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Last additions - PMC (Pressed Metal Corporation)
m/o 8429201 viewsParramatta Ryde Bus Service MAN SL202/PMC Metro 90 seen here at the North Balwyn terminus of the 731. It is thought this bus was only with Ventura in Melbourne for a week – reason not known. Photo by Desto Dave. In 2016 still in service with Transdev NSW as m/o 8836 although earlier in the year it was stored at Kingsgrove for about a month.Apr 15, 2016
MO 4931165 viewsYarramalong Bus Lines (AR & JP Palmer) – Wyong Bedford SB5/PMC. Photo from Bob James.Nov 18, 2015
MO 2636170 viewsWestern Road Liners Bedford YLQ2/PMC Progress. ex MO 4154; ex Waser, Parkes MO 450. Sold for a motorhome by 5/1/06, sighted in Moonee Ponds, VIC 5/06.Apr 01, 2015
PBZ 608139 viewsYarramalong Bus Lines (AR & JP Palmer) – Wyong Scania BF82 (UF)/PMCSA ex Philanderer Ferries, Penneshaw, SA UMR 545. Sold to Brumpton, Coffs Harbour as MO 0964 24/6/92, then to Cobden Coaches, Cobden, VIC as FJO 450 by 1994 - Rereg 1708 AO & sold in 2000.Nov 09, 2014
m/o 5589350 viewsChester Hill Bus Service IBC Mk 3 – CAT3208RE/PMC VOV style body in Red Arrow livery for the Bankstown Parramatta service, ex Waugh & Josephson KQH 118 where it had been intended as a UTA demonstrator. Later it was 006 AQK, 942 ACN, Gold Coast Citybus, Southport, QLD, then ex 006 AQK, 942 ACN, Gold Coast Citybus, Southport, QLD and then 010 DTN with Trans North – see photo of it with that operator. Photo from leopard1543.Jul 19, 2013
KQH 118543 viewsWaugh & Josephson IBC Mk 3 – CAT3208RE/PMC VOV style body which was intended as a UTA demonstrator, at the Sydney Bus Show. It became best known as m/o 5589 with Chester Hill Bus Service for the Bankstown – Parramatta Red Arrow service. Later it was 006 AQK, 942 ACN, Gold Coast Citybus, Southport, QLD, then ex 006 AQK, 942 ACN, Gold Coast Citybus, Southport, QLD and then 010 DTN with Trans North – see photo of it with that operator.Jul 18, 2013
1799 AO218 viewsThis Hino BC 144K operates for Paynesville Bus Lines.Oct 27, 2012
5188-MO243 viewsPrior's Bus Service, Batemans Bay operate this Hino BG300 with PMC Regal bodywork.Oct 27, 2012
m/o 7165 and m/o 197310 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service Hino BG300P/PMC which went to Transit First and then Veolia and then became TV 5490 with two other operators and AEC Swift 760/PMC which was sold to Scott Wilson Warriewood and subsequently became a motorhome, at the front row of the Greenacre depot. The red bus in the background is Bankstown Strathfield m/o 544 AEC Reliance/PMC ex UTA 3521. A James La Forest photo.Aug 29, 2012
m/o 014498 viewsOperated by Punchbowl Bus Company, m/o 014 is a MAN 10.155. It was photographed at Hurstville before operating a Route 954 trip to Hurstville Grove.Jul 12, 2011
STM 2001468 viewsSwan Transit operate this MAN 11.190 with PMC bodywork on the Midland Shuttle. It was photographed at Midland Railway Station.Jul 12, 2011
YIA 162591 viewsParked next to the St Kilda Hotel (Rusden St) Armidale is this ex Edwards MO 4697, Ex State Transit Mk I Mercedes-Benz O305 (1932).Jun 17, 2011
MO 3341398 viewsEdward's Armidale operate this Mercedes-Benz O405 with PMC "Metro 90" body. It is seen here in Moore St, Armidale on an outbound trip, to the University. This vehicle is now 6193 MO.Jun 17, 2011
m/o 19221098 viewsHawkesford's operate this ex STA Mk II (2183). Is has since been registered TV 5750. It is pictured here at their former depot in Lidcombe, NSW.Jun 01, 2011
4222 MO329 viewsCavanagh's 4222 MO is a Mercedes-Benz OC 1617 with PMC body. It was ex MO 9791; ex (23).May 28, 2011
4220MO367 viewsCavanagh's (18) 4220 MO is a Bedford YMT 3 with PMC Progress body. It is seen here at Port Macquarie Depot. Itwas ex MO 8930; ex (18). Deregd by 7/11.May 28, 2011
m/o 7968678 viewsm/o 7968 is ex State Transit Mk I Mercedes-Benz O305, 1880 seen here on charter for Casula Bus And Coach, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The blue and red stripes show that at one time it operated with Ruttys in Wollongong.May 12, 2011
m/o 2699391 viewsState Transit's 2699 a Mercedes-Benz O305, is seen operating a Route 445 trip at Norton St, LeichardtMay 11, 2011
WJI 618484 viewsTorrens Transit's (518) Mercedes-Benz O305, PMCSA is seen here at Mawson Interchange.May 05, 2011
m/o 70781657 viewsSouth Trans (53) Mercedes Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mark I 1947 in Telstra advertising livery.Jul 20, 2007
m/o 40941441 viewsCrowthers Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA Mk II 2206. Sold to Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd as MO 5927 by 4/04, then to Jones Bros Bus Co Pty Ltd, Bathurst as MO 5927 and transferred to Lithgow depot - Sold by Biega (dlr) 3/08 and noted at Roselands 15/4/08 regd AU29ZV. Seen here in Buslink livery at the rear of the Gannons Road depot.Jul 12, 2007
m/o 33041509 viewsSydney Buses (3304) Renault PR100.2/PMC at Ryde depot. Subsequently it became TV 5273 with Telfords.Jul 12, 2007
427 CXQ654 viewsLakeside Christian College AEC SWIFT/PMCSA at CoolangattaApr 22, 2007
840 FQK1087 viewsex Sydney Buses 1183 Leyland Atlantean /PMC Sold Kirklands Lismore MO 9152 FL 144 then rereg'd MO 1885 - Dereg'd resold to Coffs Harbour Explorer for resale - noted at Karralee near Ipswich for caravan conversion - noted 7/2001 with The Morning Bulletin (Newspaper) Rockhampton QLD - signwritten The Bully Bus reregd 840.FQK as Open Topper seen here in Denham Street, RockhamptonApr 12, 2007
408 DRC834 viewsWide Bay Transit Leyland B21-DDAD/PMC ex (43) m/o 8.043 Darwin Bus Service, Darwin, N.T.Apr 12, 2007
VTO 7191253 viewsSerco (186) and since then Southlink (2357) MAN SG280H/PMCSA Commuter.Nov 09, 2006
WJP 6781348 viewsSerco Adelaide (116) MAN 11.190 HOCL-NL/PMCA seen here in Serco livery. It retained this rego when the Serco contract was taken over by Torrens Transit.Nov 09, 2006
m/o 31711024 viewsSydney Buses (3171) Mercedes O405/PMC Mark 5 showing the remnants of its Telstra advertising livery.Oct 11, 2006
m/o 526953 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co m/o 526 Scania K93CR/PMC 160 at Roselands Shopping CentreOct 11, 2006
MO 5368857 viewsNowra Coaches (10) Scania K93/PMCSA at Nowra Coaches DepotOct 11, 2006
MO 67191756 viewsNowra Coaches Volvo B58 Arti/PMCSA ex Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA (933); ex Serco (933); ex Trans Adelaide (1357). Since reregd 2401 MO and Withdrawn by 18/7/2012.Oct 11, 2006
MO 56591366 viewsSurfside Buslines (590) Hino RG197K/PMCA "Commuter" ex-STA (3536) m/o 174 B51D; ex-North and Western m/o 174; ex m/o 8804. Later regd 5252 MO.Oct 11, 2006
2536AO1471 viewsVentura (36) Leyland Tiger/PMC seen at Glen Waverley Bus Interchange in advertising liveryOct 04, 2006
m/o 7433023 viewsBusabout Volvo B10M Mk II/PMCSA ex Metropolition Transport Trust, Hobart, TAS (79) GV 4287. Transferred to associated operator Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads 5/08 but it does not appear to have been registered there.Oct 04, 2006
WJP 4941202 viewsTorrens Transit (135) MAN SL200/PMCSA which had previoulsy operated with Serco as (135) and (913).Sep 24, 2006
WJM 9761216 viewsTorrens Transit (1952) MAN SG280H/PMCSA since used for parts.Sep 24, 2006
m/o 7865837 viewsMoore Tours Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II ex STA 1971. Since sold to Thereabout Travel (R Samuels), Blakehurst as m/o 7865.Sep 20, 2006
m/o 3048876 viewsSydney Buses (3048) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV on iits way to Parramatta.Sep 20, 2006
m/o 40061333 viewsHopkinsons Metro Bus Mercedes-Benz O405/PMCSA ex m/o 7779 ex Quince Melbourne DKA136 B41DSep 05, 2006
m/o 4441231 views(43) m/o 444 Veolia Transport Hino RG197K/PMCA "Commuter" . ex (71), ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley m/o 444 15/1/01; ex m/o 8697. Pictured at Ormonde Parade, Hurstville.Sep 05, 2006
m/o 79251239 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Tiger/PMC . It became m/o 8748 before being sold to Premier Illawarra, Shellharbour as m/o 9253Sep 05, 2006
m/o 33891206 viewsSydney Buses (3389) Mercedes O405/PMC 160 in Airport Express livery.Sep 05, 2006
m/o 50561201 viewsToronto Bus Service VOLVO B10M/PMC '160'. Since the takeover by CDC it has been reregd 4394 MO.Aug 30, 2006
WJI 6591265 viewsTorrens Transit (539) Mercedes-Benz O305 /PMCSA seen in Admet colors.Aug 30, 2006
WPE 4291180 viewsOwned by the Liverpool Catholic Club, this is ex MO 8955, Hilton, Dubbo, NSW a Hino BG100 40369 PMC 1241 10/1981 B53F.Aug 02, 2006
m/o 8040964 viewsVeolia Transport Volvo B10M Mk II/PMC 'Mk 90' ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (92) m/o 8040 9/99.Aug 02, 2006
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