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Hermit Park bus service 39 Leyland Panther 765-PTM ex BCC 429.jpg
765 PTM241 viewsHermit Park Bus Service (39) Leyland Panther/Athol Hedges ex BCC 426
MO 0454241 viewsLindsay's Coach Service - Coffs Harbour Denning Landseer sold to Brumpton Bros Transport Pty Ltd t/a Brumpton Coaches, Coffs Harbour as (20) MO 0454; then to R & H Williams t/a Sawtell Bus Service, Toormina as MO 0454 -/00; then to Auswide Coaches, Ballina as MO 0454 - operator changed hands and relocated to Casino, deregd by 19/8/08 & vehicle stored at Casino.
TV 371241 viewsCalabros Denning Denair 6v92tta ex TV 758; ex LGB 781. It went to Westbus TV 371 8/6/89 - Sold to ME & JE Ingram, Bombala as TV 371 7/94, then to BBL Management Pty Ltd t/a Berwick Bus Lines, Berwick, VIC as (53) NNH 072 -/96, later 3388 AO. Subsequent disposal unknown.
600 FHI241 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (600) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Bustech in 2000.
RED 446240 viewsHopgood, Mount Gambier Bedford SB3/Freighter ex Lee Mount Gambier, in 1988.
1060AO240 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley, Denning Manufacturing Low Floor in 2011. Sold to CDC Victoria - Eastrans, Huntingdale.
m/o 1056240 viewsHillsbus (80) Volvo B10BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in May 2002.
CCI 314239 viewsReservoir Bus Co (20) in 1993.
TV 933239 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer 6v92tta in 1988. It went to Westbus TV 933 8/6/89 - Sold to Down Under Tours, Alice Springs, NT as (489) m/o 1620 (NT) by 10/4/00, then (QLD) 104 IEV, then m/o 2665 (NT).
m/o 6126239 viewsRutty’s Bus Service Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2Rsp/Smithfield ex UTA 1519. deregd 29/11/96 - Disposal unknown. Seen here in 1991.
?239 viewsBus Australia (403) Volvo in 1992.
m/o 7520239 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches 550 in 2000. It subsequently went to Hillsbus.
KCX 683238 viewsGrenda Bus Service (86) Bedford VAM in 1985.
RUA 374238 viewsHarris Bus Service, Gawler (5) Commer-PKNS/Freighter in 1988.
MO 0602238 viewsHusseys Deniliquin Austral Tourmaster in 2010. Reregd TV 1385 then Sold to Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd, Picton (Roadcoach) as TV 2492; then to ABM Coaches, Regency Park, SA as WXB 580.
TV 888238 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer 6v92tta which became Westbus TV 888 8/6/89 - Sold to Pleasure Tours of Australia, Bass Hill as TV 888. Renumbered TV 3945 & sold to Nowra 5/05.
TV 891238 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer 6v92tta seen in The Rocks area on a charter in 1988. It went to Westbus TV 891 8/6/89 - Sold to Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC as (46) VX94BM, then NSU 550, then 1464 AO. Resold to Road Runner Tours Wyong Pty Ltd as (4) XLX 981, then TV 998.
Lineup.238 viewsA lineup of Westbus Penrith depot buses in 1986.
TV 890237 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer 6v92tta which went to Westbus TV 890 8/6/89 - Sold to Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC as (53) VX30BM, then NSU 548, then 1465 AO. Replaced by 2010.
MO 8139237 viewsLunn, Cowra Bedford BLP2/Smithfield in 1990.
MO 1458236 viewsKirklands, Lismore (291) Mercedes O303 x 3/Austral in 1994
MO 406a.jpg
MO 406236 viewsEggins Taree Denning Landseer.
834 DJN236 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (834) Volvo B10R/Volgren Qld in 2001. Since withdrawn.
6018AO235 viewsGrenda’s (223) Volvo B7R/Volgren Malaysia "SC222" in 2007.
MO 1406235 viewsLindsay's Coach Service - Coffs Harbour Denning Landseer ex CB Skennar t/a Skennars Coachlines, Newstead, QLD CB 501. Sold to Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Pioneer Motor Service, South Nowra as MO 1406 27/10/96; then to B & K Coaches, Somersby as TV 2098, renumbered TV 526; then to Jonathans Coaches (Nathan King), Somersby as TV 526 -/07; then to Marulan Truck & Bus Pty Ltd, Marulan as TV 1529.
TV 372235 viewsCalabros Austral Tourmaster ex LGY 097; ex TV 759. It went to Westbus TV 372 8/6/89 - Sold to Lorivu Pty Ltd t/a Transit Scenic Tours, Greenacre as TV 372 28/3/94 & dereg 25/11/08.
DFM 405235 viewsHolidaymakers Coaches Volvo B10m-3/Volgren(Q) seen @ Spencer Street station between services in 1988.
MO 3715235 viewsThomas Coaches, Cowra Albion VK55/Domino Hedges in 1990.
TA 7653234 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (60) Bedford/Comair in 1988.
Firefly 34234 viewsFirefly (34) Austral in 1986.
MO 0967233 viewsCoffs Harbour Coaches (27) Mercedes Benz OC1617/Custom Coaches which subsequently saw service with South Bundy Buses as (7) 777 GRA and then Organ’s Bus Service, Kyneton, Vic as (44) 2944 AO.
?233 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service Denning Landseer - GM 6v92tta in 1987. One of a number of such coaches owned.
MO 7650233 viewsPetersen, Cowra Bedford BLP2/Custom Coaches in 1990.
m/o 7848233 viewsHarbour City Coaches Bedford BLP2/PMC in Barrack Street, Sydney in 1988.
MO 1454232 views Kirklands, Lismore (241) Austral DC122 Tourmaster in 1990.
UXP 653232 viewsKey Tours Scania/PMC in 1992.
CPV 206232 viewsGrenda (117) Volvo B10M/Volgren in AOA for Sony in 1997.It was later regd 4717AO.
Firefly 11232 viewsFirefly (11) Austral HiDeck in 1989.
grants bus service kerang ALX727.jpg
ALX727231 viewsGrants Bus Service, Kerang Bedford SB3/PMCSA in 2004
MO 9432231 viewsBeaumonts, Mullumbimby (2) Isuzu LT1-11P/Custom Coaches in 2006. Sold to an unknown operator, QLD as 036 KBE.
troys luxury coachlines TV1308.jpg
TV 1308231 viewsTroy's Luxury Coachlines Scania/Neoplan ex VIP Express.
4923AO230 viewsWestrans (25) Volvo B10M/Volgren on a charter in 2011.
MO 9452230 viewsLachlan Coaches, Forbes (11) Bedford VAL14/Custom Coaches.
BXI 256230 viewsGrenda (44) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1986.
MO 5233229 viewsWallers Bus Co, Nimbin Hino RG230/Custom Coaches 310 ex MO 5233; ex J & B Bus Services Pty Ltd, Lismore MO 5233, in 2006. Sold to Wisby, Margate, TAS as C41TU by 10/12.
TV 372229 viewsCalabros/Waratah Travel Austral Tourmaster ex LGY 097; ex TV 759, in 1989. To Westbus as TV 372 8/6/89 - Sold to Lorivu Pty Ltd t/a Transit Scenic Tours, Greenacre as TV 372 28/3/94 & dereg 25/11/08.
TV 1593229 viewsKeatings Coaches, Gunnedah MAN 22.342/Nambucca. Sold to Blunt's Coaches, Casino as TV 1593, then to Northlander Pty Ltd, Grafton as NV13AL. Resold for a promotional / training vehicle in Yatala, QLD.X
MO 0188229 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service (32) Mercedes-Benz OC1621/Custom Coaches in 1987. It went to King Bros 19/12/00 then sold to Robinsons Bus Charter, Bayswater, WA as TC 4302 by 18/11/01; Noted in service in Perth in Port Macquarie livery early-2013, possibly with another operator.
m/o 7910229 viewsDelwood Coaches Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3Rsp/Custom Coaches in 1988. It went to Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd as (46) m/o 7910, then Connex NSW Pty Ltd as (83) m/o 7910 1/1/05. It was withdrawn 4/2/2013.
CXB 038228 viewsGrenda (113) Volvo B10M/Volgren in AOA for Dandenong Plaza in 1997. It was reregd 4713AO and then sold to Latrobe Valley Bus Lines, Morwell, Victoria.
IRP 013228 viewsGrenda (102) Volvo/Ansair in AOA for master Roast Coffee in 1990.
MO 0939228 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service (1) Mercedes-Benz OC1617/Custom Coaches in 1987. To King Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kempsey, then to Blue Ribbon Coaches as MO 0939, being withdrawn from Hunter Valley Buses 19/2/11 and listed for sale.
Firefly 32228 viewsFirefly (32) Austral High Deck in 1990.
DCV 633228 viewsHolidaymakers Coaches Volvo B10m-3/Volgren(Q) in 1988 in VLine livery.
B92173 [209950].jpg
MO 8991228 viewsFrasers Coaches, Dubbo Hino RG197K/MCA seen heading out for an afternoon school service in 1999.
m/o 1088228 viewsHillsbus, Dural Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches carrying old style Glenorie fleet number (81), in the depot in 2002.
MO 4688227 viewsCoffs Harbour Bus Lines (9) Bedford YRT3/Custom Coaches.
BOI 379227 viewsReservoir Bus Co (4) Hino in 1990.
TV 1504227 views Kirklands, Lismore (242) Austral DC122 Tourmaster in 1990
TV 368227 viewsCalabros Denning Denair 6v92tta ex TV 755; ex KMB 305. Sold to Hopkinson's Coaches, Merrylands as TV 529, then to Hedland Bus Service, Port Hedland, WA as (54) TC 2520. Resold to Love's Bus Service, Bunbury as TC 2520. Subsequent disposal unknown.
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