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Lewis Bros Albion 440-828.jpg
440 828526 viewsLewis Bros SA (22) Albion/Lewis Bros
TV 6526105 viewsSydney Explorer (429) MCW Metrobus Mk2/MCW x (105) 3398AO, RFF227 Melbourne City Sightseeing, stored in Sydney, ex CZ 894 New World First Bus, Hong Kong, ex (ML17) CZ 894 China Motor Bus, Hong Kong,at Weereewa Loukout for Floriade, Canberra, 17/9/2016. Possibly the last year an MCW will be used at Floriade.
?221 viewsBrisbane Transport (28) Sunbeam Trolley Bus.
XPT 2013254 viewsNSW Trains XPT 2013
"Starlight Express"
Seen at Hornsby 7/8/13
Pop-Eye III169 viewsTransit Systems operated "Popeye III" on the River Torrens, Adelaide. 14/1/15.
m/o 7020218 viewsSydney Coachlines Bedford BLP2/CC outside the Inter-Continental Hotel at Parramatta – October 2007.
m/o 5038316 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Volvo B7R/Custom Coaches SB400 on rail at East Hills 1/14.
m/o 2757526 viewsBuslink (Darwin Bus) 169 is one of 14 Mercedes O500LE's with Volgren "CR228L" body delivered to Buslinks Darwin bus operation. Seen here leaving Palmerston nterchange.

SB68EG242 viewsTownsend's Bus Travel, Renmark Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech ex (12) 608 ESC Whitsunday Transit, Cannonvale, Qld. Seen here in July 2011 at the back of the Berri shopping centre just before commencing its next run to Loxton, soon after it had been acquired
IMG_4501 - Anhui Ankai Red Decker Co_ 401 [D 21 HO] @ Elizabeth St_ c_03Nov2015.JPG
D 21 HO182 viewsRed Decker Co (401) Anhui Ankai at Elizabeth St, Hobart c 3 November 2015.
m/o 3139581 viewsSydney Buses (3139) Mercedes Benz O405/PMC Mark 5 photoshopped into Southtrans livery.
m/o 8151736 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M Mk I/CC at Windsor High School 22/9/2005, Sold to Shannon's Bus & Motor Homes, Kenwick, WA for conversion to a motorhome. Seen here at Windsor High.
Bosnjak`s Coach Lines Leyland Leopard MO-071.jpg
m/o 071960 viewsBosnjak's Coaches Leyland Leopard/Smithfield - 7/4/1980
m/o 7738387 viewsVeolia Transport (81) Leyland Tiger/CC Mk 86 ex MO 7738 by 11/6/10 (original m/o 7738 plates recovered); ex m/o 7738; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (88) m/o 7738; ex Harris Park Transport m/o 7738, at Menai.
AA 4400170 viewsBedford SB3 (marketed as Bedford 7SB)/CAC wraparound screen at the Tasmanian Transport Museum Society at Glenorchy on 27 May 2017. Believed initially with Brown on Tasmania’s NE Coast, then passed to Redline before being sold to Derwent Valley Lines.
m/o 526298 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Penshurst 7/14.
img834 - STA MAN SL200 [PMCSA] 1939 @ Torrens Parade Ground [Bus Roadeo] c_Nov92.jpg
STA 939222 viewsState Transit Authority (SA) (1939) MAN SL200 CNG/PMCSA 'Commuter' at the Torrens Parade Ground, King William Road, Adelaide taking part in the State and National Bus Roadeo competitions on 15th November 1992.
HFX 834217 viewsEx Parramatta Ryde Bus Service White/Parra Ryde m/o 4421 used here as a church bus. Centralian photo.
IMG_6423 - Volvo B10M [PMCSA] Franklins Tas [DD 7722] @ Queenstown c_20Oct2016.JPG
DD 7722180 viewsFranklins, Tasmania Volvo B10M/PMCSA at Queenstown c 20 October 2016.
aTransdev_BrisbaneCity_KOOPA_CityHopper Brisbane_(29_7_14).jpg
KOOPA135 viewsBrisbane Ferries CityHopper operated by Transdev Qld, in Brisbane 29/7/2014.
1954 ST334 viewsSTA Kingsgrove (1954) Volvo B12BLE Euro 5/CC CB60 ex Metrobus seen in Moorefields Rd enroute to Olympic Park to commencing route 4 duties.
9051AO412 viewsVentura/Lilydale Depot (855) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L ex Grenda on Metro Regional Rail.
BCC Toombul 3 aug 12.jpg
602 FDL759 viewsBrisbane Transport (602) Volvo B10L/Volgren CR222L at Toombul on 3 Aug 2012. 1 of only 6 completed at BT workshops due to Austral Pacific closing down. Received from Derek Orford.
i phone 013 (640x478).jpg
1055AC315 viewsDiamond Coaches, Bundoora (55) Volvo B7R/Northcoast Seen here parked at Shine of Remembrance Melbourne . Received from Grant Smyth.

BS01DT225 viewsHoulahans Bus Company. Bendigo Denning Silver Phoenix in Melbourne on V/Line replacement 16th April 2016. Sold to Dysons with run by early 2017 where it became (964).
img898 - Transperth 933 Hino RC520P FreighterWA - City Clipper livery - c_1984.jpg
UQB 933218 viewsTransperth (933) Hino RC520P/Freighter in City Clipper livery c 1984.
TV 553528 viewsBurkes Coaches 2001 Autobus-Cummins/Autobus ex Doherty Coachlines pulling into Wollongong Station.
MO 8478237 viewsArgents Kempsey Hino BX341E/Austral
405 DZJ106 viewsThe Flying Kangaroo Tours, Nebo (20) Denning Landseer –GM at Homebush Bay Sydney on charter in 2002.
Yarra 351782 viewsYarra Trams D1 class (3517) in AOA for Medibank 21st June 2016.
2568 MO455 viewsRed Bus Service (7) is a Scania K92CR with Custom Coaches body ex MO 0777, seen on the Central Coast tour 8/5/2011. It was withdrawn 12/11.
-230 viewsA shot of Bosnjak's depot at Edensor Park with some ex Fairlines vehicles and a Denning coach. Late '70's or very early '80's I would guess. Centralian photo.
TP 3032203 viewsPath Transit (3032) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren CR228L at Leake St, Bayswater.
m/o 1016354 viewsBusabout Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches 510 is their first TNSW repaint, seen at Liverpool.
8774AO333 viewsRockleigh Tours Kiwi NZ, Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 Double Decker of 2011 at Diggers Rest Station.
m/o 8726185 viewsMetrolink (12) Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches on rail at Central with Metrolink signage.
m/o 6117164 viewsRuttys, Figtree Leyland Tiger Cub/HWR 10/1975. Was reregd m/o 6189.
WJM 983183 viewsTorrens Transit (1348) MAN NL202/PMCA 160 at the Robbie Williams concert 6 December 2006.
m/o 3942322 viewsSTA Sydney Buses (3942) Volvo B10BLE/Phoenix 'Orana' - Seen on Moore Park Shuttles 26/1/15
m/o 6219238 viewsHill’s Highway Tours Bristol VRT SL 6LX chassis destined for a UK operator with it is believed an ECW decker body. The chassis was salvaged following a fire at the body builders and was imported by Hills. It received this Smithfield body of mid 1973 and operated with Hills in Wollongong. It was later sold to Murton Broken Hill and then returned to Hills Bus Sales where it is believed the body was recycled onto a Leyland Leopard chassis which became MO 743 at Fearnes Wagga. Centralian photo.
2016-01-05 13_30_03.jpg
1679 MO316 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Volgren SC222 at the Cronulla Leagues Club 5/1/2016 in the rain, after dropping off scouts at Kurnell for the Australian Scout Jamboree.
AL14KG1479 viewsBusways (790) Scania/CC Evo II demonstrator. This fleet number was subsequently reissued to a Scania K230UB/CC.
566 EKA1497 viewsBrisbane Transport's fleet of Volvo B10L Ansair Orana bodied buses have a resounding reputation within BT, however not neccessarily for the right reasons! They are commonly found on the "Great Circle Line" bus route, and many are retrofitted with bike racks. Shown here is (566)
TV 307870 viewsShire Coaches/Good Az Gold TV 307 MAN 22.280/Austral Tourmaster was photographed on the outskirts of Appin after picking up scouts from the Scout Jamboree at Cataract Scout Park.

WNU 143210 viewsSouthlink (3270) Scania L94IB/Volgren CR224L – owned by ATE – in Mt Barker 13/1/2015.
2455 ST188 viewsSydney Buses, Kingsgrove (2455) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" in Kiora Road, Miranda 20/5/2014 in Transport NSW livery.
TV 2262190 viewsCoastal Liner Volvo B12R/Autobus ex Clipper Tours Pty Ltd, Alexandria (43) TV 2262 by 4/04; ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd), Menai (206) TV 2262, in Loftus St, Circular Quay 29/8/2014.
MO 5553171 viewsNowra Coaches Deawoo BH117L/UBC Chron just coming off the Gore Hill Freeway at Artarmon on rail June 2008. Since reregd 2413 MO.
2016-06-09 11_31_50.jpg
5657 MO200 viewsSkennars Mercedes O305/Coachworks (rebuild) ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Macksville (631) 5657 MO 15/9/10; ex MO 5278; ex King Bros (?) - A.T. Bodies rebuild of ex Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills m/o 8516 (PMC 101 12/77); ex STA 1866 - never operated. Again rebuilt by Coachworks to became MO 5278. Seen here in the Jackson Ave, Miranda 9/6/2016.
1009AO375 viewsEastrans (9) a 1993 Volvo B10M/Volgren route service Bus ex (9) FZP009, ex (9) EZT596 Driver Bus Lines.
Glink 10159 viewsGlink Gold Coast Flexity 2 tram in Queen St 4/8/2014.
MO 9142 viewsTransborder (32) Volvo B7R/Custom Coaches CB60 ex (SA) XJA 708 4/08, around Canberra June 2007. It became (232) 6570 MO under the combined Deanes/Transborder banner and then 6570 MO with QCity/Transborder.
XNM 41282 viewsTorrens Transit (1240) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60A is operating an M44 service although that has not come out in the photo, in December 2007.
TV 7270162 viewsTelfords Iveco Delta/Custom Coaches "SB400" at Wanda Surf Club 26/11/2014.
5942AO175 viewsVentura Bus Lines (558) MAN 15.220/Designline Citybus seen here in the livery for the Melbourne Tourist Shuttle, this bus has since gone into standard livery with the loss of the run and then Smartbus livery and then to Transdev.
m/o 5884463 viewsTransit Systems (1285) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" in Liverpool 11/6/2014 still in Hopkinsons livery, its previous owner.
m/o 1253501 viewsSydney Buses – Port Botany (1253) Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG/CC “Citaro” 2/8/2012.
299 OSmo8839.jpg
m/o 8839482 viewsOff side view of Transdev (699) MAN 18.280/Custom Coaches CB60 ex Caringbah Bus Service, still with Veolia Transport accreditation and still with fleet number, after a windows down respray with the rest of the bus getting a buff, thus removing the Caringbah orange stripes. Note the missing middle part of the ad. Photo from Underlay.
m/o 3832155 viewsSydney Buses (3832) Scania L113CRL/Ansair "Orana" back on black on yellow plates, transferred from Willoughby to Tempe in January 2017, in Kiora Road, Miranda 8/6/2017.
WJP 698101 viewsTorrens Transit (139) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter, the last trip finished, 139 laying over at Zone D, Tea Tree Plaza 15/7/2007.
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