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Most viewed - June/July 2009
1015 17-7-SB78BL.jpg
SB78BL1324 viewsTransit Plus (1015) Scania K310UA/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' on route 555 to Tea Tree Plaza.
4000 MO987 viewsBusabout Mercedes-Benz O305/mca at Wagga depot. Rebody ex STA Mark II 2499, withdrawn 13/12/88 after an accident.
2560 17-7bwith1680.jpg
SB41CJ and WLF 972895 viewsSouthlink new (2560) Scania K230UB CC CB60 'EvoII' pictured with (1680) MAN NL202 CNG/ABM 160.
5627 31-7a.jpg
TV 5627883 viewsCharterplus Volvo B12BLE/Bustech 'VST' with Optus signwriting for the Macquarie Park Shuttle, ex m/o 9440 7/08-ex Dural (128) 5/08-ex m/o 8964 Charterbus Direct/Harris Park Transport seen here at night laying over at Central before commencing a 0045 Express to Blacktown CityRail trip 31/7/2009.
3984 MO844 viewsBusabout Renault PR100.2/Ansair in Harden. Ex MO 6572; ex Fearnes, ex Action, Canberra, ACT (757) BUS 757 12/05. Sold to Betta Tours, Aldgate, SA 1/10.
5831 MO837 viewsPBC Goulburn Scania K230UB/Volgren "CR228L". Delivered 3/09 ex Demonstrator (NSW) AT15VR.
TV 3401 810 viewsKulnura Coaches MAN 18.350/Coach Design at Taronga Zoo. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09
3999 MO 807 viewsBusabout MCA - Cat 3208t / CC at Harden depot still in Fearnes livery. It is ex MO 0265 and was deregd 27/2/10 and transferred to Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach, Oakville for storage and sale 6/10. Sold for a motorhome on the Central Coast 5/11.
MO 5907797 viewsKulnura Coaches MAN 18.280/Coach Design. At Adcock Park, West Gosford. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09
2367 17-7.jpg
VTO 750788 viewsSouthlink (2367) MAN SG280H/PMCSA Commuter.
2361 17-7.jpg
VTO 740787 viewsSouthlink (2361) MAN SG280H/PMCSA Commuter.
MO 0239739 viewsKulnura Coaches Nissan RB30/Custom Coaches at Adcock Park, West Gosford. It was ex Picton Omnibus Service Pty Ltd MO 0239 2/93. Sold to Busways as (890) at Gosford - then sold to Collins Bus Service (Allen Collins), Wauchope as (6) 1061 MO 8/09, then 1062 MO.
555 17-7-WJI682.jpg
WJI 682735 viewsTransit Plus (555) Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMCSA since withdrawn but in 2011 reported as R555 with Southlink as a rail replacement bus.
4019MO720 viewsBusabout Volvo B7R / Volgren at Wagga depot.
6079 MO706 viewsBusabout Wagga Wagga MAN SL202/Volgren ex Darwin Bus Service.
2560 17-7a.jpg
SB41CJ679 viewsSouthlink new (2560) Scania K230UB CC CB60 'EvoII' on a route 221 trip to Gepps Cross.
MO 0037675 viewsKulnura Coaches MCA/MCA laying up in Roseberry for World Youth Day, ex Shuker, Darwin, NT mo 1364. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09

545 17-7.jpg
WJI 662672 viewsTorrens Transit (545) Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMCSA Prototype O-Bahn Articulated Bus which was withdrawn 11/2010.
2812 17-7.jpg
XEV 126659 viewsSouthlink (2812) Scania L94UA/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo'
584 17-7.jpg
WJM 711646 viewsTorrens Transit (711) Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMCSA which was withdrawn 10/2010.
7376AO550 viewsMoreland / Greyhound (92) Scania K380IB/Irizar at Gundagai operating a Firefly service.
6006 MO502 viewsBusabout Mitsubishi Rosa at Harden depot.
MO 4909455 viewsKulnura Coaches MAN 18.310/Express. Laying up next to the Entertainment Centre. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09
m/o 7427425 viewsKulnura Coaches Nissan RB30R/Custom Coaches ex? At Adcock Park, West Gosford. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09 where it became (887) 6467 MO. Transferred to Kempsey for storage & sale by 7/11.
3948 MO405 viewsMakeham's Mercedes-Benz OC1617/CC at Gundagai High School. Ex MO 0232; ex Newcombe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Gloucester MO 0232. Sold by 11/10.
7MO5199 Kulnura.jpg
MO 5199400 viewsKulnura Coaches MAN 18.280/Custom Coaches SB400. Laying up in Roseberry for World Youth Day. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09

5464 MO397 viewsBrand new Lewis Buslines, Tallong BCI JXK6930AT at Goulburn. First reg 9/6/09.
TV 4588120 viewsGroup Charters Autobus 14.5m/Autobus ex GC 0605 - Formerly named "Muffin Man".on rail in Newcastle just having arrived from Sydney in June 2009.
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