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MO 9705260 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (122) Leyland Atlantean ex Plymouth.
MO 6515882 viewsBowman Goulburn's latest vehicle, MO 6515 Volvo B7R / P&D which was included in the takeover by PBC Goulburn and since reregd 2828 MO.
m/o 8861404 viewsPunchbowl Bus Company Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60 at Sydney Olympic Park (Homebush Bay)
MTT 320_ 1969 Bedford SB3 - [Freighter-SA] @ Burnie depot c1973.jpg
ZA 4383647 viewsMetro Tasmania Bedford SB3 MTT 320 [Freighter-SA] new to Launceston in 1969 transferred to Burnie December 1971. Sold 1987.

PRT 074159 viewsBus Queensland Park Ridge Scania K230UB/ NCBC “Downtown City Bus” in Brisbane. Colhad75 photo.
m/o 099250 viewsTransdev NSW (45) Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches 510 at Cronulla on rail - the only bus remaining with the Connex yellow stripe (on one side only and it may even lose that shortly as it went in get some work done soon after this photo was taken) - and a very rare sight away from school runs.
m/o 8839492 viewsRear view of Caringbah Bus Service MAN 18.280/CC CB60 climbing back up the hill from Lilli Pilli towards Caringbah and Miranda 26/9/2011.
7408AO840 viewsVentura #200 Designline Hybrid, Designline. at Lonsdale St, City (Outside Myers) on route 251 to Garden City.
m/o 5004426 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches "CB60" now in Transport for NSW livery, in the Hurstville interchange 11/3/2015.
TV 773699 viewsLTD Bus Rentals Fuso Rosa at the Ibis Styles Canberra Motel, Narrabundah 23/2/2017.
5464AO778 views(115) of Westrans Altona (Western Coacdgh Services) a 1998,Autobus, Volvo B7R ex Benders Busways, ex Aries Tours.
816 EOD156 viewsBeef City Coaches, Rockhampton Motorcoach – Cummins L10x3/MCA in 2000.
m/o 650338 viewsWestway Bus & Coach Service manual Hino BG100 / PMC (almighty exhaust note) ex Drummond Transit. Plates passed to Veolia on a newer vehicle.
2036 ST174 viewsSydney Buses (2036) Volvo B12BLE Euro 5/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II", temporarily at Tempe from Willoughby, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 8/4/2014
m/o 93871423 viewsWestbus Scania K94UB/Volgren 'CR228L'
m/o 6116463 viewsPremier Illawarra,a 1988 Mercedes Benz 0405/PMC "Metro 90" at the corner of Burelli & Corrimal Sts, Wollongong.
CB 4194 142 viewsAce Bus Service, Hobart (48) Mercedes O303/Austral? Gen Man photo from the Venturatiger collection.
m/o 7071154 viewsKaten and Heath a 1974 Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches at the 1995 Papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse. Deregd by 12/03.
img103 - 1957 Leyland Worldmaster [CB 5662] [possibly ex UTA SYD 2967] @ Lune River, Sthn Tas.jpg
CB 5662155 viewsUnidentified ex UTA Leyland Worldmaster or AEC at Lune River, Sthn Tas c 1990.
m/o 9466527 viewsMosman Charter Buses Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mark II 2344, at Talus Street, St Leonards. Since reregd TV 5754.
7093AO131 viewsSkybus (98) MAN 18.320/ MCV "Elite C-130" ex 768THA (QLD) MAN stock, in 2015.
2358 ST624 viewsSydney Buses (2358) Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB80" at Ryde 26/8/2012.
2822 MO453 viewsRear shot of PBC Goulburn (20) Hino RG230/Austral Pacific ex MO 2665; ex Bowman's Coaches (Mojeto Pty Ltd), Goulburn (20) MO 2665 1/11/08. Photo by Punchbowl Tiger Cub.
SB49FS76 viewsSealink (46) Higer – Cummins/Higer MidiBoss at the Jacobs Creek Visitor Centre 3/4/2017.
2683AO772 viewsMountDandyBus (Ventura) (359) 2683 AO Scania L113/Volgren 'CR221L', operating tram replacement on route 1, seen here just off St Kilda Rd at Southbank. Later renumbered (825).

TV 5101217 viewsBaxters Coach Lines (14) Leyland Tiger/Custom Coaches in December 2007. It was ex m/o 8445; ex (70); ex RC45F; ex TV 995; ex Delwood Coaches, Villawood TV 995 4/92. Sold for conversion to a motorhome at Leppington 1/15.
?383 viewsCoachtrans Denning in 1991.
BS62KC379 viewsLifestyle Fitness Australia Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex MYTHOS; ex YEY 922 Mythos Taverna Bar, Leichhardt NSW (stored Lachlan Street, Waterloo), ex Aussie Explorer - Internet Café, ex TV.2108 Kwans Motor Bus, Hoxton Park, ex MO 9304 Osbornes, Muswellbrook NSW, ex UTA 1047, in Tempe 21/3/2014
Company: SÜHA
Coaches Bus . Years 2009
617 IIE867 viewsOne of the latest Volvo B12BLE / Bustech 'VST's for Surfside is this one, 617IIE photographed operating a route 10 to Sanctuary Cove at Miami. The design of the Bustech VST body has cut off over 1 tonne of weight from a conventional bus body, aswell as speeding up construction times for these award winning vehicles, by reducing Inventory stocks and building the buses under 1 standard design for all purchasers.
TV 543223 viewsHunter Valley Coaches Denning Denair. They had two of these with this registration at different times - dont know which one this is.
3370 MO191 viewsJeffery Buses – Armidale Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex AI & LJ Francis, Armidale 3370 MO 1/5/09; ex MO 1392; ex STA Mk I 1839 7/8/91. Deregd by 10/13.
TV 4860313 viewsBosfor Travel Mercedes-Benz O404-3/Austral Denning "Majestic" ex Murray's Australia Pty Ltd, Alexandria (587) TV 4860; ex AAT-Kings, Melbourne (47) TV 004, at the Caltex Service Station on the eastern side of F1 at Wyong 25/10/2012.
MO 21461452 viewsKiama Coachlines. Ex MO 2146 MAN SG192/Göppel, one of the first bendys into Australia. It was ex ex Greenline Coaches, SA VEU 784; ex Action, Canberra (510) BUS 510; ex ZIB 510 seen awaiting its fate at the Kiama Coachlines depot. Withdrawn by 6/06 and sold to the Parker Family, Oakville by 4/08.
m/o 077441 viewsMcVicar’s Bus Service AEC Reliance/Coachmaster which subsequently operated with Bankstown Bus Lines/South Western Coach Lines. Plates transferred to ex Perth Leyland Tiger Cub 773 by 1983.
m/o 978519 viewsMcVicar’s - a 32 seater Mack photographed at the depot. Centralian photo.
2015-12-08 13_39_14.jpg
m/o 025272 viewsLey-Aec Transport - Brookvale Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMC Reg 28/1/14 ex S North (preserved as part of The Omnibus Preservation Society collection), Junee u/r 1/14; ex Manly Coaches Pty Ltd, Brookvale (unused) 10/11; ex STA 2558 8/10, in Mitchell Road, Elouera Beach 8/12/2015.
MO 6531159 viewsPurtill, Deniliquin (22) Mercedes O303-2/Austral ex KP 2022; ex MO 0364; ex C42FT; ex Tolu Pty Ltd t/a New Wrights, Cheltenham, VIC DNO 783. Since rergd 2786 MO.
m/o 1722189 viewsSydney Buses (1722) Volvo B12BLEA Euro 3/Custom Coaches CB60 on the Adelaide O-Bahn crossing the Lyons Road bridge while doing a slow moving bus test 1/3/2007 while it had a damaged guidewheel.
TV 2895191 viewsBlue Mountain Bus Co Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312D/Mercedes Benz in Katoomba 10/11/2014
MO 4145207 viewsKirklands, Lismore White/Watts.
521 CRM388 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines Toyota Coaster. No longer at Caboolture.

CM 893579 viewsAlexander Dennis Enviro500 ex China Motor Bus' MCW Metrobus #ML1 CM 8935 at the HCVA Rally, late November 2008.
m/o 3028255 viewsSydney Buses (3028) Mercedes O305 Mark IV/PMC at the Queen Victoria Building.
UQB038237 viewsPath Transit (38) MAN SG292H/Bolton - MAN Farewell Tour - As 38 comes up the hill on Whitcombe on a 887.
TV 6601141 viewsTelfords (9004) Mercedes O405/ PMC 160 ex STA 3395 at Endeavour High School 5/7/2017.
252 HMW394 viewsThis Eagle from Roaming Oz was at the 2009 Cleveland Bus and Coach Show in Brisbane.
725 GWU1549 viewsBrisbane Transport's Scania L94UB with Volgren CR224L body bus 725 was the 100th Scania CNG bus put into service with BT. Image courtesy of P. Jones.
m/o 939410 viewsSt Ives Bus Service AEC Reliance 505/Custom Coaches ex m/o 5597. It was replaced by a Leyland Tiger in 1991.
MO 6621897 viewsAnother new Premier Illawarra Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" on the combined Sunday Route 35/36 to Mt Kembla via Farmborough Hts in Waples Rd with Mt Kembla in the background. Route 36 terminates at the small Kembla Hts Village at the back of the Mt Kembla. It has since been reregd 4758 MO.
m/o 4828144 viewsSydney Buses (4828) Volvo B12BLE Euro 3/CC "CB60" in Jackson Ave, Miranda 6/12/2016.
4402AO182 viewsVentura Group, Oakleigh (402) Mercedes OH1418/Volgren SC221 at Oakleigh depot 11th July 2016, It was withdrawn in 2017.
MO 8855 170 viewsThomas Coaches, Cowra Nissan PRX102D/Custom Coaches in 1990 Sold to Red Bus Service, The Entrance – withdrawn by 2009.
2015-11-05 11_35_46.jpg
m/o 1346242 viewsSydney Buses (1346) Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro in Park St, Sydney 5/11/2015.
BQY 030249 viewsMoonee Valley Coaches (45) Bedford SB/Domino of 11.82
img998 - Mersey Link 18 [EF3782] Scania Orana [ex Metro 255] @ Best St_.jpg
EF 3782206 viewsMersey Link (18) Scania/Ansair Orana ex Metro (255), in Best St, Devonport.
2015-11-05 11_36_34.jpg
2125 ST246 viewsSydney Buses (2125) Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNG/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II in Park St, Sydney 5/11/2015.
SFL 685189 viewsStandfield Mt Gambier Hino in 1988.
RTL 1076.jpg
LUC 253325 viewsRTL 1076 Leyland Titan Leyland 0600/Park Royal body 5546, 7RT8 London Transport 12/1950. In 1995 working in Charlottville, Prince Edward Isle. Canada with Abegweit Sightseeing Tours. 4/2010 bought by Rodger Wright, The London Bus Company, repatriated to UK. Seen here at North Weald Station on a Heritage Running Day, running a shuttle from Epping, on 25 May 2012. The first public running day of the reopening of the Epping Ongar Railway. Received from Derek Orford.
SB65LL175 viewsAdelaide Coachlines Volvo B7R/Volgren Endura in North Terrace Adelaide 26/7/2016.
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