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TV 5052126 viewsRecent new addition to Cumberland Coachlines was TV 5052, a Volvo B12 with Austral Denning body of 1996 build, and formely with Baxters and prior to that Selwood of Orande. Captured here at Echo Point in the winter of 2019.
028 (640x480).jpg
1050 AC279 views(50) MAN Austral Denning "Starliner" Diamond Coaches. Seen here at Scienceworks in Melbourne.
m/o 0762661 viewsHunter Valley Buses Austral GM/Austral re-engined with an Isuzu ex Blue Ribbon seen at Raymond Terrace after exchanging kids from a Busways service. Reregd 3634 MO.
TV 6591229 viewsMcDermott Chartours, Riverstone (101) TV 6591 Austral Denning Highlander ex (VIC) 5082 AO ex Pegasus Coaches, ex (VIC) QLS 317; ex Firefly Coaches Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC (37) QLS 317
MO 7831208 viewsLoaders, Grenfell (10) a 1983 Austral, Isuzu ECR570 ex R & F Paterson, Murringo MO 7831, in 2004. Sold for a motorhome in Dubbo -/07.
TV 4024125 viewsLinq Buslines Wyong TV 4024. Volvo B12R Austral Pacific body of 1998 build. It is ex Road Runner Tours Wyong Pty Ltd, Wyong (1) TV 4024 20/12/19; ex Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills TV 1573 .
6137 MO98 viewsAccredited to Holiday King Coaches P/L but in Kingsford Smith Transport livery. A Volvo B10M Austral, formerly Brisbane Transport 296. The vehicle provided a shuttle service during the Ultra Trail marathon event through the BM National Park in the winter of 2019. Captured near the Edge Cinema, Katoomba.
EKD 349409 viewsMelbourne Coaches Austral Tourmaster ex (162) VV 02 BO Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Victoria, in Getaway livery 1999. It was later reregd 1206 AC.
1206 AC430 viewsMelbourne Coaches Austral Tourmaster ex EKD 349 ex (162) VV 02 BO Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Victoria, in Victoria Coaches livery 2013.
EKD 349446 viewsMelbourne Coaches Austral Tourmaster ex (162) VV 02 BO Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Victoria, in Victoria Coaches livery 1998. It was later reregd 1206 AC.
MO 376178 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (M03) Mercedes OH1418/Austral Pacific in June 2005. Later reregd 4042 MO and is still this with CDC Broken Hill in 2021.
TV 1161226 viewsForster Coaches (3) Austral Tourmaster - GM. Spent some time at Clipper Tours (Deanes Coach Tours Pty Ltd), Waterloo around 2000, then returned to Forster. Sold to South East Tours, Forest Glen, QLD as 777 HNF 12/03; then to Whites Coaches & Travel (N & B Enterprises Pty Ltd), Gatton as (10) 800 MEC. Hayram photo posted by Denair.
TV 17221542 viewsPremier Illawarra TV 1722 is a Mercedes OH1622 with Austral Bodywork, ex Nowra ex Great Lakes coaches. It used to have fluting upto the middle rub strip, when repainted/refurb'd Premier removed all of that. Since reregd 4749 MO. TV 946 (now 4779 MO) is another identical unit to this one. Seen here 18/11/2006.
7076 AO539 viewsSita Bus Lines (213) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (578) 578 IXU (QLD), ex (578) 578 EKA (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
5444 AO494 viewsSita Bus Lines (215) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (582) 582 JVZ (QLD), ex (570) 570EKA (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
6613 AO445 viewsSita Bus Lines (217) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (566) 566 EKA (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 00 PJ458 viewsSita Bus Lines (219) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (581) 581IJO (QLD), ex (581) 581EKA (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 00 RK428 viewsSita Bus Lines (222) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (582) 582JVZ (QLD), ex (582) 582EKA (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 00 OX440 viewsSita Bus Lines (221) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (595) 595FDL (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
MO 1446309 viewsKirklands, Lismore (221) Isuzu LTI-11P/Austral in 2006. It was withdrawn in 2008.
BS 00 PG461 viewsSita Bus Lines (222) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (583) 583EZY (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 00 QW438 viewsSita Bus Lines (223) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (563) 563JVZ (QLD), ex (563) 563EIT (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
0431 AC1136 viewsGemini Tours (23) MAN 22.280/Austral ex Evergreen, ex David’s, Newcastle, ex QSG 074 Moreland Bus Lines. Seen in Centre Rd, Bentleigh.
6360 AO800 viewsVentura Group/Grenda Bus Service (256) Mercedes Benz OH1418/Austral Starliner dating back to 1989 ex Brownlees Albion Park NSW MO 1231, returning home to the Ventura/Peninsula Seaford Depot in the afternoon peak.
BS 01 UY400 viewsSita Bus Lines (290) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (586) 586FDL (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 01 PY399 viewsSita Bus Lines (291) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (565) 565 EKA (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 01 QD433 viewsSita Bus Lines (292) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (596) 596IZY, ex (596) 596FKG (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 01 VB427 viewsSita Bus Lines (293) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (591) 591FGU (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
BS 01 UL433 viewsSita Bus Lines (295) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (546) 546 REO (QLD), ex (546) 546 DOS (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
TV 8354116 viewsLangley's Dubbo Austral Minimaster ex various operators including Hopkinsons and its original owner Deluxe Coachlines still showing its livery, passing through Mount Victoria May 2021.
TV 173A140 viewsGood Az Gold Volvo B1f0M/Austral ex Brisbane Transport (243), seen in St Marys getting a lift home May 2021.
GIP 490382 viewsSita (44) Austral Tourmaster signwritten for Just Fun Tours
4582AO Wallan East.jpg
4582 AO935 viewsWallan East Roadlines operate this tourmaster, which is ex TV 393 Pleasure Tours, Bass Hill NSW. It is seen here outside The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich QLD.
8846 AO282 viewsNuline (46) Volvo B10M/Austral Metroliner ex (223) 223 BIQ (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD., on emergency rail between Mordialloc & Cheltenham on the afternoon of 9/9/2013.
TV 476530 viewsLoaders, Grenfell (4) Austral Denning Highlander - GM s60 ex King Bros Bus Service (105) TV 476; ex Newman's Bus Service (Botsford Holdings Pty Ltd), Macksville TV 476, in 2004.
1062 AO558 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (62) a 1997 MCA, Austral Denning "Classic III" ex Thomsons of Yarrawonga at the Fire Museum at Clifton Hill.
m/o 8638488 viewsHornsby Ku-ring-gai Bus Co – Turramurra Leyland Leopard/Austral Starliner ex Connex NSW Pty Ltd, Menai (62) m/o 7914; ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (62) m/o 7914 9/99; ex Hopkinson, Smithfield m/o 4542; Rebody ex UK chassis - Reengined with TL11 by 5/90. Since deregistered. Seen here in 2004 on an enthousiasts’ country tour which included Loaders of Grenfell.
65137 H319 viewsMoonee Valley Coaches (57) a 1987 Austral Tourmaster DC122 ex EPC 900 seen on a visit to Moonee Valley Coaches & Dyson's to view & ride in their Heritage Fleets 2/9/2017.
2209 AC211 viewsGemini Tours – is a heavily rebuilt Austral Tourmaster ex 067 DRU, Rozema Gold Coast.
TV 736576 viewsGood Az Gold Windsor Volvo B10M Mk 111/Austral Metroliner in 2019. Reg 8/2/13 ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (253) 253 BLE via Auction (withdrawn 12/12). Withdrawn by 6/20 & offered for sale at Pickles Auctions, Milperra 3/9/20 and again 30/10/20.
0742 AC217 viewsGemini Tours – is an Austral Tourmaster
BUS 113358 viewsAction BUS (113) Renault PR100.3/Austral Denning in Civic 17/9/2015.
SB00GO287 viewsAdelaide Coachlines Volvo B10M Mk III/Austral ex Brisbane Transport ?, in North Terrace, Adelaide 14/6/2013.
NHY 515232 viewsAAT Kings (14) Mercedes O404x3/Austral Denning near Spencer St Station in 1995.
OVB 894192 viewsAAT Kings, Spotswood (13) Mercedes O404x3/Austral Denning at the Melbourne Cup in 1999.
TV 377319 viewsBankstown Coaches Austral "Tourmaster" ex MO 5261 10/09; ex Comealong Tours, Bankstown MO 5261 -/07; ex KL & DJ Selwood, Orange MO 5261; ex MO 0913; ex Muttaburra Investments Pty Ltd t/a Koala Tours, Mt Kuring-gai TV 353 4/90; ex Deanes Coaches Pty Ltd, North Ryde TV 353 21/12/88; ex m/o 7994, in Canberra 24/9/2014.
0119 AO35 viewsBendigo Coachlines (42) Scania K113TRLB/ Austral Denning "Majestic" at Caulfield 13/6/2018. ex C53FTB; ex 819FDV (QLD) Peters, Toowoomba, QLD; ex 819FDV (QLD) Peters, Oakey, QLD; ex TV2271 (NSW) King Brothers Bus Group, Grafton, NSW; ex (40) TV2271 (NSW) Grafton Bus Co., Grafton, NSW. Withdrawn in March 2000.
3356 AO372 viewsBerwick Bus Lines (2) Hino RG230K/ Austral Pacific "Starliner" at Officer 29/5/2013.
293 MCV593 viewsCalypso Coaches Townsville Scania K113TRBL 14.5m 4-axle/Austral Pacific "Royale" ex Murrays Coaches, ex MO73 (ACT), ex VYD903 (SA), in Banksmeadow NSW 10/8/2014.
CI 0829172 viewsAce Bus Service, Hobart (40) Mercedes OC1617/Austral. Gen Man photo from the Venturatiger collection.
CB 4194 198 viewsAce Bus Service, Hobart (48) Mercedes O303/Austral? Gen Man photo from the Venturatiger collection.
8260 MO69 viewsCompass Tours (22) Volvo B10M/Austral Metroliner at Blacktown 20/12/2018. Regd 4/5/18 ex Brisbane Transport, Eagle Farm, QLD (515) 532 CQD 12/14. Deregd 3/20.
8411 MO70 viewsCompass Tours (24) Volvo B10M/Austral Denning at Blacktown 20/12/2018. Regd 13/2/18 ex Brisbane Transport, Eagle Farm, QLD (532) 532 CQD 12/14. Deregd 3/20.
TV 1768608 viewsCooma Coaches Scania K113TRB 8x2 14.5m/ Austral Pacific "Royale" ex Murray's Australia Pty Ltd, Red Hill, ACT (781) MO 16; ex (QLD) 780 EEX; ex (SA) WAP 052.in Canberra 21/9/2012.
BUS 108948 viewsAction PR100.3/Austral Denning (108) at the City Bus Interchange Civic working a Route 56 service to Gungahlin Marketplace. In all over ad for Heineken Beer.
BUS 103174 viewsACTION (103) Renault PR100.3/Austral Denning in Canberra June 2007.
DLUX 01362 viewsDeluxe Travel Austral Pacific Highlander in King William St, Adelaide 5/5/2014.
TV 723196 viewsAd Tours, Griffith Austral DC122 Tourmaster in tour in 1999,
1626 AO198 viewsMcHarry (126) Hino RG230/Austral Pacific "Starliner" seen here near the Arts Centre/Concert Hall, still in Advance Coaches livery 24/10/2007.
TV 841371 viewsGrand Touring Coaches – Queanbeyan Austral "Tourmaster" ex C46FT (rebuilt under Grand Touring's ownership); ex Westrans (Wamuni Holdings Pty Ltd), Phillip, ACT TV 841 2/98; ex (ACT) MO 91 9/95; ex M & F Tours Beenleigh, QLD 712 PRD -/94; ex Greyhound Pioneer Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbane 712 PRD; ex Bus Australia Ltd, Glynde 712 PRD; ex Intertour Express Pty Ltd, Surfers Paradise (21) 712 PRD, in Canberra 24/9/2014.
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