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m/o 7818249 viewsHarbour City Coaches Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches in 1988. It was ex Southern Highlands Bus Service (Ould) - Moss Vale MO 3331. It was sold mid 1988 to Victoria.
UCK 295248 viewsPremier Roadlines (448) Austral Tourmaster in 1992.
m/o 7849248 viewsHarbour City Coaches Bedford KM-GM/Custom Coaches in 1988.
MO 4765248 viewsGreat Lakes Coaches Hino RG230/P&D at the depot in 1999, To King Bros (294) 1/02. Then sold to Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra as BUS 913 2/03 - renumbered MO 6449 7/06. Transferred to associated operator Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD as MO 6449 approx 6/08, then back at Nowra Coaches as 5154 MO by 7/09; Traded to BCI 2/14 & Sold to Thompson Bus Services, Joyner, QLD as (51) 051 GJT (reg 2/5/14).
BXA 426247 viewsDysons (72) Denning Denair in 1997. It was reregd 4245AO before becoming part of the heritage fleet.
TV 1925247 viewsMurrays Coaches (502) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo in Mach Nippon Travel Agency livery in 1995. It became 5594AO before being withdrawn in 2009.
MO 1426247 viewsCornwell, Iluka IBC Mk II - Cat 1150 UF (Twinsteer)/Superior Sold to MJ & GA Gamble, Currumbin Beach, QLD as 962 EXR; then to Polley's Coaches, Gympie, QLD as "Ibis" 819 KKQ.
m/o 373247 viewsMetro West Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/Custom Coaches "Mk 88" in 1991. Sold North & Western Bus Lines Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd), Casula as m/o 1023 16/2/00 (converted to B53F), then to Hawkesbury Valley Bus Service (B Calabro & Sons Pty Ltd), Windsor as m/o 1023, then to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (797) m/o 1023 8/08 - renumbered 5296 MO & withdrawn 12/11; Sold to Red & White Coaches, Sandgate as (7) 467 SIM c6/12.
m/o 1085247 viewsHillsbus (78) Volvo B10BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in May 2002.
B89862 [5752529].jpg
MO 7100247 viewsNowra Coaches Leyland Worldmaster CRT2/1/Custom Coaches in 1991.
KCD 372246 viewsGrenda Bus Service (85) Bedford VAM in 1985.
6109AO246 viewsBalranning Bus Lines Volvo B7R/Volgren SC222 in 2007. It was sold to Driver Bus Lines with same rego.
m/o 003246 viewsNorth & Western Bus Lines Domino GM-6V53/Domino Hedges in 1990. It was ex Hunters Hill Bus Company, Gladesville m/o 003 28/4/78; ex m/o 5926 22/7/77; ex JGE 176 30/6/77. Sold to Tamborine Mountain Coach Service, Tamborine Mountain, QLD as (5) 025 CMI 18/4/94 (converted to B57F), then to JA, GG, HY Wright & NA McBride, Doonan as 025 CMI - Resold to Dick White (dlr), Alstonville and then for non-PSV.
MO 9235245 viewsKirklands Bus Service, Lismore (352) Volvo B7R/Custom Coaches “SB40” in 2006. Since reregd 5015 MO and now part of Ballina Buslines.
SEP 383245 viewsPremier Roadlines (427) Austral Tourmaster in 1994.
512FLN245 viewsNational Bus Co Brisbane Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches "CB60" which is still with Transdev Queensland in 2014, seen here in 2000.
0322AC245 viewsFirefly (56) Denning "Landseer Decker" "Just Another Knight” in 2002 It was ex VV05DA, ex HC54/14DTB; ex (79) TV 283(nsw), 951 BHG(qld) Australian Pacific Tours, Sandringham, Vic.-ex (20) Sunstate Coaches, Eagle Farm, Qld.-ex (220) m/o526(nt) Deluxe Coachlines, Australia. It became 5556AO before it was sold to Adam's Coachlines, Perth, WA.
m/o 7669245 viewsCitybus Direct (Harris Park Transport) Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches in 2002. Vehicle retained at the South Hurstville depot and subsequently sold to Redeemer Baptist School, North Parramatta 2/15.
m/o 1055245 viewsHillsbus (79) Volvo B10BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in May 2002.
?245 viewsBus Australia (66) Bova in 1988.
GT 2568245 viewsMetro Tasmania (345) Volvo B58/CAC in service in 1988.
121 JBW244 viewsLove’s Bus Service, Cairns Hino RK176K/Howard Porter ex 748 LTW, ex 121 JBW, ex 7ML 315, Love's Bus Service, Bullsbrook, WA, in 2006.
?244 viewsPremier Roadlines (429) Austral Tourmaster in 1989 at what appears to be Uluru.
TV 1901244 viewsMurrays Coaches (505) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJK 521, in JAL livery in 1997. It was reregd 606 RFN before being withdrawn in 2012.
RI 9967244 viewsVIP Express Scania/Neoplan in 1986.
m/o 8446244 viewsKaten & Heath LeylandLeopard/Smithfield ex UTA 1752, in 1991. Has since been with a number of enthusiasts.
m/o 7185244 viewsKaten & Heath Bedford YRT3/Custom Coaches ex Harris Park Transport m/o 7185, in 1997.
TV 1684244 viewsToronto Bus Service Volvo B12Rx3/Alan B Denning Galaxy at the depot in 2003. After the takeover by CDC it became TV 1684 with Charterplus, Sydney.
BXA 426243 viewsDysons (72) Denning Denair in 1997. It was reregd 4245AO before becoming part of the heritage fleet.
RCO 864243 viewsHarris Bus Service, Gawler (17) Dodge V8/Freighter in 1988.
m/o 8435242 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10MA/Custom Coaches CB50 in May 2002.
BXA 426241 viewsDysons (72) Denning Denair in 1997. It was reregd 4245AO before becoming part of the heritage fleet.
BXA 426241 viewsDysons (72) Denning Denair in 1997. It was reregd 4245AO before becoming part of the heritage fleet.
MO 1730241 viewsMacphersons Tamworth Denning Denair - GM 6v92tta photographed at Tamworth depot in 1994. It was ex Wollongong Coaches TV 594 via Auction 7/8/90; ex LLM 914 by 7/89. Sold to Alpine Allover Adventure Tours, Cooma as MO 1730; Subsequent disposal unknown.
AO 2193241 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (62) with Ansair body in 1988.
MO 684241 viewsLachlan Coaches, Forbes (5) Bedford Val70/Custom Coaches in 1985.
m/o 706241 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (6) Bedford VAM70 UF/Custom Coaches ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines, in 1985.
TV 1927240 viewsMurrays Coaches (506) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJK 589 in Mach Nippon Travel Agency livery in 1995. It was reregd 506 DEH and then TV 2527 before being sold to Victorian Touring Coaches.
Hermit Park bus service 39 Leyland Panther 765-PTM ex BCC 429.jpg
765 PTM240 viewsHermit Park Bus Service (39) Leyland Panther/Athol Hedges ex BCC 426
TV 933240 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer 6v92tta in 1985. It went to Westbus TV 933 8/6/89 - Sold to Down Under Tours, Alice Springs, NT as (489) m/o 1620 (NT) by 10/4/00, then (QLD) 104 IEV, then m/o 2665 (NT).
VV48CA240 viewsFirefly Coaches (24) Austral HD1 which became (24) EBJ 024 with AAT Kings, then 932 GBC, Reef 'N' Outback Rail Tours, Noosa Heads, QLD, then 932 GBC, Beef City Coaches, Rockhampton, QLD – last reported as 932 GBC with Executive Coachlines, Bundaberg. Seen here in 1989.
m/o 7087240 viewsCitybus Direct (Harris Park Transport) Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches 510. It went to CDC under various brands being reregd TV 5628 7/2008.
m/o 5633240 viewsKaten & Heath (Silverline Coaches) Bedford VAL70/Custom Coaches in 1991.
singhs bus service MO9620.jpg
MO 9620239 viewsSingh’s Bus Service, Lismore Renault/Austral Pacific "Starliner" in 2006. It was reregd 5428 MO before being sold to Quinn's Buses – Goolmangar.
SYM 275239 viewsJohnson Mount Gambier Bedford/Comair in 1988.
MO 0454239 viewsLindsay's Coach Service - Coffs Harbour Denning Landseer sold to Brumpton Bros Transport Pty Ltd t/a Brumpton Coaches, Coffs Harbour as (20) MO 0454; then to R & H Williams t/a Sawtell Bus Service, Toormina as MO 0454 -/00; then to Auswide Coaches, Ballina as MO 0454 - operator changed hands and relocated to Casino, deregd by 19/8/08 & vehicle stored at Casino.
TV 372239 viewsCalabros Austral Tourmaster ex LGY 097; ex TV 759. It went to Westbus TV 372 8/6/89 - Sold to Lorivu Pty Ltd t/a Transit Scenic Tours, Greenacre as TV 372 28/3/94 & dereg 25/11/08.
MO 8142239 viewsGoulding, Cowra Bedford BLP2/Smithfield in 1990.
m/o 8361239 viewsCitybus Direct (Harris Park Transport) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 510 in 2002. It went to CDC under various brands being reregd TV 5578 7/2008.
m/o 7936239 viewsJohn J Hill, Wollongong Leyland Lynx/PMC in 1998.
m/o 5644239 viewsKaten & Heath Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches fully loaded on a school service in 1991.
027 BBY239 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (848) Mercedes OH1316/Newnham ex 027 BBY, Gold Coast Citybus, in 2000. Since withdrawn.
33 [761627].jpg
405 EIG239 viewsLogan Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC ex u/r Canterbury Bus Lines, ex (95) FRW 095, BQO 395, Ventura Bus Lines, South Oakleigh, in 2006. It subsequently operated with Cavbus before being withdrawn by 2011.
MO 9706238 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (124) Leyland Atlantean ex Plymouth.
BTI 834238 viewsGrenda Corporation (39) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1995.
1060AO238 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley, Denning Manufacturing Low Floor in 2011. Sold to CDC Victoria - Eastrans, Huntingdale.
m/o 8173238 viewsKaten & Heath LeylandLeopard/Smithfield ex UTA 1645, in 1991. Deregd 15/3/98 after an accident and sold to Victoria for a motorhome 11/4/98.
BXI 256238 viewsGrenda (44) Volvo B10M Volgren in 1993.
m/o 1056238 viewsHillsbus (80) Volvo B10BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in May 2002.
?238 viewsBus Australia (91) Bova in 1992.
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