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m/o 2740828 viewsSydney Buses (2740) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark III at Hurstville Ritz
m/o 2740695 viewsSydney Buses (2740) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV.
m/o 91551688 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2550 - On dry hire from the Parker Family preservationists) from 3/07. Has since returned to the Parker Family. Seen at the Forest Depot being fueled after having the signage and accreditation applied, ready for route service the next morning.
m/o 3033849 viewsSydney Buses Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV.
Rover Motors MO-8973 Leyland Atlantean.jpg
MO 8973563 viewsRover Motors (30) Leyland Atlantean ex UTA 1215. It was subsequently SZQ 103 at the Yallah Woolshed Resturant, Albion Park NSW and then went to the Parker Family, Oakville. It was involved in the Pagewood Depot fire in 1974.
MO 8973486 viewsRover Motors (30) Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1218. It was subsequently SZQ 103 at the Yallah Woolshed Restaurant, Albion Park NSW and then went to the Parker Family, Oakville. It was involved in the Pagewood Depot fire in 1974.

3 Leopards.417 viewsRutty’s Figtree 3 ex UTA Leyland Leopard/PMC Mk 1’s freshly painted and ready for rego in 1981 and not 1978 as shown on the photo
m/o 6134179 viewsRuttys Leyland Leopard/PMC ex UTA 3526 28/2/1983 shown here without plates.
m/o 6136214 viewsRuttys, Figtree Leyland Royal Tiger/Comeng ex PTC m/o 2520.
m/o 6189187 viewsFormer Rutty's (89) Mercedes O305/PMC is seen unregistered at the depot shortly after being replaced by an ex Action Renault PR100.2. It was ex STA Mk I 1769 -/93. Dereg by 9/11/00, held u/r & sold to Andrew Haviland & Partners (enthusiasts), Sydney for preservation 6/01 (painted in UTA post-Chullora refurbishment livery); then to the Parker Family (enthusiasts), Oakvill
m/o 1642204 viewsSydney Buses (1642) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L at Parramatta Station, photoshopped into the livery of imaginary operator Ryde Transit..
WMI 990539 viewsDunn's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kadina (4) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex (3600) m/o 7866-ex m/o 5662 Sydney Buses (STA), Sydney, N.S.W.-ex m/o 5662 North & Western Bus Lines, Gladesville, N.S.W.-ex m/o 5662 Metro West Bus Lines, Meadowbank, N.S.W.

Saints coaches Peakhurst NSW Leyland Leopard MO-4941.jpg
m/o 4941362 viewsSaints Peakhurst Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1 ex Foleys ex UTA 3668 in 1996. That same side roof advertisement was on the bus with Foleys 12 years earlier.
MO 0848157 viewsSawtell Coaches (Jertie) Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 1941 between school services in 2001 – since withdrawn.
MO 5829199 viewsShorelink (64) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex ex Kirkland's, Lismore (286) MO 5829; ex Simes Bros, Lismore MO 5829; ex Bathurst Coaches (unused); ex STA Mk I 1789. It was reregd 1833 MO and then m/o 9778. Written off 3/10 and sold via Pickles Auctions, Milperra to R. Chahal 29/7/10. Seen here in Khartoum Rd, cnr Waterloo Rd, North Ryde in 2008.
TV 5028442 viewsSid Fogg's (200) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC Mk II ex Shorelink/Transdev, Mt Kuring-gai, NSW (48) m/o 7507; ex STA 2204, photographed down by the Newcastle foreshore.
MO 5829200 viewsSimes Bros, Lismore AEC Regent III/Comeng ex NSW DGT (2050). Sold to Summerland Christian Life Church Lismore KFV 873. believed onsold.
MO ?198 viewsSimes Bros, Lismore AEC Regent ex DGT.
2035 MO240 viewsSkennars Mercedes-Benz O305/Coachworks "Orana" ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Raleigh (689) 2035 MO 29/4/10; ex MO 2164; ex King Bros (24) - Rebody of PMC 188 6/78 (rego & fleet number same prior to rebody); ex (24); ex OJ's MO 2164; ex King's Bus Service (24) MO 2164; ex STA 1953, in Kiora Road, Miranda 11/11/2014.
sm sta 3740 0608130254.jpg
m/o 3740585 viewsSydney Buses (3740) Scania L113CRL/Ansair NSW with blank Skybreaker advertising
sm sta 3785 0608130156.jpg
m/o 3785583 viewsSydney Buses (3785) Scania L113CRL/Ansair NSW with Skybreaker advertising
Smekles AEC Regal IV 823-NYL.jpg
823 NYL475 viewsSmekels Citybus AEC Regal IV/Comeng ex UTA 3215?
m/o 8454307 viewsSouthtrans (50) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mark 1 1927. Sold By Veolia Transport to Parker family, Oakville for parts.
m/o 7051150 viewsSouthtrans (49) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark 1 ex STA (1829) in the depot in 1996.
m/o 7272332 viewsSouthtrans (11) Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/Smithfield ex Hadfield Bus Lines, Engadine m/o 7272 3/7/89; ex UTA 3999. Sold to Westlink, Regents Park as m/o 7272 6/90 and with runs to Crossley Bus Lines as m/o 7272. Resold to Green's Northern Coaches, Thirroul as m/o 7272 and later scrapped.
ST2530-P33 (2).jpg
2530 ST361 viewsSighted on the MAN SL202 and Mercedes PMC '160' Farewell Tour was Sydney Buses Willoughby (2530) Scania K280UB / Custom Coach "CB80" 17th February 2013. Photo taken in Cremorne Wharf. PLI photo.
m/o 70781671 viewsSouth Trans (53) Mercedes Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mark I 1947 in Telstra advertising livery.
sta 1309 kangarooisland.jpg
m/o 1309558 viewsSydney Buses (1309) Mercedes O405NH/CC in advertising livery for Kangaroo Island South Australia.
sta 1502.jpg
m/o 1502616 viewsSydney Buses (1502) Volvo B12BLE/CC on a rainy day in August.
sta 1566 lenovo ad.jpg
m/o 1566562 viewsSydney Buses (1566) Volvo B12BLE/CC in advertising livery for Lenovo.
sta 1661.jpg
m/o 1661613 viewsSydney Buses (1661) Volvo B12BLEA Artic/CC in full Prepay livery
STA 2206 ST.jpg
2206 ST289 viewsSTA Sydney Buses (2206)
Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5/Volgren 'CR228L'
STA 2332-2.jpg
m/o 2332149 viewsSydney Buses (2322) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II as it awaits its last trip for the evening, a 510 to Ryde Depot on the last day of Mark II operation August 2008.
STA 2459 ST.jpg
2459 ST276 viewsSTA Sydney Buses (2459)
Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches "CB80"

Seen Operating Route 1 to Moore Park for the footy Games 14/9/13
sta 3699.jpg
m/o 3699688 viewsSydney Buses (3699) Scania L113CRL/Ansair NSW.
STA 3951.jpg
m/o 3951170 viewsSydney Buses (3951) Volvo B10BLE/Phoenix Orana on a route 155 passes (2325) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II which also shows that route number, on a tour July 2008.
STA m_o 1369.jpg
m/o 1369271 viewsSTA Sydney Buses (1369)
Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches "Citaro"

Seen Operating Route 1 to Moore Park 14/9/13 for the footy Games.
STA m_o 4895.jpg
m/o 4895255 viewsSTA Sydney Buses (4895)
Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNG/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II"

Seen in Eddy Ave, Central Stn, Operating Route 1 to Moore Park for the Sharks/Cowboys & Roosters/Sea Eagles Footy Games at the SFS/Allianz Stadium
m/o 1130804 viewsSydney Buses 1130, Mercedes-Benz O405NH-CNG/CC "Citaro", operating former Harris Park Transport route 626 at Pennant Hills Stn.

m/o 1347826 viewsSydney Buses 1347, Mercedes-Benz O405NH-CNG/CC in advertising for FCUK (French Connection UK), photographed in Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

m/o 1386235 viewsSydney Buses (1386) a Leichhardt depot based Mercedes Benz O405NH CNG with a Custom Coaches body with Mercedes Benz AG assembled frames. This bus is turning into Bathurst St from Harbour St 19/7/2008.
m/o 1400231 viewsSydney Buses (1400) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro on route 523 to Parramatta in 2017. Contributed by Peter.
2003 Bus Show957 viewsVolvo B12BLE/CC 'CB60' for Newcastle Buses (1428).
m/o 1505222 viewsSydney Buse (1505) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 terminating at North Sydney during World Youth Day July 2008, despite the desto displaying "VIA FREEWAY". It will return to Marsfield on another 292 service.
m/o 1551162 viewsSydney Buses (1551) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in TWay livery in 2011. It is still in that livery with Transit Systems in 2017.
m/o 15541330 viewsSydney Buses (1554) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 at The Spit. As at 6/3/2007 it is on loan from N to V for training purposes.
m/o 1554934 viewsSydney Buses (1554) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 on the Bradfield Highway 12/3/2007.
m/o 1555714 viewsA very recent delivery to State Transit is this Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60. Photographed at Wynyard Park.
m/o 1563648 viewsAnother State Transit Volvo B12BLE/CC from the Nearside seen in the morning peak after getting off the Harbour Bridge.

m/o 1576630 viewsThroughout May, State Transit's Kingsgrove depot trialled a number of buses on routes they're not usually on and also had a Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60 on loan for driver training. Number 1576 is seen here operating a route 476 at Kogarah in 2005.

m/o 1598175 viewsSydney Buses (1598 Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 operating a ferries replacement service at Sydney Olympic Park August 2008.
m/o 1599629 viewsNew for State Transit's Port Botany depot, is m/o 1599 a Volvo B12BLE / Custom Coaches CB60.

m/o 16141206 viewsSydney Buses (1614) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren on loan from V to N, operating a 263, turning into Cammeray Road from Grafton Avenue, Cammeray
m/o 1621666 viewsNew for State Transit is m/o 1621 a Volvo B12BLE with Volgren CR228L body from Brookvale Depot.
m/o 1631216 viewsSydney Buses (1631) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L in Pittwater Road taken from inside (3380), also showing (3380) and (3374) Mercedes O405’s. Photo by Randommann.
m/o 1642616 viewsFrom State Transit is 1642 another Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L this time operating for Ryde Depot. Photographed at Parramatta Station.

m/o 1661610 viewsFrom the State Transit Authority, Mona Vale depot, is this Volvo B12BLEA with Custom Coaches CB60 body arriving back at Mona Vale depot.
m/o 1670926 viewsSydney Buses (1670) Volvo B12BLEA Artic/CC CB60 departing Mosman Junction, running special back to the City
m/o 1687164 viewsSydney Buses (1687) Custom Coaches CB60 bodied Volvo B12BLEA on Miller St having just picked up connecting passengers at North Sydney. It was unusual to see a Warriewood Valley service running on a weekend due to the Pilgrammage Walk, services into the Sydney CBD were diverted or terminated short 19 July 2008.
m/o 1690178 viewsSydney Buses (1690) Volvo B12BLEA Euro 3/Custom Coaches CB60 about to commence a 178 service from Berry St, North Sydney to Dee Why during World Youth Day July 2008.
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