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Last additions - Premier Illawarra/Nowra Coaches/Premier Motor Service
8344 MO29 viewsPremier Shoalhaven Scania K360UA/Volgren Optimus.Jul 20, 2021
Kiama buses 1961.jpg
Rutty's548 viewsSeen here at Kiama in c1961 is this coach from Rutty’s in a very unusual livery. Many years later in 2001 Nowra Coaches took over both John J Hills and Ruttys on the same date, to form Premier Illawarra.Sep 26, 2009
Premier Illawarra1808 viewsTwo unregistered ex STA Mercedes O305/PMC units - the one on the right is ex m/o 2413. The other one which had been in service with Premier Illawarra as m/o 7945 is ex 2086 which has since become TV 4725 at Northern Beaches Buses and then at Tango Pty Ltd, Melrose Park - withdrawn and stored at Terrey Hills 7/10 - sent to scrap.Aug 26, 2007
MO 9701777 viewsNowra Coaches Volvo B10ML Artic/Denning ex ADP80F; ex BCC, Brisbane, QLD (993) 993 CIG -/06 (ADP74FR). Later regd 2418 MO. This took the plates off a Volvo B58 / Hess ex Holroyd Bus Lines u/r; ex South Western, Jannali m/o 625; ex m/o 5852; ex Campbelltown Bus Service (Rowes) m/o 5852; ex Rowes, Plumpton m/o 5852; ex SHW 542 (cassied SA rego SHW 542 when new to Rowes); ex Volvo demonstrator - Registered as m/o 4255 whilst in use for PTC and also known to operate for Briscoe, Adelaide, SA as SHW 542.
Jun 27, 2007
MO 66141675 viewsMO6614 is the only Air Conditioned Volvo B7RLE CB50HCL at Premier Illawarra, seen here at the Shellharbour City Centre precinct. since reregd 4754 MO.Jan 01, 2007
MO 6619934 viewsPremier Illawarra Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" at Stockland Shellharbour on New Years day. Since reregd 4755 MO. Behind it is similar MO 6614 which has since been reregd 4754 MO.Jan 01, 2007
TV 45941656 viewsPremier Motor Service TV4594 SCANIA K114IB - 14.5m/NCBC still Tinselled up for Xmas. (photo taken on New Years Eve). Dec 31, 2006
MO 6611915 viewsA better pic of MO 6611 at the Entertainment Centre. This is the latest bus delivered to Premier Illawarra, but not for long with another 4 of these due anyday now. This is a Volvo B7RLE with CC CB50HCL bodywork. Since reregd 4753 MO. Dec 31, 2006
MO 6619849 viewsAnother new Premier Illawarra Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" at Wollongong Station. Since reregd 4755 MO.Dec 31, 2006
MO 6621925 viewsAnother new Premier Illawarra Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" on the combined Sunday Route 35/36 to Mt Kembla via Farmborough Hts in Waples Rd with Mt Kembla in the background. Route 36 terminates at the small Kembla Hts Village at the back of the Mt Kembla. It has since been reregd 4758 MO.Dec 31, 2006
MO 6622953 viewsNew Premier Illawarra Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" at Oak Flats Station with a very foggy escarpment in the background. Since reregd 4757 MO.Dec 31, 2006
TV 45981960 viewsNew for Premier Motor Service is this Scania K114IB with NCBC bodywork, photographed at Premier Illawarra's Figtree depot. Dec 31, 2006
m/o 9248983 viewsPremier Illawarra MAN 18.280 / CC CB50HCL at Oak Flats Stn. Dec 29, 2006
MO 6620966 viewsOne of the latest deliveries to Premier Illawarra MO 6620 another Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL". Since reregd 4756 MO. Dec 29, 2006
m/o 76491181 viewsPremier Illawarra 7649 is a Scania L94IB with CC 510 bodywork, this bus is ex John J Hill and is on Route 34 which was diverted via Barnes St (see the fading street sign) due to constant vandalism of buses when they used to operate via the nearby Nannawilli Street. Amazingly this damage has ceased entirely, and also given me a bus service which is much closer to my house. Seen her 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 9248893 viewsPremier Illawarra MAN 18.280/CC CB50 enters Oak Flats Station running 15 minutes late due to the daily heavy traffic through Albion Park Rail. Northbound was even worse which it took me 24 minutes to travel 2.5km's to get to the Freeway Entrance. Nov 18, 2006
MO 61271753 viewsPremier Illawarra ex Action Renault makes its way over a slight hill at Berkeley on Northcliffe Drive heading to Dapto. In the background is the Southern Section of the Southern Freeway which is an isolated section of Freeway. The Freeway is broken between Bulli Tops and Gwyneville where it becomes an Expressway due to having a few driveways on it, otherwise known as Mt Ousley Road. This is the only Renault with the centre door removed due to an accident. The front doors used to actually be the centre doors! Nov 18, 2006
MO 6611895 viewsMO 6611 is the latest bus delivered to Premier Illawarra, but not for long with another 4 of these due anyday now. This is a Volvo B7RLE with CC CB50HCL bodywork. Photographed in George Street, Berkeley. Since reregd 4753 MO.Nov 18, 2006
TV 17221460 viewsPremier Illawarra TV 1722 is a Mercedes OH1622 with Austral Bodywork, ex Nowra ex Great Lakes coaches. It used to have fluting upto the middle rub strip, when repainted/refurb'd Premier removed all of that. Since reregd 4749 MO. TV 946 (now 4779 MO) is another identical unit to this one. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 61701176 viewsWhat was supposed to be the last refurb Canberra Mercedes (see comments on 6190) is Premier Illawarra m/o 6170 at Albion Park Rail East on route 51. Route 51 is a new route from Wollongong to Albion Park via Warrawong. Bit of a roundabout route to take to get from Albion Park to Wollongong, but routes 51 70 76 all connect to the Direct Lake Link service, but at least it provides a good link for people from Albion Park to the Warrawong shopping centres (which is one of the big retail precincts in Wollongong)Nov 18, 2006
m/o 61901382 viewsAfter I thought that Premier Illawarra were going to get onto withdrawing these old bangers (Mercedes O035/Ansairs) they went and refurbished another one, I must say they look great when refurbished, it's just ashame that Ansair Built these with easy rusting steel. This bus was only completed with Refurbishment in September 2006. It'll probably last another 12-18 months before withdrawal. Withdrawn and sold in 2009. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 63131339 viewsSoon to be retired Premier Illawarra Volvo B10M/CC Euro Mk II ex John J Hill, on Northcliffe Drive at Berkeley about to pass a police speed trap, and then pick up some school kids from Berkeley High. This seems to be the most used of the 4 1982 B10M's. I rarely see 6360, even when JJH were still about 6313 was always out in service, yet the other 3 only seemed to turn up on short shifts. m/o 6305 has already been sold to Casula Bus & Coach, and this one followed shortly afterwards. Nov 18, 2006
m/o 7235993 viewsPremier Illawarra ex John J Hill Mercedes O405 / CC on Route 51 at Lake Illawarra (the suburb not the actual lake) going through a dish gutter. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 74481018 viewsPremier Illawarra ex John J Hill Leyland Tiger/PMC m/o 7448 which has finally been repainted, at Farmborough Hts on a school run. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
MO 66101871 viewsPremier Illawarra Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" takes on the very steep driveway exit at Thirroul Station. This driveway definately does no justice to any bus, especially Low Floors like this. Since reregd 4751 MO.Oct 15, 2006
m/o 77621058 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Pleasure Tours ex North and Western at Unanderra on a school run for Edmund Rice College. Oct 15, 2006
m/o 9008939 viewsNew Premier Illawarra MAN 18.280/CC CB50 on route 38 to Figtree Hts. Oct 15, 2006
m/o 9241839 viewsOne of Premier Illawarra's new MAN 18.280/CC CB50's on route 33 at Cowper St West Wollongong. Oct 15, 2006
AF 86 VJ1181 viewsNew Premier Illawarra MAN 18.280/CC CB50 on route 34 in Nolan St Berkeley. This bus has since been re-regd m/o 9249.Oct 15, 2006
m/o 79321138 viewsIt's a Leyland Tiger on route work! Due to Rail Maintenance and Premier needing to commit almost 20 buses to this, many of the older vehicles in the PI fleet were utilised on Route work for the duration of the School Holidays, including every O305, and a few Tigers which don't regulary get onto route work anymore. m/o7932 is back in its Route Work Guernsey operating a route 43 to Port Kembla in First Avenue South, Warrawong. Seen here in October 2006.Oct 14, 2006
MO 66091053 viewsNew Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" for Premier Illawarra at Thirroul Station. Since reregd 4750 MO.Oct 14, 2006
MO 66071019 viewsNew Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" for Premier Illawarra at Thirroul Station. Since reregd 4769 MO.Oct 14, 2006
MO 6608934 viewsNew Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" for Premier Illawarra at Thirroul Station. Since reregd 4750 MO.Oct 14, 2006
MO 6610970 viewsNew Volvo B7RLE/CC "CB50HCL" for Premier Illawarra at Thirroul Station. Later regd 4751 MO.Oct 14, 2006
m/o 62601111 viewsApologies about the crappy photo, but here is another Premier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Rutty's operating route service at the University. Oct 09, 2006
MO 61271665 viewsPremier Illawarra MO 6127 is a Renault PR100.2 ex m/o 6127; ex Rutty`s, Figtree (27) m/o 6127; ex ACTION BUS 686. This bus is the only single door Renault PR100.2 in the Premier Fleet. The bus was involved in an accident shortly after the PI takeover, which involved a major front end rebuild and the centre doors were used to replace the destroyed front doors. Oct 09, 2006
m/o 79491883 viewsPremier Illawarra m/o 7949 is a Hino BG300 with Centurion Bodywork, ex Walkers of Bendigo, Photographed outside Bunnings at Warrawong on route 43 to Dapto via Berkeley. Note the spelling mistake on the desto. Oct 09, 2006
m/o 79321224 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Tiger/PMC Ex John J Hill, Wollongong & Shellharbour (32) m/o 7932. SCOOP! A Tiger on route service! 7932 operating a route 3! Oct 09, 2006
m/o 76491301 viewsPremier Illawarra m/o 7649 is a Scania L94IB with Custom Coaches 510 bodywork, photographed here between trips on route 34 at Westfield Warrawong. Oct 09, 2006
m/o 64081879 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes Benz O305 Ansair ex Action seen passing through Mangerton on its way to Wollongong University on route 11. In the background is Television Hill home of WIN Television. Television Hill is also home to a maze of World War II Defence Bunkers that are now used for Mushroom Harvesting. Oct 09, 2006
m/o 90151182 viewsFrom Premier Illawarra is this Volvo B7R CC SB40 operating a route 37 to the University, photographed in Burelli St Wollongong. Route 37 is a loop service that operates around Lake Illawarra, Route 57 operates in the reverse direction. Behind 9015 is a Renault PR100.2 on the next Route 37 loop. Oct 09, 2006
MO 66091080 viewsOne of Premier Illawarra's new Volvo B7RLE's with CC CB50HCL bodywork photographed in Oak Flats. Since reregd 4750 MO.Sep 25, 2006
m/o 92411335 viewsOne of Premier Illawarra's MAN 18.280/CC CB50's at Albion Park Station. Sep 25, 2006
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