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MO 2147300 viewsRichardsons, Richmond NSW AEC Swift 505/Smithfield, ex Auburn Coaches, ex Arrow Coaches m/o 7863, ex Deanes, ex ACTION 336.
Watts MO-4402 Albion.jpg
m/o 4402 587 viewsWatts Wollongong Albion Aberdonian/Comeng ex Bass Hill Bus Service with the same registration. It was scrapped around the date the operation was taken over by John J Hill.
SN7897340 viewsStagecoach ((1201) MAN 11.190 in 2010 as a Metrolink bus,
CBU 331219 viewsGo Bus Ltd (881) Designline City Bus/Designline in Christchurch 20/7/2015.
TV 7070132 viewsCity Sightseeing (432) Anhui Ankai HFF6121GS-3 in the latest livery in Alfred St, Circular Quay 1/1/2013.
TV 7842274 viewsSydney Amazing Coach Tours Scania K112TR/PMCSA Apollo at Central 3/5/2015. It is ex Busway Pty Ltd t/a Gemini Tours, Campbellfield, VIC 1583 AC; ex AJ Quoyle t/a Coffs Harbour Day Tours Pty Ltd, Boambee TV 3549; ex AL Taskin t/a Bosfor Travel, Guildford BOS 404 (refronted to NCBC "Protege" body designs by Bosfor); ex Truemelt Pty Ltd t/a Roadcoach, Moss Vale TV 2796; ex TV 874 mid-2002; ex Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd t/a Coachway, Casula TV 874.
Yarra 352880 viewsYarra Trams D1 class tram (3528) on a 16 service with supplementary signage in 2004.
scrivens kerang ARH843.jpg
ARH843193 viewsScrivens, Kerang Bedford SB3/PMCSA in 1988.
MO 7502342 viewsKirklands Nissan/Domino
CBS116VolvoCB60Loganholm18 11 2014.jpg
116 CBS269 viewsLogan City Bus Service (116) Volvo B12BLEA/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" in TransLink livery, at Loganholme bus interchange 18 November 2014
ESJ 130120 viewsInvicta (10) Mercedes LO812/Ansair? Telebus.
WEB 8021294 viewsSouthlink (2208) MAN NL202/Austral Pacific Group
IMG_3252 - Anhui Ankai Red Decker Co_ 401 [D 21 HO] @ Elizabeth St c_20Oct2014.JPG
D 21 HO156 viewsRed Decker Co (401) Anhui Ankai at Elizabeth St, Hobart c 20 October 2014.
TV 886253 viewsCalabros Denning Denair 8v71 To Westbus then sold to Angelo Riccio Transport Services Pty Ltd, Padstow 3/94, then AAC Coachlines, Sydney, then Downtown Coaches, Pagewood all as TV 886. Resold to Frank & Yvonne McCabe t/a Lake Boga Bus & Coaches, Lake Boga, VIC as 1327 AC (reg 1/7/02); then for a motorhome at Swan Hill -/11, advertised for sale (unconverted) on Gumtree 6/13. At one time had a Landseer style front added.
516 JUN235 viewsConnections, QLD Mercedes O500RF2/Coach Design at McMahons Point in November 2007.
Canterbury Bus lines MO-333 Leyland Leopard.jpg
m/o 333954 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard/CC ex North & Western Bus Lines m/o 463, in the orange Highway Tours livery. It subsequently also operated for a short period of time with the Edddy Hayman version of Canterbury Bus Lines but was withdrawn in March 1990 after serious hail damage. It did operate for a short period after this with Revesby Bus & Coach as m/o 7802 mainly on route 26 which they had just acquired from Challenge Travel.
Bendigo 19.163 viewsBendigo tram (19) departing from the Glengowie tram depot on its visit to Adelaide, 21/11/1999.
6567 MO358 viewsPremier Illawarra Volgren CR228L bodied Mercedes O500LE, on rail standby at Sutherland
328 ARW190 viewsMcCafferty’s (328) Denning Landseer – was reported for sale from Greyhound some time ago.
IMG_6500 - Anhui Ankai Red Decker Co_ 402 [E 59 XK] @ Elizabeth St_ Station c_22Oct2016.JPG
E 59 XK164 viewsRed Decker Co (402) Anhui Ankai at Elizabeth St Station, Hobart St c 22 October 2016.
679 PKF286 viewsBayside Bus Service (83) MAN 16.240/PMC in 1987.
MO 52771659 viewsBusways Sydney operations have recently received a number of Mercedes O405 / CC 510's from their North Coast operations, which were inherited from the Former King Bros. Bus Group empire. Seen here is number 570 at Blacktown Station operating a regular route service. Since reregd m/o 5150.

img125 - Volvo B58 [CAC] Lovell's Coaches [DI-2665] - [ex MTT 54] @ Hobart College, Mt Nelson c_2000.jpg
DI 2665137 viewsLovell’s Coaches, Tasmania Volvo B58/CAC ex MTT 54 at Hobart College, Mt Nelson c 2000.
IYR 74594 viewsMartyrs (21) was a PMC Bedford Vam 70 which came from Atkinson Holland Constructions.
Go Bus Transport 5036.jpg
KNM521234 viewsGo Bus Transport 5036 Volvo B7RLE/GBV NZ bodywork in Busit green livery at Hamilton Jan 2018.
6872AO129 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Moorabbin (251) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren in Jasper Road, Bentleigh on rail replacement 25th June 2916,
m/o 142336 viewsSouth Western Coachlines Bedford SB/CC new to Revesby but seen here in AOA for Dove when later at Jannali.
2015-10-23 10_08_32.jpg
m/o 9085295 viewsTransdev NSW MAN 16.240 UOCL/PMC 160 ex (67) by 3/9/14; Transferred ex Transdev NSW Pty Ltd, Mt Kuring-gai m/o 9085 (67) 5/6/13; ex m/o 8693 by 8/11; ex m/o 8171 -/02; ex Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd) 3/9/01, in Port Hacking Road South, Caringbah 23/10/2015.
TP 1090108 viewsPath Transit Renault PR100.2/ Volgren-Porter is seen here enjoying the sights mid-route on a 302 to Kalamunda, extending to Lesmurdie.
ESI 993225 viewsTAA Ford R192 with Freighter body of 1972. Centralian photo.
BS00RK341 viewsSita Bus Lines (222) Volvo B10L/Austral Pacific Orana ex (582) 582JVZ (QLD), ex (582) 582EKA (QLD) Brisbane Transport, Brisbane, QLD.
PQU 202108 viewsPanorama of Melbourne, Diamond Creek (26) Metrotech 16.210/ABM on a charter in 1999.
m/o 7658202 viewsPunchbowl Bus Company Scania L113CRL/Custom Coaches CB60 in Transport NSW livery – at Bankstown Central 27/1/2017.
m/o 7054165 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B10M Mk III/ Custom Coaches "200" ex (98), ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (98) m/o 7054, in Mitchell Road near Wanda Beach 16/9/2014.
SB28BY388 viewsYorke Peninsula Coaches Scania K93CR/PMCA Apollo ex (516) TV 1961-ex VDK 983 Murrays Coaches, Australia., in King William St, Adelaide 14/1/2015
glasshouseCountry36MalaneyNS11jun2016 [8737557].JPG
822 WFW224 viewsGlasshouse Country (36) MAN 19.320/Custom CB80 series ll at Maleny 11 Jun 2016.
3868 MO737 viewsUlladulla Bus Lines (30), a 2009 Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches "CB60" "EVO II"
Yarra 294101 viewsYarra Trams (294) in 2007 Christmas livery, in Flinders St. whilst on the City Circle Run.
m/o 4094191 viewsTransdev NSW Hino RG230/Custom Coaches "516" ex (49), ex S Crowther & Sons Pty Ltd, Caringbah m/o 4094; ex Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd (7) MO 4437, in Kiora Road, Miranda 28/2/2018 no longer with driver side ad.
2180AC205 viewsDee Decker (Espy) Leyland Atlantean/PRV ex London Bus Company, Queenscliff SIU 674, ex ADCARR; ex Ballarat Explorer; ex Osborn, Muswellbrook, ex Plymouth JJY634S, at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens 24/6/2011.
2348AO158 viewsSunbus Airport Shuttle Denning Landseer DD ex Sun Palm Tours Pty Ltd, Bundall, QLD SPT 86; ex Westliner, Midland, WA (30) TC 2470; ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (183) m/o 270 (NT) doing a drop off at the Swanston Hotel after arriving from Avalon Airport July 2008. Then to Sita Coaches Pty Ltd, West Footscray (215) 2348 AO by 8/11, then Action Tours, Somerton, VIC 2223 AC 3/14, then unregd to Garry Carr enthusiast (unused) , then u/r to Moores Tours, Hurstville.
7607AO265 viewsRockleigh Tours a 1990, Scania K93/ Volgren ex Tassielink ex Hobart Coaches, on regional rail replacement services.
img430 - Volvo B58 [PMC-SA] STA 1418 [STA-418] @ Flinders University.jpg
STA 418197 viewsSTA Adelaide (1418) Volvo B58/PMCSA at Flinders University in the attractive Cream, Brown and Burnt Orange livery with a white roof.
EF 09 OXF 137 viewsOxford bus co ScaniaN239UD/ADL Envro400 (205)in Brookes Uni livery in Oxford June 2017.
Lineup101 viewsHere is a line up of most of the vehicles that attended the HCVA Rally at the Sydney Bus and Truck Museum at Tempe, before running to Homebush, late November 2008.
Yarra 97681 viewsYarra Trams (976) W6 class in AOA outside Flinders St. Station (This Tram is preserved in Bendigo)
m/o 730598 viewsVeolia Transport (90) Volvo B10M/ Custom Coaches "Mk 85 VR" ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (30) m/o 7305 1/1/05; ex Western Road Transport m/o 7305 24/1/87, as rail changeover bus at East Hills. Withdrawn and deregd by 24/8/11 and stored at Menai depot, sold to the Parker family, Oakville by 12/11.
433rivertce2 11 2014.jpg
158 VDW270 viewsCity Sightseeing/Brisbane Explorer (433) Anhui Ankai HFF6121GS-3 on the second day of running of the official sightseeing tour of Brisbane at River Terrace, Brisbane 2 11 2014. Ex Sydney TV 7072.
m/o 7190194 viewsDeanes, North Ryde AEC Swift/Smithfield 11/11/1985. Eric Walsh photo.
TC 2161115 viewsHorizon West (3) Leyland Atlantean/Weymann ex-MO5123 Kirkland Bros (Lismore NSW) (2); ex-Hills (Sydney) (dealer); ex-UNB624 South East Lancashire North East Cheshire PTE / SELNEC (3624); ex-UNB624 Manchester City Transport (3624).
TV 7947273 viewsBosfor Travel Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Mills-Tui "Valerie" ex Adams Coachlines, Malaga, WA (C47) TC 6803; ex AAT Kings Coach Company, Botany (12A) TV 007, at Floriade, Canberra 30/9/2014.
m/o 1736248 viewsSydney Buses (1736) Volvo B12BLEA Euro 3/Custom Coaches CB60 laying over at the North Bondi terminus next to (1732) in October 2006.
TV 4526192 viewsTiger Tours Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Autobus ex Forster Bus Service, (2) TV 4526; ex Deluxe, South Oakleigh, VIC (86) 5281 AO, at Woronora Dam for a Probus Barbeque 1/12/2014.
m/o 9484192 viewsVeolia Transport (306) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST in Kiora Road, Miranda 26/2/2013.
3754AO464 viewsFrom Echucha-Moana Transit is this Irisbus Agoralina with Custom Coaches CB60 body. Fleet number 1 registered 3754AO.

TP 2135143 viewsNew recruit Veolia Transport Perth (2135) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L at Joondalup.
MO 5887764 viewsFearnes Coaches Irisbus Agoraline / CC 'CB60' in Baylis Street, Wagga
BI95ZO351 viewsHawkesfords (70) Mercedes 0305Mk2/PMC on the Concord Shuttle at Concord West 11/2/20111. It is either ex AZ54ZP Macarthur Anglican School Cobbity, ex Premier Illawarra MO 6416, ex STA 2290 or ex Hillsbus m/o 9048, ex STA 2280. It has since become TV 7385 with Concord Coaches
UQB 728107 viewsSouthern Cross Transit (728) Renault PR180.2/JWBolton doing a 530 into Fremantle on 16 December 2010.
TV 007164 viewsAAT Kings, Botany NSW (159) Bonluck "President 3 JXK6137"/Bonluck with glass roof at the back of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra 20/9/2017.
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