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BK06VS252 viewsMurphy’s Commercials Scania L113CRB/Ansair ex Dyson's (413) 0962AO ex (17), ex (17) EUV449 Northern Bus Lines, taken at Lovedale Long Lunch in 2011.
MO 5025250 viewsHunter Valley Buses (48) Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/PMC B53F ex (151), ex (137), ex Blue Ribbon Coaches (75), ex (M38), seen on the Hunter Valley Tour 9/9/2007. Sold to A Christie (enthusiast), Lochinvar 1/08.
5755 MO249 viewsNorthern Beaches Buses MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie (164) 5698 MO 1/12; ex MO 4253; ex m/o 8190.
1204 MO249 viewsBaldwin, Tocumwal MAN 10.155/Austral Pacific ex (1); ex MO 6264 1/10/08; ex McCormick, Mt Gambier, SA WZN 329; ex Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA (1312) TA 1312.
UW 1944248 viewsWestern Cabs, Henderson, Auckland Bedford BLP2/Custom Coaches ex North & Western m/o 4176, ex Metro West, ex Cumberland, in 2004. It was replaced by early 2012.
TV 5054247 viewsCumberland Coachlines - St Marys (9) International ACCO 1830T/Custom Coaches ex m/o 7988; ex Kingsgrove Bus and Coach, Peakhurst (4) m/o 7988, ex m/o 086; ex Orange Coaches (17) MO 9126. Sold for a motorhome at Newcastle 30/9/09.
m/o 236245 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Lugarno operating a 942 to Bankstown, before it had the accident at Penshurst which resulted in its front being rebuilt by Custom Coaches.
MO 1162244 viewsPerrett’s Coaches, Werris Creek Denning Denair ex Howard’s Bus & Charter Service, Murrurundi MO 1162; ex TV 432; ex State Rail Authority (C3.8046) MO 9762 via auction 27/11/90. Sold for a motorhome 3/08.
MO 9327241 viewsMacpherson's, Tamworth MCA - Cummins L10 / MCA Marathon ex Sunshine Coast Coaches (MC4) SUN 16; ex SUN 00.
WHZ 753236 viewsB & N Coach Travel – Kingsgrove Austral Tourmaster GM Austral Denning "Highlander" refront ex Coppa Coaches, Thirlmere WHZ 353; ex Pegasus Coach Tours KEN 518; ex Calvary Coaches, Woombye, QLD 619 CDD; ex Ford, Shepparton, VIC ELW 334; ex VV77AE; ex Mount Gambier Passenger Service, SA UWR 721.
MO 8995236 viewsApple City Tours Denning Denflex 6v53/PMC ex MO 8995 - Denning Landseer refront. Since reregd 3180 MO,
MO 5496236 viewsWisely's Bus & Coach Service – Wingham (23) Scania K94IB/Custom Coaches "SB40". Reregd 2503 MO and became (44) with Forster Bus Service.
3850 MO235 viewsUlladulla Bus Lines (4) ex MO 0228, a 1985, Mercedes Benz OC1617/Custom Coaches. It was sold to Ryan & Ryan WA in August 2012.
m/o 8408234 viewsOrange Coaches (2) Hino RG197/PMCA 160 ex Shorelink, Mt Kuring-gai (94) m/o 8408 -/99, ex St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd, Pymble (19) m/o 8408 6/7/98; ex Dion's Bus Service (Seapost Pty Ltd), Fairy Meadow m/o 8408 6/95. Sold to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (467) m/o 8408 6/8/08; Reregd 5297 MO. Seen here in January 2001.
Ex North & Western.234 viewsWestern Cabs, Henderson, Auckland Bedfords (from right to left) former North & Western m/o 019, m/o 010 and m/o 4175, in 2004.
m/o 7309233 viewsMaianbar Bundeena Bus Service – Bundeena Csepel 854.07/ ABM "Starliner".
Lineup 232 viewsPerrett's Coaches, Werris Creek MO 7777 Scania K94IB/ Custom Coaches SB40, MO 5562 MAN 18.370 / CC and MO 5495 Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60 ex Westbus demo, at Tamworth.
MO 5934232 viewsSampson's Charter & Tours – Bellingen Irisbus Eurorider/Alan B. Denning "Corsair", possibly now only a charter operator with this one bus.
AM93PW231 viewsChoice Rentals Bedford BLP2-Isuzu/CC ex ONR 939; ex St Gregory's College, Campbelltown ONR 939; ex Seargent, Wyong (73) MO 8093, in King Street Sydney 28/3/2007. It was reported to be in all white May 2012 still owned by Choice Rentals.
3951 MO231 viewsBusabout, Wagga Mercedes Benz O405/PMC Metro 90 ex Moorabbin Transit Pty Ltd, Cheltenham, VIC (502) 4502 AO 12/08; ex (2), ex OOZ 312; ex Quince's Scenicruisers, Oakleigh DKA 106. Sold to Buses 'R' Us, Salisbury South, SA as 3952 MO by 16/9/11, rereg SB35AS by 3/13; Resold to Murton Staff Pty Ltd, Broken Hill as (97).
TV 465227 viewsRyan’s Coach Service, Bathurst (3) Leyland Tiger/Denning which supposedly went to WA.
MO 5223225 viewsHoward's Bus & Charter, Murrurundi Leyland Super Viking / Austral at the Murrurundi depot in 2007.
5841 MO 223 viewsForsters Coaches Scania L94UB/Bustech ex MO 4934.
MO 4111223 viewsHoward's Bus & Charter, Murrurundi Volvo B7R/Autobus at Quirindi in 2007.
MO 5646223 viewsTinonee Bus Co – Taree (15) Mercedes-Benz OH1728L/Express – reregd 2508 MO.
TV 447216 viewsHoward's Bus & Charter Service – Murrurundi Scania K93CRB/Autobus ex MO 117, ex MO 4169.
MO 2159216 viewsPerrett's Coaches, Werris Creek Mercedes LO812 / Nambucca which became (39) 3265 MO at Tamworth Buslines before being sold non-PSV at Cessnock 8/09.
MO 7750213 viewsHowards Murrurundi Nissan RB31S /Custom Coaches ex Tamworth Bus Service at Scone.
MO 7944212 viewsHowards Murrurundi Mercedes LO812 /Custom Coaches ex National, Melbourne at Willow Tree depot.
MO 5587211 viewsTamworth Buslines (26) Volvo B7R / Bustech. One of a small number of non low floor Bustechs built.
MO 987209 viewsPerrett’s Coaches, Werris Creek Mercedes LO814/Custom Coaches ex Baxter's (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween (2) m/o 9236. To Tamworth Buslines as (40) MO 987 14/4/08, then reregd 3268 MO 30/9/08.
TV 6198207 viewsHawkesfords Sydney Luxury Coaches Mercedes-Benz O303-3/Denning Majestic, refront reg 5/10 ex Mackay Transit Coaches, QLD (3) MTC 03 3/10; ex Mackay City Buses 432 ATR; ex Apple City Tours, Orange, NSW NXE 348.
Bedford Lineup207 viewsWestern Cabs, Henderson, Auckland. Seen at the satellite 'depot' on a small road off the main road to Muriwai is a line up comprising of (from right to left) ex N&W 4412, ex Glenorie (28 ) and (34), ex N&W m/o 4176 and ex N&W m/o 503. Most still in their Sydney liveries in 2004.
SB68EG206 viewsTownsend's Bus Travel, Renmark Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech ex (12) 608 ESC Whitsunday Transit, Cannonvale, Qld.
1278 MO 206 viewsFlint's Bus Service - Glen Innes Mercedes-Benz Atego/Denning Manufacturing "Corsair" ex MO 6314.
MO 7057204 viewsHoward's Bus & Charter, Murrurundi Mercedes OHL1622 / CC at Quirindi in 2007.
MO 1986204 viewsJones Bros, Lithgow This is a Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex UTA 2471, which went to Transit First. It later became (633) with Veolia Transport - It was withdrawn by 8/11. Seen at the depot 24/1/2003.
TV 385 and XVU 818199 viewsShyam P/L Berridale Denning Landseer ex Connex NSW Pty Ltd, Taren Point (153) TV 385 -/04; ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley TV 385 15/1/01; ex C48FT; Reg 13/7/93 ex Adams Luxury Coachlines TV 1307; ex Troys Coachlines, Sydney TV 1307, ex Sunliner ICOA, Gosford TV 1307; ex Sunliner Tours NV20AK and Austral Tourmaster ex PJ Evans t/a Snowliner Coaches Pty Ltd, Cooma MO 1523 4/03; ex Pioneer Trailways, Canberra (D1) u/r, m/o.800. Both used to transfer visitors to and from their accommodation venues.
MO 4050198 viewsMoruya Bus Co "Pumpkin Seed" Hino AM100 which was sold by the subsequent owner Marshall as a motorhome.
MO 5508196 viewsPerrett’s Coaches, Werris Creek MAN 16.240 / CC seen after departing Quirindi schools for Werris Creek ex MO 0985. It became (36) 3249 MO with Tamworth Buslines.
MO 9513193 viewsThis was the remaining Jones Bros Mercedes minibus, an LO814 with Custom Coaches body in January 2003, whilst its sister, an LO812, was sold several years ago to an operator in Cowra. It was reregd 2199 MO and became (1) with Lithgow Buslines.
MO 7080192 viewsJones Bros, Lithgow Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB60 which was reregd 2208 MO before it became (12) at Lithgow Buslines. Seen at the depot 24/1/2003.
TV 6461192 viewsMerimbula Bus Lines MCA - GM 6v71/PMCSA “Apollo” ex Regal Force Pty Ltd t/a Naracoorte Charter (A & L Moss), Naracoorte, SA WAB 304 1/10; ex Driver Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Glen Iris, VIC (5) FZP 005; ex CRV 047. Sold to M & S Rixon, Mogo as TV 6461 4/11.
TC 5617192 viewsWestern Cabs, Henderson, Auckland Bedford BLP2/PMC Progress ex North & Western m/o 503, in 2004.
3513 MO192 viewsCowra Bus Service Volvo B10M-5600/PMCSA ex MO 6182 7/11/08; ex Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd MO 6182 10/04; ex Southlink, SA (2401) WJP 440 -/04; ex Transadelaide, SA (1436) TA 1436. Sold to The Purple Party Bus, WA 11/11, but broke down at Balranald & advertised for sale on Ebay as at 1/12.
3370 MO191 viewsJeffery Buses – Armidale Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex AI & LJ Francis, Armidale 3370 MO 1/5/09; ex MO 1392; ex STA Mk I 1839 7/8/91. Deregd by 10/13.
MO 5829190 viewsShorelink (64) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex ex Kirkland's, Lismore (286) MO 5829; ex Simes Bros, Lismore MO 5829; ex Bathurst Coaches (unused); ex STA Mk I 1789. It was reregd 1833 MO and then m/o 9778. Written off 3/10 and sold via Pickles Auctions, Milperra to R. Chahal 29/7/10. Seen here in Khartoum Rd, cnr Waterloo Rd, North Ryde in 2008.
MO 3043188 viewsSussex Bus MAN 22.360s with Ansair 'Orana' bodywork has 64 coach seats seen here in June 2002.is now with Australian Luxury Coach Travel, Smithfield as TV 500, ex TV 932 7/11; ex C64F; ex TV 5658. Before Sussex it was with Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla as MO 3043.
MO 4756185 viewsDavis's Peel Valley Coaches Leyland Super Viking (GM) / PMC ex Howard's, Murrurundi MO 7944. It was sold for a motorhome in Echuca, VIC -/08.
1461 MO183 viewsWestern Road Liners (2) Bedford BLP2 + Allison/Custom Coaches ex MO 7191; ex Harris Bus Lines (Pachuca Pty Ltd), Parkes MO 7191 1/5/06; ex MO 312, ex Harris Park Transport m/o 8295 - First reg 21/9/90. Dereg 4/6/12 for sale & sold for a motorhome at Nelligen 6/11/12.
m/o 6189182 viewsFormer Rutty's (89) Mercedes O305/PMC is seen unregistered at the depot shortly after being replaced by an ex Action Renault PR100.2. It was ex STA Mk I 1769 -/93. Dereg by 9/11/00, held u/r & sold to Andrew Haviland & Partners (enthusiasts), Sydney for preservation 6/01 (painted in UTA post-Chullora refurbishment livery); then to the Parker Family (enthusiasts), Oakvill
4162 MO179 viewsHaire – Boggabri Mercedes-Benz LO812/Custom Coaches ex MO 6223 by 2/09; ex GA & DP Golding, Boggabri MO 6223; ex Westbus m/o 8863.
3389 MO 176 viewsGeorge, Guyra Denning Denair - GM 6v92tta ex MO 1394; ex State Rail Authority (C5.8093) MO 9766.
MO 5643176 viewsJones Bros, Lithjgow Mercedes-Benz OH1725/Custom Coaches SB40 which was reregd 2206 MO before it became (17) at Bathurst Buslines. Seen at the depot 24/1/2003.
XRG 551172 viewsSussex Bus Service Hino BG300P/Custom Coaches ex Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla XRG 551 1/7/01; ex TV 2795; ex MO 1084; ex Pearce, Goulburn MO 1084. It was reregd TV 2687 and later was 2389 MO with Shoal Bus. Seen here in June 2002
4816MO171 viewsBerrima Buslines MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex MO 4957; ex Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Moorebank m/o 7797.
MO 9482171 viewsGerringong Buses Bedford BLP2 / Custom Coaches new to Kirkpatrick (Hawkesbury Valley) was photographed in the depot during 2000 whilst it was only a spare. This bus was eventually sold once MO 1938 Mercedes OH1622 Custom Coaches was acquired from Greens, Thirroul.
2914 MO171 viewsCells Bus Service, Leeton BCI JXK6127AT/BCI.
1670 MO170 viewsTinonee Bus Co (16) Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Express.
MO 0383169 viewsPerrett’s Coaches, Werris Creek Nissan RB30 / CC which was for sale when this photo was taken in 2007, but did become (33) 3242 MO with Tamworth Buslines. Then sold to Maryborough, QLD for conversion to a motorhome 8/12.
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