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Carousel 874MercCitaroLinkUxbJun2017.JPG
AE 61 EWP169 viewsCarousel (874) Mercedes Citaro530 in Link livery at Uxbridge June 2017.
LK 07 CCV176 viewsFirst Beeline Buses Mercedes Citaro (ES64038) at Slough 27 Oct 2015.
Mercedes Citaro O 530 Germany458 viewsVGF 221 (VG F 2221) with the line 61 on the Frankfurt South Station.
Mercedes Citaro O 530 Germany388 viewsVGF 462 (F ZZ 462) with the line 35 at the main train station Frankfurt / Main.
Mercedes Citaro O 530 Germany504 viewsVGF 448 (F ZZ 448) in Frankfurt / Main with the line 61 to Frankfurt airport at the stop "Frankfurt Süd railway station.
mercedesCitaroBrisbane15032016 [10799366].JPG
Citaro511 viewsBrisbane Transport (W1599) Mercedes Citaro 2.55metres wide bus on trial with Brisbane Transport leaving The Queen St. Bus Station 15 Mar 2016.
mercedesCitarointeriorQSBS15032016 [10799368].JPG
Citaro489 viewsBrisbane Transport (W1599) Mercedes Citaro interior QSBS 15 Mar 2016.
mercedescitaroSunbank15032016 [10799367].JPG
Citaro488 viewsBrisbane Transport (W1599) Mercedes Citaro on trial with the Brisbane City Transport at Sunnybank 15 Mar 2016.
X4 OXF108 viewsOxford Bus Co (834) Mercedes Citaro 530 in City livery at Oxford June 2017.
KF 57 OXF114 viewsOxford Bus Co (869) Mercedes Citaro 530 in City livery at Oxford June 2017.
X 13 OXF130 viewsOxford Bus Co Mercedes 0530 Citaro (830) in City livery Oxford 5 Nov 2015.
AF 57 OXF123 viewsThames Travel Mercedes Citaro 530 (860) Oxford 5 Nov 2105.
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