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Brisbane Water Coaches UD PRX102D MO-7602.jpg
MO 7602412 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Nissan PRX102D/CC seen in 1991.
UQR 501412 viewsCarbridge Scania K93CR/NCBC Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Sold to Newton's Bus Service, Rochester, VIC as POG 037; then to 1648 AO. Then to Calow's Coaches, Tasmania as C71QJ.
m/o 7635411 viewsCalabro’s, Bonnyrigg Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1134 in 1985. It subsequently became m/o 7975 and was included as such in the takeover by Westbus and then VMF 202 Klub X Press Albert Park S.A ['93] and then converted to a motorhome.
EXP 285411 viewsMount Dandy Bus Service (48) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches in 1994.
Saints Coaches Bedford Vam70 MO-5410.jpg
m/o 5410410 viewsSaints, Peakhurst Bedford VAM70/Coachmaster in 1986.
FZP053410 viewsDriver Group/Grayline (53) FZP 053 Denning "Landseer Decker" ex FZP053, ex EKD351, ex (253), ex (153),ex (181) m/o616(nt) Deluxe Coachlines, Australia. which was reregd 1053AO before being sold to Victoria Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Vic.where it was (35) 6235 AO; ex 1114 AC and then to Australian Luxury Travel – Bonnyrigg where it became TV 5000. Seen here in 1997.
Ansett (417)410 viewsAnsett Pioneer Express (417) Volgren coach in 1987.
m/o 7591409 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches "Euro II" in 1998. It subsequently operated with Hillsbus before being withdrawn.
505 FEI409 viewsNational Bus Co Brisbane Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches "550" which has since become m/o 8416 and then 3553 MO with the CDC group in Sydney and Newcastle, seen here in 2000.
TV010407 viewsMount Dandy Coach (31) Leyland Worldmaster/Freighter in 1994.
TV011407 viewsMount Dandy Coach (22) Leyland Worldmaster/Freighter in 1994.
m/o 8713407 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R/PMC ex Westway, Bankstown Airport m/o 8081, ex Crossley Bus Lines; ex Punchbowl, ex m/o 4199. Stored in B Collins Mechanics, Windsor and advertised for sale through Stan Biega 09/07.
m/o 4905407 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (50) Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/PMC Progress ex Hawkesbury Valley Coaches (B Calabro & Sons Pty Ltd), Windsor m/o 4905; ex Kirkpatrick, Windsor 2/11/90; ex Clarksons Bus Service (R & P Clarkson), Oakville m/o 4905. Deregd from Hunter Valley Buses and stored for sale at Westbus, Girraween 7/08.
EVE290406 viewsMount Dandy Coach (42) Leyland Worldmaster/Freighter in 1994.
Skennars406 viewsAn unidentified Skennars coach in 1989
m/o 019405 viewsMetro West Bedford BLP2/Smithfield Euro in 1985. Sold to Western Cabs Society Ltd t/a North Western Buses, Henderson, NZ as WW 3170 12/97 (Reg 11/2/98; Operating in full North & Western livery, including signage); Replaced by early-2010 & sold for a motorhome.
076 FGL405 viewsThompsons Strathpine (76) Leyland Leopard/PMC in 2000.
m/o 434404 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford VAM70/PMC in 1985.
522 CGO404 viewsBayside Bus Service (29) Leyland Leopard/Domino ex 230 OIY, in 1991.
Gosford Bus Service 35 Isuzu ECR570 MO-3729.jpg
MO 3729 402 viewsGosford Bus Service (Part of the Entrance Red Bus) (35) Isuzu/ECR570/CC in 1989.
Lyons Leeton N_S_W Bedford MO-7745.jpg
MO 7745401 viewsLyons, Leeton (2) Bedford in 1989, ex (29) Roberts Brisbane Water Coaches, Gosford NSW. Next went to somewhere in Victoria
TVQ 604401 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz O400/Ansair Orana with stickers for Star City Casino shuttles. Sold to Newton's Bus Service (Echuca-Moama Transit), Rochester VIC as (4) OZI 079; reseated to C57F; then to 1646AO.
m/o 4434401 viewsCalabro’s, Bonnyrigg Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1 ex UTA 3638 which subsequently saw service with Martin’s Bus Service, Albury as MO 1101 and then MO 4057.
MO 4202401 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (66) Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Custom Coaches “310” which became 3555 MO with Hunter Valley Buses.
Hermit Park bus service 40 Leyland Panther 968-AJV ex BCC 692.jpg
968 AJV401 viewsHermit Park Bus Service (40) Leyland Panther/Denning ex BCC 692
4245AO400 viewsDysons (72) Denning Denair ex BXA 426, signwritten for Gippsland Grammar, Sale. It is now part of the heritage fleet.
m/o 4327399 viewsCalabro’s, Bonnyrigg Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1 ex UTA 3645 which subsequently saw service with Martin’s Bus Service, Albury as MO 0203.
m/o 6304399 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC ex John J Hill Pty Ltd, Wollongong & Shellharbour (4) m/o 6304 6/01, seen in 2006. Transferred to Nowra by 3/13 & deregd.
CBS 00399 viewsSkennars International GM/GBW in 1987. It subsequently saw service with Coachtrans and is now with the Queensland Omnibus and Coach Society.
077 FNB399 viewsThompsons Strathpine (77) Mercedes O405NH/Bustech in 2000.
TVQ 605397 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz O400/Ansair Orana Painted for Star City Casino shuttles in the original black livery. Sold to Martin's Bus Service, Albury as (96) TVQ 605; then to 1908 MO.
Greyhound 802397 viewsGreyhound Express coach (802) in 1989.
m/o 7693397 viewsHarris Park Transport Bedford VAM70/Domino in 1987. Although a 1975 bus, was put into service 5/87 for the "Cherrybrook Express" route 91 service that commenced 18/5/87. Sold, possibly to Williams, Rosebank.
507FEI394 viewsNational Bus Co Brisbane Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches "550" which has since become m/o 8442 with Hillsbus in Sydney, seen here in 2000.
Cuburra VAL.jpg
MO 0878393 viewsCulburra Coaches Bedford VAL70/CC.
m/o 5131393 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford YMT3/CC in 1996.
QCC 037393 viewsWestern stage Lines (76) Mercedes Benz O303-3/Motorcoach ex Australian Army in 2000. It was reregd 4847AO.
026 PQT393 viewsThompsons Strathpine (26) Leyland Tiger/Denning in 2000.
053 BWD393 viewsThompsons Strathpine (53) Leyland Tiger/PMC in 2000.
m/o 155392 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Hino RG197K/PMCA in 1991 It was transferred to Beaudesert, Queensland when Connex took over Crossley (successor to Revesby Bus & Coach).
m/o 8033392 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches "Euro II" in 2000 at the Sydney Olympic Games – was with Westbus up to October 2013.
MO 5202392 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (121) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex (M22); ex DP49F; ex Hunter Valley Coaches, Maitland. Became 3565 with Hunter Valley Buses - w ithdrawn by 12/11 and advertised for sale at Omnibus (dlr) 6/12; Sold to Belrose Bus Lines (Pritchard Management Pty Ltd), Dee Why 16/8/12 and then Ocean View Coaches where it was withdrawn after an accident 10/13 & sent to scrap.
UJU 794392 viewsBus Australia (376) Denning in 1989.
Gosford Bus Service 23 Isuzu ECR570 MO-076.jpg
MO 076391 viewsGosford Bus Service (Part of the Entrance Red Bus) (23) Isuzu/ECR570/CC in 1989.
ETZ 537391 viewsMount Dandy Coach MAN 22.360/GBW in 1994.
m/o 8950391 viewsMosman Coaches Mercedes O305G/PMC Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2570 which was sold to Grenda, Melbourne, seen here in 2006.
061 DBC391 viewsThompsons Strathpine (61) Leyland Leopard/Smithfield in 2001.
PZZ 933391 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines, Seaford (26) Scania L94UB/Volgren in the depot during 2000.
m/o 072390 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (101) Austral-GM/Austral ex (105), ex (W15). Became 3635 MO at Hunter Valley Buses then withdrawn & stored at Morisset.
068 DWH389 viewsThompsons Strathpine (68) Volvo B10M-3/Volgren(Q) in 2000.
Baxters Leyland Leopard MkII MO-7402.jpg
m/o 7402388 viewsBaxters (39) Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex UTA 1637, with rebuilt front. Sold to Warren Bemnar (Bathurst Coaches) where a conversion to a motor home commenced.
m/o 647387 viewsMetro West Bus Lines Bedford VAM/Perkins/Smithfield in 1986.
Bowmans Goulburn NSW Bedford VAL70 MO-4990.jpg
MO 4990387 viewsBowman's Goulburn Bedford VAL70 ex Duffy, Windsor, in 1991.
CYU 200387 viewsWestrans Altona (20) Elwood HFA-GM/PMCSA in 1995. It was reregd 4907AO and then sold to Unknown Buyer (Possibly sold to Dick White Bus Sales, Alstonville, N.S.W.).
MO 3314385 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (8) Mercedes-Benz LO812/Custom Coaches ex (31) which went to Hunter Valley Buses and then sold to PR & PL Willetts t/a Kiama Scenic Tours as TV 4971 between 11/07 & 12/07, then to GJ Cresswell's Transport Pty Ltd, Deloraine, TAS as A 74 DF by 6/08.
?385 viewsCoachtrans Denning in 1991.
m/o 7640384 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Isuzu ECR570/PMC in 1991. It was sold to Burnett Nominees Pty Ltd, Alstonville as MO 4367, reregd 4630 MO before withdrawal in 2012 & sold for non-PSV in NSW.
m/o 8353384 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches. Transferred to Liverpool Transport Co Pty Ltd, West Hoxton as m/o 8353 - Repainted into Busabout livery when business merged with Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd).
m/o 503383 viewsMetro West Bus Lines Bedford BLP2/PMC in 1990.
083 NUS383 viewsSkennars GM Coach in 1987.
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