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5705 MO969 viewsBusways (168) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex MO 1705; ex MO 1706 at Port Macquarie at right together with (595) Mercedes_O405NH/Bustech ex MO 5384; ex King Bros (99).
m/o 701924 viewsPlanB MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches 200 in George Street 26/12/2020 on rail. Reg 7/2/20; ex Transdev NSW Pty Ltd, Mt Kuring-gai u/r 7/2/20; ex m/o 8607 by 7/19 (withdrawn and stored at Camellia 5/19); ex (5) by 9/14; ex B59FR; ex Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd) 3/9/01 - Delivered 26/7/93.
2015-10-23 10_08_32.jpg
m/o 9085338 viewsTransdev NSW MAN 16.240 UOCL/PMC 160 ex (67) by 3/9/14; Transferred ex Transdev NSW Pty Ltd, Mt Kuring-gai m/o 9085 (67) 5/6/2013; ex m/o 8693 by 8/2011; ex m/o 8171 -/2002; ex Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd) 3/9/2001, in Port Hacking Road South, Caringbah 23/10/2015. De-regd by 9/16 and stored at Kingsgrove. Sold to MJH Services Pty Ltd t/a Hawkesford's First Choice Charters, Homebush by 4/2017, then on-sold to the Parker family (enthusiasts), Oakville for parts 2/2018.
2992 MO474 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel have purchased two MAN 16.240s from Northern Rivers Buslines (one for parts). 2992 MO with PMC 160 body was photographed at Strathfield on rail replacement two days before being renumbered TV 5323. It is ex Northern Rivers Buslines (Buslines Group Pty Ltd), Lismore (2) 2992 MO; ex MO 1470; ex (237).
m/o 6337 and m/o 6394656 viewsTwo Casula Bus Service former Busways MAN 16.240s with Custom Coaches Mk83 bodies renumbered onto former John J Hill plates off recently departed Leyland Tigers. They were ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie (158) 1030 MO 9/8/14; ex MO 1707 1/9/09; ex Busways Camden by 3/05; ex m/o 7991 and ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie (166) 1036 MO 9/8/14; ex MO 5424 23/4/09; ex MO 1704 by 10/07; ex Busways Camden Pty Ltd by 3/05; ex m/o 7984. At the depot 22/11/2014.
7257 AO570 viewsVentura (634) MAN 16.240/Designline ready to commence for Venturatiger's 1st shift on 01/01/2012.
7263 AO818 viewsVentura [640] 7263 AO a 2008 Designline , MAN 16.240 in Smartbus livery taken in December 2009.

7278 AO439 viewsVentura (655) MAN 16.240/Designline at Heidelberg just before commencing Venturatiger's final run for 2012 on 31/12/2012
TV 994626 viewsFormer Kingsgrove Bus Service #26 mo 9726 MAN 16.240 is now TV 9946, while former #21 mo 6337 is now TV 9945. Both are with Gordon Leonard Alderton, ACN: 42773, North St Marys, replacing TV 8790 Scania 'Wild Thing' and TV 9297 Hino CCMC 'Time Warp'.
m/o 75411799 viewsWestbus m/o 7541 MAN 16.240/CC ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines, currently operating for Hunter Valley Buses at Thornton. Since reregd 3641 MO. Withdrawn 12/11 & sent to scrap.
8607 27-12.jpg
m/o 8607426 viewsShorelink Trandev (5) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches “200” from Mt Kuring-Gai on rail duties.
1037 MO564 viewsBusways, Port Macquarie (176) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex MO 5426, ex m/o 8188, seen here 7/2011. Sold to Kingsgrove Bus Service Pty Ltd t/a Casula Bus Service, Moorebank 9/8/14.
BP 06 DR696 viewsEx Busways (170) MAN 16.240/CC built in 1989 which is now owned by the Wicklow Hotel in Armidale.. Photo by Randommann.

BP 06 DR681 viewsRear view of ex Busways (170) MAN 16.240/CC built in 1989 which is now owned by the Wicklow Hotel in Armidale. Photo by Randommann.
FDD 195280 viewsGo Bus L:td (Orange Line) (2220) MAN 16.240/Designline Ex (220) FDD195, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch, NZ in Christchurch 20/7/2015.
1033 MO725 viewsNorthern Beaches Buses MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie (175) 1033 MO 5/12; ex m/o 8166, at Mona Vale 26/5/2013 with a glimpse of one of the double deckers used on the Return to the Northern Beaches tour in the background.
5698 MO387 viewsNorthern Beaches Buses, Cromer MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie (164) 5698 MO 29/12/11; ex MO 4253 17/4/09; ex m/o 8190; ex Busways Camden Pty Ltd, Camden (164) m/o 8190, in Sydney 16/1/2018.
TV 4429515 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel MAN 16.240/Volgren ex LC Dysons Bus Services Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (411) 0977 AO; ex Northern Bus Lines, Glenroy (36) 0977 AO; ex OEU 292; ex Fortesque Bus Service, Karratha, WA TC 2252.
5025 MO372 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel, Bonnyrigg MAN 16.240/PMC 160 ex Buslines Group Pty Ltd t/a Ballina Buslines, Ballina (107) 5025 MO 20/12/13 (withdrawn by 2/13); ex MO 1471; ex (236).
FSS 642211 viewsGo Bus Ltd (Yellow Line) MAN 16.240/Designline ex (238) FSS642, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch, NZ, in Christchurch 20/7/2015.
MO 1502568 viewsDubbo Coaches (22) MAN 16.240 HOCL/Custom Coaches at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. It has since been reregd 1190 MO.
m/o 7705203 viewsGlenorie Coaches (57) MAN 16.240 HOCL/PMC ex Dural Busways Pty Ltd, Kenthurst m/o 7705 1/4/88. Traded to Volvo (dlr) by 1/99, later loaned back from Volvo pending the delivery of 10 Volvo B10BLEs 12/01; Sold to ABM Coaches, Regency Park, SA as (20) WPW 630; Subsequent disposal unknown. Hayram photo from Denair collection.
MO 3120662 viewsBathurst Coaches (19) M.A.N 16.240/PMCA ex Forest Coachlines in 1998.
679 PKF331 viewsBayside Bus Service (83) MAN 16.240/PMC in 1987.
TV 1398590 viewsBathurst Coaches (19) MAN 16.240/Bathurst Coaches. Bodywork was assembled in the Bathurst Coaches workshop to resemble a GBW body. Sold to Illawarra Escape Tours (Bob Jarunkel Pty Ltd), Unanderra as TV 1398 2/1/01, rereg IET 004 by 8/02, then TV 4444 .
MO 3123528 viewsBathurst Coaches (16) MAN 16.240/PMC160 ex Forest Coach Lines. Sold to Rover Motors, Cessnock.
4001 AO195 viewsBeechworth Bus Lines (1) MAN 16.240 HOCL/Ansair Orana ex RBT221, in June 2007.
0524 AO789 viewsA lineup of three Benalla Bus Lines buses including (19) MAN 16.240/CC on the right.
0524 AO257 viewsBenalla Bus Lines (19) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex RAO 229, in June 2007.
MO 9099609 viewsBerrima Buslines (50) MO 9099 MAN 16.240 / CC. Since reregd 4814 MO.
Birkenhead Transport 40 MAN 16_240 27th Dec 2010.JPG
EPN 254732 viewsBirkenhead Transport #40 MAN 16.240 HOCL/E4 with Desginline bodywork seen at Albert St. Auckland Dec 2010.
Busways 167 MAN 16_240 MO-1706.jpg
MO 1706324 viewsBusways (167) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex MO 1705, in 1991 when still in the Central Coast. Later regd 5706 MO. Sold to Robert Pukallus t/a Main Event Shuttles, Nelson Bay as TV 8165 11/7/15 and as such was involved in an accident at Rutherford 9/10/2016.
m/o 8177431 viewsBusways North Coast (173) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches at the Kempsey Bridge in October 2007. It was reregd 5571 MO and then sold to Stan Biega (dealer) 17/2/12; then to A1 Tour & Charter, Evanston Park, SA as SB93EW.
MO 1229385 viewsCooma Coaches MO 1229 (since reregd 2061 MO) is a Custom Coaches bodied MAN 16.240. It was photographed in Jindabyne during December 2003. The bus was used as a full coach by the operators, but is now predominantly a school bus. It is ex Symons, Narooma MO 1229; ex Picton Coaches. Andrew MacGee photo.
MO 0520522 viewsHussey's Deniliquin MAN 16.240/PMC Royale which was included in the takeover by Purtills but since sold to Dunn, Kadina SA.
Lineup286 viewsA lineup of four Casula Bus Service MAN MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches Mk83 buses, all ex Busways, at the depot 29/11/2014.
m/o 9726426 views(26) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex S McDonald t/a Australian Luxury Travel, West Hoxton u/r 10/4/15; ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie (165) 1054 MO 18/1/15; ex m/o 8193 11/5/09; ex Busways Blacktown Pty Ltd, Blacktown (165) m/o 8193 by 1/07;. Part of an 18 vehicle movement conducted by Kingsgrove Bus Service from Kingsgrove to Carss Park Friday 23/10/2015
m/o 8506568 viewsVeolia Transport (70) MAN 16.240 UOCL/PMC 160 Transferred ex Transdev NSW Pty Ltd, Mt Ku-ring-gai m/o 8506 (70) 5/6/13; ex m/o 8180 by 6/02; ex Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd), seen turning into Bay Street, Taren Point after a quick trip to Campbelltown for a driver changeover in a standby rail unit. De-regd and sold by 10/15 after accident damage and stored at a truck yard on Liverpool Street, Ingleburn.
m/o 775427 viewsDural Busways MAN 16.240/PMC which was included in the takeover by Glenorie. It was sold to Davista Clippers (GR & MV Davis, Exico Pty Ltd), Bangalow as MO 1506 & used on a Lismore - Bangalow school run in Glenorie livery. Subsequently with Blue Bus - Macleay & Russell Islands as 874 FOC - since withdrawn.
4816MO186 viewsBerrima Buslines MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex MO 4957; ex Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Moorebank m/o 7797.
m/o 775430 viewsGlenorie Bus Service MAN 16.240/PMC ex Dural Busways. It was sold to Davista Clippers (GR & MV Davis, Exico Pty Ltd), Bangalow as MO 1506 & used on a Lismore - Bangalow school run in Glenorie livery. Subsequently with Blue Bus - Macleay & Russell Islands as 874 FOC - since withdrawn.
Go Bus 792 MAN 16_240 2nd Mar 2010.JPG
EZD860812 viewsGo Bus Transport #792 MAN 16.240 HOCL/E4 with Designline bodywork, photographed on 2nd Mar 2010 at Durham Street, Tauranga Central. Go Bus #792 operates under the bayhopper Tauranga livery.
MO 9773272 viewsHannaford's Coaches – Tamworth (38) MAN 16.240/Nambucca. Sold to Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD as 507 HQM 10/04, then with business to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough as (88) 507 HQM 2/7/07.
MO 8999488 viewsFrom Hawkesfords Pleasure Charter Buses is this MAN 16-240 with NCBC body operating rail replacement at Chatswood. This bus was previously owned by Pleasure Tours and Picton Coaches. Since reregd TV 5740. Sold to Cooma Coaches, Cooma via Auction 28/10/11 (reg 2055 MO 1/2/12).
m/o 7858739 viewsToongabbie Transport Service (24) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches. To Westbus 19/12/88 - Transferred to Blue Ribbon Bus Company Pty Ltd (National Express Group), Thornton as (69) m/o 7858 -/01, then Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd (CDC Group) 9/05. Renumbered 3644 MO & sent to scrap 19/12/11.
m/o 8506363 viewsShorelink (70) MAN 16.240 UOCL/PMC 160 at Hornsby in Transport for NSW livery.
m/o 8610288 viewsTransdev Shorelink (17), a MAN 16.240 UOCL with a Custom 200 body, at Hornsby on rail duties.
TV 4429384 viewsAn interesting unit is this MAN 16.240 with Volgren bodywork from Australian Luxury Travel. It is ex Dysons, Melbourne.
m/o 8383298 viewsTransdev/Shorelink (69) MAN 16.240 UOCL/PMC 160 at Hornsby.
TV 4444365 viewsIllawarra Escape Tours "Hector” MAN 16.240/Bathurst Coaches ex IET 004; ex TV 1398 by 8/02; ex 3F Pty Ltd, Mudgee (39) TV 1398 2/1/01; ex Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd, Bathurst (39) TV 1398, at Central on South Coast Rail.
m/o 8506315 viewsTransdev NSW (70) MAN 16.240 UOCL/PMC 160 at Taren Point, ex Transdev NSW Pty Ltd, Mt Ku-ring-gai m/o 8506 (70) 5/6/13; ex m/o 8180 by 6/02; ex Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd), in Prince St, Cronulla 30/10/2013 in TNSW livery.
7267 AO793 viewsVentura Bus Lines (644) MAN 16.240/Designline in Smartbus livery operating a 903 service to Mordialloc 28/9/2011.
m/o 8607273 viewsTransdev (5) MAN 16.240 - Custom Coaches 200 on Rail at Gordon.
5025 MO232 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel have picked up another ex Buslines MAN 16.240/PMC 160, which is seen here at Olympic Park.
7245 AO388 viewsTransdev Melbourne (622) MAN 16.240/Designline ex Ventura, in PTV livery in 2014.
6342 AO278 viewsTransdev Melbourne (563) MAN 16.220/Designline "Orbitor" ex Ventura in Smartbus livery in the Dandenong Interchange November 2014.
3130 MO294 viewsNew for Australian Luxury Travel is MAN 16.240/Northcoast ex WW & DT Powell, Nyngan 3130 MO 8/14; ex MO 1543; ex MO 9362; ex Picton Coaches Pty Ltd (John A. Gilbert Group Pty Ltd) (16) MO 9362 by 4/04; ex Picton Omnibus Service Pty Ltd (16) MO 9362, at Merrylands
m/o 8611248 viewsTransdev NSW MAN 16.240 UOCL/Custom Coaches 210 ex (18) by 9/14; ex Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd) 3/9/01, at Pennant Hills on rail over the Christmas/New Year period 2014/15.
MO 4200962 viewsKellams (Ulladulla, NSW South Coast) had a number of Volvos with PMC bodies in Sydney for the Olympics, but MO 4200 is a Custom Coaches bodied MAN 16.240 ex Westbus, Sydney m/o 5616, ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines, Windsor. Since sold to Cavbus, Logan for parts.
Macquarie Towns 135 001.jpg
m/o 7237557 viewsMacquarie Towns MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches which went to Westbus m/o 7537 - then transferred to Blue Ribbon Bus Co. Pty Ltd, Thornton as (47) m/o 7537 -/02, then (130), then to Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd 1/9/06, renumbered 3640 MO. Withdrawn by 10/11
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