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0058 AO577 viewsLittle’s Gippsland Coaches (01) a 2010 Coach Design, Mercedes Benz 0500RF-3 at the Old Melbourne Gaol.
6626 MO580 viewsTransborder (271) a 2008 Mercedes O500RF-3/Coach Design in Wellington Parade laying over during Carlton - Collingwood Football Game in July 2011.
TV 9277142 viewsCDC Travel Mercedes O500RF-3/Irizar with Penrith Panthers Rugby League promo wrap. Seen here in Parks St, Katoomba January 2021.
TV 876365 viewsAll Starr Coaches Mercedes O500RF/Irizar i6 at Central Station 24/1/2919. Sold to HG Limos & Buses Pty Ltd, Clayton South, VIC as BS05RT by 6/2020.
7741 AO94 viewsAlpine Spirit High Country Coaches Mercedes O500RF/Coach Concepts in Canberra 9/10/2018. It was ex TV3909 (NSW) Langley's Coaches, Dubbo, NSW; ex (57) TV3909 (NSW) Ogden's Coaches, Dubbo, NSW; ex TV3909 (NSW), ex TV3624 (NSW) Frasers Coaches, Dubbo, NSW. Sold to Journey Beyond, Adelaide, SA.
TV 006195 viewsAAT Kings (50A) Mercedes O500RF-3/Mills Tui on the Warringah Expressway.
m/o 2545533 viewsIn Australia's red center, is 37 (NT m/o2545) AAT Kings Mercedes O500RF-3 with Mills-Tui 'Valere' bodywork. AAT Kings have been taking delivery of many of these in the previous months.

TV 7947365 viewsBosfor Travel Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Mills-Tui "Valerie" ex Adams Coachlines, Malaga, WA (C47) TC 6803; ex AAT Kings Coach Company, Botany (12A) TV 007, at Floriade, Canberra 30/9/2014.
TV 927660 viewsCDC Charterplus Mercedes O500RF/Irizar i6 ex Mercedes-Benz/Irizar demonstrator, at Central Station, Sydney 10/6/2019.
TV 7886407 viewsCondor Tours Mercedes O500RF-3/Mills Tui Valere ex AAT Kings Coach Company Pty Ltd, NT (38A) m/o 1471, at Katoomba 17/2/2018.
TV 851575 viewsCrowthers Coaches TV 8515 Mercedes O500RF/Coach Design at Central Station, Sydney 9/6/2019.
TV 4912546 viewsCrowthers Coaches Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Design in Travel Marvel livery, at Mascot 9/5/2013.
TV 941471 viewsDeans Transport Group Mercedes O500RF/Mills-Tui Valerie in Canberra 9/10/2018. It was ex TV 7335 by 10/18; ex Stadarm Pty Ltd t/a Bensley Bus & Coach, Braidwood TV 7335 20/12/16; Reg 22/5/14 ex AAT Kings Coach Company Pty Ltd, NT (45A) m/o 2546.
Withdrawn c12/18 & transferred to Mercedes-Benz, Huntingwood for mechanical work. Moved to Pickles Auctions, Milperra c6/20. Listed for sale 30/10/20. Sold to Baromu Pty Ltd t/a Bungendore Bus & Coach, Bungendore 11/20 & reg 9431 MO 30/3/2021.
TV 5171378 viewsEagle Tours, Alexandria Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Irizar "Century 3900" in Macquarie St, Sydney 26/1/2012.

TV 5171739 viewsEagle Tours, Alexandria Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Irizar "Century 3900" in Macquarie St, Sydney 26/1/2012.
FOF 51261 viewsFun Over 50 Mercedes O500RF at Floriade, Canberra 30/9/2014.
SB 42 ML358 viewsAllstar Coaches Mercedes O500FR -3 Euro 6/Coach Concepts, new in the past week, outside the Marrickville depot 1/2/2017. Photo from Mick Prendergast,
SB 42 ML325 viewsAllStar Coaches Mercedes O500RF-3 Euro 6/Coach Concepts new in late January, under the Harbour Bridge 5/2/2017 with the Sydney Opera House in the background. Photo from Mick Prendergast.
TV 687856 viewsMartins Albury (130) Mercedes O500RF/Coach Design ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (315) 8439 AO; ex (NT) rego; ex (VIC) 3686 AO; ex (SA) XGH 614, in Albury 31/8/2018.
TV 6029843 viewsOpal Coaches (6) Mercedes O500RF/Coach Design "Bozo" - ex SB 93 AC (SA) by 11/09 seen at Katoomba 29/3/11.
TV 7084324 viewsParamount Tours Mercedes O500RF/ Irizar "i6" at Floriade, Canberra 30/9/2014.
7308 MO69 viewsPurtills Deniliquin (60) Mercedes O500RF/Custom Coaches SB50 at Westall 13/6/2018. Became (1173) with Dyson in the takeover.
8636 MO55 viewsPurtills Deniliquin (67) Mercedes O500RF/Custom Coaches SB50 at Westall 13/6/2018. Became (1179) with Dyson in the takeover.
2799 MO321 viewsPurtill, Moama Mercedes O500RF-2/Northcoast Protege at Cootamundra 29/8/2016.
7305 MO364 viewsPurtill, Moama Mercedes O500RF-2/Coach Design at Cootamundra 29/8/2016.
TV 760952 viewsRover Motors, Mercedes O500RF/Irizar i6 in Chalmers Street, Sydney 9/6/2019. Sold to Reynolds & Fogarty Pty Ltd, Moree as TV 7609 by 6/2021.
KP 19461309 viewsPurtill's KP 1946, a Mercedes O500RF with NCBC "Protege" bodywork, is seen on a damp day in the Riverina operating a Countrylink service to Echuca. Later regd 2750 MO.
106 JJC668 viewsWhitsunday Transit (62) Mercedes Benz O500RF/NCBC
TV 3908511 viewsOgdens Coaches (56) Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Concepts in 2008. It was ex Fraser's Coaches, Dubbo TV 3908 7/8/07.
SB 05 BM513 viewsDysons (407) Mercedes Benz O500RF-3 13.5m euro 5/Coach Concepts in APT livery in 2008. It was reregd 7391 AO and then sold to Adam's Coachlines, Malaga, WA.
5921 AO833 viewsNew for Benalla Coach Lines is this Mercedes O500RF-3 with Coach Design Body photographed at their depot.
9999 AO306 viewsBendigo Coachlines (61) Mercedes O500RFx3/Coach Concepts in Melbourne departing on a V/Line service 16th April 2016.
9999 AO285 viewsBendigo Coachlines (61) Mercedes O500RFx3/Coach Concepts in Melbourne arriving on a V/Line service 16th April 2016.
TV 505A59 viewsBestco Australia Mercedes O500RF in George Street, Sydney 19/10/2022 at Central Station, Sydney 18/10/2022.
TV 4888518 viewsRover Coaches (C4) Mercedes Benz O500RF-3/Coach Concepts on rail in Sydney on the Queens Birthday weekend.
TV 927756 viewsCDC Travel Mercedes O500RF-3/Irizar i6 ex Mercedes-Benz/Irizar demonstrator at Central Station, Sydney 8/6/2020 in Panthers NRL livery.
TV 39742144 viewsRover Coaches, Cessnock (C6) Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Concepts
516 JUN291 viewsConnections, QLD Mercedes O500RF2/Coach Design at McMahons Point in November 2007.
4118 AO349 viewsCrown Coaches, Nunuwading (18) Mercedes O500RFx2/Northcoast on a school charter to the Shrine Remembrance day 11th November 2016.
4118 AO343 viewsCrown Coaches, Nunawading (18) Mercedes O500RFx2/Northcoast on the Monash Freeway 1st February 2016.
4118 AO372 viewsCrown Coaches (18) Mercedes Benz 0500RF/Northcoast on display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
4122 AO351 viewsNew November 2007 for Crown Coaches is (22) Mercedes Benz 0500RF-2/Northcoast seen here departing the Arts Centre for the Races on Oakes Day.
4128 AO264 viewsCrown Coaches (28) Mercedes O500RF/Northcoast Protégé in Whitehorse Road, Box Hill on metro rail 6th July 2016.
4134 AO256 viewsCrown Coaches (34) Mercedes O500RFx2/ BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" at MSAC on a school charter 19th July 2016.
4134 AO499 viewsCrown Coaches (34) Mercedes O500RF/ BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" new in 2016 seen in 2017.
4171 AO380 viewsCrown Coaches, Nunuwading (71) Mercedes O500RF x 2/Northcoast at Box Hill on Metro emergency rail 4th April 2016.
4185 AO278 viewsCrown Coaches (85) Mercedes O500RFx3/Northcoast on a charter to the Melbourne Cup 1st November 2016.
4188 AO282 viewsCrown Coaches (88) Mercedes Benz O500RF/NCBC "Protégé". Seen here on shopping tour duties in Preston Victoria
6827 AO347 viewsCrown Coaches, Nunuwading (827) Mercedes O500RF x3/Northcoast on a cruise ship shuttle to the Melbourne Cup 1 November 2016.
Lineup396 viewsThree Crown Coaches Mercedes O500RF’s/Northcoast Protege in September 2007.
TV 8515150 viewsCrowthers Mercedes O500RF/Coach Design on a charter in Bathurst early 2021,
TV 3922438 viewsCrowther's Coaches - Mascot Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Design in Hurstville 10/13 having lost its APT livery.
6058 AO376 viewsDysons (396) Mercedes 0500RF x 3 13.5m/Coach Design seen in Melbourne on a V/line service 16th Apr 2016.
7398 AO269 viewsDysons Group, Bundoora:Cobb & Co (405) Mercedes O500RFx3/Coach Concepts on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
7407 AO333 viewsDysons Group: Cobb & Co Coaches (406) Mercedes O500RF x 3/Coach Concepts on V/Line replacement 8th October 2016.
XOK 355310 viewsDysons (394) is a brand new Mercedes Benz 0500RF-3 Coach Concepts for Australian Pacific work in August 2007.
TV 38481149 viewsNew for Fearne's Wagga Wagga is this Mercedes O500RF with Coach design body. Seen in Goulburn operating their express service from Wagga Wagga to Sydney which ceased after the operation was taken over by Busabout. It was sold to JA Newton Bus Service Pty Ltd, Wangaratta as 1582 AC 15/3/10.
FOF 51333 viewsFun Over 50 Tours Mercedes O500RFx3/Irizar i6 on tour to the Melbourne Cup 1 November 2016.
FOF 52322 viewsFun Over 50 Tours Mercedes O500RFx3/Irizar i6 on tour to the Melbourne Cup 1 November 2016.
1251 AO223 viewsLittle's Gippsland Coaches, Sale (26) Mercedes O500RF x 3/Coach Design on a V/Line service on the Monash Freeway 29th February 2016.
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