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PFX 683878 viewsGemini Tours – this was an Ansair bodied Mercedes Benz 0303.
SB 98 BX811 viewsTorrens Transit (1350) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (316) 0316 AO-ex OVO 353.
SB 93 CU840 viewsTorrens Transit (1352) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (300) 0300 AO-ex OVO 337.
SB 90 CU663 viewsTorrens Transit (1355) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (350) 0350 AO-ex OVO 387.
SB 64 CU671 viewsTorrens Transit (1356) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (312) 0312 AO-ex OVO 349.
SB 49 DR701 viewsTorrens Transit (1357) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (302) 0302 AO-ex OVO 339.
SB 36 DR624 viewsTorrens Transit (1360) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (320) 0320 AO-ex OVO 357.
SB 40 DR619 viewsTorrens Transit (1366) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (342) 0342 AO-ex OVO 379.
SB 42 DR648 viewsTorrens Transit (1369) a 1989 MAN SL200/Ansair "MkII" ex Melbourne Buslink (343) 0343 AO-ex OVO 380.
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MYD199334 viewsMetbus #199 MAN SL200/Ansair MK1
1645 AO442 viewsEchuca-Moama Transit / Newton's Bus Service, Rochester (2) Mercedes Benz O400/Ansair Orana ex C53D, ex OZI078; ex TVQ603 (NSW) Carbridge, Rozelle, NSW.
2006-02-08 13-16-18_0258.JPG
164 CBS1421 viewsAmberley Rosewood Bus Company's 10 (164.CBS) is a MAN SL200 with Ansair body ex ACTION 497. Amberley Rosewood Bus Company are dedicated school bus and charter operators from Ipswich.

m/o 87552899 viewsFrom Interline is (38) Renault PR100.2 Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (694) BUS 694. on route 874 to UWS Macarthur via Macarthur Square from Raby.
m/o 64082025 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes Benz O305 Ansair ex Action seen passing through Mangerton on its way to Wollongong University on route 11. In the background is Television Hill home of WIN Television. Television Hill is also home to a maze of World War II Defence Bunkers that are now used for Mushroom Harvesting.
MO 61271801 viewsPremier Illawarra MO 6127 is a Renault PR100.2 ex m/o 6127; ex Rutty`s, Figtree (27) m/o 6127; ex ACTION BUS 686. This bus is the only single door Renault PR100.2 in the Premier Fleet. The bus was involved in an accident shortly after the PI takeover, which involved a major front end rebuild and the centre doors were used to replace the destroyed front doors.
m/o 61701301 viewsWhat was supposed to be the last refurb Canberra Mercedes (see comments on 6190) is Premier Illawarra m/o 6170 at Albion Park Rail East on route 51. Route 51 is a new route from Wollongong to Albion Park via Warrawong. Bit of a roundabout route to take to get from Albion Park to Wollongong, but routes 51 70 76 all connect to the Direct Lake Link service, but at least it provides a good link for people from Albion Park to the Warrawong shopping centres (which is one of the big retail precincts in Wollongong)
m/o 61901526 viewsAfter I thought that Premier Illawarra were going to get onto withdrawing these old bangers (Mercedes O035/Ansairs) they went and refurbished another one, I must say they look great when refurbished, it's just ashame that Ansair Built these with easy rusting steel. This bus was only completed with Refurbishment in September 2006. It'll probably last another 12-18 months before withdrawal. Withdrawn and sold in 2009. Seen here 18/11/2006.
MO 61271883 viewsPremier Illawarra ex Action Renault makes its way over a slight hill at Berkeley on Northcliffe Drive heading to Dapto. In the background is the Southern Section of the Southern Freeway which is an isolated section of Freeway. The Freeway is broken between Bulli Tops and Gwyneville where it becomes an Expressway due to having a few driveways on it, otherwise known as Mt Ousley Road. This is the only Renault with the centre door removed due to an accident. The front doors used to actually be the centre doors!
m/o 36261550 viewsSydney Buses Scania L113CRB/Ansair “Orana” seen at the 2007 Easter Show about to depart on a route 4 to Maroubra. It has since been repainted into the new corporate livery.

m/o 34261284 viewsSydney Buses (3426) Scania L113TRBL/Ansair NSW at Rockdale.
m/o 3493971 viewsSydney Buses (3493) Scania L113CRB/Ansair.
m/o 36281011 viewsSydney Buses (3628) Scania L113CRB/Ansair at Rockdale.
OVO 3271263 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (226) MAN SL200/Ansair Mk1 later regd 0288 AO – one of the last MAN SL200/MK1’s to be withdrawn from MBL on 23/5/2002. It was sold to Party Time Tours it was stored at Party Bus, Dandenong Vic, due to its engine not working.It was then sold in 2007 to Dee Decker Tours, North Sunshine, Vic, then shortly afterwards sold to Bus Buddys (Laughter Unlimited Tours), Sunshine, Vic. Noted derelict in Sunshine in 2010.
2280 ST and m/o 3469722 viewsSydney Buses Leichhardt – (2280) Volvo B12BLEA Articulated Euro 5 / Volgren "CR228L" and Sydney Buses Ryde – (3469) Scania L113CRB / Ansair "Orana" 17th January 2013 at Circular Quay. PLI photo.
FXM 336363 viewsThe MET #245 MAN SL200/Ansair MK1
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FXM 328382 viewsThe MET #248 MAN SL200/Ansair MK1 seen at Latrobe Uni.
MO 3398396 viewsDeanes Queanbeyan (26) Mercedes-Benz O305/Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (656) BUS 656 11/97; ex ZIB 656. It was reregd 4519 MO and was included in the takeover by QCity (CDC) with that rego.
1162 AO913 viewsVentura - Croydon (262) a 1988, MAN SL200/ Ansair MkII, ex FKX 263 in National Yellow & Red livery leaving Croydon Station for Boronia.
Volvo B59616 viewsVolvo B59/Ansair 850 on Avalon airshow shuttles.
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MWE 300552 viewsMetbus #300 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 seen at Footscray Depot.
MWE307474 viewsMetbus #307 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 seen at Altona North Bus Interchange
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MWE315455 viewsMetbus #315 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 seen at Altona North Bus Interchange.
MWE 330433 viewsMetbus #330 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 seen at Footscray Depot
m/o 34291667 viewsBeauty in the rain. Sydney Buses Kingsgrove depot's 3429 Scania L113TRBL 14.5m/Ansair is seen heading to Eastgardens through Kingsford on route 400 in heavy rain on a Sunday afternoon.
m/o 34591241 viewsSydney Buses (3459) Scania L113TRBL/AnsairNSW on its way to Epping.
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MWE 347377 viewsMetbus #347 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 at Deer Park West
m/o 35111750 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06 - Sydney Buses (3511) Scania L113CRL/Ansair 'Orana' at Clovelly. The prototype for this bus hence its out of sequence fleet number.
m/o 3682457 viewsNewcastle Transport (3682) MAN 11.220 HOCL/Ansair ex STA still showing Newcastle Transport on the desto November 2017. Scaniagrenda photo.
m/o 37491374 viewsSydney Buses (3749) Scania L113CRL/Ansair. Rear view showing the preparations being made for application of full rear advertisements.
3984 MO985 viewsBusabout Renault PR100.2/Ansair in Harden. Ex MO 6572; ex Fearnes, ex Action, Canberra, ACT (757) BUS 757 12/05. Sold to Betta Tours, Aldgate, SA 1/10.
MYD104782 viewsVolvo B10ML/Fuji Artic # 04 with MAN SL200/Ansair "MK 1" # 104 at Doncaster Depot
MWE 332702 viewsMAN SL200/Ansair "MK2" 332 and the XPT at Spencer Street Station
MYD1961064 viewsMAN SL200/Ansair "MK1" 196 on a charter at Hawthorn Tram Depot
MYD187675 viewsFootscray Depot MAN SL200 MK1 187, MAN SL200 MK2 347 and 349.
4156 AO407 viewsCrown Coaches (56) Mercedes Benz O303/Ansair ex YV 002 Yarra Valley Coaches, Box Hill, Victoria, on emergency rail between Mordialloc & Cheltenham on the afternoon of 9/9/2013.
Footscray Depot725 viewsLine up of Volvo's and MAN's at Footscray Depot
m/o 61191972 viewsNowra Coaches Mercedes-Benz O305/Ansair ex Premier Illawarra, ex Rutty's Bus Service, Figtree (19) m/o 6119 6/01; ex Action, Canberra (596) BUS 596 11/95; ex ZIB 596, one of two such buses on town school and route services. It is seen at Stewart Place departing for South & West Nowra. Later regd 2368 MO.
65151 H289 viewsPioneer Tours International/Ansair seen on a visit to Moonee Valley Coaches & Dyson's to view & ride in their Heritage Fleets 2/9/2017.
0334 AO & 0343 AO868 viewsMelbourne Bus Link 334 and 343 both MAN SL200/Ansair MK2, Laying over between duties at Footscray Depot, bus 334 is now Withdrawn.
BUS 7261445 viewsACTION Renault PR180.2 (artic)/Ansair (Mk I)
MWE 324584 viewsBirney 15 and Open toast rack tram 17 with Volvo B59/Ansair 850, MAN SL200/Ansair "MK2" 324 and Hino bus, at Bendigo Tram depot.
m/o 8142397 viewsNevilles Bus Service Scania N113CR/AnsairT
BUS 8151354 viewsACTION Renault PR100.2/Ansair (Mk I)
m/o 85441286 viewsTelfords MAN SL200/Ansair ex m/o 8544; ex Melbourne Bus Link, Footscray, VIC (340) 0340 AO 8/03 (B41D); ex OVO 377; ex PTC/MET (340) on night rail at North Sydney July 2007. Since reregd TV 5279.
m/o 85891580 viewsTelfords m/o 8589 Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex Action Canberra 778 departing City on night rail at North Sydney July 2007. Later regd TV 5294,
8850 30-3.jpg
m/o 8850583 viewsVeolia Transport (693) is a MAN SL202 with Ansair body and is ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (72) m/o 8850 1/2/07; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (50) m/o 8850 1/1/05; ex m/o 363; ex STA (3567) m/o 7012 - leased to BUS2000 3/01; ex Parramatta Ryde Bus Service (Riverside Bus & Coach Services Pty Ltd), Ermington m/o 7012; ex Action, Canberra, ACT (734) BUS 734. This bus has definitely seen better days,
BUS 709 and 4501 MO1726 viewsACTION (709) the only Renault PR180.2/Ansair articulated vehicle to be equipped with a ZF Gearbox and Deanes Buslines Queanbeyan (now part of CDC) Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches ex MO 6298; ex Harris Park Transport m/o 8246, at Civic 25/9/2012.
BUS 912293 viewsACTION (912) Renault PR100.2/Ansair in Canberra 1/10/2014.
BUS 912276 viewsAction BUS (912) Renault PR100.3/Ansair in Civic 17/9/2015 complete with a bike in the bike rack.
BUS 927332 viewsACTION (927) Renault PR100.2/Ansair in Canberra 1/10/2014, followed by similar unit (913) BUS 913.
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