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00 CCT1576 viewsCross Country Tours (Sandgate) Spartan/Coach Design near City Botanical Gardens Brisbane, 5 Oct 2012. Received from Derek Orford.
0058 AO436 viewsLittle’s Gippsland Coaches (01) a 2010 Coach Design, Mercedes Benz 0500RF-3 at the Old Melbourne Gaol.
TV 4809768 viewsLakes, Barham (06) is a 2002, Scania K124IB/Coach Design, about to arrive at Southern Cross Station on a Bendigo Rail replacement Service in July 2011.
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GOLD15611 views(15) MAN 22.360 Coach Design "Apparition" Gold Bus Ballarat Parked up at the Central Deborah Gold Mine Bendigo
11-5-2015 001.JPG
TV 8226421 viewsKingsford Smith Transport – Banksmeadow (47) MAN 16.290/Coach Design ex Goldrush Tours, Kalgoorlie, WA (14) TC 6261; ex TC 3286, in Prince St, Cronulla 11/5/2015 with accreditation for Holiday King Coaches.
TV 6721713 viewsMartin’s Albury (126) a 2010 Coach Design, Iveco "Eurorider" at the Old Melbourne Gaol.
4588 MO544 viewsLodge, Culcairn (16) is a Volvo B7R/Coach Design ex MO 6699; ex Volvo Stock, in Wellington Parade laying over during Carlton - Collingwood Football Game in July 2011. Withdrawn after a fire on the Hume Freeway at Albury, near the Lincoln Causeway exit, on Tuesday 20/3/12 - Put up for auction through Pickles, Fyshwick, ACT 7/2/13. Then purchased by Baxters where it became (27) TV 7239.
1852015 001.JPG
TV 6928322 viewsAussie Sights Coach Tours - Guildford Mercedes-Benz O404-3 13.5m/Coach Design ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (172) 7948 AO 7/12; ex (NT) m/o 2743; ex (VIC) 4316 AO; ex RFS 418; ex (SA) WKN 018; ex Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd, Sandringham, VIC (6) WKN 018, at Cronulla Leagues Club 18/5/2015.
1871 AO741 viewsFord's of Shepparton a 2007 Volvo B7R , Coach Design on regional rail replacement services.
TV 38771857 viewsThis is a Volvo B7R with Coach Design body from Keans of Scone. Keans operated an express coach service from Sydney to Scone daily (now ceased), this service has previously been operated by Volvo B10M coaches and Leyland Tiger coaches. The service was almost exclusively operated by these Volvo B7R's when this photo was taken in 2006.
2015-08-23 10_51_57.jpg
TV 8153331 viewsAvid Tours, Boambee MAN 22.360/Coach Design ex Concorde Coach Charter - Ipswich 759 VBK, ex ex 660 TQV, ex 818 SVJ, ex 482 SJH, ex TV 4854, Holiday Coast Tours, Port Macquarie, NSW, ex 661 IBW, Sun Palms Tours, Port Douglas, QLD, ex 3995 AO, Deluxe Coaches, South Oakleigh, VIC, ex TV 1310, Clipper Tours, Beaconsfield, NSW, ex TV 1310, SC Tours, Beaconsfield, NSW., on a shopping tour at factories off Taren Point Road, Taren Point 23/8/2015.
2015-10-25 10_42_32.jpg
SB 29 DL254 viewsPremier Stateliner (248) Scania K124EB/Coach Desigm ex (21A) TC 5601-ex TV 4043-ex 1204 AO-ex WRG 814 AAT - Kings, Spotswood, Vic, at Parkland Rail Terminal, Adelaide 25/10/2015.
2015-10-27 13_03_42.jpg
mo 2916244 viewsWynyard Bus Lines (22) MAN 22.360/Coach Design ex C 28 HH, ex XIT 596, Aust-wide Tours, Adelaide, SA by 3/12, ex TV 2923, David's Tours, Newcastle, NSW, ex (43) QWG 658, NDB 657, Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC, at Katherine Gorge 27/10/2015.
2015-11-08 15_56_46.jpg
TV 4123338 viewsPort Stephens Coaches - Anna Bay (57) Volvo B12B/Coach Design ex It's Easy Tours, Somersby TV 4123, at the Buckett Way Hotel, Gloucester 8/11/2015, on dry hire to Holiday Coast Tours.
2015-11-10 10_38_19.jpg
TV 6124328 viewsKennedy’s Bus Service, Nowra (24) Volvo B13R/Coach Design displayed at the 2011 BAV Maintenance Conference, VIC 7/11, at the Hunter Valley Gardens 10/11/2015.
2015-11-15 09_47_02.jpg
TV 4948275 viewsPort Stephens Coaches (54) Volvo B12B/Coach Design on a shopping tour in Bay Road, Taren Point 15/11/2015. Displayed at the BCA NSW Exhibition & Conference, Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour 20/04/08.
2015-12-08 13_40_06.jpg
TV 5157242 viewsCumberland Coachlines Scania L94IB/Coach Design ex FD & RG Ind t/a Newton's Bus Service, Rochester, VIC 1647 AO (B61F) 10/15; ex PCI 054, in Mitchell Road, Elouera Beach 8/12/2015.
2016-02-09 13_04_24.jpg
TV 4633326 viewsTelfords (2005) Volvo B12B/Coach Concepts ex Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield (60) TV 4633 via Auction 28/10/11; ex (SA) XJF 354; ex AA68WC; ex Volvo Stock (Commonwealth Games / Qantas decals), at Wanda Beach 9/2/2016.
2016-02-24 13_38_38.jpg
TV 2090252 viewsTelfords (5017) Volvo B7R/Coach Design in Mitchell Road, Wanda Beach 24/2/2016 in all white stripped of its Tiger Tours livery. Reported deregd 10/2016.
2016-04-28 11_17_58.jpg
TV 6520339 viewsTelford's Volvo B12B/Coach Design at Shark Park, Cronulla.28/4/2016, just repainted into the new Telfords livery.
2016-05-06 14_24_12.jpg
TV 7449223 viewsBig Bus Co, Moorebank (previously Golden Eagle Transport) Mercedes-Benz O404-3/Coach Design ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (217) 8438 AO 1/14; ex (217) m/o 3092; ex (217) 6058 AO; ex (217) m/o 2683; ex (28); ex Cobb & Co Coaches Pty Ltd, Tullamarine (SA) WTC 039, in Bellingara Road, Miranda 6/5/2016.
2016-06-26 11_38_38.jpg
TV 3924273 viewsTelfords (5020) MAN 18.280/Coach Design ex Tiger Tours, awaiting its next rail trip in Cronulla St, Cronulla 26/6/2016 still in partial Tiger Tours livery. Sold to ASF Tours, Ingleburn as TV 3924 21/6/17.
2016-07-22 12_21_12.jpg
7423 AO199 viewsPegasus Iveco Eurorider 6x2 14.5m/Coach Design ex Swan Hill Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Swan Hill, VIC 7423 AO, at Tench Reserve, Penrith 22/7/2016.
6626 MO462 viewsTransborder (271) a 2008 Mercedes O500RF-3/Coach Design in Wellington Parade laying over during Carlton - Collingwood Football Game in July 2011.
3101 AO778 viewsCole’s Coaches 2000 Coach Design, Volvo B12R on Regional Rail about to enter Southern Cross Station.
0175 AO842 viewsVentura Group/Grenda Bus Service (337) Mercedes Benz OH1418/Coach Design dating back to 1993 acquired with take over of Blue Ridge Coaches & is ex WA., returning home to the Ventura/Peninsula Seaford Depot in the afternoon peak.
6238 AO541 viewsVictorian Touring Coaches (38) a 1999 Coach Design, Scania K124EB ex Firefly, on Geelong Regional Rail about to enter Southern Cross Station.
TV 3401 815 viewsKulnura Coaches MAN 18.350/Coach Design at Taronga Zoo. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09
4265 MO669 viewsCowan, Singleton and Sandy Hollow MAN 18.280/Coach Design on rail in Sydney on the Queens Birthday weekend.
5178AOAround Aus.jpg
5178 AO682 viewsAround Australia Coach Tours a 2002 Scania K124EB/Coach Design ex Firefly Express, on regional rail replacement services.
5475 AO752 viewsSkylight (26) a 2004 Scania K124EB/Coach Design ex Trotter's Coaches, on regional rail replacement services.
6025MO Edwards.jpg
6025 MO346 viewsEdwards, Armidale Mercedes Benz OH1418/Coach Design operating on A Day on the Greens 21/11/2015. It is seen here on the "North" route, travelling east along Barney Street after turning left from Marsh Street. Photo from Randommann.
6635 MO708 viewsDeanes Queanbeyan & South Pambula (108) Volvo B12B/Coach Design, signwriten for Soul Quest Travel Pty Ltd, in July 2011.It went to Sapphire Coast Buslines - South Pambula & Bega with the split up of the Deanes operation.
MO 5907810 viewsKulnura Coaches MAN 18.280/Coach Design. At Adcock Park, West Gosford. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09
QOCS Tour472 viewsOne of the photos taken on the QOCS Tour conducted on Saturday February 22nd 2014 to the premises of Coach Concepts, Coach Design, Coachworks and Denning Manufacturing. At Coach Design was a new Coach Design bodied Volvo B9R for Organ's of Kyneton, VIC.
7-5-2015 001.JPG
TV 7367437 viewsTelfords Volvo B13R/Coach Design in Mitchell Road between Wanda and Elouera beaches 7/5/2015 carrying new fleet number (1002).
7747 AO813 viewsA 2010, Coach Design, Volvo B7R parked on Princes Bridge in the City belonging to Heritage Bus (Hester), Ballarat.
8441 AO576 viewsSunshine Tours Scania K124EB/Coach Design ex 1182 AC, 1187 AC, ex PLQ 011, ex VV 41 DK, ex Firefly Express, Vic, on rail with a train shown on the desto.
8447 AO608 viewsSunshine Tours Scania K124EB/Coach Design ex Firefly Express
TV 3076429 viewsBankstown Coaches MAN 24.420/Coach Design ex Progressive Excavations Pty Ltd t/a Bronzewing Tours, Tahmoor TV 3076 by 11/04; ex Aerostar Tours, Hinchinbrook TV 3076; ex TC 3156, ex Pinnacle Tours, Myaree, WA (26) TC 3156, in Canberra 24/9/2014.
TV 49131005 viewsBronzewing Tours TV 4913 MAN 18.360 13.5m/Coach Design at Wollongong 3/2/10.
BS 00 HC422 viewsCardewll’s, Numurka Volvo B13R/Coach Design ex SB95GL (SA), at Floriade, Canberra 30/9/2014.
6633 MO594 viewsQCity Transit & Transborder Express, Queanbeyan Volvo B12B/Coach Design in Canberra 28/9/2016 in Trainlink livery.
TV 4912479 viewsCrowthers Coaches Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Design in Travel Marvel livery, at Mascot 9/5/2013.
6595 MO550 viewsFentons (Oberon Bus Service) Volvo B9R/Coach Design in Countrylink livery, at Mount Victoria 18/1/2013.
6595 MO630 viewsFentons (Oberon Bus Service) Volvo B9R/Coach Design in Countrylink livery, at Mount Victoria 18/1/2013.
SB 46 FJ421 viewsKanga Coachlines Scania L94IB/Coach Design ex (22) WTX 837, SeaLink, Trinity Gardens, S.A, at Dry Creek 18/6/2013.
SB 47 FJ440 viewsKanga Coachlines Scania L94IB/Coach Design ex (24) XDA 963, SeaLink, Trinity Gardens, S.A, at Dry Creek 18/6/2013.
SB 75 GF578 viewsKanga Coachlines Scania K124EB/Coach Design ex (44) TV 4892 Port Stephans Coaches, Anna Bay, N.S.W.-ex TV 4892-ex TV 3617-ex XAH 340 Macquarie Educational Tours (GH Turton), Lake Macquarie, N.S.W. 2/2009, in King William St 18/6/2013.
TV 6721509 viewsMartins, Albury Iveco Eurorider/Coach Design at Everton 10/6/2013.
TV 60151556 viewsMojosurf, Byron Bay Denning Golf Phoenix/Coach Design ex TV 5668, at Mascot 9/4/2012.
6595 MO624 viewsOberon Bus Service Volvo B9R/Coach Design at Mount Victoria 7/4/2015 in NSW TrainLink livery
6595 MO571 viewsOberon Bus Service Volvo B9R/Coach Design at Mount Victoria 7/4/2015 in NSW TrainLink livery
TV 6029788 viewsOpal Coaches (6) Mercedes O500RF/Coach Design "Bozo" - ex SB 93 AC (SA) by 11/09 seen at Katoomba 29/3/11.
7552 AO445 viewsPegasus Volvo B12Bi/Coach Design ex TV 4433 by 12/11; ex Premier Motor Service (Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd), South Nowra TV 4433, ex Kirklands Buslines (JA Gilbert Pty Ltd), Lismore (409) TV 4433, in Canberra 17/9/2015.
TV 7488642 viewsPremier Motor Service Scania K440IB/Coach design at Broadbeach North 4/8/2014
WYT 654541 viewsPremier Stateliner Scania K124EB/Coach Design High Deck in North Terrace, Adelaide 14/6/2013.
7305 MO299 viewsPurtill, Moama Mercedes O500RF-2/Coach Design at Cootamundra 29/8/2016.
SB 60 DQ296 viewsSealink (41) Scania K420EB/Coach Design in AAT KIngs livery at Keswick 13/9/2016.
SB 60 DQ625 viewsKangaroo Island Sealink Scania K420EB/Coach Design in North Terrace, Adelaide 14/6/2013.
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