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MO 0994762 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Scania K92/PMC which subsequently operated with Peninsula Bus Lines.
m/o 7858671 viewsToongabbie Transport Service (24) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches. To Westbus 19/12/88 - Transferred to Blue Ribbon Bus Company Pty Ltd (National Express Group), Thornton as (69) m/o 7858 -/01, then Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd (CDC Group) 9/05. Renumbered 3644 MO & sent to scrap 19/12/11.
m/o 4032578 viewsToongabbie Transport Service (5) Hino RC420/Domino Hedges. To Westbus 19/12/88 – Further disposal unknown.
m/o 5789566 viewsToongabbie Transport Service (37) Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 – GM/Custom Coaches rebody ex UTA 2910 11/80. Westbus 19/12/88 - Sold to Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd), Menai as (35) m/o 5789, then dereg for parts by 25/11/97 & later scrapped.
m/o 381560 viewsToongabbie Passenger Transport (36) Hino BG100/Domino which was transferred to Helmut Delf's new operation Fraser Island Top Tours, Urangan, QLD as 200 AIV -/86.
TV 763556 viewsHiglett's Motor Coach Denning
TV 776551 viewsKoala Tours (the coach arm of the Hornsby Bus Group/Shorelink) Denning.
m/o 4149550 viewsToongabbie Passenger Transport (30) Hino RC420/PMC ex Seven Hills Bus Service m/o 4149 1/7/79. To Westbus 19/12/88 – Further disposal unknown.
MO 027549 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines Scania K92CR/PMC. To Busways then traded to Scania Australia 10/11/99 & sold to Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla as MO 4921; then to Sussex Inlet Bus Service (Raymask Pty Ltd) as MO 4921 1/7/01; then to Buslink, Sunshine Coast, QLD as (53) 597 IBA -/03; Withdrawn by 9/11.
m/o 4265545 viewsToongabbie Passenger Transport (15) Hino BG300/Domino. To Westbus 19/12/88. – Further disposal unknown.
m/o 961533 viewsToongabbie Transport Service (29) Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 – GM/Custom Coaches rebody ex UTA 3483 3/81.To Westbus 19/12/88 - Sold to Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd), Menai as (46) m/o 961 - Dereg by 1/98 & sold to Kalamunda Bus Service, WA as (46) TC 3697 by 6/98, then to Midland Bus Company.
MO 1236533 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines Scania K92CR/Custom Coaches which went to Busways – then to various Queensland operators – finally Bowen Transport, Bowen as (12) 561 CZO.
TV 398525 viewsMacarthur Coaches Denning
MO 0247519 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/PMC which went to Peninsula Buslines and then Busways as (393) then Sold to Rambler Tours Pty Ltd, Preston, VIC as (92) NLO 992 23/1/96; then to Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads as (547) MO 5660 -/02 (converted to B55F), renumbered 3837 MO 9/08; Withdrawn and stored at Bustech -/09.
m/o 5362505 viewsToongabbie Transport Service (41) Hino RC420/Custom Coaches ex Western Road Bus Service, Wentworthville m/o 4150 24/1/87. To Westbus 19/12/88 – Further disposal unknown.
m/o 5727502 viewsToongabbie Transport Service (9) Seddon Mk VI - Leyland 680/Custom coaches. Previously powered with a Perkins motor. Westbus 19/12/88 - Reregd m/o 8447.
TV 397499 viewsMacarthur Coaches Denning.
MO 9321490 viewsSeargents, Wyong (91) Hino/CC. This operation was taken over by Busways but it is not known if this bus was included.
MO 0201486 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark I (3679) which saw subsequent service as (3) 578 AAY with Dixon, Cairns Qld.
TV 716476 viewsMacarthur Coaches Denning.
m/o 4585457 viewsWoronora Bus Co Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1/PMC Rebody ex m/o 4252 (Ansair body UF17 10/58 B47F - withdrawn for rebodying 1980/ early 1981); ex Hill (dlr) -/75; ex B37D; ex Bender, Geelong, VIC (53) GNZ 054 -/75. Sold to Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd 17/8/88 as m/o 4585 and later adopted the Southtrans name and fleet number (22). Deregd 2000.
m/o 125452 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service Hino
m/o 789444 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3Rsp/PMC which went to Southtrans as (85). Then sold to Rover Motors Pty Ltd, Cessnock (3) MO 0090 by 10/94, rereg m/o 0090, and then to AP & JP King, King Bros Bus Service Kempsey Pty Ltd as (174) m/o 0090 3/03. Resold with business to Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Kempsey as (628) m/o 0090 3/10/03 and renumbered 5565 MO 1/09. Resold to Collins Bus Service (Allen Collins), Wauchope as 5565 MO 1/09.
MO 0201440 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark I (3679) which saw subsequent service as (3) 578 AAY with Dixon, Cairns Qld.
m/o 4432439 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Royal Tiger Cub/Comair ex Melbourne and Brighton Bus Lines (HJW 061) -/79 (centre door removed).
MO 7230439 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service AEC Merlin ex London.
New437 viewsWoronora Bus Service. A New Leyland Tiger/PMC. As desto shows route 960 it would have been taken after rename to Menai Bus Service.
TB 753432 viewsToronto Bus Service (1) Denning Denair, later to become TV 989 and then TV 2277. Transferred to Charterplus Pty Ltd, Girraween 4/09 & Withdrawn 8/11; Still stored at Girraween depot 10/13.
Sugar Valley Coaches430 viewsm/o 198 Leyland Worldmaster ex Toongabbie; ex Adelaide.
m/o 628 Leyland Worldmaster/Alnor ex ABC/South Western m/o 001.
m/o 517 Leyland Panther / Denning ex BCC 678.
MO 001 and MO 1983421 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (51) Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 1811 and (85) MAN SL200/CAC ex (R83); ex ACTION, Canberra, ACT (459) ZIB 459 - the latter withdrawn for parts.
TV 396420 viewsMacarthur Coaches MAN
MO 1877415 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (5) MCA –Cummins L10/MCA which saw subsequent service with various other operators in NSW and Qld before being retired from Dorrigo Bus Service in December 2013.
m/o 5973411 viewsSilverline (Katen & Heath) Bedford VAL70/Custom Coaches.
855 Bedford SBCW.jpg
m/o 855411 viewsMetro West Bedford BLP2/Smithfield Euro ex Cumberland in 1987. Sold.
m/o 7137407 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyand Royal Tiger Cub GM/PMC rebody chassis ex Ventura Bus Lines, South Oakleigh, VIC (46) IPD 064; ex Canberra Bus Service, ACT ZIB 081 (original body PMC 256 20/7/65). After Southtrans it became m/o 005 with Helensburgh Bus Service/Crossley Bus Lines/Leisure Coaches in a swap of plates.
m/o 5778404 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Leopard/PMC. It went to Southtrans and Veolia Transport. It was withdrawn and was for sale unregistered at ex Pleasure Tours depot, Bass Hill 1/04; Removed by 9/04.
u/r398 viewsGreat Lakes Coaches – Heatherbrae Isuzu LT1-11P/MCA. There were two such units m/o 3527 and MO 2682 both of which went to King Bros and then sold to Mackay Transit Coaches, Paget Qld,
m/o 5653396 viewsSilverline (Katen & Heath) Bedford VAL70/Custom Coaches.
m/o 5135395 viewsSilverline (Katen & Heath) Bedford VAL14/Custom Coaches with Leyland 400 engine.
m/o 5973395 viewsSilverline (Katen & Heath) Bedford VAL70/Custom Coaches down in the snow.
m/o 5713390 viewsWoronora Bus Co Leyland Leopard PSU3F/2R/PMC. Sold to Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd 17/8/88 as m/o 5713 and later adopted the Southtrans name and fleet number (23); sold to Vorbach's, Padstow as m/o 5713 by 8/97; then to Kwans Motor Bus, Hoxton Park as m/o 5713 by 8/98; then sold to M. Case, Pomona, QLD as 728 FPH
m/o 792390 viewsDural Busways m/o 792 Leyland Tiger/PMC Progress - withdrawn at Hunter Valley Buses, Morisset 1/2011 after having operated with Blue Ribbon Bus Co – later Hunter Valley Buses
m/o 7468388 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R / PMC rebody ex ? With the desto showing route 962 this would have been taken after the rename to Menai Bus Service. Saw further service with Southtrans and Connex as (80). Re-regd m/o 8555, then sold to Mosman Coaches 6/04 as m/o 8287.
m/o 5284388 viewsLane Cove Bus Service (Macquarie Towns) Domino on route service.It was reregd m/o 7650 before being sold to Australian Bus Specialists (dlr), VIC via Auction 3/88, then to Thege, Sebastopol, VIC as (20) DMI 979 -/88, later reregd NDL 974.
m/o 7138387 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R/PMC Rebody of 1970 chassis ex UK - It operated for Maidstone and District as (4623) VKN 623J with a Duple (-/70) C48F body.It became m/o 460 with Southtrans and Veolia Transport before being de-registered by 17/3/03 and sold to the Parker Family (enthusiasts), Oakville for parts.
MO 9224386 viewsMacquarie Towns Bus Lines/Lane Cove Bus Service MAN 16.280/Aystral. It went to Westbus MO 9224 12/87 - Plate remade as m/o 9224, then transferred to Blue Ribbon Bus Co. Pty Ltd, Thornton as (122) m/o 9224 by 9/00, then to Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd 1/9/06, renumbered 3645 MO. Withdrawn by 11/10 and transferred to Morisset for storage by 1/11.
TV 2136378 viewsGreat Lakes Coaches – Heatherbrae MCA - Cummins L10/MCA, To King Bros (Port Macquarie depot). Sold to LTD Coaches, Southport, QLD as 063 GPF, then Imperial Pacific Coaches, Southport as 063 GPF, then Original Tours, Brendale as (4) 063 GPF.
m/o 4038376 viewsMoores Tours Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1/Clyde ex Cumberland Coaches (unused) 7/80; ex UTA 3373. Sold for a motorhome at Bankstown -/88.
m/o 4843371 viewsSilverline (Katen & Heath) Bedford VAL14/Custom Coaches.
m/o 5214370 viewsSilverline (Katen & Heath) Bedford VAM/Custom Coaches.
SC 691369 viewsStuarts Coaches, Nowra Domino DC122 - GM 8v92/Domino on a visit to Sydney in the 1980’s. It was reregd TV 920. Possibly the coach which has been converted to a motorhome as RM 174.
m/o 4792368 viewsSilverline (Katen & Heath) Bedford VAM5/Custom Coaches ex Pearce MO 398.
MO 25364 viewsMurrays Domino GM/Domino at the snow.
MO 4790361 viewsWestern Road Liners Denning on a visit to Sydney during the 1980’s, They had more than one with this rego so it is not possible to give a positive identification.
m/o 7183360 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Royal Tiger Cub – GM/PMC rebody ex Melbourne - Brighton Bus Service, VIC (66).
m/o 5828360 viewsKogarah Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC.
TV 406 and m/o 7666357 viewsABC Coachlines Denning Mono - GM 6v71 ex VIP Charters, Jannali; ex Chester Coaches Pty Ltd, Chester Hill, NSW TV 727; ex Yellowline Coaches, WA; ex South Western Coachlines (Max Holman), Jannali ISD 357; ex Western Roadliners Pty Ltd, Parkes; ex Sampsons Tours Pty Ltd, Nowra TV 633. Sold at auction 10/4/89 to City Truck and Bus Centre, Ascot Vale, VIC and Bedford VAM70/CVI - see fleet list for history.
m/o 505356 viewsHighway Tours Leyland Leopard / Plaxton Panorama Elite III - rebodied by Custom Coaches in 1991 to become m/o 054 which passed on through various operators where it was reregd m/o 8994 with Transit First and was withdrawn by Veolia Transport in 2008.
MO 8643353 viewsSkennars Denning Landseer which subsequently operated with various other operators such as Lindsay;s Coaches, Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Premier Motor Service, South Nowra, Burkes Coaches, Hornsby who sold it to Earle F Green, Glenreagh as MO 8643, converted to RC52F. Dry hired to Original Tours, Strathpine, QLD as (3) 303 LWX, then to Collins Coachways Pty Ltd t/a Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill, NSW as TV 6099. Held unregd at Bankstown as at 5/12 and returned to Green's as BS86YN by 12/12; Deregd by 1
Port Stephens Depot348 viewsA general scene of the former Port Stephens Buses depot some years ago.
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