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528_ Bedford SB3 (CBW) @ Guide Falls - c1970.jpg
ZB 42641325 viewsMetro Tasmania (528) Bedford SB3/CBW at Guide Falls c1970. It was delivered new to Burnie in 1970 but was exchanged for a Freighter bodied Bedford SB3 [No.321] from Launceston 6 months later.
GPN 599102 viewsMelbourne (610) is a preserved Freighter AEC MkIV seen here at Drouin.
CH 2441107 viewsMelbourne (624) is a preserved Freighter AEC MkIV seen here at the former Footscray depot of the MMTB.
75370H283 viewsMoonee Valley Coaches (7) Bedford VAM/Freighter ex KPM 056, seen on a visit to Moonee Valley Coaches & Dyson's to view & ride in their Heritage Fleets 2/9/2017.
HA 0286165 viewsAce Bus Service, Hobart (16) Leyland Tiger Cub/Freighter seen here at the depot.
TA 2303163 viewsAce Bus Service, Hobart (18) Hino RB120P/Freighter seen here at the depot.
ZIB 207309 viewsAction (207) Volvo B58/Freighter.
ZIB 207323 viewsAction (207) Volvo B58/Freighter.
ZIB 212321 viewsAction (212) AEC Swift/Freighter.
JGD 57698 viewsMelbourne (776) AEC MkVI/Freighter seen here at Lakeside at a Puffing Billy Olde Time Festival.
BYA 911144 viewsAnderson, Cobram Leyland Leopard/Freighter.
MO 5485259 viewsAnderson-Goonelabah Albion Aberdonian/Freighter.
RBC 167171 viewsArnolds Tourist Service, Port Pirie Commer/Freighter.
RNT 783218 viewsAustralian Roadlines Bedford SB/Freighter.
JZB 068163 viewsEx Ventura (24) Leyland Tiger Cub/Freighter in preservation at Drouin in 1994.
LPG 010322 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Bedford VAM3-Dodge/Freighter seen at the Healesville depot in 1997.
KXU 376338 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Bedford SB3/Freighter photo taken at the Healesville depot in 1999.
BVQ 613366 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Bedford SB3/Freighter taken at the Marysville depot
499 006189 viewsHarris Bus Service, Gawler Bedford SB3/Freighter in 1988.
RXP 664145 viewsKey Tours Freighter bodied bus in 1994. Hayram photo posted by Denair.
Bathurst BLA MO4344 AEC Regal IV FLg.jpg
MO 4344473 viewsBathurst Omnibus & Tourist Service AEC Regal IV/Freighter Lawton ex Adelaide in the early 1970’s.
Beattie Bros MO 5162156 viewsBeattie Bros MO 5162 International C1500 / Freighter (28/4/69) B45F ex JV Skelly, Crookwell. Beattie operated the Crookwell - Bannister and Crookwell - Diamond contracts, which passed to BF & MA Evans 3/82, then to BL & CD Power t/a Crookwell Charter Buses, Crookwell MO 5162 -/90, then to JO & DM Laverty 1/7/97. The International passed hands with these operator changes and was withdrawn by Laverty around late-1999. According to Laverty, the bus still exists in derelict condition outside of Crookwell.
m/o 6252259 viewsBeattie, Wollongong Bedford VAM3/Freighter.Body was previously on a SA Education Department Dodge. Body was modified by Mee’s, Melbourne and started off as a demonstrator with St Kilda Bus Service. Centralian photo.
Blue Ribbon MO-5864 AEC Regal IV.jpg
m/o 5864495 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches AEC Regal IV/Freighter ex Adelaide seen 8/1977.
JMC 526135 viewsKefford’s Blue Riband, Werribee (38) Albion VK41L/Freighter in 1989.
KGE 019180 viewsBlue Riband Bedford Freighter 6/1974.
m/o 5948226 viewsBosnjak was this Hine RC320 with Freighter body of 1973. It came to Bosnjak's with their takeover of Fairlines Bus Service. Centralian photo.
RHA 142185 viewsBowmans, Adelaide Hino/Freighter.
ROF 665185 viewsBriscoes Hino/Freighter.
RJG 007178 viewsCampbells Bus Service Hino/Freighter.
LAL 024160 viewsCasey’s Coaches, Murrumbeena (10) Hino BT51/Freighter on a Mount Scopus school service in 1985.
LAL 024170 viewsCasey’s Coaches, Murrumbeena (10) Hino BT51/Freighter in Melbourne City on a school charter in 1986.
LAL 024159 viewsCasey’s Coaches, Murrumbeena (10) Hino BT51/Freighter on a Mount Scopus school service in 1985.
CH151893 viewsMelbourne (759) preserved AEC MkVI/Freighter.
JJP 280276 viewsChapman’s King Coaches Hino RC320D - GM 6V71 Freighter 'Moonraker' 1971 build, ex Stateliner and shortened prior to registration in NSW. Centralian photo.
JJP 280268 viewsChapman’s King Coaches Hino RC320D - GM 6V71 Freighter 'Moonraker' 1971 build, ex Stateliner and shortened prior to registration in NSW. Centralian photo.
BKY 216142 viewsCrown Coaches, East Burwood (58) Hino RC420/Freighter on a theatre charter in 1991.
HEW 539198 viewsMount Dandy Bus Service Bedford SB3/Freighter (of 1960) in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Centralian photo.
BNK 369176 viewsDriver Group: Waverley Transit (31) AEC Swift 505/Freighter at Chadstone Shopping Centre in 1987.
KRM 339162 viewsDriver Group/Waverley Transit (41) Leyland Leopard/Freighter seen in the old Shave depot during 1986.
JFC 241162 viewsMelbourne (755) AEC Regal VI/Freighter at Drouin in 1994.
MO 508123 viewsEccleston’s Coaches, Gunnedah Hino RC420/Freighter in 1989.
JWP 083138 viewsFrankston Passenger Services Leyland Tiger Cub Freighter.
PMD 739954 viewsGreyhound Toowoomba Qld Hino/Freighter
Hino BT51 [Freighter-SA] CU2838 ex MTT No_447 at Longford c_Nov2004.jpg
CU 2838293 viewsMetro Tasmania (447) Hino BT51/Freighter SA at Longford c Nov 2004.
Hino BT51 [Freighter-Tas] - [DE-3586] [ex Metro] @ Ouse c_07Feb08.JPG
DE 3586283 viewsEx Metro Tasmania Hino BT51/Freighter Tas at Ouse c 7 February 2008.
Hino BT51 [Freighter-Tas] CS0008 ex MTT No_ 427 at Don_ c_1997.jpg
CS0008280 viewsMetro Tasmania (427) Hino BT51/Freighter Tas at Don c 1997.
Hino BT51 [Freighter-Tas] ex MTT No_ 332 at Longford c_Nov2004.jpg
u/r288 viewsMetro Tasmania (332) Hino BT51/Freighter Tas at Longford c Nov 2004.
Hino BT51 [Freighter-Tas] ex MTT No_454 at Longford c_Nov2004.jpg
u/r277 viewsMetro Tasmania (454) Hino BT51/Freighter Tas at Longford c Nov 2004.
TIS 816363 viewsAustralian Historical Tours Hino BT51/Freighter tri deck – body dated May 1973 and seating for 32. Photo from Centralian.
m/o 4979405 viewsHopkinsons AEC Swift 505/Freighter ex DCT, Canberra, ACT (202) ZIB 202. Sold to Newhams, Enfield as m/o 7346 18/9/89.
TC 689145 viewsHorizon West (9) Leyland Leopard/Freighter ex-TC689 Moore (C A & P S) (Mandurah); ex-TC689 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham); ex-LLJ090 Ventura Bus Lines (South Oakleigh VIC) (90)
img031 - Johnsons Coaches 2 Bedford [Freighter-SA] [ULY176] @ Oaklands Park SA c_1990s.jpg
ULY 176117 viewsJohnson's Coaches, Aldgate (2) Bedford/Freighter ex Daniel’s Coaches, at Oaklands Park, SA c 1990’s.
img032 - Falland's Busline Bedford VAM [Freighter-SA] [UEG-129] @ Glenelg SA c_1990's.jpg
UEG 129111 viewsFalland’s Busline Bedford VAM/Freighter at Glenelg c 1990’s.
img066 - Freighter-Lawton Bedford SB3 [CA5184] @ Brighton c_1980's.jpg
CA 5184144 viewsBedford SB3/Freighter Lawton at Brighton Tas c 1980s.
img074 - Bedford - Freighter [ES 0438] Smith's Travel @ West Park, Burnie.jpg
ES 0438142 viewsSmith’s Travel Bedford/Freighter at West Park, Burnie.
img075 - Bedford VAM [Freighter-SA] Scott, Rowella @ Brisbane St, Lton c_1990s.jpg
LA 9999152 viewsScott Rowella Bedford VAM/Freighter SA at Brisbane Street, Launceston c 1990s.
img076 - Ford R192 [Freighter body]  ex T_A_A_ Australian Airlines [AI 9717] @ Dover c_2005.jpg
AI 9717161 viewsFord R192/Freighter ex Trans Australian Airlines at Dover, Tas c 2005.
img099 - TAA Ford R192 [Freighter] & Bedford @ Adelaide Airport c_1980's Crop & Edit.jpg
?180 viewsTrans Australian Airlines Ford R192/Freighter and a Bedford at Adelaide Airport c 1980.
img152 - Harcourt Gardens B S 1971 Bedford VAM70 11 [Freighter-SA] [ROC-161] @ Kelsey Ave, Mitchell Park SA, c_1974.jpg
ROC 161142 viewsHarcourt Gardens Bus Service (11) Bedford VAM70/Freighter at Kelsey Ave, Mitchell Park SA c 1974.
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