC, as 4945 AO, then sold to Willunga Charter Service, Willunga, SA as XHZ 409.

MO 1851361 viewsMacphersons Walcha (10) Albion Viking AVK43-505/Denning photographed at Walcha depot in 1994.It was new to Border Coaches, Yeerongpilly, QLD as (18) PQR 586 (C45F). Sold.
TV 347361 viewsDelwood Coaches Denning coach in 1989.
m/o 8939360 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Isuzu LT1/11P/CC in 1991.
Greyhound 227360 viewsGreyhound coach in 1986.
m/o 560359 viewsMetro West Bedford BLP2/Smithfield Euro in 1986. Plate transferred to another bus by 4/95 - disposal unknown.

m/o 658358 viewsMetro West Bus Lines Bedford VAM70/Hedges in 1991, ex Belmore Lakemba m/o 658.
583EMG358 viewsNational Bus Co Brisbane Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches "550" which has since become m/o 9645 with Hillsbus in Sydney, seen here in 2000.
Saints Coaches Bedford Vam70 MO-5561.jpg
m/o 5561357 viewsSaints, Peakhurst Bedford VAM70/Coachmaster in 1987.

COW 707357 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Mercedes 0302/MAN photo taken on a BCSV tour in 1999.
m/o 8950357 viewsMosman Coaches Mercedes O305G/PMC Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2570 which was sold to Grenda, Melbourne, seen here in 2006.
m/o 7897355 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Isuzu LT1/11P/CC in 1991.
Saints coaches Peakhurst NSW Leyland Leopard MO-4941.jpg
m/o 4941355 viewsSaints Peakhurst Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1 ex Foleys ex UTA 3668 in 1996. That same side roof advertisement was on the bus with Foleys 12 years earlier.
Pioneer 1052355 viewsPioneer Coaches coach (1052) in 1990.
1206AC354 viewsMelbourne Coaches Austral Tourmaster ex EKD 349 ex (162) VV02BO Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Victoria, in Victoria Coaches livery 2013.
MO 9984354 viewsLindsays Coach Services, Coffs Harbour AEC Regal VI AH590/Howard Porter ex MTT, Perth, WA (621) UQB 621 2/85; ex WAG 8621 22/10/68, in 1987. Deregd by 14/5/97 & sold to an Unknown Buyer.
m/o 7006353 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Volvo B10M/CC in 1991.
Hermit Park bus service 27 Leyland Panther 954-AJF ex BCC 716.jpg
954 AJF353 viewsHermit Park Bus Service (27) Leyland Panther/Denning ex BCC 716
803 ADG353 viewsGreyhound Express Volgren bodied coach (803) seen at Roma Street Brisbane in 1989.
780 ORO352 viewsWide Bay Tours, Mayborough Denning GM/Denning Denair
m/o 7532352 viewsLiverpool Transport Volvo B10M/CC in 1988.
Bowmans Goulburn Bedford VAL14 (5) MO-075.jpg
MO 075351 viewsBowmans Goulburn (5) Bedford VAL14/CC ex Macquarie Towns Bus Lines, in 1996.
Pye`s Bus Service Bedford Vam MO-120.jpg
MO 120351 viewsPye’s Bus Service, Gosford (10) Bedford VAM70/CC ex Glenorie, in 1998.
NXX 617351 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines, Seaford (16) Volvo B10M/Volgren loading a Flinders 782 service at Frankston in 1997.
7851AO 350 viewsMartyr Bus Lines (51) Volvo B7RLE/Express.
UDP 232350 viewsStateliner Greyhound Express Volgren coach (229) seen in Melbourne during 1989.
UZK 702350 viewsGreyhound Express (1007) Silver Eagle seen on the Gold Coast Hhwy during 1991.
m/o 816350 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (80) Bedford YMT3 – Isuzu/Custom Coaches ex m/o 4461 by 4/96; ex Villawood Bankstown Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Bass Hill Bus Service m/o 4461 1/7/95; ex RC49F. Reregd XPT 328 & Sold to Bowman's Coaches (Mojeto Pty Ltd), Goulburn as (11) MO 9465 5/01. Retained by Ken Bowman after sale to PBC Goulburn 1/11/08 & sold to GJ Lewis t/a Lewis Bus Lines, Tallong as 2856 MO -/09; Dereg by 12/11. Seen here in 2000.
m/o 4256349 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R/Custom Coaches ex Connex (26) m/o 4256; ex Pioneer Coaches, Bexley; ex Westbus; ex Calabro, Bonnyrigg m/o 4256; ex OFR 073.
m/o 8289349 viewsDelwood Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2Rsp/Smithfield ex UTA m/o 1761 in 1991. It became (54) with Baxters Bus Lines the next year. Then sold to Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla and then without use to The Moruya Bus Company.
634 AAS348 viewsKynoch Coaches - Toowoomba (18) Denning "Denair" ex NV 55 AB, Western Road Liners, Parkes, NSW, ex TV 754, Chester Coaches, Chester Hill, NSW, ex TV 754, VIP Express, Sydney, NSW. Was reregd 304 HJR before being sold as a camper.
m/o 7494347 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3Rsp/Custom Coaches which finished up at Surfside Bus Lines where it was reregd 3830 MO before being withdrawn.
m/o 8153347 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Coach Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches. Transferred 9/97 to Liverpool Transport Co Pty Ltd, West Hoxton as m/o 8153 - Repainted into Busabout livery when business merged with Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd).
TV 1530347 viewsHannafords Coaches, Tamworth (42) Denning Landseer in 1990.
Pioneer 304347 viewsPioneer Silver Service coach (304) in 1989.
MO 33347 viewsMurrays GMC PD4107 in 1991.
Pye`s Bus Service IBC MO-7695.jpg
MO 3695346 viewsPye’s Coach Service, Gosford (7) IBC/Nambucca in 1991.
MO 5083346 viewsCavanagh Kempsey Mack PR100/1 in action at the 2000 Olympics, since reregd 4215 MO, now for sale. See other photos for MO 5083 and ZIB 674 for more details. (search for 5083).
MO 3088346 viewsWaller’s Bus Co, Nimbin (2) Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" ex RH & CL Marsh (Bretdart Pty Ltd), Nimbin MO 3088 - First Alan B. Denning body produced. Since reregd 2969 MO – seen here in 2006.
m/o 7418346 viewsHornsby Bus Group Hino BG300/PMC dating back to 1985, seen in 1986.It became (45) with Shorelink and was sold to a Christian College, Highton, VIC -/00 as (1) 0191 AC.
m/o 7405346 viewsHornsby Bus Group Hino BG300/PMC dating back to 1984, seen in 1986.It waqs reregd m/o 7870 before it became (63) with Shorelink. Sold to Dick White Bus Sales, Alstonville by 31/3/07.
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