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NLO 992588 viewsRambler Tours, Preston (92) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Busways (393) MO 1032, ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina MO 0347; ex Brisbane Water Coaches (39) MO 0347, seen in 1997 still with Peninsula stripes. Sold to Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads as (547) MO 5660 -/02 (converted to B55F), renumbered 3837 MO 9/08; Withdrawn and stored at Bustech -/09.
St Ives bus service  Sydney NSW Leyland Tiger (16) MO-939.jpg
m/o 939585 viewsSt Ives Bus Service (16) Leyland Tiger/PMC 160. After operating with Forest Coach Lines it ended up in Townsville with Hermit Park Bus Service as (34) 711 JPK.
TVQ 607585 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz O400/Ansair Orana Painted for Star City Casino shuttles in the original black livery. Sold to Surfside Buslines, Ernest QLD as (698) 698 EWB; reseated to B53D.
927 ABI582 viewsKay-Allen Coaches Maryborough Hino RG197K/Northcoast.
ASO 919581 viewsWestrans Sunshine (19) Bedford BLP2/Smithfield in 1987.
ABN635578 viewsLandmark Tours, Diamond Creek (24) Ansair Scenicruiser in 1987.
m/o 7805 573 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard PSU3C/Ansair, ex Ventura Melbourne (97) IKP897. Withdrawn/sold by Crossley prior to takeover by Connex.
MO 4 (ACT)571 viewsLever's Queanbeyan Denning Landseer GM seen in Ballarat for the Scouts Jamboree in 1992.
ADR971570 viewsHurstbridge Coaches/Landmark Tours (23) Ansair Scenicruiser in 1987.
m/o 7566565 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (60) MAN SL200/Custom Coaches ex Westbus, Windsor m/o 7566; ex Toongabbie Transport Service, m/o 7566. It became 4076 MO at Hunter Valley Buses before being withdrawn by 12/12.
055 CDK564 viewsThompsons Strathpine (55) Leyland Tiger-3/Denning in 2000.
DCV618563 viewsMount Dandy Coaches (45) Leyland Tiger/Centurion in 1994.
m/o 7498561 viewsKaten & Heath (renamed Bustrans in 1996) Bedford SB5/CC in 1999, ex Harris Park Transport.
m/o 287560 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard/PMCSA ex Ventura Melbourne (102) FRW102 in 1996.
1068AO558 viewsDriver Group/Grayline (68) Motorcoach Double Decker/MCA "Classic III" ex WYB894 (SA). Seen here in 2003.
m/o 829558 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches "Euro II" in 1998 – now with Hunter Valley buses.
NLO 992555 viewsRambler Tours, Preston (92) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Busways (393) MO 1032, ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina MO 0347; ex Brisbane Water Coaches (39) MO 0347, seen in 1997 after receiving Rambler signage. Sold to Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads as (547) MO 5660 -/02 (converted to B55F), renumbered 3837 MO 9/08; Withdrawn and stored at Bustech -/09.
m/o 4930554 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford YMT3/Domino in 1988.
Thompson`s Joyner QLD Leyland Leopard 040-AWO (ex P_T_C 1522).jpg
040 AWO553 viewsThompson’s Joyner, Strathpine Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex UTA 1522.
BOF 965544 viewsGrenda's (98) Volvo B58-56/Volgren in 1990
Pioneer Coaches Leyland Leopard MO-444.jpg
m/o 444544 viewsPioneer Coaches, Bexley Leyland Leopard/PMC in 1996. It was ex Westbus, ex Calabro's. After Pioneer it was MO 4658 at Moruya , then sold for preservation in 2009.
370542 viewsBriscoes Adelaide (370) Denning in 1986
m/o 8154539 viewsHawkesbury Valley Volvo B10M/CC seen at a Windsor school in 1996.
FOM 389538 viewsWestrans Altona (42) MAN 16.242/Volgren in 1995.
Brisbane Water Coaches Leyland Tiger MO-0341.jpg
MO 0341537 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Leyland Tiger/PMC in 1986
COI 121537 viewsPioneer (848) Mci Mc9 rest break in West Wyalong.
m/o 7608536 viewsCaringbah Bus Service AEC Swift 505/CVI ex ACTION in 1985.

MO 0342532 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches, Gosford Leyland Tiger/PMC seen at Gosford interchange in 1986. To Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina, then Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon (54) NXX 607, then Ventura Bus Lines Pty Ltd, South Oakleigh, VIC (6) 2679 AO, then Northland Coach & Travel, Grafton MO 5732 – sold 9/14.
UUM 936531 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz 814D/Alan B Denning "Vario". Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Original owner shown as Interval Holiday Tours, Sydney. Sold to Koala Coaches, Burleigh Heads QLD as (39) 717 FBJ 6/99.
m/o 7860529 viewsHawkesbury Valley Leyland Tiger/CC seen at a Windsor school in 1996.
CFK 301528 viewsPioneer (842) Mci Mc9 seen in Franklin Street, Melbourne
MO 5953528 viewsPioneer Tours (719) Gmc Pd4107 photo taken in Canberra
MO 0175528 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (81) Bedford YRT3/Custom Coaches ex (149); ex Busways, Camden (34) MO 0175; ex m/o 5307; ex Riverstone Bus Service m/o 5307. Deregd and stored for sale at Westbus, Girraween 7/08.
m/o 7518525 viewsHadfield’s Engadine Leyland Pacesetter/PMCNSW.
Roadcoach VWG969 MAN 24-420 Ansair Liverpool 100197x.jpg
VWG 969525 viewsRoadcoach MAN 24-420/Ansair at Liverpool 10/01/97.
CJP 903520 viewsHolidaymakers Coaches Volvo B10M-3/PMCSA in VLine livery in 1988.
NHZ 034518 viewsDriver Group/Grayline (34). MCA - GM series 60/ MCA "Marathon High Deck" which became 1034AO and withdrawn in 2010. Seen here in 1995 near new.
m/o 303517 viewsHarbour City Coaches Leyland Worldmaster/CC ex Lane Cove Bus Service, ex Deanes. Lane Cove operated eight of these ex Adelaide rebodied Worldmasters. m/o 303 is seen in Barrack St, Sydney in 1988, a year before North & Western took over the routes.
AZK524515 viewsGrenda's (46) AZK524 Bedford SB3/PMCSA in 1992.
m/o 150515 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard/CC ex Ventura (8) BSC 308, rebody ex UK in 1992. It was deregd 11/02.
m/o 4898512 viewsHawkesbury Valley Mercedes OC1617/CC seen at a Windsor school in 1996.
IPC 100511 viewsRick Thege Ballarat Leyland Leopard/Freighter in 1988, ex Ventura (100) acquired 1971 and replaced by a new Leyland Leopard by 1981, ex Dept of Supply SA (Woomera Rocket Range) new in 1968.
DRW 210509 viewsWestrans Sunshine (27) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1997. Reregd OIG 057 then 4910AO before being withdrawn in 2012.
170 NPT506 viewsBeachmere Bus Service (5) Commer REC/Denning ex NYN ???, Sunshine Coast Coaches, Maroochydore, QLD, ex NYN ???, Skennar's Coachlines, Newstead, QLD, in 1987.
MO 3 (ACT)505 viewsLever's Queanbeyan Golden Eagle. This coach is in Queensland with the QOCS Qld as a historical vehicle and operation rego 775-IZZ
Davis Coaches Ourimbah Leyland Leopard MO-8660.jpg
MO 8660498 viewsDavis Coaches, Ourimbah Leyland Leopard/Smithfield
999 DTU498 viewsWide Bay Tours Maryborough MCA Motorcoach

IGL410498 viewsHurstbridge Coaches/Lamdmark Tours (25) Ansair Scenicruiser in 1989.
m/o 8354493 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches in 1998 – still in service with Hillsbus in December 2013.
MTT 701 Volvo B10M GT-0549.jpg
GT 0549492 viewsMetro Tasmania Volvo B58 [Volgren] artic No.701 ex (737), ex (767) which was reregd MET 701 and later sold to Kingstons Bus Service, Tas.

ALI 411491 viewsHurstbridge Coaches (23) Ansair Scenicruiser in 1989.
m/o 054487 viewsRevesby Bus & Coach Service Leyland Leopard/CC rebody ex Plaxton bodied m/o 505 in 1992. It went to Connex as (23) m/o 054. It later saw service with Transit First and and then back with Veolia as m/o 8994 where it carried fleet numbers (36) and (24) respectively.
OYS 665487 viewsBeachmere Bus Service (7) Leyland Royal Tiger/Denning in 1985. Rebodied by Alan B. Denning in 1967, it originally carried a Shuttlewood body. Ex OYS 665, Black & White Buses, Sandgate, QLD. Sold to Caboolture Bus Lines, Caboolture, QLD as (7).
m/o 7665486 viewsHadfield’s Engadine Leyland Pacesetter/PMCNSW.
CIM 114485 viewsGrenda Volvo (111) Volvo B10M/Volgren which subsequently became (114) as shown here and later (314) 4714AO.
NDB 605484 viewsWestrans Altona (83) Mercedes O405/Volgren in 1997.
IRX 708481 viewsHurstbridge Coaches (2) Ansair Scenicruiser in 1989.
m/o 7629478 viewsCalabro’s, Bonnyrigg Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1160 in 1985. It was included as such in the takeover by Westbus - Sold to Buses Galore, Port Adelaide, SA as VND 675, then for a motorhome. After passing through various owners in South Australia, this vehicle was noted in Fairfield, NSW -/08.
m/o 6397478 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Ventura Bus Lines, South Oakleigh, VIC (72) 2572 AO -/04; ex COV 572; ex FRW 072 (B41D), seen in 2006. Transferred to Nowra Coaches for scrapping by 3/11.
m/o 7489476 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/Custom Coaches. Transferred to Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd), Casula as m/o 7489 - Converted to RB53F and then transferred to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (507) m/o 7489.
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