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2661AO1489 viewsVentura bus 20 Leyland Tiger/Centurion "Citizen" on rail replacements It is ex (46) PVG357, DWM462 Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon, Vic.
m/o 79491871 viewsPremier Illawarra m/o 7949 is a Hino BG300 with Centurion Bodywork, ex Walkers of Bendigo, Photographed outside Bunnings at Warrawong on route 43 to Dapto via Berkeley. Note the spelling mistake on the desto.
MO 1677243 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Service Airbus Coach (76) Scania K92/Centurion ex Wollongong Coaches TV 593 via Auction 7/8/90; ex OOO 259 by 7/89. Sold to DHE Pty Ltd, Pacific Palms as TV 4064 -/04; then to Wasp Party Tours & Charter, Kargoorlie, WA as TC 5526 by 11/7/06.
MO 1677263 viewsEntrance Red Bus Service Airbus Scania K92/Centurion of 1987 ex Wollongong Coaches TV 593. Airport Express m/o 3240 is next to it. Centralian photo.
2666AO1306 viewsVentura 23 Centurion Leyland Tiger being used on a local school charter on Friday 5/3 still in the light blue Mount Dandy colours. It is ex (336), ex EFT212, ex (36) EFT212 Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon, Vic.
DCV618568 viewsMount Dandy Coaches (45) Leyland Tiger/Centurion in 1994.
MO 1367698 viewsLever's Queanbeyan SAAB K93/Centurion in 1990. It is now 4515 MO with Deanes, Queanbeyan where it is listed as a Scania K93.
MO 1367770 viewsDeanes, Queanbeyan Scania K93/Centurion "Citcom" ex Lever Coach Lines, Queanbeyan. Since reregd 4515 MO.
CMX 517162 viewsEchuca Bus Lines Mercedes OH1316/Centurion at the MCG coach park on a charter in 1995.
TV 1342320 viewsPremier Coaches (Bob Ellis) Scania K112TR/Centurion ex Greenaway's Coaches (Fetana Pty Ltd), Wingham (9) TV 1342 2/95; ex Sutherland's Coaches (AA & AG Sutherland), Cootamundra MO 2114; ex Network Coach Lines (B Hartshorne), North Arm, QLD 202 ADK. Sold to Goldrush Tours, Kargoolie, WA as (48) TC 5101 -/04.
DIT 853217 viewsFrankston Passenger Service (14) Leyland Tiger/Centurion. It went to South Bundy Buses as 082 ITB and then Hughes, Mullumbimby as MO 6561 from where it was withdrawn.
m/o 8596, m/o 9492 and m/o 9493. 1048 viewsHawkesbury m/o 8596 ex Army Volvo B10M/Centurion (just withdrawn from service), ex Rotnest Island m/o 9492 Mercedes-Benz LO814/AB Denning and ex Liverpool Transport m/o 9493 Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches ex m/o 7006, in a back street at Oakville on the Glenorie/Hawkesbury Valley Tour 30/10/2011.
MO 2341241 viewsHawkesbury Valley Mitsubishi / Centurion ex HEC, Tasmania seen departing Chapman's Store heading towards North Sackville, after picking up kids from Windsor schools off m/o 1013 Volvo November 2007. Sold for a motor home at Albury by 1/10.
m/o 8596257 viewsHawkesbury Valley Volvo B10M/Centurion ex Army seen turning from Galston Road into Old Northern Road, Dural November 2007. Withdrawn from service & temporarily transferred to Busabout Wagga Wagga 9/11. Later returned to Sydney for parts. Shell noted at West Hoxton depot 3/14.
m/o 134340 viewsMetro-Link (21), A Volvo B10M Mk3/Centurion at Central. Haven't seen one of the Centurions on rail until now.
2657AO672 views Ventura (22) Leyland Tiger/Centurion ex (325), ex EFT202; ex (25) EFT202 Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, on Darling to Burley rail replacement 14/11/2011 still in the light blue Mount Dandy colours.
u/r279 viewsLevers, Queanbeyan SAAB/Centurion on display at a bus show. Centralian photo.
m/o 128312 viewsMetrolink (24) Volvo B10M/Centurion ex Army, Austral Denning refronted it in 1995 after an accident, in Liverpool in December 2007.
ML m-o 128.jpg
m/o 128356 viewsOliveri's Metro-Link (24) Volvo B10M Mk II/Centurion ex Royal Australian Armed Forces (RAAF) - Received new front and rear by Austral Denning 4/95.
mL m-o 134.jpg
m/o 134351 viewsOliveri's Metro-Link (21) Volvo B10M Mk III/Centurion ex Royal Australian Armed Forces (RAAF).
TV 5287637 viewsTelford’s (102) Isuzu LT1-11P/Centurion ex m/o 292; ex GT & M Thornhill, Gilgandra by 2/94; ex AIS, Port Kembla site transport bus, on rails duties at Liverpool. Sold 10/2013.
m/o 134367 viewsMetrolink Volvo B10M/Centurion ex Royal Australian Armed Forces (RAAF).which had been refronted.
0727AO217 viewsSeymour Passenger Service (27) Mercedes Benz OH1316/Centurion, ex Dyer Whittlesea, in June 2007.
DKW 701243 viewsUS Coaches of Belgrave (36) Leyland Tiger/Centurion 3 axle. In 2014 it is with Gemini Tours as (25) 0351AC, ex Craig Coop-(dealer), Vic. ex 3733AO, ex DKW701, ex Rockleigh Tours, Diggers Rest, Vic.ex DKW701 Ryson's Coaches, Gisborne Vic.-ex (36) DKW701 Nuline Charter, Bentleigh Vic.-ex (36) DKW701 Nuline Bus Service, Bentleigh Vic.-ex (36) DKW701 U.S.Bus Lines.
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