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1980 NFM Bedford BusXZY221.jpg
XZY 221415 viewsA Bedford SB3 with PMC Adelaide body 40 seater privately acquired from the Kerang area.
276_ Bedford SB3 (Comair)   @ MacQuarie Street, Hobart - c1968.jpg
MET 2763180 viewsMetro Tasmania (276) Bedford SB3/Comair seen in Macquarie Street, Hobart c1968. It was the from the last batch of Comair Bedfords delivered to Hobart
519_ Bedford SB ~ [CAC body] - (ex Norton 19) c1963.jpg
WER 0821262 viewsMetro Tasmania (519) Bedford SB/CAC seen c1963. It was delivered new to Norton's Motors of Burnie in 1956 as their No.19 and was renumbered 519 when MTT purchased Norton's in 1959. Bus 519 was considered by Burnie drivers as being their favourite in that the windows did not rattle as did most other SB Bedfords.
523_ Bedford SB3 [CBW] @ Burnie depot - c_1964.jpg
MTT 5231133 viewsMetro Tasmania (523) Bedford SB3 [CBW] @ Burnie depot - c_1964.
It was the first new bus for Burnie [built in 1964 by City Bodyworks, Tas]. It remained at Burnie until sold in 1980.
524_ Bedford SB3 (Comair) @ South Burnie depot - c1976.jpg
GT 71981309 viewsMetro Tasmania (524) Bedford SB3/Comair at South Burnie depot c1976. It was the only new Comair Bedford delivered to Burnie
528_ Bedford SB3 (CBW) @ Guide Falls - c1970.jpg
ZB 42641308 viewsMetro Tasmania (528) Bedford SB3/CBW at Guide Falls c1970. It was delivered new to Burnie in 1970 but was exchanged for a Freighter bodied Bedford SB3 [No.321] from Launceston 6 months later.
m/o 4755302 viewsABC Coachlines Bedford SB5/PMC ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley m/o 4755 9/87. Sold at Auction 10/4/89.
m/o 4755432 viewsABC Coachlines Bedford SB5/PMC ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley m/o 4755 9/87. Sold at Auction 10/4/89 after operation ceased.
MO 383327 viewsAberdare Bus Service Bedford SB/PMC.
Ansair Bedford SB3 across first row Moonah depot c1965.jpg
Lineup261 viewsMetro Tasmania Ansair Bedford SB3’s across first row of Moonah depot c1965.
RNT 783212 viewsAustralian Roadlines Bedford SB/Freighter.
AKZ 558593 viewsMount Dandy Bus Service (38) Bedford SB5/Domino Hedges in 1994.
JMN 248278 viewsGrenda Bus Service (74) Bedford SB5/Comair in 1985.
BPP 985263 viewsGrenda Bus Service (113) Bedford SB3 in 1985.
AZK524502 viewsGrenda's (46) AZK524 Bedford SB3/PMCSA in 1992.
u/r291 viewsGrenda Bus Service Bedford SB3/Comair in 1992.
MO 8178174 viewsShepherd, Moree Bedford SB3/Custom Coaches in 1990.
MO 8485439 viewsKallacher, Moree Bedford SB5/PMC in 1990
m/o 7498554 viewsKaten & Heath (renamed Bustrans in 1996) Bedford SB5/CC in 1999, ex Harris Park Transport.
KXU 376334 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Bedford SB3/Freighter photo taken at the Healesville depot in 1999.
BVQ 613362 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Service Bedford SB3/Freighter taken at the Marysville depot
m/o 148312 viewsHarris Park Transport Bedford SB5/Custom Coaches in 1990. Noted stored at the AJ Moore, South Hurstville depot 8/93 - still there, parked outside shed in 2003, but removed by 11/04 & sold to Andrew Haviland (enthusiast) and later with the Parker Family, Oakville.
m/o 471336 viewsHarris Park Transport Bedford SB5/Custom Coaches in 1990. Deregd 25/7/91, subsequent disposal unknown.
m/o 4169640 viewsCaringbah Bus Service Bedford SB5/Smithfield in 1988.
m/o 691633 viewsCaringbah Bus Service Bedford SB5/Comeng in AOA for Instant Lotteries in 1987.
RTU 723246 viewsHarris Bus Service, Gawler (7) Bedford SB3/Freighter in 1988.
499 006184 viewsHarris Bus Service, Gawler Bedford SB3/Freighter in 1988.
RED 446230 viewsHopgood, Mount Gambier Bedford SB3/Freighter ex Lee Mount Gambier, in 1988.
MO 5876213 viewsCoffs Harbour Bus Lines (8) Bedford SB5 (extended chassis)/PMC.
m/o 413307 viewsHornsby Bus Group Bedford SB/PMC dating back to 1973, seen in 1988.
MO 7291214 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service (8) Bedford SB5/Custom Coaches in 1987. Sold R & J Winchester, Eureka as MO 7291 10/87; Subsequent disposal unknown.
B92912 [229365].jpg
MO 0651177 viewsBulahdelah Bus Service Bedfprd SB3/Custom Coaches in 1990.
Bass Hill mo 132 Bed SB5 CCMCg.jpg
m/o 1321066 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5/CCMC on the Hume Hwy at Bass Hill with George Kearns at the wheel
Bass Hill mo 723 Bed SB5 QFC CCMCg.jpg
m/o 723 and m/o 5365540 viewsBass Hill m/o 723 Bedford SB5/CCMC meets Parra-Villawood m/o 5365 AEC/CCMC at the Villawood Stn terminus.

Bass Hill mo4564 Bedford SB5 PMCg.jpg
m/o 4184 and m/o 288325 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5/PMC
Bass Hill mo4649 Bedford SB5 PMC.jpg
m/o 4649174 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5/PMC.
Bathurst BLA MO4230 Bedford SB PMCg.jpg
MO 4230470 viewsBathurst Omnibus & Tourist Service (6) Bedford SB/PMC ex Adelaide in the early 1970’s.

Batterhams MO400 Bedford SB CACg.jpg
MO 400184 viewsBedford SB/CAC possibly owned by Batterhams Bus Lines but not confirmed.
KGW 566120 viewsBaxter’s Bus Service, Shepparton Bedford SB3/Comair on a school service in 1988.
Bedford SB3 130 [CBW] [SB-1006]_ 321 [Freighter-SA] [ZA-4382] Cattley St_ Burnie c_1972.jpg
SB 1006 and ZA 4382291 viewsMetro Tasmania Bedford SB3’s (130) [CBW] and (321) [Freighter SA} in Cattley St, Burnie c 1972.
Bedford SB3 Ansair AH8017 ex MTT [parked behind MTT depot, Launceston].jpg
AH 8017269 viewsMetro Tasmania Ansair Bedford SB3/Ansair behind MTT Launceston depot was one of the 5 that Hobart transferred to Launceston.
Bedford SB3 [1960 Ansair] @ Railton c_09Jun11.JPG
u/r 1960175 viewsBedford SB3/Ansair at Railton c 9 June 2011.
Bedford SB3 [CBW] No_ 129 at Mount Street depot_ c_ 1972.jpg
MTT 129283 viewsMetro Tasmania MTT 129 Bedford SB3 - (City Bodyworks) at Mount St depot c1972.
Bedford SB3 [CBW] No_ 130 [WSO290] @ Mount St_ c_1964.jpg
WSO 290274 viewsMetro Tasmania MTT 130 Bedford SB3 - (City Bodyworks) at Burnie depot c1964. It was new to Hobart in 1961 and transferred to Burnie in 1963 [sold in 1975].
Bedford SB3 [CBW] No_ 263 [TA-1083]  Morrison St c_1967.jpg
TA 1083266 viewsMTT Bedford SB3/CBW No.263 is photographed laying over in Morrison Street, Hobart before a run to Glenorchy via New Town Rd.
BHBS MO-816 Bed SB5 CCMC.jpg
m/o 8161439 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5 CCMC. Leon Batman photo.
m/o 1321626 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5/CCMC. Deregd and placed for sale by Baxter's shortly after takeover. Leon Batman photo
m/o 4649 and m/o 723321 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5/PMC and Bedford SB5/Custom Coaches.
m/o 7231481 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5 (QFC)/CC. Deregd and placed for sale by Baxter's shortly after takeover - Last seen at Wallerawang. Leon Batman photo.
m/o 8161454 viewsBass Hill Bus Service. Bedford SB5/CC. Unregistered before takeover and placed for sale by Baxter's shortly after takeover - Body scrapped. Leon Batman photo.
Depot275 viewsBlacktown Bus Co A depot shot with m/o 4467 a Bedford SB3 with Comair body of 1961; m/o 4264 a Bedford SB3 with Syd Wood body of 1959; m/o 4533 another Bedford SB with Syd Wood body; and m/o 4040 the Leyland Comet. All the Bedfords were new to Blacktown Bus Co. Centralian photo.
m/o 4611 224 viewsBlacktown Bus Co Bedford SB5/Custom Coaches of 1963. Centralian photo.
m/o 5980220 viewsBlue & White Buses, Greenacre (9) Bedford SB/Custom Coaches
m/o 324220 viewsBlythe Bedford SB5/Smithfield of 1973 on route 229 to Roselands. Centralian photo.
m/o 5074194 viewsBlythe Bedford SB5/CVI - body of 1966. Centralian photo.
m/o 7498799 viewsBustrans m/o 7498 Bedford SB / CC ex Harris Park at depot
m/o 4809310 viewsCaringbah Bus Service Bedford SB5/Comeng ex Sinclair m/o 269. Reregd m/o 691 and then m/o 8359 before being sold for a motorhome conversion by 7/94.
MO 5332202 viewsCaskies Thistle Tours, Cootamundra Bedford SB5 - Perkins 6.354/Denning ex Clipper Tours. It later operated with a number of Sydney operators including Riverstone Bus Service as m/o 889 before being sold to Williams, Tenterfield as MO 5831 from where it was withdrawn in the 1980’s.
HEW 539190 viewsMount Dandy Bus Service Bedford SB3/Freighter (of 1960) in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Centralian photo.
BJT 587127 viewsDion Pty Ltd, Inverloch Bedford SB5/Smithfield between school services in 1986.
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