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3854 MO467 viewsUlladulla Bus Lines (17) ex MO 3119, a 1997 Scania K93CRB/Custom Coaches "310"
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TV 3857590 viewsWarrigal Charters (26) Scania K93CR/PMCSA "SE2" ex 2422 MO 28/4/11; ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra (10) 2422 MO 17/4/11; ex MO 5368; ex Busways Gosford Pty Ltd, Gosford (433) MO 1533 21/12/00; ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina MO 1533; ex Brisbane Water Coaches MO 1533, in The Boulevarde, Miranda 25/8/2015.
TV 1929222 viewsMurrays (508) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJX 502, in Kintetsu International livery in 1994. It was reregd 5958AO before being sold to Victorian Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria. Hayram photo posted by Denair.
TV 1923192 viewsMurrays (509) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJU 762, in Hop Step Australia livery in 1994. It was reregd 409 RFN before its withdrawal. Hayram photo posted by Denair.
TV 1893194 viewsMurrays (510) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJU 932, in Vita livery in 1994. It was reregd 753 REA before its withdrawal. Hayram photo posted by Denair.
TV 1961404 viewsMurrays (516) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VKD 983, in JTB livery in 1994. It was sold to Yorke Peninsula Coaches, Wallaroo, SA in 2013. Hayram photo posted by Denair.
6152 MO938 viewsWarrigal Charters (29) a 1989 Scania K93CRB/Custom Coaches, ex Busways, ex Pennisula Buslines arriving at Wollongong Station. Deregd 12/11 and to be used for parts.
MO 2869213 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Service Airbus Coach (85) Scania K93CR/Northcoast ex Sawtell Coaches (R & H Williams), Toormina MO 1408; ex TV 1168. Sold to Airport Connection, Cairns, QLD as 948 JAM, then to Purser's Coaches, Murgon as (862) 948 JAM.
TV 951363 viewsPremier Motor Service (151) Scania K93CR/P&D. Sold to Sandringham & Brighton Coaches, Moorabbin, VIC as (10) 5172 AO 5/9/03.
7612AO304 viewsCoral Valley Coaches Scania K93CRB/PMC Apollo ex (529) 5954AO, ex 529CGT (QLD), ex TV166 (NSW), ex VKZ204 (SA) Murrays, Red Hill, ACT, at Floriade, Canberra 30/9/2014.
BS00UU215 viewsAction Tours, Somerton Scania K93CRB/PMCA on a charter to the Melbourne Cup 1st November 2016.
SB69BE161 viewsHanleys Passenger Service, Gladstone Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex (512) 5870 AO-ex 512 CRF-ex TV 1900-ex VJU 960 Murray's Coaches, Melbourne, Vic, in King William St, Adelaide 26/7/2016.
u/r204 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Airbus Scania K93/Custom Coaches at a bus show. Centralian photo.
MO 9198166 viewsAllen, Coolamon Scania K93CR/ Custom Coaches 510 – since reregd 3961 MO.
TV 5411574 viewsASF Tours – Ingleburn Scania K93CR/PMCSA ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Maclean (432) MO 1532 6/08, ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Ourimbah; ex Brisbane Water Coaches.
SB83AH257 viewsSpencer Gulf Coaches Scania K93CR/Ansair ex (16) 0961 AO-ex EPC 071, Northern Bus Lines, Glenroy, Vic, in Port Pirie June 2011.
6247AO241 viewsVictorian Touring Coaches Scania K93CRB/PMCA 160 ex (43) 6243AO; ex (757) 3529AO B47D Grenda Corporation - Invicta, Lilydale, Victoria; ex (57) 3529AO, ex (57) EBJ098 Invicta, Lilydale, Victoria, at Moorabbin 29/5/2013.
SB28BY401 viewsYorke Peninsula Coaches Scania K93CR/PMCA 'Apollo' in King William St 14/6/2013.
MO 4205555 viewsForster Bus Service (10) Scania K93CRB/Custom Coaches “310”: since reregd 1020 MO, at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

MO 4338548 viewsForster Coaches (5) Scania K93CRB/Volgren at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. It has been reregd 1016 MO.
UQR 501404 viewsCarbridge Scania K93CR/NCBC Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Sold to Newton's Bus Service, Rochester, VIC as POG 037; then to 1648 AO. Then to Calow's Coaches, Tasmania as C71QJ.
Brisbane Water Coaches Scania K93 MO-1323.jpg
MO 13231071 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Scania K93CR/CC seen in 1991. It subsequently saw service with Peninsula Buslines and Busways before being sold to Kingsgrove Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Mortdale as (9) MO 1323 where it was reregd m/o 122.

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m/o 1019581 viewsBusabout (Region 2) Scania K93CR/Newnham 'Mk 88' ex Busways Central Coast Pty Ltd, Gosford (430) MO 1747 (traded to Scania 29/10/99); ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina MO 1747. De-Reg 1/4/14 and stored.
m/o 1019659 viewsBusabout Scania K93CR/Newnham ex Busways Gosford (430) MO 1747 B49D, ex Peninsula Bus Lines, in Liverpool in December 2007. Deregd 1/4/14 and stored
m/o 7651293 viewsBusabout Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches Series 510, which was previously at Liverpool Transport Co., and is a rebody of Punchbowl Bus Co's m/o 693 which had a PMC160 body which was destroyed in a fire, seen here in December 2007. De-regd 1/4/14 and stored.
m/o 8137360 viewsBusabout Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches Mk88 was originally manual, but converted to a Scania Automatic. It was withdrawn 1/4/2014.
m/o 7729669 viewsBusways (123) was one of two semi-coach spec Scania K93CRs with Custom Coaches bodies, both of which ended up at Warrigal Charters, Wollongong via two different histories.
9420AO296 viewsDriver Coaches, Mt Waverley (120) Scania K93CR/Autobus ex (88) 0688AO Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria; ex (203) 190DVP (QLD) Oz Experience, QLD, on the Monash Freeway 16th May 2016,
m/o 526257 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Roselands 3/14.
m/o 236280 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Roselands 3/14. Was rebuilt by CC after serious accident at Penshurst 9/6/05 - returned to depot 28/4/07.
m/o 526297 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Penshurst 7/14.
m/o 236284 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Roselands 8/3/14 showing it is Opal enabled. Was rebuilt by CC after serious accident at Penshurst 9/6/05 - returned to depot 28/4/07.
m/o 526332 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 in Narwee 9/2014. The PMC 160 bumper bar has been replaced by a Custom Coaches one since the July 2014 photo.
4280AO96 viewsDysons Scania K93CRB/Austral Pacific al Luna Park in December 2007.
TV 447220 viewsHoward's Bus & Charter Service – Murrurundi Scania K93CRB/Autobus ex MO 117, ex MO 4169.
674 IPL259 viewsLogan Coaches (66) Scania K93CR/Northcoast ex 076 BDG, Dalby Agricultural College, Dalby, QLD.
2703AC128 viewsGLV Coaches Scania K93CR/PMCA on the Monash Freeway 31st May 2016.
6152 MO & TV 3857792 viewsTwo recent additions to the Warrigal Charters fleet - Both Scanias that were new on the Central Coast, but arrived in Wollongong with very different histories. 6152 MO a K93CRB with CC body remained in Busways fleet at Heatherbrae until quite recently. TV 3857 a K93CR with PMCSA body was a relatively early withdrawal from Busways that went to Nowra Coaches and then Warrigal earlier this year. 6152 MO deregd 12/11 and to be used for parts.
MO 027549 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines Scania K92CR/PMC. To Busways then traded to Scania Australia 10/11/99 & sold to Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla as MO 4921; then to Sussex Inlet Bus Service (Raymask Pty Ltd) as MO 4921 1/7/01; then to Buslink, Sunshine Coast, QLD as (53) 597 IBA -/03; Withdrawn by 9/11.
4692AO873 viewsGrenda(92) Scania K93CRB/Volgren "SC221" ex NXX692
WTT 576306 viewsHarris Coaches, SA Scania K93CRB/Newnham ex (3) TV 226 K & N Pye t/a Gosford City Coaches, West Gosford, N.S.W.-ex TV 226 Peninsula Bus Lines. Central Coast, N.S.W, in 2007.
MO 7036208 viewsHopes Coaches – Gunnedah Scania K93CRB/Austral Pacific. Was reregd 6067 MO before being sold to Alcester Investments Pty Ltd, Tamworth as 4710 MO -/10.
i phone 052 (640x478)1049AC.jpg
1049AC264 viewsDiamond Coaches (49) Scania K93CRB/PMCA "Apollo" seen here on shopping tour duties in Darebin Rd Fairfield.
m/o 236377 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 with rebuilt front at Bankstown. Also has newer style plates since the rebuild.
5885AO197 viewsWestrans - Western Coach Services - CDC Group (99) Scania K93CR/Autobus ex (212) 708EMG (QLD) Oz Experience (Kiwi Experience), Sydney, NSW, parked at Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.
m/o 7931159 viewsTiger Tours Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches "Mk 86 VR" at Cronulla Station having just completed a rail replacement trip from Sutherland 25/9/2013.
m/o 4249281 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Riverwood.
TV 5291245 viewsTelfords Scania K93CR/P&D ex m/o 7289 and carried fleet number (111) for some time, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 17/12/2013. Has acquired a bullbar and different livery since previous photo. Reported deregd 10/2016.
m/o 7931225 viewsTiger Tours Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches "Mk 86 VR" on rail duties at Campsie.
m/o 4249170 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Bankstown Central 24/9/2014.
TV 3546195 viewsBankstown Coaches. Scania K93CR/NCBC ex (SA) WYM 609; ex TV 376; ex Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd, Moorebank TV 376 7/03; ex (SA) WMX 492; ex Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla TV 2794; ex (SA) VYT 535, on a shopping tour at factories off Atkinson Road, Caringbah 26/10/2014.
m/o 7931146 viewsTiger Tours Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches "Mk 86 VR" in Urunga Parade, Miranda 16/12/2014. Became (5014) at Telfords. De-regd 21/9/15 and stored at Turrella depot - reinstated 2/16 as TV 8694.
TV 4797528 viewsWarrigal Charters Scania K93CR/PMCSA SE2 ex 2421 MO 5/11; ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra (11) 2421 MO 22/4/11; ex MO 421; ex Busways, Gosford (434) MO 1741;ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina MO 1741; ex Brisbane Water Coaches MO 1741, on South Coast Line rail at Central, has aged very well.
2689AO575 viewsVentura Bus lines (105) 2689AO Scania K93CR/Volgren "SC221" is seen at Croydon depot during a BCSV tour in 2011
3529AO151 viewsInvicta (57) Scania K93CRB/PMCA 160 - the only "160" bus in the Invicta Fleet - on display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
EBJ 09897 viewsInvicta Bus Service, Lilydale (57) Scania K93CRB/PMCA in 1999.
2071AO158 viewsJay Tee Coaches, Park Orchards Scania K93CR/Northcoast on the Monash Freeway 28th October 2016.
MO 931599 viewsLorenz, South Grafton Scania K93CRB/Northcoast in Sydney on media shuttles for the Olympics in 2000.
WVPO 438 and WRO 878 136 viewsMagors Bus Service, Mount Barker (32) Scania K93CRB/Newnham and (27) Hino BG300P/Austral take a break in the Adelaide Hills for the Oakbank Racing Carnival 10 April 2007.
TV 2738146 viewsMakeham, Nangus (14) Scania K93CR/Northcoast ex Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla TV 2326.
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