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0811 AO974 viewsTrotter's Coaches 1995 MCA, MCA"Marathon" ex Campe's Coaches,ex Great Lakes Coaches Heatherbrae on regional rail replacement services.
1343 AO728 viewsHolland's Adventure Holidays – Avoca a 1997 Motorcoach "Classic III" on Regional Rail about to enter Southern Cross Station ex The Oxley Explorer Walcha, ex Polley's of Gympie
MO 0037872 viewsKulnura Coaches MCA/MCA laying up in Roseberry for World Youth Day, ex Shuker, Darwin, NT mo 1364. Sold out to Busways 10/7/09

TV 2902619 viewsLoaders, Grenfell (1) Motorcoach/ MCA Classic III in Countrylink livery in 2004. Reseated from C50FT - Repainted out of Countrylink livery by 2/12.
3999 MO 970 viewsBusabout MCA - Cat 3208t / CC at Harden depot still in Fearnes livery. It is ex MO 0265 and was deregd 27/2/10 and transferred to Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach, Oakville for storage and sale 6/10. Sold for a motorhome on the Central Coast 5/11.
4000 MO1149 viewsBusabout Mercedes-Benz O305/mca at Wagga depot. Rebody ex STA Mark II 2499, withdrawn 13/12/88 after an accident.
TV 476535 viewsLoaders, Grenfell (4) Austral Denning Highlander - GM s60 ex King Bros Bus Service (105) TV 476; ex Newman's Bus Service (Botsford Holdings Pty Ltd), Macksville TV 476, in 2004.
1010 MO764 viewsBusways North Coast (520) Mercedes-Benz LO812/MCA ex MO 5447; ex MO 2124; ex King Bros (303); ex Great Lakes Coaches, Bulahdelah, at Buladelah in 2009. Since deregd
1062 AO566 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (62) a 1997 MCA, Austral Denning "Classic III" ex Thomsons of Yarrawonga at the Fire Museum at Clifton Hill.
683 18-8.jpg
m/o 683747 viewsWestbus Girraween Motorcoach integral with a Cummins L10 ex (67) m/o 683 Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween, N.S.W.-ex mo 1.363. Shuker, Darwin.Recently repainted into a white livery possibly for use in another CDC operation after region 3 is lost on 1st October.
TV 8848461 viewsDeane’s Transport Services, Cooma (21) MCA 6x2 Cummins/MCA ex Hema Pty Ltd t/a Lamble Tours (V & H Lamble), Emerald, VIC 0636 AC; Reg 9/6/99 ex Bulahdelah Bus Co Pty Ltd t/a Great Lakes Coaches, Heatherbrae MO 2865, at Katoomba 17/2/2018.
TV 766079 viewsDM Charters MCA Classic III – Cummins M11 at Central Station 10/6/2019. It is ex Group Charters TV 7660, ex Ogdens Coaches, Dubbo TV 3460, ex Frasers Coaches, Dubbo TV 3460.
3888 AO491 viewsEndeavour Coaches Mercedes 0303/MCA ex 325GPA (QLD) Red Emu Tours, Brisbane, QLD; ex (4) DZ0179 (TAS), DK1582 (TAS) Smith, South Riana, Tasmania; ex TV 420 (NSW) Australian Scenic Tours, Newcastle, NSW., in Geelong South 2/6/2013.
SB 27 DY313 viewsFarnham Roadlines Hino RG197K/MCA ex Q-Bus, Gatton, Qld-ex (20) 20 CBS-ex 816 AVK Logan City Bus Service, Loganlea, QLD, in North Terrace, Adelaide 13/6/2013.
8421 AO653 viewsGillick's, Bairnsdale & Lakes Entrance Motorcoach Classic III 14.5m ex (2) 550 KNZ (QLD) Topline Coach Tours, Brisbane, QLD; ex 50BUS (QLD) MAX Express, Toowoomba, QLD (on loan from Explorer); ex (28) WNY 128 (SA) Explorer Coachlines, Keswick, SA., at Bairnsdale 1/6/2013.
SB 20 CC306 viewsGrant’s Coach Lines Hino RG197K/MCA ex 3108 AO-ex FJX 545 Coles Coaches, Warrnambool, Vic, in King William St, Adelaide 26/7/2016.
SB 20 CC287 viewsGrants Coaches Hino RG197K/MCA ex 3108 AO, ex FJX 545 Coles Coaches, Warrnambool, Vic, in Victoria Square, Adelaide 14/6/2013.
KBL 151239 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines, Morayfield Motorcoach Classic III - CAT C12 in Canberra 17/9/2012.
TV 2992638 viewsLoaders (1) Motorcoach on Countrylink duty at Lithgow 18/1/2013. It was repainted out of Countrylink livery by 2/2012.
TV 1808350 viewsPort Stephens Coaches Volvo B12R/MCA at Haymarket 18/3/2015.
TV 771090 viewsShellharbour City Coach Tours Motorcoach Classic III at Central Station 24/1/2019. Included in takeover by Federation Tour Coaches, Bellambi later in 2019, withdrawn 31/5/2019 and sold to WA 2/2020. Regd 22/1/2014 ex EC & F Ogden t/a Ogden's Coaches, Dubbo (53) TV 2508 via Manheim Auctions, Moorebank 22/1/14; ex Frasers Coaches (Dubbo) Pty Ltd, Dubbo 'City of Broken Hill' TV 2508 7/8/2007.
999 DTU599 viewsWide Bay Tours Maryborough MCA Motorcoach

NHZ 034622 viewsDriver Group/Gray Line (34). MCA - GM series 60/ MCA "Marathon High Deck" which became 1034 AO and withdrawn in 2010. Seen here in 1995 near new.
QCC 071545 viewsDriver Group/Gray Line (54) MCA – GM/MCA "Classic III" which has subsequently been reregd 1054 AO, WA TC plates? and then 6354 AO. Seen here in 2000.

QAV 017558 viewsDriver Group/Great Sights (17) MCA - GM series 60/MCA "Classic III" ex PZZ 917. It was subsequently reregd 1017 AO. Seen here in 2000.
1068 AO662 viewsDriver Group/Gray Line (68) Motorcoach Double Decker/MCA "Classic III" ex WYB 894 (SA). Seen here in 2003.
TV 1911555 viewsCarbridge MCA - Cummins L10/MCA. Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Ex (10) 717 AWT, Sunstate Tours, Milton, QLD. Sold to Southern Cross Transit, Karana Downs, QLD as (8) 137 ERR; then BUS 08.
0581 AO500 viewsQuinces Scenicruisers, Oakleigh Mercedes Benz O303-3/MCA ex FFM 796, in 2007
QCC 037491 viewsWestern stage Lines (76) Mercedes Benz O303-3/Motorcoach ex Australian Army in 2000. It was reregd 4847 AO.
MO 9138429 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service (36) MCA - Cummins L10/MCA in 1992. It was reregd TV 1866 then to Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield (42) TV 1866 (C46FT), then written off 9/8/11 after extensive accident damage & listed for auction on 18/4/12 at Manheim, Moorebank; Sold to Port Stephens Coaches Pty Ltd, Anna Bay via auction by 7/12 as (15) TV 6396.
B92173 [209950].jpg
MO 8991316 viewsFrasers Coaches, Dubbo Hino RG197K/MCA seen heading out for an afternoon school service in 1999.
563 DEO227 viewsBayside Bus Lines, Brisbane Hino CM277K/MCA at Jupiters Casino in 1997.
816 EOD270 viewsBeef City Coaches, Rockhampton Motorcoach – Cummins L10x3/MCA in 2000.
MO 1877528 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (5) MCA –Cummins L10/MCA which saw subsequent service with various other operators in NSW and Qld before being retired from Dorrigo Bus Service in December 2013.
MO 27131522 viewsHunter Valley Buses (ex Blue Ribbon) MCA - GM 6v92tta/MCA. ex MO 2713-ex (156)-ex (125)-ex (R13)-ex TV 985. Later reregd 2448 MO
BBL 40482 viewsBrisbane Bus Lines (40) MCA - CAT 3208T on rail 24/5/2014.
TV 703452 viewsMaianbar Bundeena Bus Service – Bundeena Mercedes-Benz LO812/MCA behind the fence at the depot. Sold to Bayside Bus and Coach, Brisbane as 522 KHL -/08.
MO 2713972 viewsHunter Valley Buses ex Blue Ribbon MCA - GM 6v92tta/MCA. ex MO 2713-ex (156)-ex (125)-ex (R13)-ex TV 985. Later reregd 2448 MO
271 PME404 viewsClarkes, Loganholme (ex Greenline) MCA/Denning 12/10/1988. Eric Walsh photo,
TV 1126233 viewsClipper Gray Line, Sydney (33) MAN 22.360/MCA in new livery.
TV 1126223 viewsClipper Gray Line, Sydney (33) MAN 22.360/MCA in old livery.
TV 8187100 viewsNew England Coaches MCA Classic Cummins M11/MCA ex Ogdens Coaches Pty Ltd, Dubbo (52) TV 2509 via Manheim Auctions, Moorebank 18/3/15; ex Frasers Coaches (Dubbo) Pty Ltd, Dubbo TV 2509 7/8/07, at Chippendale on rail 22/1/2023.
TV 1814419 viewsCoastal Liner Motor Coach Australia chassis with an Austral body, powered by a Caterpillar 3208 V8 engine and an Allison automatic, on night rail June 2008. It is ex Morisset Bus Service TV 429. Sold by 4/2014.
143 EPF797 viewsCrisp's Coaches, Stanthorpe MCA – Cummins/MCA. ex m/o 3533 Great Lakes Coaches, Heatherbrae, N.S.W.

TV 318A91 viewsShire Bus Service (100) MCA Cummins 11/MCA Classic III in Eddy Avenue on rail 22/1/2023. Regd 3/2/21; ex Western Road Liners Pty Ltd (15) TV 1650 by 2/21 (dereg for sale 8/20); ex 1446 MO; ex MO 4790; ex Picnic Point Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD (25) 646 DOS; ex 25 PPC.
IU 5967402 viewsDeluxe Coachlines (92) Motorcoach –GM/Denning in Melbourne between services in 1987.
TV 766088 viewsDM Charters, Queanbeyan MCA Classis III/MCA ex Group Charters, Berridale, ex Ogden's Coaches, Dubbo (51) TV 3460 via Manheim Auctions, Moorebank 22/1/14; ex Fraser's Coaches, Dubbo TV 3460 7/8/07, at Central Station, Sydney 19/10/2022.
1012 AO463 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (12) MCA – GM series 55/MCA Marathon ex FZP 012, in its 2011 livery.
1012 AO287 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (12) MCA - GM series 55/MCA "Marathon" ex FZP012, in 2016.
1015 AO302 viewsDriver Group/Gray Line (15) MCA Motorclassic III on the Monash Freeway 28 September 2016.
1017 AO294 viewsDriver Group : Gray Line Melbourne Motorcoach Classic 111/MCA on the Monash Freeway 16th May 2016,
1061 AO177 viewsDriver Bus Group/Gray Line Motorcoach Classic III on the Warringah Expressway.
1068 AO406 viewsDriver Group/Gray Line (68) Motorcoach Classic 111/MCA on the Monash Freeway 1st April 2016.
CRV 047304 viewsDriver Coaches, Mt Waverley (5) MCA - GM 6v71/PMCSA “Apollo” seen at the Melbourne Cup in 1987. Sold to Regal Force Pty Ltd t/a Naracoorte Charter (A & L Moss), Naracoorte, SA WAB 304 1/10 then Merimbula Bus Lines as TV 6461 and then M & S Rixon, Mogo as TV 6461 4/11.
DriverFZP 012.jpg
FZP 012455 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (12) MCA – GM series 55/MCA Marathon in its original livery. Was reregd 1012 AO.
1057 AO68 viewsDriver Group 87) MCA series 60 at Jells Park, Wheelers Hill 10/4/2021, from the Driver group 90th Anniversary Heritage Tour.
1057 AO63 viewsDriver Group 87) MCA series 60 at Jells Park, Wheelers Hill 10/4/2021, from the Driver group 90th Anniversary Heritage Tour.
BS 06 PF and 1057 AO81 viewsDriver Group 87) Denning Gold Phoenix High Deck in Grayline livery and (57) MCA series 60 at Jells Park, Wheelers Hill 10/4/2021, from the Driver group 90th Anniversary Heritage Tour.
1026 AO1101 viewsDriver Bus Lines (26) MCA (GM Series 50)/Motorcoach Australia (Marathon)
TV 056230 viewsDriver Group: Clipper Tours : Gray Line MAN_22.360/MCA in Landowne St in 1997.
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