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MO 9476134 viewsEx Perth AEC (500) at Katoomba Leura Bus Service. Centralian photo.
MO 9476133 viewsEx Perth AEC (500) at Katoomba Leura Bus Service on a chilly winters day in Leura. Centralian photo.
?170 viewsThree ex Perth AEC Regal IV’s with Lindsay’s of Coffs Harbour thought to be ex MTT nos 621, 633, 646, becoming MO 9984, MO 9982 & MO 9983. Centralian photo.
m/o 466?144 viewsex Perth Leyland Worlmaster ex MTT 431 with Dural Buslines. Centralian photo.
NOC 343164 viewsEx Perth Worldmaster with Police Citizens Youth Club/Blue Light Disco, photographed at Penrith so probably ex Bosnjak unit. Centralian photo
MO 4008 and MO 5725148 viewsEx Perth Leyland Worldmasters with Katoomba Leura Bus Service. Centralian photo.
m/o 007186 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Leopard/PMC of 1980. Sold to Hawkesbury Valley (B Calabro & Sons Pty Ltd), Oakville as m/o 194 7/97 and converted to B53F. Centralian photo.
m/o 4570197 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Leopard/Coachmaster 1967 body in its original coach livery. Centralian photo.
m/o 521212 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Tiger/PMC. Was displayed at the Bus Show. It ended its days as a Christmas Tree at Hannans Road for the other Tigers in the fleet and later was scrapped - the only ex.Punchbowl Tiger that didn't survive sell off and reuse by other operators. Centralian photo.
m/o 5796214 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Leopard coach with Custom Coaches body of 1972. It was converted to a bus in bus livery before it was withdrawn. Centralian photo.
m/o 7658, m/o 4567 and m/o 919232 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co - 3 sequential body plates. Three Leyland Tigers with sequential PMC bodies of 1986 build - 1697 (m/o 7658); 1698 (m/o 919) and 1699 (m/o 4567). Centralian photo.
?168 viewsBowdens, Waverley had in their fleet at the time of ceasing business in June 1974 3 Ford D300's with MBS bodies. One of these is shown below outside their depot. Centralian photo.
JZB 083274 viewsPykes sold 4 Thames Duples to Bowden which later were sold by Bowden to ACTION, and 2 others elsewhere. Here's one later in life converted into a mobile home and for sale at a Homebush car yard around 1980. Sorry I can't ID this one. Centralian photo.
?175 viewsBowdens, Waverley. They bought 4 Thames Traders with Duple bodies from Pykes in 1974 shortly before ceasing operation in June that year and one of these is shown below at their depot. They were sold to the Department of Capital Territories for operation in Canberra. Centralian photo.
TV 003279 viewsPykes Tours, Sydney- this was a rear engined Albion Viking VK57 with Mee bodywork of 1974. It had been acquired from Centralian (the coach company) around 1974. Centralian photo.
TV 202283 viewsWith Pykes was an imported Thames Trader with Duple bodywork. This was sold by Pykes in 1974 to the Cobar area (according to HCVA magazine at the time) so my photo I guess is about 1973 vintage. Body build is mid 1960's. Centralian photo.
TV 596337 viewsPykes imported Bedford Vam70 with Van Hool 40 seater bodywork of 1969. Photo taken around 1973 or 1974. In the background is their TV550 which was an imported Vam70 with Duple Viceroy (relying on memory re body style name) of 1968 vintage. Pykes had 5 Vams with Van Hool bodywork. Centralian photo.
TV 629283 viewsA Bedford VAL70 with Pykes with imported Van Hool bodywork of 1971. It ended up as a school coach with Hoys Wangaratta. Photo taken about 1976 in Parramatta when the building in the background (now council chambers) was the tallest in town. Pykes had 2 such VALs. Centralian photo.
m/o 4944215 viewsVolvo B58/Smithfield Red Arrow unit that came to Bosnjak with their purchase of part of the Western Road business. Sold from Hillsbus to Warrigal Charters, Wollongong as TV 3743 8/7/07. Then sold for a motorhome in Melbourne, VIC 22/12/08. Centralian photo.
m/o 7484196 viewsHarris Park Transport/Red Arrow Leyland Super Viking/Custom Coaches of June 1982.
m/o 2537197 viewsUTA (or was it still DGT) (2537) AEC Regal at Enfield depot – it became m/o 460 with Kogarah Bus Service. Centralian photo.
MO 7783207 viewsRichter Bros, Umina Bedford YRT/Domino of 1976.
MO 7956222 viewsRichter Bros/Sunliner Albion Clydesdale/Custom Coaches of 1972, ex Forest Coach Lines. Centralian photo.
MO 7954244 viewsRichter Bros/Sunliner Leyland Panther/Coachmaster of 1967, ex Forest Coach Lines, ex Foleys. Centralian photo.
?169 viewsRyans Woolgoolga (3) Reo Speedwagon/Properts around 1980 on a property in the Woolgoolga/Grafton area of NSW.
?210 viewsRyans Woolgoolga (3) Reo Speedwagon/Properts around 1980 on a property in the Woolgoolga/Grafton area of NSW.
? 166 viewsRyans Woolgoolga (3) Reo Speedwagon/Properts around 1980 on a property in the Woolgoolga/Grafton area of NSW.
MO 4970250 viewsSelwood’s Orange Hino RC320P/Freighter Moonraker – deregd by 21/3/2000. Centralian photo
Lineup216 viewsSeven Hills Bus Co operated 3 ex MTT Adelaide Leyland Worldmasters of which 2 are seen here, together with Leyland Atlantean/PMC mo277. Centralian photo.
m/o 277210 viewsToongabbie Transport (24) Leyland Atlanten/PMC ex Seven Hills Bus Co. The chassis was salvaged from a fire at the East Lancashire Coachbuilders and brought to Australia by Hills. Centralian photo.
m/o 5789201 viewsSeven Hills Bus Co Albion Viking VK55/PMC of 1871. Centralian photo.
m/o 5790214 viewsMain Street Blacktown in the mid 1970's when Albion Vikings ruled. In the centre is Seven Hills Bus Co Albion Viking VK55 with PMC body of 1971. Centralian photo.
m/o 5821210 viewsKaten & Heath/Silverline Coaches Bedford VAL70/Custom Coaches 1975 body. Seen here in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Centralian photo.
446 ODB382 viewsSmekels Coaches, Gold Coast RFW/Custom Coaches built tri deck – Photo by Centralian in early 80’s.
m/o 071206 viewsThe first series of the Smithfield body design was a continuation of the CVI Goldstar design as carried by Bosnjak Leyland Leopard. Centralian photo.
ZIB 251206 viewsSmithfield built a number of coaches similar to Denning coaches, as displayed on this ACTION Volvo B58. Centralian photo.
u/r184 viewsThe Smithfield Euro Deluxe as a bus. Centralian photo.
u/r195 viewsThe Smithfield Euro Deluxe as a coach/stepped deck design. Centralian photo.
U/r174 viewsSmithfield Bodyworks had plans to import and assemble the Plaxton coach body in Australia and displayed an imported unit at the bus showIt is not known if this venture ever got off the ground and whether any more units joined this example. Centralian photo.
m/o 047148 viewsStone Bros AEC Regal III ex MTT Adelaide (201). Centralian photo.
Ex m/o 002180 viewsEx Cumberland Coaches, ex Stone Bros Commer/Stone Bros repowered by GM, abandoned on the side of the Great Western Highway at Mt Druitt in 2007 or earlier. Centralian photo.
Ex m/o 002150 viewsEx Cumberland Coaches, ex Stone Bros Commer/Stone Bros repowered by GM, abandoned on the side of the Great Western Highway at Mt Druitt in 2007 or earlier.
HPO 022211 viewsSunliner Denning Mono from the early ‘70’s. Centralian photo.
TV 204189 viewsSunliner Scania K112TR/Neoplan ex VIP, at the Scenic Railway complex in Katoomba. Centralian photo.
TV 479209 viewsSunliner's early '70's 3 axle Denning Mono, seen here at Flemington Markets (NSW) in the mid '70's. Centralian photo.
ESI 993200 viewsTAA Ford R192 with Freighter body of 1972. Centralian photo.
HSY 393317 viewsThames/Duple which was imported into Australia by Pykes Tours, Here in its after life in 2007 or earlier, possibly operating for a church. It's an 8 stud front axle so presumed the truck chassis Thames Trader. Centralian photo.
m/o 5146211 viewsToongabbie Transport Helmut Delfs exclusive Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches of 1975, modified to rear engine with a Holden motor and LPG fuelled. Centralian photo.
u/r213 viewsPhotographed at the bus show, Toongabbie Transport operated a number of these MAN 16.240 's with Custom Coach bodies of 1981. Centralian photo.
m/o 281321 viewsToongabbie Transport acquired a number of ex Sydney UTA Leyland Worldmasters which they had re-engined with GM motors and fitted with CCMC bodies. Seen here is m/o 281 with such body of 1981 and m/o 5231 next to it. Centralian photo.
m/o 381316 viewsToongabbie Transport Hino BG100/Domino of 1980. Centralian photo.
m/o 4032222 viewsToongabbie Transport (5) Hino RC320/Freighter of 1970. Centralian photo.
m/o 4265230 viewsToongabbie Buses Hino BG/Domino Hedges of 1978. Centralian photo.
m/o 5442232 viewsToongabbie Transport Bedford VAM3/Custom Coaches of 1968, modified by Helmut Delfs at Toongabbie to rear engined Perkins configuration. Centralian photo.
m/o 5803237 viewsToongabbie Transport (2) Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches of 1972, modified by Helmut Delfs at Toongabbie to rear engined Perkins configuration. Poor quality Centralian photo.
m/o 7281342 viewsToongabbie Transport (6) MAN SL200/Goppel ex STA, Adelaide, SA (8451); ex (151), in AOA for Master Roast. It went to Westbus then sold to Transwest, Willeton, WA, then resold without use to ? Centralian photo.
m/o 7423220 viewsToongabbie Transport Mercedes O305/Custom Coaches of 1986. Centralian photo.
m/o 7566209 viewsToongabbie Transport MAN SL200/Custom Coaches of 1987. Centralian photo.
m/o 776297 viewsToongabbie Transport (25) Hino RC420/Hedges of 1975. Centralian photo.
-239 viewsIn December 1988 Westbus moved into Toongabbie Transports depots with their takeover of the company. The Toongabbie depot was closed and all vehicles stored at the Seven Hills or Northmead depot. A Westbus Volvo next to Worldmaster GM of Toongabbie at the Seven Hills depot. Centralian photo.
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