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BII 700131 viewsAnderson, Cobram Volvo/Duple.
SOY 698186 viewsBedford Duple at Port Adelaide 12/5/2016.
SOY 698178 viewsBedford Duple at Port Adelaide 12/5/2016.
SOY 698169 viewsBedford Duple at Port Adelaide 12/5/2016.
UMR 870153 viewsBedford Duple at Port Adelaide 12/5/2016.
UMR 870164 viewsBedford Duple at Port Adelaide 12/5/2016.
JAU 597322 viewsBased at Penrith for most of its time with Bosnjak was this fully imported Bedford YMT3 with Duple coach body of 1978. Centralian photo
TV 630336 viewsIt was a fully imported by Bosnjak’s Volvo B58 with Duple coach body of 1974 build. Seen here at the '74 or '75 bus show. Centralian photo.
Foleys Kogarah NSW Bedford YMT  FT-472.jpg
FT 472558 viewsFoleys Scenic Tours, Kogarah NSW Bedford YMT/Duple in 1979.
Horrell MO-6223 Bedford.jpg
m/o 6223566 viewsHorrell, Wollongong Bedford/Duple ex Jones, Condobolin, seen here 22/6/1990. It went to Shire Coaches where it was wriitten off
m/o 443297 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Duple.
MO 7079191 viewsPearce Coaches, Valley Heights Bedford YMT Cat/Duple. Sold in 2014.
JZB 083291 viewsPykes sold 4 Thames Duples to Bowden which later were sold by Bowden to ACTION, and 2 others elsewhere. Here's one later in life converted into a mobile home and for sale at a Homebush car yard around 1980. Sorry I can't ID this one. Centralian photo.
?192 viewsBowdens, Waverley. They bought 4 Thames Traders with Duple bodies from Pykes in 1974 shortly before ceasing operation in June that year and one of these is shown below at their depot. They were sold to the Department of Capital Territories for operation in Canberra. Centralian photo.
HSY 393341 viewsThames/Duple which was imported into Australia by Pykes Tours, Here in its after life in 2007 or earlier, possibly operating for a church. It's an 8 stud front axle so presumed the truck chassis Thames Trader. Centralian photo.
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