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4480AO475 viewsGrenda Corp : Portsea Passenger Service (480) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex (80) CFX029 Peninsula Bus Lines, Seaford, Victoria; ex (12) CFX029 Grenda's Bus Service, Dandenong, Victoria, taken in 2003. Withdrawn since the Ventura takeover.
m/o 7003471 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches in 1998 – subsequently operated with Hillsbus before being sold to General Bus Fleet/Purple Party Buses/Mount Claremont Bus Lines, Embleton, WA as 1CPM746
Firefly 37470 viewsFirefly (37) Denning in 1987.
TV 1911468 viewsCarbridge MCA - Cummins L10/MCA. Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Ex (10) 717 AWT, Sunstate Tours, Milton, QLD. Sold to Southern Cross Transit, Karana Downs, QLD as (8) 137 ERR; then BUS 08.
SDJ 341468 viewsPremier Roadlines (424) Domino Tourmaster in 1989.
m/o 156464 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex m/o 8439, ex Gold Coast Citybus ex UTA Mark II 1718. Plates subsequently on an ex Venture Leyland Leopard.
MO 6344464 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Ventura Bus Lines, South Oakleigh, VIC (29) 2529 AO -/04; ex CMU 529; ex FRW 029 (B41D), seen in 2006. Transferred to Nowra by 1/13 & deregd, having been reregd 4777 MO by then.
MO 7203462 viewsArgents. Kempsey Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA ??.
NHM 342459 viewsWestrans Altona (86) MAN SL202/Volgren in 1997 Since reregd 4897AO.
QAV 017459 viewsDriver Group/Great Sights (17) MCA - GM series 60/MCA "Classic III" ex PZZ917. It was subsequently reregd 1017AO. Seen here in 2000.
MO 9810458 viewsSkennars International coach in 1987.
OEU 257456 viewsWestrans Altona (Crown 32) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1997
5124AO456 viewsHawkesford's International (320) Mercedes-Benz O404-3/Alan B Denning ex Deluxe Coachlines, VIC (66) 5124 AO; ex Keetley's, Darwin, NT, in 2006. Sold with Hawkesford's Deluxe Coachlines, Melbourne to Executive Coach Travel 1/11/09.
Bowmans Goulburn NSW Bedford VAL70 MO-7259.jpg
MO 7259455 viewsBowmans Goulburn NSW Bedford VAL70/CC in 1999. It has since been preserved.
MO 1975455 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (103) Mercedes O305/PMC ex (W17); ex UTA Mark I 1810 12/91. It became (203) at Hunter Valley Buses before being scrapped 9/07.
ECP 976454 viewsWestrans Sunshine (41) Scania L113CRB/Volgren in 1995
Landmark 50.452 viewsThe 6th Neoplan imported into Australia went to Landmark Tours / Hurstbridge Coaches and operated express for Sunliner and budget express operator Inter - Capital Express. Seen here in 1987.
Edwards Bus service Eden N_S_W Bedford SB3 MO-8686.jpg
MO 8686451 viewsDeanes Eden (103) Bedford SB3/Custom Coaches in 2002 ex Edwards Eden (B3) still with Edwards signwriting, ex Moore MO 824.
m/o 4248451 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford YMT3/Smithfield in 1988.
QCC 071450 viewsDriver Group/Grayline (54) MCA – GM/MCA "Classic III" which has subsequently been reregd 1054AO, WA TC plates? and then 6354AO. Seen here in 2000.

MO 8485449 viewsKallacher, Moree Bedford SB5/PMC in 1990
MO 0011448 viewsMoree Bus Service Isuzu ECR570/PMC in 1990. It was ex Katoomba Woodford Bus Service.
5636AO448 viewsGrenda Corp-Peninsula Bus Lines (366) Mercedes OH1418/Austral Denning Starliner on a BCSV tour in 2009.
MO 1261447 viewsWright, Forbes Bedford VAM70/PMC in 1990.
EFT 236446 viewsWestrans Sunshine (17) Volvo B10M MkII/Volgren in 1998. It was reregd 4922AO and then sold to Sunshine Tours, Deer Park West, Victoria.

?446 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (30) Denning in 1988.
TVQ 600444 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz O400/Ansair Orana Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Sold to Martin's Bus Service, Albury as (95) TVQ 600; then to 1925 MO.

CFX 029 444 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines (80) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 2000.
m/o 350442 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard/Smithfield MkII ex UTA 1543 in 1991.
582ELO440 viewsNational Bus Co Brisbane Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches "550" which has since become MO 5532 and then 3582 MO with the CDC group in Sydney and Newcastle, seen here in 2000.
m/o 4360438 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches in 1998. It subsequently operated with Hillsbus before being sold to Casula Bus & Coach.
m/o 495438 viewsHornsby Bus Group Bedford YRT/Domino Hedges dating back to 1976, seen in 1988.
TV 3908436 viewsOgdens Coaches (56) Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Concepts in 2008. It was ex Fraser's Coaches, Dubbo TV 3908 7/8/07.
SB05BM436 viewsDysons (407) Mercedes Benz O500RF-3 13.5m euro 5/Coach Concepts in APT livery in 2008. It was reregd 7391AO and then sold to Adam's Coachlines, Malaga, WA.
585ERE436 viewsNational Bus Co Brisbane Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches "550" which has since become MO 5536, then m/o 9652 and then 7601 MO with the CDC group in Sydney and Newcastle, seen here in 2000.
UJN 784436 viewsBus Australia (376) Denning in 1989.
m/o 7310434 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Leyland Super Viking/CC in 1985.
Redbus 79 Isuzu LRT1-1I I MO-1066.jpg
MO 1066430 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Service (79) Isuzu LT1/11P/CC in 1996.
Brisbane Water coaches Gosford NSW Leyland Atlantean MO-0032 (ex P_T_C 1006).jpg
MO 0032429 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1006.
m/o 7671429 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Pleasure Tours of Australia, Lidcombe m/o 7671 7/05; ex Punchbowl Bus Co Pty Ltd, Riverwood m/o 4567, seen in 2006. Transferred to Nowra by 3/13 & deregd.
m/o 3550429 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (83) Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches ex m/o 5951; ex Hawkesbury Valley Coaches (B Calabro & Sons Pty Ltd), Windsor m/o 5951; ex Kirkpatrick, Windsor 2/11/90; ex Clarksons Bus Service (R & P Clarkson), Oakville m/o 5951. Sold to Pritchard Management Pty Ltd t/a Belrose Bus Lines, Dee Why 31/12/07 & reg TV 4727 5/3/08; Resold for a mobile tattoo parlour in Brisbane 4/09.
m/o 365428 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex UTA Mark II 1732 departing Bankstown Interchange in 1991.
NHM 391427 viewsWestrans Altona (33) Volvo B10B/Volgren in 1998
847 OMQ427 viewsSkennars International coach in 1987
078 FNB425 viewsThompsons Strathpine (78) Mercedes O405NH/Bustech in 2001.
Pye`s Bus Service Mercedes MO-744.jpg
MO 744424 viewsPyes Coaches, Gosford Mercedes OC1621/CC in 1991
MO 8441422 viewsRose, Moree Nissan PRX102D/PMC on the Foxes Lane school run in 1990.
m/o 8715421 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/PMCSA ex Connex (35) m/o 922 - withdrawn 11/02; ex Crossley, Revesby; ex m/o 9200; ex Ventura, Melbourne (100) FRW100; ex BFI 100. Sold non-psv to Austral.
m/o 7591421 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches "Euro II" in 2000 at the Sydney Olympic Games – subsequently operated with Hillsbus before being withdrawn.
m/o 077420 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex John J Hill m/o 6304 rebody. Withdrawn by Connex 11/02 then to Metropolitan Bus & Coach Service, Casula as (18) ZEC 052 then reregd m/o 8231 - possibly scrapped before take over by Casula Bus & Coach.
m/o 4731420 viewsCalabro’s, Bonnyrigg Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1014 in 1985. It was included as such in the takeover by Westbus. Deregd by 4/93 after an accident with a low bridge and sold to Buses Galore, Port Adelaide, SA as VNJ 644 -/93, then for a motorhome. Later noted with Adam Internet, West End, SA as VNJ 644
m/o 7137418 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service AEC Reliance/Smithfield ex Auburn Passenger Transport m/o 005 (in a swap of plates), ex John J Hill m/o 6318 rebody in 1991. It was reregd m/o 911 and then sold to Pleasure Tours as m/o 911 where it was deregd with the plates returning to Revesby.
Foley`s Bus service Kogarah NSW Leyland Leopard MO-4705.jpg
m/o 4705418 viewsFoley’s Kogarah Leyland Leopard/Smithfield Mark 11 ex UTA 1735 which subsequently also saw service with Saints with the same rego.
NXX 617416 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines, Seaford (16) Volvo B10M/Volgren loading a Flinders 782 service at Frankston in 1997.
m/o 4323415 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford YMT3/PMC in 1988.
PRO 046415 viewsPremier Roadlines (446) Domino Tourmaster in 1992.
TVQ 606413 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz O400/Ansair Orana Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Sold to Cobb & Co Coaches, Tullamarine, VIC as PCI 071 (44); then to 4023 AO; then to Bell Street Bus Company, Preston, VIC as (11) 0911 AO; then to Dyson's Bus Service, Alice Springs, NT as (261) mo 2401.

0581AO413 viewsQuinces Scenicruisers, Oakleigh Mercedes Benz O303-3/MCA ex FFM796, in 2007
IOY 130413 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines, Seaford (30) Bedford BLP2/Ansair depot photo in 1995.
Gosford Bus Service 22 Isuzu ECR570 MO-0233.jpg
MO 0233412 viewsGosford Bus Service (Part of the Entrance Red Bus) (22) Isuzu/ECR570/CC in 1989.
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