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TV 7194152 viewsPremier Motor Service Scania K113TRB 14.5m 8x2/AP "Royale" ex Murrays Australia Ltd, Gold Coast, QLD (784) 269 RJJ by 9/13; ex (ACT) MO 78; ex (SA) VYE 174, after dropping off scouts at Kurnell for the Australian Scout Jamboree 12/1/2016.
293 MCV510 viewsCalypso Coaches Townsville Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axle/Austral Pacific "Royale" ex Murrays Coaches, ex MO73 (ACT), ex VYD903 (SA), in Banksmeadow NSW 10/8/2014.
TV 1768552 viewsCooma Coaches Scania K113TRB 8x2 14.5m/ Austral Pacific "Royale" ex Murray's Australia Pty Ltd, Red Hill, ACT (781) MO 16; ex (QLD) 780 EEX; ex (SA) WAP 052.in Canberra 21/9/2012.
TV 2398291 viewsMakeham’s Coaches (12) Scania K113TRB/Autobus ex Fraser's Coaches, Dubbo TV 2398 in Canberra 17/9/2015.
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TC 3494186 viewsAustralian Pinnacle Tours (62) Scania K113TRB/PMCA ex-TC 3494 / VVP 932 Boat Torque Cruises (50) where it was in Boat Torque Cruises livery It is now in Gray Line livery and included in the takeover by Adams Coaches of Pinnacle Tours.

TV 7565212 viewsGlenorie Coaches Scania K113TRB 13.5m/Austral Pacific Majestic ex TV 7559 (C53DTB); Reg 12/2/14 ex Paradise Coaches, Gracemere, QLD as 902 LLU via Tomkins Valuers & Auctioneers 11/12/13; ex LV & AJ Makeham, Nangus TV 2314 by 7/09; ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle (5) TV 2314, in 2017. Contributed by Peter.
TV 767395 viewsPick of the Crop Coach Tours – Riverstone Scania K113TRB 14.5m/PMCA Apollo ex Murrays Australia Ltd, Alexandria (759) TV 7484; ex (VIC) 9128 AO 6/13; ex (NSW) TV5835; ex (QLD) 759 CWS; ex (SA) VRB 266, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 23/11/2016.
TV 6813312 viewsCanberra Coaches Scania K113TRB 14.5m 8x2/AP "Royale" ex Murray’s Australia Pty Ltd, Gold Coast, QLD (785) 376 RLN 7/11; ex (ACT) MO 25; ex (SA) VYP 782, in The Mall, Bankstown 12/12/2012.
TV 7559330 viewsGlenorie Coaches - Dural Scania K113TRB 13.5m/ Austral Pacific "Majestic" regd 12/2/14 ex Paradise Coaches, Gracemere, QLD as 902 LLU via Tomkins Valuers & Auctioneers 11/12/13; ex LV & AJ Makeham, Nangus TV 2314 by 7/09; ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle (5) TV 2314 via Scania 4/03, at Wanda Beach 25/2/2014.
TV 4431179 viewsBankstown Coaches Scania K113TRB/Autobus ex Tropic Wings, Cairns, QLD 523 EWI, in Mitchell Road near Wanda Beach 29/4/2014
TV 3488204 viewsYes On Tours, Lidcombe Scania K113TRB 4x2/ MCA "Marathon" ex Safe Coach Services Pty Ltd, Alexandria TV 3488,ex Whitsunday Transit Pty Ltd, Proserpine, QLD 417 FAJ, ex m/o 6380 Doherty Coachlines - Fairy Meadow, on a shopping tour in Parraweena Road, Caringbah 19/10/2014.
PCT 09752 viewsPeters Coaches Toowoomba Scania K113TRB/Autobus ex (175) PMS 175, TV 4649, PMS 175, Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW

WCI 288482 viewsTerra Australis Scania K113TRB/Autobus 13.5 metre since reregd TV 2576
TV 2576935 viewsTerra Australis Scania K113TRB/Autobus at Gold Coast Highway (Broadbeach QLD)
MO 166142 viewsTransborder Express, Yass & Act (32) Scania K113TRB 12.5m/Autobus at Homebus Bay, Sydney on a charter in 1999.
Tranzit Coachlines 1106 Scania K113TRB AA 8th Mar 2010 (2).JPG
BLP 203535 viewsTranzit Coachlines #1106 Scania K113TRB AA with Auto Coach bodywork, photographed on 8th Mar 2010 on Cameron Road, Tauranga. #1106 operates under the Pacific Tourways brand. This coach was imported into New Zealand in July 2003.
TV 1370205 viewsDohertys Coachlines Scania K113TRB/PMCSA "Apollo Hi-Deck" sold to Seal Rocks Shuttle, Cowes, VIC as OOZ 258 & later rereg 0538 NC; then to Phillip Island Bus Lines, Cowes as (10) 3710 AO; Disposed of by 7/09.
TV 6123364 viewsPremier Motor Service Scania K113TRB 8x2 14.5m/Autobus ex (QLD) 851 FEN 17/2/11; ex Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD (3) 851 FEN, 4 axle coach laying over at Ventura between runs in December 2011.
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