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SUN 10173 viewsSuncoast Coaches Denning Denflex.Sep 18, 2016
SUN 12217 viewsSuncoast Coaches Denning Denflex.Sep 18, 2016
7397AO183 viewsVentura Bus Lines (287) Iveco Metro Hybrid/Volgren CR228L ex Smartbus livery. ex Grenda livery, in PTV livery in 2016.Sep 13, 2016
9028AO92 viewsSkybus (87) MAN 28.360/King Long "6180AU" in 2012.Sep 11, 2016
SUN 19181 viewsSuncoast Coaches Denning Denflex.Sep 09, 2016
SUN 23216 viewsSunshine Coast Coaches Austral Tourmaster (2 axle).Sep 08, 2016
SUN 07194 viewsSunshine Coaches bus seated Denning Mono.Sep 02, 2016
SUN 23221 viewsSuncoast Coaches MCA Marathon/MCA Sold to Stagecoach (QLD) Pty Ltd, Caloundra, QLD as 754 GBC, then Fords Shepparton Bus Services Pty Ltd, Shepparton, as RCL 941 then 1887 , then Macphersons, Tamworth as MO 6950, then 3269 MO, then to JP Schmid, Malanda, QLD as 640 RMI -/11.Sep 01, 2016
m/o 9894133 viewsHillsbus Scania K280UB/Volgren in 2011.Aug 28, 2016
m/o 9948177 viewsHillsbus ScaniaK280UB/Volgren in 2011.Aug 05, 2016
SUN 08169 viewsSunshine Coaches bus seated Denning Mono.Aug 04, 2016
837 APK189 viewsSunshine Coaches Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA (1212).Aug 03, 2016
Qtp 2003157 viewsSunshine Coaches (Marroochy Bus Service) Commer.Aug 03, 2016
m/o 5367162 viewsWestbus Volvo B7RLE/Volgren in 2011. Transferred to Transit Systems with Region 3 contract as of 13/10/13.Aug 02, 2016
m/o 5064141 viewsVeolia Transport (344) Mercedes O500LE/Bustech VST in Metrobus livery in 2011.Jul 29, 2016
TV 5577163 viewsCharterplus Mercedes-Benz O405/Custom Coaches '510'. Ex m/o 9435 7/08-ex Dural (123) 5/08 in Gold livery -ex m/o 8361 Charterbus Direct / Harris Park Transport, N.S.W. 1/07, in 2011.Jul 26, 2016
m/o 1994120 viewsVeolia Transport (469) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L in Metrobus livery in 2011.Jul 25, 2016
m/o 5302151 viewsWestbus Volvo B7RLE/Volgren in 2011. It became m/o 5302 with Transit Systems.Jul 23, 2016
m/o 9247171 viewsWestbus Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches "516" ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween on rail in 2011. Subsequently operating with Hillsbus, Northmead.Jul 22, 2016
TV 5722205 viewsCharterplus Volvo B10M/Volgren ex (48) 2852 AO Westrans, Hoppers Crossing, Vic; ex (101) 2852 AO; ex FVN 505; ex CVN 901 Davis Bus Lines, Ballarat, Vic., in 2011. Was reregd m/o5478 and then transferred toQCity, Queanbeyan. Deregd by 11/14 and sold.Jul 21, 2016
3339AO96 viewsSunbury Coaches (39) MAN 18.250/Custom Coaches in 2007.Jul 20, 2016
3308AO109 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (8) MAN 18.310/Coach Design in 2007.Jul 19, 2016
3320AO115 viewsSunbury Coaches (20) MAN 18.280/Coach Design in 2007.Jul 19, 2016
3314AO99 viewsSunbury Coaches (14) Mercedes OH1418/Custom Coaches in 2007.Jul 18, 2016
3307AO84 viewsSunbury Coaches (7) Mercedes OH1418/Newnham in 2007.Jul 18, 2016
3346AO110 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (46) MAN 24.420/Coach Design in Franklin St. in Melbourne City in 2007.Jul 14, 2016
3345AO107 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (45) MAN 22.360/Coach Design in the carpark at Scienceworks in 2007.Jul 14, 2016
3336AO109 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (36) Denning Landseer coming down to the parking area at Mt Buller after dropping its load in 2007.Jul 13, 2016
3332AO121 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (32) Denning Landseer at the Melbourne Arts Centre in 2007.Jul 12, 2016
3330AO112 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (30) MAN 24.420/Coach Design at St.Huberts Winery on a Grape Grazing tour in 2007.Jul 11, 2016
Yarra 90974 viewsYarra (909) W Class in 2007 Christmas livery in Flinders St. outside Federation Square [This tram has been withdrawn after A class 243 took a dislike to it and ran into the back of it]Jun 29, 2016
Line up141 viewsA line up of Ventura Leyland Tigers (111) to (117) ready to do football shuttles one Saturday morning.Jun 21, 2016
Line up.184 viewsA line up of Ventura PMCA Leyland Leopards at South Oakleigh Depot.Jun 21, 2016
Line up223 views6 of the 10 Ventura Mk1 ex STA Mercedes operated by Ventura lined up at the Knox Depot.Jun 20, 2016
Lineup.178 viewsA line up of Ventura Tiger Cubs & Leopards at the S.A. & W.A. Border on there way to Karratha [These buses were driven to Adelaide where they were fitted with Air/con then driven to W.A. for use as mine buses at Karratha].Jun 19, 2016
APD043116 viewsSita (62) Hancock/Smithfield acquired with takeover of Ivanella Bus Service. In AOA for Jewel supermarket.May 22, 2016
AXS810117 viewsSita (18) Hancock/PMCA ex Ventura (10).May 22, 2016
AQM101100 viewsSita (9) Hancock/Newnham ex Ventura (101).May 21, 2016
4237AO129 viewsDysons (54) Hancock/Newnham ex Reid's Bus Service.May 21, 2016
4236AO127 viewsDysons (53) was a Hancock 1754AI- Cat/Newnham acquired with Reid's Bus Service ex BNT 696. It was sold to Murphy’s Newcastle in 2008.May 20, 2016
BS01UX94 viewsGrand City Tours and Travel Scania K320IB/Higer A30.May 14, 2016
6618AO93 viewsOdyssey Travel Scania K320IB/Higer A30.May 13, 2016
9124AO107 viewsDysons Scania K280IB/Higer A30 still in Midland Tours livery.May 13, 2016
5819AO85 viewsSandringham & Brighton Coaches, Moorabbin (127) Scania K320IB/Higer A30.May 12, 2016
7305AO117 viewsVentura Bus Lines (126) Scania K280IB/Higer A30.May 12, 2016
BS01XD102 viewsDriver Bus Lines (114) Scania K310IB/Higer A30.May 11, 2016
7575AO73 viewsBerwick Bus Lines (59) Scania K280IB/Higer A30.May 11, 2016
9603AO107 viewsDriver Bus Lines (33) Scania K320IB/Higer A30.May 10, 2016
6332AO129 viewsVictorian Touring Coaches (31} Scania K280IB/Higer A30 ex SB35ET. It became (28) (28) 6229AO before being sold to Driver Bus Lines.May 10, 2016
9138AO119 viewsMee’s Bus Lines (8) Scania K320IB/Higer A30.May 09, 2016
1434AO102 viewsMoreland Bus Lines (8) Scania K280IB/Higer A30.May 09, 2016
CYQ 004182 viewsVentura Bus Lines (4) Leyland Tiger PMC along with sister unit [5] were the last two Tigers delivered new to South Oakleigh & when delivered in 9/86 were the last new buses until [73] arrived in 7/92, both buses did a lot of miles in their early years. This was another bus Venturatiger drove from Sydney to Melbourne. Reregd FRW 004 and then 2504AO. Withdrawn in 2010.May 04, 2016
FRW 113189 viewsVentura Bus Lines (113) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex CDP 113., was a good reliable bus , had chalked up the most kilometres of all the South Oakleogh Tigers. Reregd 2613AO, then sold to Murton's of Broken Hill as MO 4586 and then reregd 4044 MO. May 04, 2016
CXB 212208 viewsVentura Bus Lines (122) Elwood HFA/PMCSA which was a stalwart on the short 706 run & was one of three manual Elwoods aquired with Bentleigh Bus Lines.May 03, 2016
BQO 395177 viewsVentura Bus Lines (95) Leyland Leopard/PMC which Venturatiger was the first to drive this bus in service and liked driving this bus. It went to Canterbury Bus Lines (unused), then became (33) EIG with Logan Coaches and then Cavbus Logan Coaches.May 03, 2016
ESL 008212 viewsVentura Bus Lines (8) Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA Sydney 1852, not a bus Venturatiger drove in service , but did drive it from Sydney to Melbourne in the middle of winter, very cold & not very fast. Reregd FRW 008 and then became 267 FJC with Coomera Bus Lines-(Hill/Crossley)[11/99-],Qld. Subsequent whereabouts not known.May 01, 2016
BEM 451190 viewsVentura Bis Lines Leyland Leopard PSU3E/PMCSA liked by Venturatiger, was the last of this batch to be regular on the 700 run. It subsequently became m/o 9209 and m/o 333 with Canterbury Bus Lines then sold to Logan Coaches (Crossley), Logan Village, QLD, then Gatton Bus Service, Gatton, then Beaudesert Bus Service, Beaudesert as (18), all registered 087 EJZ. Resold with company to Cavbus Pty Ltd, Logan Village as (18) 087 EJZ, then to Executive Coachlines, Bundaberg as 274 IPL.May 01, 2016
IYI 085223 viewsVentura Bus Lines (85) Leyland Leopard/Domino Hedges – thr only Domino in the fleet which was a comfortable bus to drive. Subsequently saw service with Crossley Buse Lines and Westway as as m/o 7019. Sold for non-PSV at Naree Warren, VIC 6/01; later noted derelict in Tasmania reg EP 7258.Apr 30, 2016
IKP 897174 viewsVentura Bus Lines (97) Leyland Leopard PSU3C/Ansair which Venturatiger liked to drive. It subsequently saw service with Crossley Bus Lines as m/o 7805 and was withdrawn before the takeover by Connex.Apr 30, 2016
BRP 306166 viewsVentura Bus Lines Leyland Leopard PSU4A/4R/Custom Coaches rebody ex Potteries UK which Venturatiger drove from Sydney to Melbourne on its delivery run. It subsequently operated with Crossley Bus Lines and Westway as m/o 6417 before being sold to private buyer, Richmond NSW 31/5/2006 and listed for sale on Ebay 4/08.Apr 29, 2016
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