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Last additions - Ben O 2007
Jubo Travel3353 viewsA 1988 model Hino Rainbow which was involved in an accident at Jamberoo on 5th September 2005.Sep 02, 2007
TV 3212345 viewsBaxtersBus Lines (1) Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Express with 53 seatbelted coach seats.Sep 02, 2007
TV 46292632 viewsCoachline Tours Denning Landseer 6v92tta/Denning ex DL 145, ex Pegasus Coaches, Riverstone DL 145, ex Greyhound (308), seen coming off the Gore Hill Freeway on Newcastle railway replacement.Sep 02, 2007
107 EMC2324 viewsEmerald Coaches Volvo B7R/Coach Design under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, seen along way from home at Milsons Point.Sep 02, 2007
TV 48642210 viewsTravelon Coaches Volvo B12R 13.5m/Austral Pacific "Classic III" ex Moreland Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Brunswick, VIC (M61) VV81DQSep 02, 2007
TV 45882129 viewsGroup Charters Autobus 14.5m/Autobus ex GC 0605 - Formerly named "Muffin Man", seen on the Bradfield Highway heading for Newcastle.Sep 02, 2007
m/o 84252537 viewsVeolia Transport (683) Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/CC ex transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (47) m/o 8425 1/2/07; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (41) m/o 8425 1/1/05; ex Delwood Coaches, Villawood m/o 8425 4/92. 7/09 reregd m/o 9100Sep 02, 2007
m/o 2002467 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M Mk II 14.5m/Custom Coaches 'Mk 88' ex MO 2330, at Milsons Point. When viewed from the back the back window resembles the front of a Tram hence this and m/o 7366 are often referred to as the trams.

Aug 24, 2007
m/o 73661691 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M Mk IV 14.5m/Custom Coaches '510' at Milsons Point with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the backgroundAug 24, 2007
m/o 89761609 viewsMoore's Tours - Hurstville Mercedes-Benz O405/CC "420" Nicknamed "Enterprise" seen departing Taronga Zoo - It was displayed at the 1995 Bus & Coach Show, Warwick Farm.Aug 24, 2007
MO 54291074 viewsSydney Coachlines Bedford BLP2/CC ex m/o 8849, ex King's Bus Service, Kempsey; ex Edward's, Armidale, at Milsons Point.Aug 24, 2007
m/o 43991326 viewsSydney Buses (3532) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 516 ex North & Western, in Herbert Street, St Leonards.Aug 24, 2007
m/o 41921295 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC departing Oxford Falls Grammar School.Aug 12, 2007
m/o 8501324 viewsForest Coachlines Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC at Taronga Zoo. Reregd m/o 8641 and sold to Golden Eagle Transport, Moorebank 6/8/09.Aug 12, 2007
m/o 41921333 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC at the sports fields attached to Culloden Road, Macquarie Park.Aug 12, 2007
m/o 54411130 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC at Mona Vale Beach.Aug 12, 2007
m/o 41911681 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC at Collaroy.Aug 12, 2007
m/o 79361356 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Lynx/PMC "Metro 90" Ex John J Hill, Wollongong & Shellharbour (36) m/o 7936. Was built as a trial bus for the UTA in Sydney with Mercedes Mark V style body but after lengthy delays during the building stage, it never operated for the UTA/STA.Aug 10, 2007
TV 41851400 viewsManly Coaches Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMC ex STA 2555 2/06. Deregd 1/12/08. Seen turning from Tyneside Ave into Victoria Ave, Chatswood on its daily drop of St Aloysius kids to Tyneside oval.Jul 24, 2007
TV 46801166 viewsManly Coaches Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mk II 2374.l Manly's latest Mk 2 on the road seen departing Milsons Point. One can only hope its current 'livery' will be short lived.Jul 24, 2007
m/o 72081499 viewsMosman Charter Buses Mercedes O305/PMC ex Forest Coach Lines, ex STA Mk II 2180 at Epping Station. Later regd TV 5748Jul 24, 2007
TV 46811253 viewsHoliday Bus (Pritchards) Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 - GM/PMC ex Fangia Bus Lines (First Priority Pty Ltd), Eastwood YKV 369; ex Connex (69) m/o 7467; ex Southtrans; ex Woronora - Rebody ex UTA 3437.
Sold to John Dixon, Cooranbong for non-PSV 9/7/07.
Jul 24, 2007
TV 4337937 viewsVoyager Coaches Mercedes-Benz OC1621/CC ex Stonestreets Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD (17) 865 FWK; ex AP & JP King, King Bros Bus Service Port Macquarie Pty Ltd MO 0225; ex Port Macquarie Bus Service (27) MO 0225. Since reregd TV 5878. It is seen at Northbridge in between an afternoon Shore charter.Jul 24, 2007
Nowra Coaches.1541 viewsA lineup of various units.Jul 22, 2007
m/o 93711497 viewsHillsbus Scania K94UB/Volgren 'CR228L' on night rail at North Sydney July 2007.Jul 11, 2007
m/o 84771976 viewsWestbus Csepel 844.19/Custom Coaches 'CB50' ex (81) m/o 8477 Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween, N.S.W. on night rail at North Sydney July 2007.Jul 11, 2007
m/o 85611060 viewsTelfords MAN SL252/Hicom. Later regd TV 5282 on night rail at North Sydney July 2007.Jul 11, 2007
m/o 85441292 viewsTelfords MAN SL200/Ansair ex m/o 8544; ex Melbourne Bus Link, Footscray, VIC (340) 0340 AO 8/03 (B41D); ex OVO 377; ex PTC/MET (340) on night rail at North Sydney July 2007. Since reregd TV 5279.Jul 11, 2007
m/o 85891587 viewsTelfords m/o 8589 Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex Action Canberra 778 departing City on night rail at North Sydney July 2007. Later regd TV 5294,Jul 11, 2007
m/o 93172168 viewsHillsbus Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren 'CR228L' on night rail at North Sydney July 2007.Jul 11, 2007
m/o 61191978 viewsNowra Coaches Mercedes-Benz O305/Ansair ex Premier Illawarra, ex Rutty's Bus Service, Figtree (19) m/o 6119 6/01; ex Action, Canberra (596) BUS 596 11/95; ex ZIB 596, one of two such buses on town school and route services. It is seen at Stewart Place departing for South & West Nowra. Later regd 2368 MO.Jul 07, 2007
m/o 77601589 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Pleasure Tours, Bass Hill m/o 7760; ex North & Western, Gladesville m/o 5924, seen departing Shellharbour depot for a school run.Jul 07, 2007
MO 393974 viewsKiama Coachlines Mercedes-Benz OF1517/Nambucca ex King's Bus Service, Kempsey (27) MO 393. Traded to Daewoo, Moorebank by 11/07 and sold to an unknown operator, Sheffield, TAS as A 73 CL.Jul 07, 2007
MO 44511109 viewsUlladulla Bus Lines Scania L94IB/P&D seen at Shoalhaven Uni, since reregd TV 2855.Jul 07, 2007
MO 61801002 viewsShoal Bus Volvo B12B/NCBC ex Harrison's Motor Service, Bomaderry MO 6180 seen at the Shoalhaven University. Since reregd 2388 MO.Jul 07, 2007
MO 06601632 viewsMorisset Bus Lines Leyland Leopard/ PMC rebody ex UTA 1695 together with similar unit ex MO 0661 rebody ex UTA 1684 - being used for parts. The former has since become m/o 197 at Ley-Aec Transport - Brookvale.Jul 07, 2007
MO 58271832 viewsBusways Volvo B58-56/CC ex MO 9105; ex m/o 4548 seen departing Raymond Terrace for Karuah. Sold by 2/09.Jul 07, 2007
TV 46431312 viewsSid Foggs Newcastle Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II signwritten for "Bus Works Karaoke Party Bus", ex TV 4553 Bus Works Central Coast[6/06-], N.S.W. ex STA 2452Jul 07, 2007
m/o 0762668 viewsHunter Valley Buses Austral GM/Austral re-engined with an Isuzu ex Blue Ribbon seen at Raymond Terrace after exchanging kids from a Busways service. Reregd 3634 MO.Jul 04, 2007
MO 22832126 viewsHunter Valley Buses Leyland Leopard/PMC. ex (53); ex (M8) MO 4034 seen approaching the depot in the last minutes of light for the day. Deregd and stored for sale at Westbus, Girraween 7/08.Jul 04, 2007
m/o 73061192 viewsShoal Bus Volvo B10ML Articulated/CC ex Hawkesbury Valley, a recent acquisition ex Busabout. Since reregd MO 8066 and then 2379 MO.Jul 03, 2007
MO 21461506 viewsKiama Coachlines Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMC ex Nowra Coaches u/r; ex STA 2563 at Kiama Downs on school service 14. Since reregd 2906 MO.Jul 03, 2007
MO 21461593 viewsKiama Coachlines. Ex MO 2146 MAN SG192/Göppel, one of the first bendys into Australia. It was ex ex Greenline Coaches, SA VEU 784; ex Action, Canberra (510) BUS 510; ex ZIB 510 seen awaiting its fate at the Kiama Coachlines depot. Withdrawn by 6/06 and sold to the Parker Family, Oakville by 4/08.Jul 03, 2007
MO 66121787 viewsShoal Bus Volvo B10M Articulated/PMCSA ex Southlink, Adelaide, SA (2317) WJP 401 9/06; ex STA (1387) seen at the depot in the middle of the day between school runs. Since reregd 2386 MO.Jul 03, 2007
MO 66131389 viewsNowra Coaches Volvo B10ML Artic/PMCSA ex Southlink, Adelaide, SA (2318); ex Trans Adelaide (1388) arriving the depot after AM school services. Since reregd 2406 MO.Jul 03, 2007
MO 1910946 viewsNorth Nowra Bus Lines DAF MBG230/Howard Porter ex ADP75FR; ex BCC (996) 996 PVQ. After takeover by Shoal Bus to Valley Bus & Coach, Cobar as MO 1910.Jun 27, 2007
MO 49171452 viewsSussex Inlet Bus Service. MAN SG220/Goppell ex Roadcoach; ex Stagecoach, Cairns 266 DLR; ex (68); ex Beach Bus; ex BCC (997). Has since been reregd 2372 MO with Shoal Bus and then deregd 26/3/11 and sent to scrap.Jun 27, 2007
MO 66061577 viewsNowra Coaches Volvo B10ML Artic/Volgren (since reregd 2408 MO) ex Darwin Bus Service, NT (62) m/o 8.062.Jun 27, 2007
MO 6615945 viewsShoal Bus DAF MBG230/Howard Porter ex North Nowra Bus Lines MO 2006, ex BCC (983) 983 PWN via auction 26/9/91.Jun 27, 2007
m/o 75411945 viewsWestbus m/o 7541 MAN 16.240/CC ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines, currently operating for Hunter Valley Buses at Thornton. Since reregd 3641 MO. Withdrawn 12/11 & sent to scrap.Jun 23, 2007
m/o 75661864 viewsWestbus MAN SL200/CC ex Toongabbie T. S, Transferred to Blue Ribbon Bus Company Pty Ltd (National Express Group), Thornton as (60) m/o 7566 -/01, then Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd (CDC Group) 9/05. Renumbered 4076 MO at Edgeworth depot. Withdrawn and de-regd by 12/12.Jun 23, 2007
m/o 92242071 viewsWestbus MAN 16.280/Austral ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines-ex MO 9224, to Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd 1/9/06, renumbered 3645 MO. Withdrawn by 11/10 and transferred to Morisset for storage by 1/11. Later scrapped.Jun 23, 2007
Westbus2435 viewsFour Westbus Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/CC units ex Bowmans St Marys consisting of m/o 5234, m/o 5235, m/o 5245 and m/o 5249. The last Leyland Leopards in the Westbus/Hillsbus fleet which were today 24/7/2007 sold to R. Chahal then Berkeley Bus & Coach.Jun 23, 2007
m/o 52491664 viewsHillsbus Leyland Leopard PSU3F/2R/CC ex Bowmans followed by m/o 5234, m/o 5235 and m/o 5245. The last Leyland Leopards in the Westbus/Hillsbus fleet which were today 24/7/2007 sold to R. Chahal then Berkeley Bus & Coach.Jun 23, 2007
Westbus Leyland Leopards.1583 viewsFront views of CC bodied m/o 5234, m/o 5235, m/o 5245 and m/o 5249 all ex Bowmans St Marys. The last Leyland Leopards in the Westbus/Hillsbus fleet which were today 24/7/2007 sold to R. Chahal then Berkeley Bus & Coach.Jun 23, 2007
007 FYB1741 viewsExecutive Coachlines Leyland National. ex 183 BQJ. ex (11) 183 BQJ Amberley - Rosewood Bus Service, Leichhardt, Qld.-ex (640) 640 FPR Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads, N.S.W.-ex m/o 881 Westbus, St. Marys, N.S.W.-ex m/o 881 Bowmans Bus Service, St. Marys, N.S.W. Since withdrawn.May 20, 2007
007 FYB1616 viewsExecutive Coachlines Leyland National. ex 183 BQJ. ex (11) 183 BQJ Amberley - Rosewood Bus Service, Leichhardt, Qld.-ex (640) 640 FPR Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads, N.S.W.-ex m/o 881 Westbus, St. Marys, N.S.W.-ex m/o 881 Bowmans Bus Service, St. Marys, N.S.W. Since withdrawn.May 20, 2007
Ritchies1310 viewsRitchies, New Zealand (443).May 20, 2007
m/o 86461166 viewsShorelink Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech ex m/o 7656; ex Shorelink (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd) seen at Asquith on the 2:00 ex Hornsby 592 trip to Brooklyn.May 20, 2007
MO 42251268 viewsShorelink Hino CM277K/PMCA "160" ex Blue Ribbon Holdings Pty Ltd, Maitland (76) MO 4225; ex MO 0665; ex (R65) at Mooney Mooney. Since reregd m/o 9782.May 20, 2007
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