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6137 MO72 viewsAccredited to Holiday King Coaches P/L but in Kingsford Smith Transport livery. A Volvo B10M Austral, formerly Brisbane Transport 296. The vehicle provided a shuttle service during the Ultra Trail marathon event through the BM National Park in the winter of 2019. Captured near the Edge Cinema, Katoomba.Apr 22, 2022
TV 136879 viewsRoad Runner Leisure Tours of Wyong Autobus/Cummins of 2005 build, in the winter of 2019. Originally new to Doherty Coaches as TV 1368. Included in the takeover by Linq Buslines Pty Ltd, Wyong as TV 1368 20/12/19.Apr 22, 2022
XQ 89 DP91 viewsIt's Easy Tours from the Central Coast XQ89DP a Scania K450EB with Coach Concepts body of 2018 build. Now part of the Palmers Coaches group from Queensland and displaying their cockatoo logo. Captured outside the Carrington Hotel on a freezing morning in the winter of 2019 and the lens was fogging up faster than I could wipe.
Apr 22, 2022
TV 65460 viewsBlue Mountains Explorer Bus Volvo Olympian/Alexander, crosses paths with Moore's Tours Denning Decker TV 5961 at Echo Point in the winter of 2019. Reregd XN91WM by 9/2021.Apr 21, 2022
TV 505287 viewsRecent new addition to Cumberland Coachlines was TV 5052, a Volvo B12 with Austral Denning body of 1996 build, and formely with Baxters and prior to that Selwood of Orande. Captured here at Echo Point in the winter of 2019.Apr 21, 2022
TV 64544 viewsBlue Mountains Explorer Bus. BCI double decker of 2018 build, coming into Echo Point on a cold misty winter morning in 2019.Apr 21, 2022
TV 408983 viewsBilpin Coaches displaying new Eastern branding. This is a Scania K124EB with Coach Design body of 2006 build. Captured here at Echo Point with a school group in the winter of 2019.Apr 21, 2022
TV 806868 viewsCDC Travel P/L St Marys. Mercedes Benz 0404-3 with PMCA 'Apollo' body of 1996 build. Formerly TV 1045 of Blue Mountains Bus Co (Pearce) and still in those colours. At Carrington Hotel pick up point in the winter of 2019. Deregd by 4/20 and sold to iDrive Recruitment & Training Pty Ltd t/a iCharter, St Marys by 5/20. For sale on Facebook by 1/21.Apr 20, 2022
m/o 6880108 viewsBlue Mountains Transit Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus ex Station Link Camelia. Shown here in the Winter of 2019 still with the pink front bumper from its Station Link days.Apr 20, 2022
TV 4585 and TV 334435 viewsGroup Charters Autobus coaches TV 4585 and TV 3344 at Scenic World in the winter of 2019. Some of this operator’s coaches were based in a transport yard in Castlereagh Rd, Penrith at this time. Apr 07, 2022
TV 498149 viewsLangley's Dubbo (3) Scania K124EB with Coach Design body of 2006 build, in the winter of 2019, previously with Australia Wide Coaches. In the Carrington Hotel car park - no easy task to fit something this big into there.Apr 06, 2022
TV 851544 viewsCrowthers Coaches Mercedes Benz 0500RF-3 with Coach Design body of 2017 build. Mt solitary in the background in the winter of 2019. With vehicle accreditation showings 'Queanbeyan'.Apr 06, 2022
m/o 499590 viewsMcVicar's Bus Service, Lidcombe AEC Regal III 9621E/Coachmaster on an earlier chassis purchased from the Hardie Brake company where the chassis was used as a test bed for Hardies brake products.Transferred to Bankstown Bus Lines. No longer listed in 1983. Dec 29, 2021
TV 56654 viewsAustralian Sightseeing TV 566 Mercedes Benz O302 with Manheim body. Captured at Circular Quay. I'm a little vague on memory but I think this brand was still in Deanes ownership. That's my set of wheels of the time behind the coach.Dec 26, 2021
MO 570974 viewsBatterhams of Cessnock AEC Merlin, with MCW body of 1968 build. Formely MB393 with London Transport.Dec 25, 2021
MO 100164 viewsFolpp of Blayney MCI MC7 formely #804 with Ansett Pioneer. Not the best quality, but eh !Dec 24, 2021
m/o 03675 viewsStone Bros of Auburn m/o 036. An AEC Regal 111 with Charles Hope body ex MTT Adelaide.Dec 23, 2021
m/o 624048 viewsKeiraville Bus Service Leyland Panther Cub with Park Royal body of 1965. (no, not my Torana, but perfectly lined up for a photo that had to be taken).
Dec 22, 2021
m/o 532067 viewsDural Buslines Freighter Lawton monobus which operated on route 51 - photo taken at their depot. In the background is a Bedford Vam acquired by Dural from Youngs at Rockhampton which went on to become m/o 611.Dec 21, 2021
7261 MO52 viewsStuarts Coaches, Worrigee Denning Phoenix Silver of 2013 build. Captured at Echo Point in 2019.Dec 20, 2021
TV 956357 viewsKeal Enterprises Pty Ltd t/a Travelon Coaches, Ingleburn Scania K112TR/Custom Coaches Hyliner seen here in 2019; Regd 17/4/19; ex various operators. Since later 2019 is operating for Near or Far Bus & Coach, Lawson.
Dec 19, 2021
TV 736551 viewsGood Az Gold Windsor Volvo B10M Mk 111/Austral Metroliner in 2019. Reg 8/2/13 ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (253) 253 BLE via Auction (withdrawn 12/12). Withdrawn by 6/20 & offered for sale at Pickles Auctions, Milperra 3/9/20 and again 30/10/20.
Dec 18, 2021
3812 MO67 viewsVisiting Scenic World in 2019 was 3812 MO of Allens Coaches Wagga Volvo B12B with Coach Design body of 2010 build. Originally new to Deanes Travel, Pambula.
Dec 17, 2021
Bedford Domino88 viewsFound this Domino bodied Bedford on a property in Bullaburra in 2019, being used as a storage shed.Dec 16, 2021
TV 644 and TV 994151 viewsBlue Mountains Explorer Bus BCI decker TV 644 crosses paths with Hopkinsons Denning Decker TV 9941 in Travelways livery, in 2019.Dec 15, 2021
TV 7922117 viewsBaxter's Scania K310IB with a Coach Concepts body of 2018 build seen here in 2019. New front design variation noted.Dec 14, 2021
TV 440942 viewsSpence's Coaches Dubbo Anhui Ankai of 2010 build seen here in 2019. This unit originated with Adams Coachlines in WA. Only a handful of these vehicles it is believed were imported.Dec 13, 2021
TV 994653 viewsFormer Kingsgrove Bus Service #26 mo 9726 MAN 16.240 is now TV 9946, while former #21 mo 6337 is now TV 9945. Both are with Gordon Leonard Alderton, ACN: 42773, North St Marys, replacing TV 8790 Scania 'Wild Thing' and TV 9297 Hino CCMC 'Time Warp'.Dec 12, 2021
8993 MO 48 viewsStill in its mining bus VIVO guise is 8993 MO, a Mercedes Benz OH1830 with Volgren body of about 2013 build accredited to Chalker P/L seen here in 2019. A similar unit is 8994 MO, while a third unit was still unregistered when I visited.Dec 11, 2021
1600 MO65 viewsMercedes Benz OH1830L with Volgren Endura body of 2014 build, now with Big Bus Co (E9). The vehicle has been re-seated with belted 3 abreast student coach seating and certainly impressed. A very well presented former VIVO mining bus from the Northern Territory - ex Buslink Vivo, Howard Springs, NT via Pickles Auctions by 9/18.Dec 10, 2021
2196 MO. 5096 MO and 1695 MO86 viewsA Buslines family gathering at Scenic World in 2019. Buslines Lithgow #15 2196 MO Mercedes OH1830L Mills Tui; Buslines Orange #34 5096 MO Volvo B7R Bustech SBV and Buslines Bathurst #23 1695 MO Mercedes OH1830L Mills Tui.
Dec 09, 2021
TV 885634 viewsToyota Coaster of Coast Warriors P/L. Glenbrook. ACN: 41923. A regular visitor to Echo Point in 2019.Dec 08, 2021
Lineup63 viewsBlue Mountains Transit Scania K280UB's with Custom Coaches CB80 bodywork and in TNSW livery are 6999 MO, 1565 MO, 7000 MO and 1564 MO, lined up in the Katoomba depot in 2019.Dec 07, 2021
TV 032A42 viewsA.L. Tours of Luddenham Denning Landseer in 2019. Ex TV 1003 by 9/19; ex YADA Coaches (Russell Egan), Ingleburn TV 1003 by 6/12; ex KRB Coaches, Ingleburn TV 1003 -/11; ex Manly Coaches Pty Ltd, Brookvale TV 1003 by 9/08; ex C48FT; Reg 18/3/98 ex Greyhound Pioneer Australia Ltd, Brisbane (306) UKH 708; ex Coach Fleet Pty Ltd t/a Pioneer Express, Adelaide, SA (306) UKH 708. Converted to Allison auto under A.L. Tours ownership.Dec 06, 2021
CE 41 CV59 viewsFormer Sydney Buses 3159 Mercedes 0405 Mk.5 now with Ping Zhang T/A Aussie Shuttle Party of Prospect. seen here reg'd CE 41 CV in 2019.Dec 06, 2021
1GBX 84348 viewsStill carrying WA rego 1GBX 843 as a clue to its mining transport origins, Botanica Touring Yutong 57 seater coach. Service launched on 6 September 2019 and the vehicle since reregd TV 8248. Dec 05, 2021
XS 09 AA76 viewsAAT Kings Fleet 502 Scania K440EB with Coach Concepts body of 2018 build. Seen here in early 2000.Oct 19, 2021
mo 4217 (NT)80 viewsAAT Kings Fleet 501 at Echo Point in early 2000. It is a Scania K440EB with Coach Concepts body of 2018 build.Oct 19, 2021
XS 99 AX49 viewsAAT Kings Fleet 495. Denning 'Gold Phoenix' of 2019 build. Seen here in early 2000.
Oct 19, 2021
TV 00951 viewsAAT Kings TV 009. Fleet 321. Denning 'Phoenix Midi' of 2018 build. Seen here early 2000.Oct 14, 2021
TV 00051 viewsAAT Kings TV 000. Fleet 491. Denning 'Silver Phoenix' of 2018 build. Seen here early 2000.
Oct 14, 2021
m/o 810766 viewsTransit Systems Leichhardt m/o 8107. BYD K9RA eBus with Gemilang body of 2019, at Darling Street Wharf. Electric bus in TfNSW livery. Seen here early 2000.Oct 14, 2021
TV 888593 viewsWith accreditation to Jeff Spence (Pick of the Crop Coach Tours - Shanes Park). Volvo B10M with Volgren body of 1988 build. Originally new to Hammersley Iron in Dampier, WA and then Busabout m/o 8685 and 6645 MO. Still in Busabout livery as seen here in 2019/2020. Deregd by 12/20 and sold for a motorhome conversion as XN 39 RW.Sep 29, 2021
XS 17 BN52 viewsAllStarr Coaches Scania K360IB Higer Touring of 2019. At Echo Point in 2019/20210.Sep 29, 2021
TV 567556 viewsRoad Runner Tours Wyong captured at Echo in 2019 under previous ownership. TV 1125 Denning Landseer (not in sale to Linq); TV 5675 Volvo B12R NCBC body; and TV 6784 Toyota Coaster.Sep 29, 2021
TV 402496 viewsLinq Buslines Wyong TV 4024. Volvo B12R Austral Pacific body of 1998 build. It is ex Road Runner Tours Wyong Pty Ltd, Wyong (1) TV 4024 20/12/19; ex Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills TV 1573 .Sep 24, 2021
TV 773088 viewsI took this photo of Australia Wide Coaches TV7730 Bustech CDi - Cummons decker back in late February 2020, my last meeting with it. It's about to turn off Katoomba St towards Scenic World, just days before tourism crashed. It has since been sold to Thompsons, Strathpine as (25) XQ 25 QF.
Sep 24, 2021
Remnants78 viewsFound these remains of a Bedford SB5 with Smithfield body on a farm in Hartley in 2020. Origins unknown.
Sep 24, 2021
2197 MO85 viewsBathurst Buslines Mercedes OH1830LE with Custom CB60 body of 2007 captured in Bathurst in 2020. Still hiding its original livery (Jones Bros.) under advertising.Sep 18, 2021
5957 MO53 viewsBlue Mountains Transit Scania K270UB with Custom CB80 body of 2010 build. The vehicle still hides its BMBC livery under the advertising. Photo taken 16 April 2020 well into the Covid-19 restrictions. Note the Katoomba tourism promotion banners blowing behind the vehicle.Sep 18, 2021
TV 644, TV 645 and TV 654 39 viewsShown from rear Blue Mountains Explorer TV 644 BCI Citirider at front, TV 645 BCI at reat and TV 654 Volvo Olympian in between, at Katoomba 15/5/2020 waiting for the next passenger trip. Sep 18, 2021
TV 644, TV 645 and TV 65445 viewsBlue Mountains Explorer BCI Citirider TV 644 at front, TV 645 BCI at rear and TV 654 Volvo Olympian in between, at Katoomba 15/5/2020 waiting for the next passenger trip.Sep 13, 2021
TV 955253 viewsEastend, Gulgong "Merilyn" Scania 400IB/Irizar i6 of 2018, at Scenic World late 2020.Sep 13, 2021
TV 877675 viewsEggtranz, Mudgee MCA Classic III with a very distinct livery at Scenic World late 2020.Sep 13, 2021
TV 979167 viewsMacquarie Educational Tours, Cardiff Scania K450EB.Coach Concepts in Katoomba late 2020.Sep 08, 2021
TV 64548 viewsBlue Mountains Explorer BCI Decker/BCI Citirider testing its brakes down Katoomba Street, Katoomba late 2020.Sep 08, 2021
TV 451950 viewsNewcombe, Coffs Harbour MAN.220/PMCA Apollo ex Murrays (805) 805 EDY, ex TV 1742, ex VRO 378 in a black & white photo in Park St, Katoomba outside the old Carrington Hotel in 2020. It was dergd and sold later that year.Sep 08, 2021
m/o 787761 viewsCDC Commercial St Mary's MAN 12.220/Custom Coaches CB30. ex QCity, ex Hillsbus, ex Westbus, still in partial QCity livery, in Katoomba late 2021Sep 03, 2021
TV 559477 viewsLangley's Dubbo (1) Scania K480EB/Coach Design ex Australia Wide Coaches TV 5594 by 21/1/2011, ex (SA) XNU 346, at Scenic World late 2020. Sep 03, 2021
TV 824643 viewsFantastic Aussie Tours Golden Dragon GD77/Golden Dragon ex LTD Rentals, parked outside Katoomba TAFE late 2020.Sep 03, 2021
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