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Most viewed - October 2009
Charterplus TV5724.jpg
TV 57241376 viewsAt the NRL Grand Final a shot of Charterplus Volvo B10M/Volgren with a destination which reflects its heritage, being new to Davis Bus Lines of Ballarat where it was (98) 2849 AO, ex CSM 198. Hayden Ramsdale photo.
TV 52001240 viewsMoore's Tours TV 5200 Denning D-Deck ex Trailblazer Coaches (L Bultitude), Grafton 761 HTD; ex Monaro Coaches, Queanbeyan; ex Firefly (101); ex Deluxe (187) m/o 148. Deregd 4/20. Photo by Ben O.

TV 23461115 viewsLBJ Tours TV 2346 Austral DD1. Ex Coorana Coach Tours (Whalemel Pty Ltd), Picton TV 2346; ex Coopa Coaches, Thirlmere TV 2346; ex Road Runner Tours( N Bogovich), Arncliffe TV 2346; ex MO 5940; ex Eggins Holdings Pty Ltd, Taree MO 5940; ex Firefly (32) EUV 432; ex VX91BC. Photo by Ben O.

TV 44291071 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel Denning Landseer. Photo by Ben O. Sold for a motorhome 21/1/11.

TV 4442988 viewsIllawarra Escape Tours TV 4442 Denning Denair. Photo by Ben O.

MO 68939 viewsRogers Coaches, Kambah, ACT MO 68 Austral Tourmaster. Photo by Ben O.
08 XDI893 viewsSurfside Buslines Bustech XDI (440) 08-XDI (Ex Demonstrator) arrives at Burleigh Heads in March 2009 in Translink livery.

600 FHI868 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 600 600-FHI Mercedes Benz O405NH/Bustech travels through Kirra Beach while operating a route 608 to Bilambil Heights. Note half the desto missing, this is because it has recieved the VST desto files for the LED Desto rather than the Flipdot type.
6110 MO867 viewsHawkesbury Valley 6110 MO APG Classic ex Busabout Wagga Wagga (Fearnes Investments) TV 1352 by 9/09; ex C46FT. Photo by Ben O.

m/o 1234802 viewsHere we see the recently launched ANSTO shuttle service from Sutherland Station. It was temporarily operated by Veolia Menai (141) MAN 10.155/CC 510 which was transferred over for the service from Bankstown and new to Crossley's Revesby. Photo by Daniel. It has since been sold to Fangia Buslines where it was BK47WI then deregd 5/5/12 but back in service 12/12 as BR63US.
m/o 7301779 viewsAfter just over a week the ANSTO shuttle was operated by Veolia Transport star mini (65) Mercedes-Benz O814D/CC (new to Baxters Bus Lines) which had arrived from Bankstown, with (141) going back to Bankstown. Photo by Daniel.
841 JHT767 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 731 841-JHT Volvo B12BLE/Bustech "VST" arrives into Tweed Heads before starting a 700 to Southport in March 2009. This is one of many VST's recieving the white Stainless Steel panel replacements instead of the Grey Plastic Panels.
TV 5576755 viewsHawkesford's TV 5576 Volvo B9R/Coach Concepts. Photo by Ben O.
TV 4596711 viewsPremier Motor Service unit 4596 TV-4596 Scania K114IB/NCBC travels through Coolangatta in March 2009
5256 MO701 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 552 5256-MO Hino RG197K/PMCA "160" ex MO 3157 operates a School Bus through Coolangatta in March 2009
UQB 475667 viewsthe only original Mercedes O305G remaining with Southern Coast Transit

Veolia 643.jpg
m/o 8929664 viewsAt the NRL Grand Final Veolia (643) Csepel 844.19/Custom Coaches "210" on route 6 services ex Transit First, ex West Bankstown Bus Service. Hayden Ramsdale photo.
TV 5692588 viewsSteve's Bus & Coach TV 5692 Scania K124IB/Volgren "C222TX" ex AAT Kings. Photo by Ben O.

c10Jones Bros.jpg
6224 MO558 viewsA brand new Mercedes Benz OH1830L/Mills-Tui Orbit for Jones Bros, Lithgow. Since then with Lithgow Buslines, Photo by Ben O.
TV 5421535 viewsSid Fogg's TV 5421 Scania K420IB / Irizar. Photo by Ben O.
5831 MO380 viewsPBC Goulburn Scania K230UB/Volgren CR228L ex.Scania Demonstrator, seen 10/09
2835 MO348 viewsPBC Goulburn Hino RG230/P&D The first repaint at Goulburn 10/09. Ex MO 4798; ex Bowman's Coaches (Mojeto Pty Ltd), Goulburn (1) MO 4798.
m/o 483015 viewsStateTransit (4830) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in AOA in Eastgardens 9/10/2009.
m/o 483013 viewsStateTransit (4830) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in AOA in Eastgardens 9/10/2009.
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