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2079AO180 viewsOff side of Fallon's Wangaratta 1988 Isuzu LT1-11P/PMC "Commuter" ex Cullen's Wangaratta 2079AO, ex PCC339, ex DSB794 seen parked in Myrrhee for the school holidays. Received from Brad Neil.
2015-09-01 13_31_50.jpg
TV 399365 viewsHunt's Coaches, Camden Scania K112TR/PMCSA ex Macarthur Touring Centre, Camden TV 399 -/01; ex Busways Macarthur Pty Ltd, South Camden (113) TV 399 by 5/92; ex Macarthur Coaches Pty Ltd, South Camden TV 399; ex VIP Express, Sydney RI 9896. Refronted by Express Coachbuilders in 1997. In Denman Ave, Caringbah 1/9/2015.
TV 488500 viewsIllawarra Tours Hino/Smithfield
UQB 721128 viewsTransdev WA (721) Renault PR180.2 / JW Bolton in Fremantle.
TV 1529833 viewsBankstown Coaches, Bass Hill Denning Landseer 8v92 on dry hire from Marulan Truck & Bus ex Jonathan's Coaches, Central Coast; ex B & K Coaches; new to Skennar's.
MO 375281 viewsCapital Touring Services, Gowrie Canberra Explorer Dennis Dart SLF/Wright Crusader ex ACTION, Canberra, ACT (132) BUS 132, in Canberra 15/9/2015.
2454 ST204 viewsSydney Buses (2454) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" at Bankstown Central in Transport NSW livery, 23/12/2014.
TP 1590223 viewsSwan Transit ex-Midvale (1590) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren CR225L seen at Hale Rd, Wembley Downs.with ex-Trigg buses 635 and 1077 in the background.
m/o 6621042 viewsThe first Punchbowl Bus Co bus in Transport NSW livery, a Volvo B7RLE with possibly the last Custom CB60 body, seen here on its first day out on a 945 trip to Centro Bankstown showing via Mortdale. Olympian photo.
MO 5725388 viewsKatoomba Leura Bus Service Leyland/MCW of 1967 originally Manchester Corp (81), then SELNEC 36 then Toronto BS 8 then Invicta United BS 16 then to Katoomba-Leura. Changed from double to single headlights. The other vehicle is not identified. Centralian photo
m/o 7453593 viewsVeolia Transport (55) Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 2310 which left State Transit in 1998, and has lost its centre door in the meantime whilst at Baxter's, and still soldiers on at Veolia in 2010 operating route 909 to Parramatta. It was withdrawn early 2012.
m/o 3093809 viewsHow's this for alignment? Sydney Buses (3093) Mercedes-Benz O405 /PMC MK V with AC and a gas pod at Circular Quay.
m/o 3760214 viewsSydney Buses (3760) Scania L113CRL/Ansair "Orana" transferred from Kingsgrove to Tempe in May 2013, in Transport NSW livery in Urunga Parade, Miranda 25/3/2014.
img023 - HMT 116 as seen @ Huonville c_1993.jpg
HMT 116134 viewsHobart Tram seen at Huonville c 1993.
4760 MO377 viewsPremier Illawarra, one of a bunch of BCI Low Floors Operated by Premier, in the Keira/Burelli/Corrimal St area.
m/o 9001652 viewsBaxter's Girraween acquired two ex Harris Park Transport Volvo B10M's. m/o 9001 (fleet number 9) is CC bodied ex HPT m/o 7497. Since reregd TV 5097 then sold to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys as TV 5165 25/1/10 with TV 5097 plates going to an ex Australian Defence Force Volvo.

TP 1831296 viewsPATH Transit 1831 shown here in AOA for QBE Insurance, which was captured over a year ago, on a 402 trip to Stirling Station.
Yarra 226553 viewsYarra Trams Z3 (226) has commenced its journey to Moreland in City Rd. (seen here in St Kilda Rd) on a wet Tuesday after Easter 2012.
m/o 5018994 viewsVeolia Transport (440) Volvo B7RLE/CC CB60, the Bankstown free shuttle bus, doing a route 922 trip to Bankstown after finishing its shuttle duties for the day.
BTR 431190 viewsGrenda Corporation (34) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1997.
RML 2353135 viewsEx London Transport AEC at Leichhardt 6/8/2017 in the "London Transport Day" at the Sydney Bus Museum.
370534 viewsBriscoes Adelaide (370) Denning in 1986
TV 2373962 viewsDaniela Charters, Wollongong TV 2373 Hino RV730P/Domino ex Keira Tours; ex Roadcoach; Rebuild by Austral Denning ex TV 725; ex Boronia Coaches (West Bankstown) TV 725, ex WB 2356
4811AO259 viewsCDC Melbourne (52) Volvo B10M Mk IV/Volgren ex OEU 238 running Rail Replacement Essendon - Craigieburn. Seen at Essendon Station 7/10/2017.
m/o 7058377 viewsHillsbus Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches Mk88.
AE 001.JPG
BV 54 JA179 viewsParadise Tours, South Strathfield Hino BG300/PMC ex Pearce Omnibus Pty Ltd, Valley Heights (Blue Mountains Bus Co) 3741 MO by 12/13; ex MO 9717 10/08, at Cronulla Leagues Club 25/3/2015.
WTZ 294114 viewsTransit Plus (3359) Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren CR224L in the Adelaide Hills for the Oakbank Racing Carnival 10 April 2007, humps and bumps its way to unloading passengers. Subsequently operating with Southlink – owned by ATE.
m/o 9248405 viewsPremier Illawarra, a 2006 MAN 18.280/ Custom Coaches "CB50HCL" at the corner of Burelli & Corrimal Sts, Wollongong.
TV 6208751 viewsRenault PR100.2 in Park St, Sydney 7/12/11. It was reg with Hawkesfords 18/8/10, ex Busabout Wagga Wagga 3983 MO 10/09; ex MO 6364; ex Fearnes Investments, Wagga Wagga MO 6364; ex Action, Canberra, ACT (692) BUS 692 12/05. It has been on dry hire to Telford's Bus & Coach (Marrickville Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Arncliffe since 3/11/11. Then went to Concord Coaches.
m/o 16141203 viewsSydney Buses (1614) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren on loan from V to N, operating a 263, turning into Cammeray Road from Grafton Avenue, Cammeray
MO 8999161 viewsPleasure Charter Tours MAN 16-240 with NCBC body operating rail replacement at Chatswood. Seen here turning on the Gore Hill Freeway and has just passed under the North Shore Line 31/12/2007.
MO 4281199 viewsKirklands, Lismore Leyland Atlantean/Weymann.
m/o 8750143 viewsInterline Bus Service (34) Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex ACTION (691) BUS 691 the last remaining Renault in the fleet which is in the ACTION colours at Interline, seen here at at St Andrews after having dropped off its last passennger in January 2009. Withdrawn 10/13.
m/o 8817172 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST ex (301), in The Boulevarde, Miranda 1/2/2017 with driver side ad for Laing and Simmons.
8254AO256 viewsNational Bus Co (973) Scania K230UB/ Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II in Ventura livery on St Kilda tram replacement 14 June 2011. Has since gone to Transdev and into PTV livery.
7-5-2015 002.JPG
m/o 7311296 viewsTransdev NSW MAN SL252/HiCom ex (697), ex Caringbah Bus Service at Cronulla High School 7/5/2015.
5929AO267 viewsPegasus Coach Tours Scania K124EB/Coach Design ex Wangaratta Coach Lines, VIC (17) 0649 AO; ex PLM 666, on a morning tea stop at the Submarine, Holbrook 12/4/2013.
5431AO292 viewsBayside Coaches (31) Volvo B9R/Coach Concepts ex SB02EF (SA) in November 2014.
u/r 251 viewsFellowes Swansea Coaches Denning Denair at the NSW Bus Show in 19??. Centralian photo.
Bankstown Coaches MO-565 Leyland Mastiff.jpg
m/o 565666 viewsBankstown Coaches (the 1980's operator using this name) Leyland Mastiff RE/PMC ex BL 256, ex Kandos. It was sold to Gerringong Coaches.
m/o 3795 167 viewsSydney Buses (3795) Scania L113CRL/Ansair Orana in Kiora Road, Miranda 7/12/2016 back on black on yellow plates.
TV 4913994 viewsBronzewing Tours TV 4913 MAN 18.360 13.5m/Coach Design at Wollongong 3/2/10.
1 DSH676 278 viewsUnknown owner, Geraldton WA Denning Landseer ex ex-South West Coach Lines (Bunbury) TC 579.
TV 5265504 viewsTelford's (121) MAN SL200/Ansair ex m/o 7040; ex Melbourne Bus Link, Footscray, VIC (323) 0323 AO (B41D); ex OVO 360; ex PTC/MET (323), parked in the Kingsway, Miranda 19/1/2012.
m/o 5192180 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" in Metrobus livery at Bankstown Central 6/9/2017.
WJM 9761217 viewsTorrens Transit (1952) MAN SG280H/PMCSA since used for parts.
m/o 76771047 viewsPleasure Charter Tours Volvo B58/PMCSA ex Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA (1372) by 6/06 (reg 20/7/06) parked behind the Anzac Club in North Sydney. Reregd TV 5760.
m/o 1156152 viewsSydney Buses (1156) Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG/CC "Citaro" in Young St, Circular Quay 5/1/2017.
PRT 016541 viewsPark Ridge Transit (16) is Bustech bodied Scania L94UB, and was photographed at Browns Plains Plaza. The bus is brand new, but was ordered with the older style Bustech body as the VST production lines are currently only supplying bodies on Mercedes and Volvo chassis
m/o 5871133 viewsParramatta Ryde Bus Service Leyland Leopard/Parra Ryde. To STA 28/2/00 - Transferred to Tempe for sale. Sold to Mark Burton (enthusiast), South Nowra for preservation 28/4/00.
TV 883.jpg
TV 883150 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer in 1988.
MO 2338628 viewsHawkesbury Valley Volvo B10M/Volgren seen at a Windsor school in 1996.
MO 52021205 viewsHunter Valley Buses Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Blue Ribbon acquired new. Since reregd 3565 MO.
VolvoB7RLEVolgren2996TLDSbris25 12 13.JPG
996 TLD373 viewsBrisbane Transport E2073 Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren Optimus at South Brisbane 25 Dec 2013. Delivered new Dec 2013. Received from Derek Orford.
WJP 481124 viewsTorrens Transit (1879) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter at West Lakes Shopping Centre 18/6/2007.
MO 0175524 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (81) Bedford YRT3/Custom Coaches ex (149); ex Busways, Camden (34) MO 0175; ex m/o 5307; ex Riverstone Bus Service m/o 5307. Deregd and stored for sale at Westbus, Girraween 7/08.
BS01RX126 viewsSkylight Buslines (24) Higer Road Boss/Higer on the BCSV tour 20th August 2016.
TP 1156140 viewsTransdev (1156) Mercedes-Benz O405NH / Volgren CR225L at Bunbury City. This is a recent transfer from Busselton and is the only bus in the TransBunbury fleet to have the old corporate Green and Silver livery.
m/o 61191792 viewsNowra Coaches Mercedes-Benz O305/Ansair ex Premier Illawarra, ex Rutty's Bus Service, Figtree (19) m/o 6119 6/01; ex Action, Canberra (596) BUS 596 11/95; ex ZIB 596, one of two such buses on town school and route services. It is seen at Stewart Place departing for South & West Nowra. Later regd 2368 MO.
3371AO222 viewsBerwick Bus Lines (24) Scania K280IB/Higer A30 at the Shrine on a school charter 15th April 2016.
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