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SB 12 BH147 viewsLight City Buses (1283) Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II' , at Walkerville 29/3/2012.
MO 0213358 viewsRFW/Ansair. New to Pioneer Tourist Industries Pty.Ltd,t/a Ansett Pioneer,Adelaide, (202) SDB 353. Sold to Kogarah Coachlines(Len Reynolds),Blakehurst,1984 and reg as TV 819. Sold to Kings Bus Service Pty.Ltd,Kempsey,by 7/85 and reg as MO 0213. Rereg TV 1221. Sold to Sydney Coachlines,Kingsgrove as TV 1221 by 8/90. Sold to Wollongong area late 2002. This one worked in Kogarah livery with Kings signage for its life with SCL.
m/o 888431 viewsSugar Valley Coachlines (8) Leyland Panther PSUR1/1/Denning ex Brisbane City Council, QLD 682. Scrapped by the end of 1998.
m/o 8029269 viewsTelfords Bedford BLP2 / PMC, one of three such units ex Jones Bros, Lithgow. This one was ex MO 9986. At Telfords was first m/o 7293, then m/o 8029, then m/o 292 – sold to South Australia by 6/94.
m/o 9166128 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L ex (405), ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (12) m/o 9166, at Bankstown Central 11/8/2017.
m/o 88031303 viewsWestbus (and subsequently Hillsbus) m/o 8803 Scania L94UB/Volgren 'CR228L' on Harbour Bridge southbound.
m/o 25741300 viewsSydney Buses (2574) Mercedes O305G/PMC in heavy rain during Military Road peak hour.
Newmans MO3733g.jpg
MO 3733406 viewsNewman Macksville International/Watts.
Bedford SB3 [CBW] No_ 130 [WSO290] @ Mount St_ c_1964.jpg
WSO 290274 viewsMetro Tasmania MTT 130 Bedford SB3 - (City Bodyworks) at Burnie depot c1964. It was new to Hobart in 1961 and transferred to Burnie in 1963 [sold in 1975].
337 BVK198 viewsBrisbane Transport (337) Volvo B10M mk3 /Austral Metroliner at Chermside November 2014.
1EFY451240 viewsHorizons West (28) Mercedes-Benz O305 / PMCSA ex-WJI622 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (522); ex-WJI622 Serco (Adelaide) (522); ex-TA1522 TransAdelaide (1522); ex-STA522 State Transport Authority (1522), in Cannington.
TV 4154244 viewsLilfox Holdings Pty Ltd (Willetts) - Quakers Hill Mercedes-Benz O303-3/Denning ex Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD 701 IYO 3/06; ex Thoroughbred Coaches, Melton, VIC (8) 5359 AO (reposessed 9/05); ex Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD -/9? (19) 297 DSE; ex Australian Pacific Coaches, Mascot (2) NT m/o.1253; ex DCG 352; ex Sandringham (59) DBY 519. On a shopping tour in Bay Road, Taren Point 10/11/2013. Was regd TV 7030 for some time since previous photo.
m/o 805472 viewsCDC Hillsbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches 310 at Hornsby in TNSW livery
TV 1927233 viewsMurrays Coaches (506) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJK 589 in Mach Nippon Travel Agency livery in 1995. It was reregd 506 DEH and then TV 2527 before being sold to Victorian Touring Coaches.
m/o 7885381 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M Mk2/CC at Castle Hill.
img112 - Tassie Link No_80 Scania K PMC @ Geeveston.jpg
CJ 5680209 viewsTassie Link (80) Scania K92/PMC ex Hobart Coaches at Geeveston.
Yarra 209487 viewsYarra Trams (B2) 2094 in AOA for Heinz not far out of St.Kilda heading towards the City in July 2007
103A161 viewsEx Sydney Steam Tram (103A) at Valley Heights 9/7/2017.
977 EEN921 viewsBrisbane Transport 977 Volvo B10M/Volgren seen at Inala Terminus. On Saturday 21st June 2009 We Farewelled the Volgren Artics
Yarra 350687 viewsYarra Tram (3506) inbound on route 16 passing Victoria barracks on AOA for Barbie.
6198 MO162 viewsEdwards, Armidale AEC Swift 760/Domino ex 3402 MO,, ex MO 1513, ex Shorelink (22) m/o 5008, returning to Sydney in the summer of 1990, at a quaint old Ampol Service Station for lunch at Nemingha.
MO 1261444 viewsWright, Forbes Bedford VAM70/PMC in 1990.
CJV 370161 viewsDrivers Bus Lines, Mt Waverley Domino GM6v71/Domino at Chadstone Shopping Centre in 1990.
TC 3816439 viewsSouth West Coach Lines / Bunbury City Transit Mercedes Benz O500LE Volgren "CR228L"at Bunbury Bus Station.
m/o 1920568 viewsEx STA 2355 is now Fleet number 20, registered m/o1920 at Transit First. Seen at Bankstown Station on a combined route 935/936/937 west Bankstown service. It became (622) at Veolia Transport and was withdrawn 12/08 and subsequently scrapped.
BPP 985263 viewsGrenda Bus Service (113) Bedford SB3 in 1985.
1990 ST134 viewsSydney Buses (1990) new Mercedes O500LE/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II on route E68 on its 2nd revenue service in Carrington St, Wynyard before retrning to the depot 17/11/2009.
ACI 91997 viewsMMTB (885) Volvo B59/Ansair approaching the Clifton Hill Terminus of the 246 run.
BS02DU206 viewsVentura Bus Lines (1257) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren on Oakleigh - Dandenong Metro rail 13th August 2016.
img890 - Transperth 6 Scania [CAT6] DAB Midcity body - Blue Cat livery - c_1997.jpg
CAT 6187 viewsTransperth (6) Scania/DAB Midcity body – Blue Cat livery c 1997.
BS00RP253 viewsCDC Melbourne, Sunshine (99) Scania K280UB/Volgren at Moorabbin Station on world cup golf shuttles 23rd November 2016.
FassifernCoachesBCI Cruiser181KKQRiverlink.jpg
181 KKQ278 viewsFassifern Coaches BCI "Cruiser" at Riverlink Ipswich 25 5 2014
m/o 7841214 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches "CB60" in The Mall, Bankstown 22/6/2012.
Yarra 148217 viewsYarra Trams Z3 (148) in St.Kilda Rd. heading to Malvern Depot for a rest.
7527AO338 viewsBentleigh Coaches Volvo B9R/Coach Concepts ex (27) 7527AO, ex SB44BQ (SA) Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin.
m/o 4960308 viewsBusways (475) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches at Hornsby picking up on rail on a Route 30 to Wynyard June 2008.
SBS37155 viewsVeolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS] Mercedes Benz OH1830/Volgren SC222 doing a 60 school service to Collie.
2827AO267 viewsIvanhoe Bus Company, Heidelberg West (27) a 1994, Hino RG197K/Volgren ex RBT235 at Ivanhoe Station 13/4/2012.

2015-09-25 12_36_20.jpg
m/o 8729239 viewsTransdev NSW Scania L94UB/Bustech ex (217) - at Bankstown Central 25/9/2015.
TV 6384495 viewsTelfords Volvo B9R/Coach Concepts on rail replacement services in Tooronga Tce, Beverly Hills 13/1/2013
CDC HB m_o 9370.jpg
m/o 9370380 viewsCDC HillsBus m/o 9370
Scania K94UB/Volgren CR228L
ex (144)

Seen at Castle Hill Interchange 18/7/13
BS02DU149 viewsVentura Group:Dandenong (1257) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren departing Oakleigh on a Dandenong 800 service 15th August 2016.
TV 808429 viewsTelfords Denning Mono ex Sunliner Tours, Gosford HOP 022; ex Central Coast Transit, Umina UPO 022; ex Richter Bros Bus Service, Umina ISZ 013. Sold for a motorhome conversion via Slattery (dlr) - fitted out and burnt out at The Rocks, Sydney on 26/5/94.
2170AO200 viewsTransdev Melbourne (517) MAN 15.220/Custom Coaches CB30 in Melbourne 2/11/2016.
Westbus1741 viewsm/o 5245, m/o 5249, m/o 5249 and m/o 5235 Leyland Leopard/CCs ex Bowmans St Marys lined up here 21/3/2007.
BUS 473395 viewsACTION Canberra (473) a Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches "CB60 EVO II" of August 2010 about to enter Civic Interchange.
5352 MO140 viewsRankin Springs Bus Service Hino Ranger FB125/ABM ex MO 5783; ex Cardiff Stock.
NGR 701258 viewsQueensland Rail's first of 75 of the new trains. Undergoing load testing approaching Karrabin 24 Sept 2016.
MO 4069275 viewsNorth West Coaches Scania/Neoplan which was new to VIP. After VIP it became TV 955 at ABC Coachlines and after that - Kristin Coaches, Gordon TV 249, Westons Coachlines, Denistone TV 249, King's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kempsey TV 249, Shane Lyons, Walgett TV 249, rereg MO 4069, North West Coaches, Lightning Ridge MO 4069 and then Tara Coaches (Coleman), Tara, QLD 574 HWH. Sitting withdrawn in 2011.
m/o 9207 then m/o 020.642 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines, Leyland Leopard, PMCSA ex Ventura Buslines (50) FRW 050. It became (?) 120 EJZ at Logan Coaches Qld.
m/o 9732171 viewsWestbus Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II on rail in 2011. It went to Transit Systems with region 3 in 2013.
TV 959 426 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12B/Autobus ex (SA) SB89BK; ex Transborder Express Pty Ltd, Mitchell, ACT (23) MO 213 12/6/08 (C52FTL); ex (SA) WXL 176 - First reg 22/7/03. On rail at East Hills.
m/o 5231550 viewsVeolia Transport (355) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST in TNSW livery in Nullaburra Road, Caringbah 8/10/2011.
Jillian190 viewsCaptain Cook Cruises. At no 6 wharf Circular Quay operating the free ferry services to the Biennale of Sydney at Cockatoo Island 24/8/2012.
m/o 8408239 viewsOrange Coaches (2) Hino RG197/PMCA 160 ex Shorelink, Mt Kuring-gai (94) m/o 8408 -/99, ex St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd, Pymble (19) m/o 8408 6/7/98; ex Dion's Bus Service (Seapost Pty Ltd), Fairy Meadow m/o 8408 6/95. Sold to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (467) m/o 8408 6/8/08; Reregd 5297 MO. Seen here in January 2001.
m/o 8716248 viewsMetroLink (12) Volvo B10M Mk4/CC 210 at Liverpool, a surprising sight on a Saturday.
TV 381295 viewsBoronia Coach Tours – the coach arm of West Bankstown Bus Service – Hino BG300/Custom Coaches sold to Prior Batemans Bay as MO 5485 before the take over by Westway.
P1050470 (2)TP1555.JPG
TP1555208 viewsSwan Transit (1555) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Volgren seen entering Murdoch I/C on a 98 Circle 12/4/2012.
6739 AO352 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (85) Denning Manufacturing Low Floor - Cat/Custom Coaches CB 60 ex SB62AT, on the Melbourne Free City Shuttle in Flinders St at Federation Square 2/2/2012.

B 498 475 viewsTupou College on Tonga’s main island of Tongatapu Leyland Royal Tiger Cub - GM/PMC ex UUX 056 Fangia's Bus Lines (First Priority) – Eastwood, ex m/o 7517; ex Connex NSW, Menai m/o 7517 (68) -/03; ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (68) m/o 7517 9/99; ex Woronora Bus Service; Rebody ex m/o 789 (Comair CAV body); ex Melbourne - Brighton Bus Service, VIC (62) HNW 262.
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