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m/o 0453233 viewsVeolia Transport (54) Mercedes/PMC ex-STA Mark II 2234 at Bankstown. The trail blazer for the yellow fronts when that livery was adopted by Connex.
m/o 6285648 viewsPleasure Tours (Wollongong) Mercedes Benz O302/Denning ex m/o 6371, ex JUQ 324, etc. Eric Walsh Photo taken 11/6/1983.
m/o 5070133 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST in Metrobus livery, ex (331), in Kiora Road, Miranda before doing a 961 trip to Barden Ridge.
m/o 8726184 viewsMetrolink (12) Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches on rail at Central with Metrolink signage.
Voyager of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas132 viewsRoyal Caribbean Cruises liners on Sydney Harbour 28/11/2015.
CPH 12191 viewsLachlan Valley Railway Rail Motor at Tarana 8/7/2017.
MO 8643348 viewsSkennars Denning Landseer which subsequently operated with various other operators such as Lindsay;s Coaches, Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Premier Motor Service, South Nowra, Burkes Coaches, Hornsby who sold it to Earle F Green, Glenreagh as MO 8643, converted to RC52F. Dry hired to Original Tours, Strathpine, QLD as (3) 303 LWX, then to Collins Coachways Pty Ltd t/a Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill, NSW as TV 6099. Held unregd at Bankstown as at 5/12 and returned to Green's as BS86YN by 12/12; Deregd by 19/8/13.
u/r191 viewsEx Parramatta Ryde Bus Service ? White/Parra Ryde possibly ex m/o 4319, well after its days with Parramatta Ryde, for sale as a motor home. Centralian photo.
m/o 83961642 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M Mk III/CC seen at Colo High 21/3/2007.
S21858236 viewsQOCS Volvo B58/PMC Sydney ex Buslink (30) 191 ONX which has just arrived back at Eagle Farm for the RACQ MotorFest which was held on Sunday July 14th 2013. It is ex 191 OIX, Stagecoach, Sunshine Coast, QLD, ex (3) 191 OIX, Palmwoods Bus Service, Palmwoods, QLD. Donated to the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society, Brisbane, QLD for preservation
Deregd186 viewsToronto Bus Service AEC Regal III in 1973,
MO 9456111 viewsSawtell Bus Service, Corindi Hino BD186/P&D in 2001,
m/o 4139264 viewsJannali Bus Service AEC Regal III/Hope.
mo5841 Hamilton Rly Stn.jpg
m/o 5841194 viewsSid Foggs AEC Regal III/Comeng ex PTC 2860 on route 5 at Hamilton Station. Became m/o 5841 and then m/o 669 with Belvedere, Merewether when they operated route 5.
MO 5419269 viewsAnderson Albury IBC/Nambucca.
SB 90 DN165 viewsLight City Buses (1121) Scania K320UA/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' at Walkerville 29/3/2012.
img962 - Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1 [Freighter-WA] [VFN009] Road King, Northfield, SA [ex MTT Perth] @ Marion,SA c_1990's.jpg
VFN 009211 viewsRoad King, Northfield Leyland Tiger Cub/Freighter WA ex MTT Perth at Marion SA c 1990.
WBG 187150 viewsTorrens Transit (1701) MAN 11.190 HOCL-NL/PMCA 160 exiting the Glanville Interchange on a 334 9/1/2007.
m_o 5202.jpg
m/o 5202214 viewsTransdev NSW South (327)
Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST (Mk II)

Seen turning in to Bankstown Interchange 7/8/13
6328AO567 viewsPerry's Bus Service, Orbost Mercedes OH1830/Express seen at Sth Cross Station.
6198 MO150 viewsEdwards, Armidale MAN 15.220 operating on A Day on the Greens 21/11/2015. It was operating the normal route services. Photo from Randommann.
MO 7549226 viewsKirkland (76) Leyland Atlantean/MCW
3314 MO and 3304 MO280 viewsHarper, Temora Denning Phoenix midi and Leyland 45.160/Express at Temora 8/6/2015.
712 FRM222 viewsA Team Coaches Arundel (17) Neocar N613 /Neocar ex 712 FBM, Goldenworld Tours, Gold Coast, QLD - imported by Sainty's Coaches, Launceston, TAS.
m/o 197145 viewsLey-Aec Transport , Brookvale Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3Rsp/PMC Metro 90 ex Premier Motor Service t/a Premier Illawarra, Unanderra m/o 7932 2/3/15 (deregd 25/8/14) ex John J Hill Pty Ltd, Wollongong & Shellharbour (32) m/o 7932 6/01 in Bellingara Road, Miranda 28/4/2017,
Johnstons Coachlines 513 Scania K124EB 18th Jan 2010.JPG
JCL 13881 viewsJohnstons Coachlines #513 Scania K124EB with A B Denning bodywork, photographed on the 18th Jan 2010 at Sky City, Auckland.
TP 3005211 viewsPath Transit (3005) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren CR228L in Morley.
img078 - Ansair Mercedes Benz OH1316 Lovells Coaches [ED 4429] - [ex Metro 202] @ Snug c_2005.jpg
ED 4429159 viewsLovell’s Coaches, Tasmania Mercedes OH1316/Ansair ex Metro (202), at Snug c 2005.
TP 1975185 viewsTransdev WA (975) Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L at the Secret Harbour terminus.
WJI 649129 viewsTorrens Transit (509) Mercedes Benz O305/PMCSA on the now defunct route 577 to Athelstone, in 2006.
m/o 9663180 viewsTransdev NSW (419) Volvo B12BLE Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" - still branded Veolia Transport - in the Bankstown Interchange layover area 1/11/2013.
387 OWY300 viewsBayside Bus Service (49) Leyland Leopard/Hope in 1987.
MO 41611027 viewsBlue Ribbon Denning Denflex - CAT 3208t/PMCSA B53F ex C49F acquired new.
m/o 8636280 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (660) is a Mercedes Benz LO812 with a Custom Coaches body, and is ex transitFirst (53), ex Baxters (34), ex Westbus m/o 8639. This bus turned up only to collect the days takings from the drivers.
BS00MZ263 viewsHollands Adventure Tours Motorcoach Classis 111/MCA in Melbourne on V/Line replacement 16th April 2016.
IAC 824111 viewsMMTB (824) Leyland National is shown here at Elsternwick Station on a farewell National tour. Its subsequent fate is not known.
2016-06-16 11_04_35.jpg
m/o 8634149 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex (315), ex Transit First (10), in Jackson Ave, Miranda 16/6/2016.
WJP 69880 viewsTorrens Transit (139) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter seen posing at the old bus loop at Surrey Downs 15/7/2007.
m/o 8743275 viewsVeolia Transport (223) Scania K94IB/Custom Coaches SB400 on rail replacement services.
sm sta 3785 0608130156.jpg
m/o 3785574 viewsSydney Buses (3785) Scania L113CRL/Ansair NSW with Skybreaker advertising
28-4-2015 007.JPG
m/o 7451157 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O405/Custom Coaches "510" ex (127), ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (127) m/o 7451, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 28/4/2015.
m/o 7666232 viewsMetrolink (34) Mercedes O305/Ansair ex ACTION (659) BUS 659, ex ZIB 659, in Liverpool December 2007. Withdrawn by 12/09.
6720AO & 4131AO172 viewsCrown Coaches (720 & 31) both are Mercedes Benz O500RF/NCBC "Protégé" seen here at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.
m/o 650338 viewsWestway Bus & Coach Service manual Hino BG100 / PMC (almighty exhaust note) ex Drummond Transit. Plates passed to Veolia on a newer vehicle.
img328 - Trans Adelaide 1646 MAN SL202 [PMC CNG] [TA-1646] note MAN SL202 chassis - @ Morphettville Open Day c_1994.jpg
TA 1646218 viewsTrans Adelaide (1646) MAN SL202 CNG/PMC at Morphettville open day with a new MAN chassis alongside c 1994.
SB77ET and SB78ET276 viewsSouthlink (2507) and (2508) Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches CB80 when close to new in June 2011.
968 BXJ776 viewsBrisbane Transport MAN SL200 [Denning series2] since withdrawn.
Wood A E - mo 604 Austin Syd Wood - r.JPG
m/o 604225 viewsBankstown Eldridge Road Bus Service (Arthur Wood) Austin/Syd Wood outside Bankstown Post Office in Restwell St.
DUO2438 viewsCarbridge DUO2 at Mascot 2/7/2013. It is a dual drive airport transfer bus designed by Carbridge and built in China.
Volvo B12BLEBustech VST browns plains jan 2013.jpg
67 CBS282 viewsLogan City Bus Service (67) Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST in Logan City livery at Browns Plains Plaza, about to start 560 to Loganholme bus station 15/01/2013. Received from Derek Orford.
m/o 36371357 viewsSydney Buses (3637) Scania L113 CRB CNG / Ansair at Rockdale Station
334 KBL161 viewsMcCaffertys (334) Denning Landseer ex Trans City (27).
2632AO148 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Oakleigh (1181) Scania L94UB (Ethanol)/Custom Coaches at the depot 8th June 2016,
TV 890224 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer 6v92tta which went to Westbus TV 890 8/6/89 - Sold to Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC as (53) VX30BM, then NSU 548, then 1465 AO. Replaced by 2010.
u/r351 viewsEx Sydney Buses (2929) Mercedes Benz O305/PMC Mark IV in the process of being rebuilt as a double deck motor home at Esk Qld. The fleet number can still be seen on the raised roof line.
AA 4400172 viewsBedford SB3 (marketed as Bedford 7SB)/CAC wraparound screen at the Tasmanian Transport Museum Society at Glenorchy on 27 May 2017. Believed initially with Brown on Tasmania’s NE Coast, then passed to Redline before being sold to Derwent Valley Lines.
3087AO143 viewsPanorama Coaches, Diamond Creek (87) Bonluck President/Bonluck on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
MET-633 Scania N113 Ansair Orana.JPG
MET 633896 viewsMetro Tasmania Scania N113/Ansair Orana pictured at Burnie.
1817 ST147 viewsSydney Buses (1817) Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNG/Custom Coaches CB60 nearside on a tour 27/7/2008.
MTT 416, 1973 Hino BT51 [Freighter-Tas].JPG
GT 7147664 viewsMetro Tasmania 416 a Hino BT51/Freighter Tasmania one door model crossing Cataract Gorge Bridge, Launceston c1980

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