Bus Australia Photo Gallery

m/o 10572813 viewsHillsbus Toy Bus (84) Volvo B10BLE/Custom Coaches 'CB60'. A lot of toys can be seen at the front window.
m/o 17281641 viewsSydney Buses 1728 Volvo B12BLEA / CC CB60 at Bondi Beach
m/o 17401730 viewsSydney Buses (1740) Volvo B12BLEA/CC Artic at Bondi Beach
m/o 1971705 viewsVoyager Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/PMC seen departing the Randwick races. It was ex Mosman Coaches m/o 197; ex Tezza & Co, Port Botany u/r; ex Connex (38) m/o 708; ex Crossley Bus Lines, Revesby m/o 708; ex m/o 8843; ex Punchbowl Bus Co m/o 4559. Deregd 27/11/07.
m/o 80962844 viewsFrom Westbus Bonnyrigg is this Mercedes O405 with Custom Coach body, this bus has received a full refurb pack, which has prolonged this buses life for over another 10 years. The refurb pack that all Westbus vehicles will eventually go through includes new Floor's, Seat covering, and new walls.
5580 AO2601 viewsWearing Firefly's new colours is number 80 "Born to Express" a Denning Landseer decker. Seen at the Sydney Coach terminal preparing for its overnight non stop trip to Melbourne via the M31 Freeway. It is ex HC54/14DT; ex (83) EFT 225 Australian Pacific Tours, Sandringham, Vic and was sold to Top End Escapes, Darwin, Northern Territory.
TV 38771974 viewsThis is a Volvo B7R with Coach Design body from Keans of Scone. Keans operated an express coach service from Sydney to Scone daily (now ceased), this service has previously been operated by Volvo B10M coaches and Leyland Tiger coaches. The service was almost exclusively operated by these Volvo B7R's when this photo was taken in 2006.
TV 47642205 viewsFrom Premier Motor Service is this Scania K124EB with Autobus Bodywork. This was previously registered BUS 777 and was the last Autobus built for Premier MS. Seen at Sydney awaiting departure on an evening Brisbane service.
m/o 92022047 viewsNew for Forest Coachlines is this Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60. Photographed at their Terrey Hills depot.
m/o 94532035 viewsNew for Forest Coach Lines is this Volvo B12BLEA / CC CB60 Evo II Articulated bus, for use on Forest's increasingly popular City 270 service.
m/o 23501636 viewsSydney Buses Leichhardt Mercedes/PMC MkII (2350) at the Millers Point terminus during the night before operating a route 431. Since sold to the Belfield Group Ltd, Rossmore Park NSW
m/o 25741406 viewsSydney Buses (2574) Mercedes O305G/PMC in heavy rain during Military Road peak hour.
m/o 29921307 views2992 is Waverley depot's second MkIV/PMC in Volgren livery. Seen departing the City on route 389.
m/o 30111110 viewsSydney Buses Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV during heavy rain during Military Road peak hour
m/o 30671022 viewsSydney Buses (3067) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC Mk IV at Bondi Beach
m/o 34291667 viewsBeauty in the rain. Sydney Buses Kingsgrove depot's 3429 Scania L113TRBL 14.5m/Ansair is seen heading to Eastgardens through Kingsford on route 400 in heavy rain on a Sunday afternoon.
m/o 48021546 viewsBrand new Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60. This is the first time for the STA that fleet numbers had gone over 4000. Seen at Burwood is 4802.
m/o 7677 and m/o 89342309 viewsEx-Adelaide and ex-State Transit artics. Which looks better? First one is 7677, Volvo B58 articulated from Adelaide and the second one is 8934, ex-Sydney Buses 2567.
m/o 89252622 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes O305G/PMC artic seen in the Killarney Heights loop on route 270 as it crosses a speed hump. Ex-STA 2573.
m/o 90801236 viewsForest Coach Lines Volvo B12BLE/CC "CB60" seen at the QVB terminus prior to operating a route 270 to Terrey Hills.
m/o 94531549 viewsFirst trip for this brand new Volvo B12BLEA/CC CB60 artic for Forest Coachlines, 9453. Seen at Killarney Heights on route 270.
m/o 94531902 viewsFirst trip for this brand new Volvo B12BLEA/CC CB60 artic for Forest Coachlines, 9453. Seen at Killarney Heights on route 270 on its first trip.
m/o 8666279 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (25) Mercedes-Benz OC1621/Custom Coaches 310 at Taronga Zoo December 2006,
XLO 500 and XKY 781275 viewsBuses R Us (26 and 27) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter ex Southlink Transit (2471) VTO 784 and ex Torrens Transit (1828) WJP 877 respectively, inside the depot 2/12.2006. Both have since been withdrawn.
XAJ 869256 viewsBuses R Us (32) Volvo B58/PMCSA at the Robbie Williams concert 6/12/2006. It was ex (3) XAJ 869 Cuttlefish Capital Tours, Whyalla, S.A.-ex (2431) WJP 420 Southlink, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1466) TA 1466 Trans Adelaide, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1466) STA 466 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A. SOLD to Pickles Auctions
XBF 217246 viewsBuses R Us (34) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter at the Robbie Williams concert 6/12/2006. It was ex (828)-ex (154) XBF 217-ex VTV 761 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1928) TA 1928 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1928) STA 928 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A. Withdrawn 7/2011.
AL 14 KG1951 viewsA recent acquisition as a demonstrator by Busways' Glendenning depot in Western Sydney is (790) AL 14 KG, a Scania K230UB with Custom Coaches new 'CB60 EVO II' body.
AL 14 KG1586 viewsBusways (790) Scania/CC Evo II demonstrator. This fleet number was subsequently reissued to a Scania K230UB/CC.
AL 14 KG1562 viewsRear view of Busways (790) Scania/CC Evo II demonstrator. This fleet number was subsequently reissued to a Scania K230UB/CC.
m/o 16841222 viewsSydney Buses Volvo B12BLEA/CC CB60 bendys running special to do peak hour 245 trips from Cremorne Junction to Wynyard with 1684 leading the way
m/o 4191348 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC 20/11/2006. Reregd m/o 5473 17/5/13 & sold to Hillsong Church as m/o 5473 5/13 and re-regd BY86CO by 20/12/13, seen here at Collaroy Beach 13/12/2006.
m/o 5441305 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC seen here at at Mona Vale Beach, on charter for Mona Vale Primary School 13/12/2006.
m/o 7327354 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes O405 / PMC 'Metro 90 seen here in December 2006.
m/o 88861154 viewsForest m/o 8886 Volvo B10M/CC at Forest Way with STA buses specialing into the City in background.
m/o 89251587 viewsForest Coachlines m/o 8925 Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2573 at Forest Way on the 4:15 ex Town Hall 270 to Glenrose. Since sold to Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra.
TV 3931488 viewsHawkesfords Austral HD1 seen here at the Spit in all over orange advertisement for Unions NSW 2006 (Your Rights at Work). Ex Pleasure Tours, Lidcombe TV 393 7/05; ex m/o 7764; ex Firefly, VIC, approaching The Spit Bridge on a charter to South Steyne 14/2/2007.
TV 44621633 viewsHawkesfords TV 4462 Austral Tourmaster recently acquired in 2006 from Hopkinsons and was previously Deluxe (143) VV69BE.
TV 4461341 viewsHawkesfords (66) Austral Tourmaster ex TV 4461 7/07; ex Hopkinsons Transport Pty Ltd, Smithfield TV 959 10/06; ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (153) m/o 493 (NT). Retained by MJH Services Pty Ltd. Seen here in December 2006.
350 ISI1237 viewsNew for Herbert Bus & Coach is this NCBC/MAN 18.280 coach. Photographed in the sun by Denair. See later photo with Mount Gravatt Bus Service.
m/o 7618385 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M Mk II/Custom Coaches "Mk 86 VR" at Dee Why Beach December 2006. By 2014 it was with Charterplus.
TV 17651996 viewsHopkinsons TV 1765 Denning Decker ex Video Pak, Frenchs Forest, at Taronga Zoo on a 7 coach charter to Clifton Gardens.
m/o 8331276 viewsConnex NSW (167) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Bustech in the days of yellow fronts in 2006. After an accident in Heathcore Road it received a new front and was reregd 1813 MO and then m/o 5327. Photo from Andrew McGee.
XMU 729258 viewsKanga Coachlines Volvo B10M/PMCSA Commuter at the Robbie Williams concert 6/12/2006. It was ex Southlink (2405).
m/o 086308 viewsKingsgrove Bus and Coach (5) Isuzu LT1-11P/Custom Coaches ex m/o 7988 14/2/05; ex Bustrans Pty Ltd, Fairfield m/o 7988 5/04; ex RB55D; ex Liverpool Transport Co Pty Ltd, West Hoxton m/o 7988. Seen here in December 2006.
TV 4870236 viewsMosman Charter Buses Austral Tourmaster ex Christian Fellowship Tours, Wyong TV 976 by 10/06; ex John Jennings t/a Jennings Coachlines, Milperra MO 9008; ex BG & RJ Malaquin, KJ & PE Morden t/a Twomeys Bus Service, Wagga Wagga MO 9008 -/96; ex Western Road Liners Pty Ltd t/a Trans City Express, Parkes (10) TV 835 -/92. Burnt out in the Anzac St, Greenacre yard 15/5/10. Seen here in December 2006,
m/o 9079826 viewsLatest business venture for Hawkesfords, the takeover of Mosman Coaches now Mosman Charter Buses. Seen here is Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex Sydney Buses 2344 fitted with wheelchair lift in rear stairwell, operating shopping tours near Tempe 2/12/2006. Since reregd TV 5755
m/o 9454856 viewsHawkesfords Mosman Charter Buses Mercedes O305/PMC ex Sydney Buses 2153 at Georges Heights. Since reregd TV 5752.
295 ISF480 viewsMt Gravatt Bus Service MAN 18.260 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" December 2006.
WND 970142 viewsNortons Mercedes coach at the Robbie Williams concert 6/12/2006.
m/o 1922222 viewsHawkesford's Pleasure Buses Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA Mk II (2183). Is has since been registered TV 5750. Seen here at Balmoral Beach 13/12/2006.
m/o 6403298 viewsHawkesford's Pleasure Buses MCA Cummins L10/MCA. Ex Blue Ribbon (M19) MO 1859. Since reregd TV 5744. Seen here at Balmoral Beach 13/12/2006.
m/o 8935268 viewsPleasure Charter Buses Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2578 in 2006. Sold to unknown buyer via Manheim Auctions, Moorebank 10/11 dereg 3/12. Seen here in December 2006,
102 CDV1246 viewsFrom Rotherys of Rockhampton is this new Denning Phoenix. Photographed by Denair in Rotherys attractive livery.
m/o 86091363 viewsShorelink (16) MAN 16.240 UOCL/CC seen going running special back to the depot on the Suspention Bridge after operating a school run from The Kings School to Neutral Bay 15/2/2007.
m/o 8455896 viewsHawkesfords Pleasure Charter Buses m/o 8455 Renault PR 100.2/Ansair ex ACTION 687 departing City
MO 6597854 viewsRover Coaches (11) MO 6597 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Mills-Tui "Orbit" at Killara. Since reregd 3470 MO.
m/o 16141265 viewsSydney Buses (1614) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren on loan from V to N, operating a 263, turning into Cammeray Road from Grafton Avenue, Cammeray
m/o 3262839 viewsSydney Buses (3262) MAN SL202/PMC at the Suspension Bridge, Northbridge, heading towards Northbridge on a 202. This shift then runs special to North Sydney and operates a 265 to McMahons Point, then McMahons Point to Lane Cove.
m/o 3739862 viewsSydney Buses (3739) Scania L113CRL/AnsairNSW seen at Waverton.
m/o 85891031 viewsTelfords Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex Action Canberra 778 departing City. Later regd TV 5294.
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