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TV 5723602 viewsCharterplus Volvo B10M Mk II/Volgren ex (68) 2853 AO Westrans, Hoppers Crossing, Vic, ex (102) 2853 AO, OGR 305, CYR 702 Davis Bus Lines, Ballarat, Vic - transferred from CDC, Vic 4/09, on rail replacement services at Bankstown 27/8/2011. It is unusual for CDC to operate such services at Bankstown.

m/o 5077208 viewsVeolia Transport (337) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/BustechVST in Metrobus livery on the first day of route M90 6/12/2010.
2661AO1457 viewsVentura bus 20 Leyland Tiger/Centurion "Citizen" on rail replacements It is ex (46) PVG357, DWM462 Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon, Vic.
4115AO 262 viewsCrown Coaches (15) Mercedes Benz OC1617/Newnham ex (15) FWR115, ex (15) BQI362; ex BQI362 Hawthorn Bus Service, Hawthorn, Victoria, which subsequently became (403) 8403AO & on hire to DECCA.
CYW 546181 viewsAustralian Rambler (14) Mercedes O302/Denning seen outside the Southern Cross hotel in 1987.
7075AO136 viewsBacchus Marsh Coaches: Coach Tours of Australia (75) Silver Phoenix/Coach Concepts on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
FZH 263129 viewsPhillips Bus Service (21) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex EKD 394 and later 3221AO, in 1995
m/o 4927448 viewsSydney Buses (4927) Volvo B12BLE Euro 5/ CC "CB60 Evo II" photoshopped into the historic McVicar livery.
WLO 759142 viewsTorrens Transit (1677) MAN NL202 CNG/ABM 160 in AOA livery passes an extra J1T service rostered to assist with Xmas period loading December 2007.
TC585896 viewsPerth Tram Co MCW Metrobus DR115/2 ex (unused) CitySightseeing Australia, ex CZ 6319 New World First Bus, Hong Kong, ex (ML27) CZ 6319 China Motor Bus. Sold from City Sightseeing to Liaison Tours, Manly West, Qld where it became 060 IEU, then to Perth Tram Company becoming TC 5858 and now back with City Sightseeing and repainted into City Sightseeing livery.
m/o 9371177 viewsHillsbus Scania K94UB/Volgren 'CR228L' in the layover area at Gordon Station on rail August 2008.
Shortland190 viewsNewcastle Ferries ferry in Newcastle 27/11/2014.
FQD 599219 viewsGo Bus Ltd (806) Zhong Tong LCK6112G/Zhong Tong in Christchurch 18/7/2015.
Westbus mo7281 MAN SL200 CAC Seven Hills 270991x.jpg
m/o 7281538 viewsWestbus MAN SL200/Goppel at Seven Hills 27/9/91 in AOA livery. It is ex Toongabbie Transport Service (6) ex STA, Adelaide, SA (8451); ex (151). Sold to Transwest, Willeton, WA, then resold without use to ?
MO 5485237 viewsKirklands AEC Merlin/MCW.
4480AO355 viewsGrenda Corp : Portsea Passenger Service (480) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex (80) CFX029 Peninsula Bus Lines, Seaford, Victoria; ex (12) CFX029 Grenda's Bus Service, Dandenong, Victoria, taken in 2003. Withdrawn since the Ventura takeover.
img025 - HMT 116 Hobart bogie tramcar interior view @ Huonville c_1993.jpg
HMT 116132 viewsHobart Tram bogie tram car interior view at Huonville c 1993.
0352AO558 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (352) 0352AO Scania L94UB/Volgren "CR222L" is seen in the morning at Sunshine Park. awaiting to do its next run. Also the bus is in AOA for Sony Ericsson.
m/o 7797334 viewsOne of two Westway Bus & Coach Service MAN 16.240 / CC (manual) semi-coaches that were sold to Berrima Coaches where it became MO 4597 and then Berrima Buslines 4816 MO. A photo of it with Berrima Buslines has since been added to the gallery.
m/o 8306292 viewsRear shot of Veolia Transport (226) Scania K94IB/Custom Coaches CB50 ex S Crowther & Sons Pty Ltd, Caringbah m/o 8306 at Taren Point depot 11/11/2012.
3041AO146 viewsPanorama, Diamond Creek (341) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren at the depot in 2010.
TV 4864 frt.jpg
TV 4864187 viewsTravelon Coaches - Ingleburn
Volvo B12R 13.5m/Austral Pacific "Classic III"
ex Moreland Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Brunswick, VIC (M61) VV81DQ 3/07.

Seen on Rail at Central 14/9/13
SCross55ScaniaL94IBQCCOrbitKaralee3 3 2014.jpg
BUS 55308 viewsSouthern Cross Transit (55) Scania L94IB/QCC "Orbit" at Karalee 3/ 3 /2014. It is ex (55) BUS 55, Southern Cross Transit (Horwood), Karalee, QLD
RBA 701112 viewsChristians Bus Co, Terang and Warrnambool (14) Scania K112TR/PMCSA ex CNR 678, at the MCG coach car park on a football charter in 1999.
QOCS Tour227 viewsOn Saturday 5 April 2014, the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society (QOCS) provided shuttle bus services for the ARHSQ Railmotor Trip to the Ferny Grove Tramway Museum. Here tram 65 makes its way down to the bottom.
m/o 7561353 viewsVeolia Transport (410) at Hornsby, a Volvo B12BLE with a Bustech VST Body, Bearing an add which certainly does not suit the body. It is ex MO 6441 by 13/7/10.
m/o 2875271 viewsSydney Buses (2875) Mercedes O305 Mark IV/PMC at Bondi Junction.
Thompsons036GJTMercedes0405NHBustechPetrie3 4 2014.jpg
036 GJT365 viewsThompson Joyner (36) Mercedes Benz O405NH / Bustech in Thompson livery at Petrie Station 3/4/2014.
PLY 279150 viewsRed and White Coaches, Sandgate (16) Hino RC420P/Freighter in Melbourne for the Scout Jamboree in 1977.
Melbourne Showboat209 viewsEx Sydhey Harbour ferry Lady Cutler in Docklands Harbour, Melbourne 3/9/2017.
BS02LK 153 viewsTransdev, Melbourne (380122) Scania K310UB/Volgren at Box Hill about to commence a 302 service 29/12/2016.
u/r588 viewsHillsbus Volvo B9TL/Volgren Optimus at Chullora 11/12/204. This is the first Volgren double decker built in Australia since 2005. It returned to Victoria where it entered service in PTV livery.
3346AO111 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (46) MAN 24.420/Coach Design in Franklin St. in Melbourne City in 2007.
m/o 9079781 viewsLatest business venture for Hawkesfords, the takeover of Mosman Coaches now Mosman Charter Buses. Seen here is Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex Sydney Buses 2344 fitted with wheelchair lift in rear stairwell, operating shopping tours near Tempe 2/12/2006. Since reregd TV 5755
m/o 124197 viewsAllomes Motor Service White/MBA.
m/o 4118318 viewsHunters Hill Coaches Leyland Leopard / PMC delivered the month after Ken Butt took over Hunters Hill. Still in Hunters Hill livery but showing the new name North & Western Bus Lines on the desto,
2016-08-16 11_24_05.jpg
m/o 8347220 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech ex (160), in Urunga Parade,, Miranda 16/8/2016 with driver side ad for Wollongong University.
TP 3032232 viewsPath Transit (3032) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren CR228L at Esplanade Busport prior to operating a Sunday 43F to Bayswater.
434GPO2 11 2014.jpg
676 VDH239 viewsCity Sightseeing/Brisbane Explorer (434) Anhui Ankai HFF6121GS-3 on the second day of running of the official sightseeing tour of Brisbane passing the GPO Brisbane 2 11 2014. Ex Sydney TV 7592
0068AO337 viewsFallon's Bus Service/Shepparton Transit (68) a 1989, Denning "Landseer" ex (68) 0068AO, ex DWM453 Pyles Coaches, turning from Adderley St. into Dudley St.
m/o 5140530 viewsBusways Blacktown (1048)
Bustech CDi - Cummins ISL
At Blacktown bound for Rouse Hill
ex 5064 MO by 14/9/12
HS 194698 viewsEx Hobart (32) AEC Regal III at Glenorchy in May 2010.
2006-02-14 17-52-14_0521.JPG
972 IVL520 viewsHornibrook Bus Lines 115 (972.IVL) is a Mercedes Benz O500LE with Volgren CR228L body, photographed at Westfield Strathpine.
m/o 5991418 viewsWestbus Bosnjak JBJ - Volvo/CC 9/12/2005. Since Sold to Berkeley Bus & Coach then TV 4721 at Voyager Coaches, Brookvale.
WJP 697167 viewsRear shot of Torrens Transit (137) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter in silver livery from St Agnes depot 17/2/2007. It was withdrawn in 2011.
IMGP0911  - MTT 623 AEC Regal IV @ St Kilda c_27May07.JPG
u/r124 viewsMTT (623) AEC Regal Mk IV [Lawton] at AETM St Kilda 27 May 2007 [3-door tram replacement].
338 BVK193 viewsBrisbane Transport (338) Volvo B10M mk3 /Austral Metroliner Metroliner at Stafford City November 2014
m/o 1996165 viewsVeolia Transport (470) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L", in Metrobus livery on the first day of Route M90 6/12/2010.
m/o 7752317 viewsVeolia Transport (139) Mercedes-Benz O400/Custom Coaches "515" ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (76), at Cronulla Station on rail replacement services 9/10/2011.
WCL 681136 viewsTorrens Transit (266) MAN NL202/APG 160 on O-Bahn shuttles 5/1/2008. Even though this is a bit darker, it was chosen to include this shot of (266) at the 506H zone at Paradise.
TRANSWA19247 viewsTRANSWA (19) Scania K124EB/Volgren seen heading for East Perth after dropping off in Midland 5/2/2011.
m/o 3281 and m/o 3291251 viewsThe MAN SL202 and Mercedes PMC '160' Farewell Tour : Sydney Buses Willoughby –(3281) MAN SL202 / PMC with its sibling (3291) behind it 17th February 2013. Photo taken near Beauty Point, North Sydney. PLI photo.
3314AO100 viewsSunbury Coaches (14) Mercedes OH1418/Custom Coaches in 2007.
m/o 5808214 viewsParramatta Ryde Bus Service Leyland Leopard/Parra Ryde.
1616 MO 189 viewsTransdev NSW (123) Mercedes-Benz O405/Custom Coaches "510" (still branded Veolia Transport) recently reregd from m/o 7323, ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (123) at Cronulla Station about to depart on a rail replacement service to Sutherland 25/9/2013.
img871 - 1956 AEC Reliance [MBA] ex Trans-Australia Airlines coach @ Gepps Cross SA c_1990's.jpg
u/r108 views1956 AEC Reliance/MBA former Trans-Australia Airlines coach as a Motorhome at Gepps Cross c.1990's.
TV 2262190 viewsCoastal Liner Volvo B12R/Autobus ex Clipper Tours Pty Ltd, Alexandria (43) TV 2262 by 4/04; ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd), Menai (206) TV 2262, in Loftus St, Circular Quay 29/8/2014.
2875AO281 viewsKefford Corporation – Davis, Ballarat (130) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren "CR221L" ex OVB878 at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC
Copy of 37[2].jpg
PD 4107215 viewsPioneer Tours GMC in Flames livery at Sandown 25/11/2007.
TV 887270 viewsCalabros Denning Denair ex AAT-Kings Coach Company, Spotswood, VIC (30) NT m/o 902 -/86; ex Australian Pacific Tours, Sandringham (45) SEF 257 -/84. To Westbus as TV 887 8/6/89 - Sold to ARTS, Padstow as TV 887 3/94, then to Broken Hill's Outback Tours, Broken Hill as TV 887 by 7/95. Advertised for sale in 2003 & sold.
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