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m/o 977980 viewsArthur Wood Bankstown Austin/Syd Wood seen here at the Bass Hill depot after they took over route 20. The plates were soon moved onto a new Bedford by Bass Hill and the plates again moved onto another new bus when Baxters took over Bass Hill. There are also photos of both these buses in the gallery.
Bass Hill mo 4184 White Syd Woodg.jpg
m/o 41841445 viewsBass Hill Bus Service White/Syd Wood in its final depot resting place after being withdrawn from service.
Depot242 viewsBlacktown Bus Co early '70's depot shot with on the left an ex Hunters Hills Syd Wood Reo that they acquired but I believe was never registered with them. Centralian photo.
m/o 251437 viewsBosnjak’s, Edensor Park Albion Valiant CX39/Syd Wood
m/o 359853 viewsDrummond Transit Bedford SB1/Syd Wood pictured at Regents Park complete with hand written desto and no front door, ex Meadowbank Bus Service.
Foggs motor service AEC Reliance MO-4294.jpg
m/o 4294573 viewsFoggs Motor Service AEC Reliance/Syd Wood in 1977.
Fords Greta Ley RT Syd Woodg.jpg
u/r555 viewsFords Greta Leyland Royal Tiger/Syd Wood.
MO 253596 viewsGrafton Bus Co REO/Syd Wood at Prince St near the Ambulance Station 3/1976.
MO 3461574 viewsGrafton Bus Co (10) Guy Otter/Syd Wood 11/1977.
Newmans MO4561g.jpg
MO 4561456 viewsOne of the first Newmans Bus Service, Macksville buses, MO 4561 Reo / Syd Wood (5/10/49) purchased with the Macksville - Taylors Arm service from Groom's Bus Service in 1955. This bus was retired in March 1976
Nicholson Dural mo4555 Austin Syd woodg.jpg
m/o 4555472 viewsNicholsons Dural Austin/Syd Wood
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington (photo by Ron Drummond)276 viewsOffner, Wellington No 7 MO 313 GMC / Syd Wood ex Bus Lines of Australia, No 15 MO 5921 Unknown, No 8 MO 382 GMC / Syd Wood & No 6 Unknown.
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington (photo by Ron Drummond)261 views(7) MO 313 GMC / Syd Wood ex Bus Lines of Australia; Sold to RJ Drummond t/a Drummond Transit, Greenacre.
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington (photo by Ron Drummond)254 viewsNo 7 MO 313 GMC / Syd Wood ex Bus Lines of Australia, No 15 MO 5921 Unknown & No 8 MO 382 GMC / Syd Wood.
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington (photo by Ron Drummond)296 views(7) MO 313 GMC / Syd Wood; ex Bus Lines of Australia.
Sold to RJ Drummond t/a Drummond Transit, Greenacre.
Pt Mac MO3159.jpg
MO 3159469 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service Austin/Syd Wood.
Pt Mac MO4317.jpg
MO 4317448 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service AEC Reliance 470/Syd Wood.
MO 788324 viewsSimes Lismore White/Syd Wood ex Golf Links Bus Service Lismore, ex Kirklands.
m/o 5422417 viewsSt Ives Bus Service Chev - Maple Leaf. It was purchased in 1943 from J Maunder with the run, it was registered m/o 891 and was fitted with a second hand body built by Smith and Waddington by Maunder prior to sale. It was rebodied by Syd Wood (as in the photo) with body date 28/11/45 B37F. It was rereg 5422 1/11/68, then m/o 5584 in 2/71
m/o 5420551 viewsSt Ives Bus Service Chev / Syd Wood (18/8/48) B36F. It was new as m/o 571, rereg m/o 5420 1/11/68, rereg m/o 5355 9/70.
m/o 5421397 viewsSt Ives Bus Service Chev-Maple Leaf / Syd Wood (3/2/47). It was new as m/o 082, rereg 5421 1/11/68 (the day the whole fleet was reregistered into a running number sequence), then m/o 5567 in 9/70.
The Entrance Red bus service 7 Reo MO-3565.jpg
MO 3565595 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Service Reo/Syd Wood.
Watts MO-6095 AEC Regal III.jpg
m/o 6095595 viewsWatts Wollongong AEC Regal III/Syd Wood 11/1977.
m/o 981 and m/o 197472 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service. Two similar Syd Wood bodied buses m/o 981 an Atkinson and m/o197 a Dennis which was replaced on these plates by an AEC Reliance/Freighter ex Woronora.
West Bankstown bus service  Albion Valkyrie MO-412.jpg
m/o 412505 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service, Greenacre Albion Valkyrie/Syd Wood
West Bankstown mo 197 Dennis Syd Woodg.jpg
m/o 197409 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service – A Dennis badged Syd Wood but actually it had some old ex DRTT Leyland chassis (extended fitted with 6LW Gardner) but managed to get a front end from Dennis m/o 997 (ex DRTT 1492) that was disposed of in the late 50s. Would have been a very smart bus in its day with tinted windows. Came to grief running a then new Rex Rd & Bambil St extension (which was very tight to run) blowing the motor resulting in West Bankstown quickly purchasing an AEC Reliance Ftr off Woronora as replacement.
West Bankstown mo 549 Leyland Syd Woodg.jpg
m/o 549357 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service Leyland Titan with Gardner engine/Syd Wood rebody. Orange is not true colour due to old slide.
West Bankstown mo 981 Atkinson Syd Woodg.jpg
m/o 981423 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service Atkinson/Syd Wood displaying a desto from the once owned route 88 Bankstown – Padstow.
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