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MO 4466681 viewsPells, Nambucca Heads (9) Leyland Comet/Parramatta Bus Co. Pells replaced the original AEC Matador prime mover with a Leyland Comet in 1972; ex (1); ex GP & CK Clement, Nambucca Heads MO 4466 5/63; ex Sinclair, Dundas m/o 002 -/57; Trailer extensively overhauled ex GP & CK Clement, Nambucca Heads (unused) -/54; ex Parramatta Bus Co, Northmead m/o 352 -/54 (dereg 12/52). For full history see the fleet lists.01/09/16 pm31 16:41Fleet Lists: 13000th photo in gallery
MAN SL200688 viewsMAN SL200/Ansair MK1 at Fishermans Bend on last day of Government bus operation of North Fitzroy & Doncaster depots.11/09/14 pm30 13:29MAN 16.242: Photo 10000 in Gallery
15881 H998 viewsDysons Bus Service (29) Elwood HBA/PMCSA ex 4216 AO, ex BNF 253 used on the BCSV Saturday tour 13/10/2012.08/23/13 pm31 18:18Fleet Lists: Photo 5000 in the gallery
OVO 3271268 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (226) MAN SL200/Ansair Mk1 later regd 0288 AO – one of the last MAN SL200/MK1’s to be withdrawn from MBL on 23/5/2002. It was sold to Party Time Tours it was stored at Party Bus, Dandenong Vic, due to its engine not working.It was then sold in 2007 to Dee Decker Tours, North Sunshine, Vic, then shortly afterwards sold to Bus Buddys (Laughter Unlimited Tours), Sunshine, Vic. Noted derelict in Sunshine in 2010.08/23/13 pm31 18:17Fleet Lists: Photo 7000 in the Gallery
638 IJI1856 viewsVeolia Transport (599) MAN 18.310 HOUCL-R-NL/Bustech "VST" demonstrator. Ex Busways, Glendenning. Arrived 9/07, departed 12/07 to Busabout before being sold to Carbridge QLD.08/22/13 pm31 20:38AdamS: Where was this taken???? Question Question Question , I've ...
2405 ST887 viewsSydney Buses (2405) Scania K280UB/ CC “CB80” photoshopped into one of a number of colour combinations of the TNSW livery which could be used if each region was given a different colour but this is most unlikely to happen.

04/22/13 pm30 21:57AdamS: i love the metallic blue <3
m/o 9663932 viewsVeolia Transport (419) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" photoshopped into the previous Connex yellow front livery.04/21/13 pm30 15:41AdamS: thes buses look good in Connex Livery Cool Smile :...
94 frontmo8131.jpg
m/o 8131697 viewsFront shot of Veolia Transport (94) Volvo B10M/PMC ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (94) m/o 8131, after its late life refurbishment. Photo by Underlay. Reregd m/o 5561 soon afterwards. Sold to A Bryan t/a North Coast Charters, Port Macquarie 1/21.04/07/13 pm30 17:22AdamS: Fact: 94 was the the first of the older buses to b...
m/o 73171219 viewsKaten & Heath (Bustrans) Mercedes Benz OH1418/CC "510". The only bus from this fleet to pass to Baxters, then Transit First and then Veolia where it became (674) at Menai and then Taren Point.04/07/13 pm30 17:06AdamS: Does anyone know did this bus have the red seats w...
m/o 50181142 viewsVeolia Transport (440) Volvo B7RLE/CC CB60, the Bankstown free shuttle bus, doing a route 922 trip to Bankstown after finishing its shuttle duties for the day.04/07/13 pm30 16:53AdamS: That's a CC "CB60 Evo II", not plain...
TV 58791055 viewsTelford's 2009 Volvo B7R with the unique "Quality" bodywork, out on rail.02/09/13 pm28 21:08AdamS: that looks like a pretty cool bus
m/o 91401044 viewsVeolia Transport (299) BCI JXK6120AG - Cat C7 photoshopped into Transport for NSW livery.02/06/13 pm28 18:34AdamS: the blue is a bit out
m/o 3093907 viewsHow's this for alignment? Sydney Buses (3093) Mercedes-Benz O405 /PMC MK V with AC and a gas pod at Circular Quay.
01/16/13 pm31 20:21AdamS: Great Job Laughing Laughing Laughing Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile ...
AW 17 TZ1032 viewsParramatta Free Shuttle Bus. Volvo B7RLE/CC CB60. Operated by Veolia Transport as (450). Since the Govt took over the free shuttle this bus sold to TSA for use in region 3 so it may still be seen in the Parramatta area after also having operated in Adelaide for Torrens Transit.01/16/13 pm31 15:01AdamS: That's actually a CC "CB60 Evo II"
Waratah A41072 viewsWhat a Cityrail Waratah train may look like as photoshopped into Transport for NSW bus livery. Train livery would be orange instead of blue but that was not known at the time this was done.01/08/13 pm31 16:45AdamS: awesome, i wish they did look like that Laughing
m/o 79231186 viewsHillsbus MAN 12.220/Custom Coaches CB30 photoshopped into Transport for NSW livery.01/08/13 pm31 16:41AdamS: looks good in that Livery, I had to check the desc...
m/o 50691387 viewsVeolia Transport (330) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST in Metrobus livery, photoshopped into an artic bus.01/07/13 pm31 15:02AdamS: Cool Laughing Cool , love it
Mini Bustech Industries.1708 viewsCollection of various bus models. The majority designed and built by Bustech Rules.03/16/12 am31 08:04AnthonyC: how did you make these Question love them Cool
646 IOJ1623 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 678 646-IOJ Volvo B12BLE/Bustech "VST" basks in the late afternoon sun after finishing its day shift at Ernest Depot. This bus was an aoa for 3D Paint but has since been put back to corporate livery.03/16/12 am31 08:02AnthonyC: perfect picture Cool
MO 93752027 viewsKiama Coachlines ex MO 9375 MAN SG192/CAC ex Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads (631) 631 BBC; ex Action, Canberra (535) BUS 535; ex ZIB 535 being used for parts.03/13/12 pm31 13:54AnthonyC: Crying or Very sad such a lovely bus smashed
692 ERE1421 viewsSurfside Buslines (692) Mercedes O400/Bustech03/13/12 pm31 13:35AnthonyC: good pic Smile
Metrolink 4053 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 23rd Nov 2011.JPG
GCD 5181068 viewsNZ Bus #4053 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 assembled by Kiwi Bus Builders seen operating with Metrolink at Britomart, Auckland Nov 201111/23/11 pm30 22:54Fleet Lists: Congratulations - photo 3000 in the gallery
m/o 7433277 viewsBusabout Volvo B10M Mk II/PMCSA ex Metropolition Transport Trust, Hobart, TAS (79) GV 4287. Transferred to associated operator Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads 5/08 but it does not appear to have been registered there.05/12/07 pm31 20:02Jim_D: one of tassie old b10m rigids
m/o 25542799 viewsSydney Buses O305G articulated 2554 in new livery This is the oldest bus in the fleet and the oldest articulated bus to get the new State Transit livery applied, ie no red stripe, no diagonal blue on the side of the bus and whole blue rear.01/20/07 pm31 15:04leopard1543: Norbert has captured the moment again Exclamation Very Happy
m/o 25542433 viewsSydney Buses O305G articulated 2554 in new livery. This is the oldest bus in the fleet and the oldest articulated bus to get the new State Transit livery applied, ie no red stripe, no diagonal blue on the side of the bus and whole blue rear.01/20/07 pm31 15:01leopard1543: Norbert has captured the moment again Exclamation Very Happy
m/o 89252624 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes O305G/PMC artic seen in the Killarney Heights loop on route 270 as it crosses a speed hump. Ex-STA 2573.11/30/06 pm30 22:54Ken: Excellent as always Norbert. Keep up the good work...
m/o 79492044 viewsPremier Illawarra m/o 7949 is a Hino BG300 with Centurion Bodywork, ex Walkers of Bendigo, Photographed outside Bunnings at Warrawong on route 43 to Dapto via Berkeley. Note the spelling mistake on the desto. 10/14/06 pm31 12:05jb17kx: They should have painted the black above the drive...
XCP 7432460 viewsTorrens Transit (951) Scania L94UA/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' at Arndale Shopping Centre09/29/06 pm30 13:05EX PTC & PTB: I'm a big fan of the CB60 Combo's Very Happy
MO 9703004 viewsNowra Coaches MO 970 Volvo B58 with imported Hess bodywork is seen negotiating a roundabout in the pouring rain during a recent organised tour to Nowra. It was ex Holroyd Bus Lines u/r; ex South Western, Jannali m/o 625; ex m/o 5852; ex Campbelltown Bus Service (Rowes) m/o 5852; ex Rowes, Plumpton m/o 5852; ex SHW 542 (carried SA rego SHW 542 when new to Rowes); ex Volvo demonstrator - Registered as m/o 4255 whilst in use for PTC and also known to operate for Briscoe, Adelaide, SA as SHW 542. Withdrawn 3/3/07 09/19/06 am30 05:31jb17kx: Whomever is taking the photo here obviously has so...
MO 90832876 viewsIt was not long ago that Nowra Coaches were operating 5 ex Action, Canberra MAN SG192 articulated vehicles. MO 9083 has a fully imported Goppel body and was one of the first few articulated buses into Australia. It now operates in Western Australia.09/19/06 am30 05:28jb17kx: Desto seems a little out of place! Razz
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