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m/o 481278 viewsEx MTT Adelaide Leyland Worldmasters 903 and 858 and others await attention in Bosnjak's yard. 903 went on to be narrowed by Parramatta Bus Co and entered service as m/o 481 at Parramatta. Centralian photo.
m/o 485328 viewsPhotographed at Parramatta Bus Co's Church Street depot is ex MTT Adelaide Leyland Worldmaster 923, registered m/o 485 with Bosnjak's. Next to it is one of a number of Leyland Olympics acquired by Bosnjak that were destined for Cuba and salvaged from the Thames River when their ship sank. Centralian photo.
m/o 4394 and m/o 725334 viewsBosnjak Leyland Worldmasters ex MTT Adelaide 857 and 913. Former 857 was registered m/o 4394 with Parramatta Bus Co and came to them from Hunters Hill Bus Co where it was m/o 240. Former 913 was registered m/o 725 with Parramatta Bus Co. Centralian photo.
u/r264 viewsBosnjak One of a number of AEC Monarch truck chassis that were converted and fitted with CCMC bodies in 1965 and 1966 for Parramatta Bus Co. Centralian photo
Depot295 viewsA shot of Bosnjak's depot at Edensor Park with some ex Fairlines vehicles and a Denning coach. Late '70's or very early '80's I would guess. Centralian photo.
m/o 284349 viewsPhotographed at Edensor Park depot, mo284 came to Bosnjaks with the purchase of Fairlines Bus Service and was a Bedford VAM 70 with Smithfield body of 1976. Centralian photo
m/o 253299 viewsPhotographed outside the old Penrith Plaze is this Bosnjak bus which it is believed was an Albion Clydesdale CD23B with PMC body of 1968. Centralian photo
m/o 071301 viewsBosnjak Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R coach with Smithfield body of 1973. Centralian photo.
m/o 5892345 viewsBosnjak Albion Viking 55 coach with Smithfield body of 1972.
m/o 4879272 viewsBosnjak formely MTT Perth 27, this Leyland Worldmaster with Campbell & Mannix body, seen here at their Penrith depot. Centralian Photo.
m/o 284, m/o 4896 and m/o 402261 viewsPhotographed at Bosnjak’s Edensor Park depot are three Leyland Worldmasters ex Perth MTT 416; ex MTT Perth fleet number unknown and ex MTT Perth 415. Centralian Photo.
u/r242 viewsBosnjak unidentified Leyland Worldmaster ex Perth for sale at Suttons Arncliffe. Centralian photo.
u/r238 viewsBosnjak former Perth Leyland Worldmaster 415 (Bosnjaks m/o 402) is on the right and an unidentified unit on the left, for sale at Suttons Arncliffe. Centralian photo.
?270 viewsThe only 'near reasonable' Centralian shot of an ex Perth Leyland Tiger Cub with Bosnjaks. Identity unknown, seen in the main street of Penrith. Centralian photo
m/o 5948293 viewsBosnjak Hino RC320 with Freighter body of 1973. It came to Bosnjak's with their takeover of Fairlines Bus Service. Centralian photo.
m/o 4271330 viewsBosnjak Bedford BLP2 with Smithfield body of 1978. Centralian photo.
m/o 5115335 viewsBosnjak's developed their own chassis, the Bosnjak JBJ. Seen here is their prototype/demonstrator with chassis number JBJ001. As the details and badges on the vehicle show, it had a Rolls Royce engine and ran on LPG. This initial JBJ carried a Smithfield body of 1979. Pearce at Valley Heights bought one or 2 examples and Bosnjaks themselves operated a few. Centralianphoto.
m/o 4946318 viewsA Bosnjak vehicle with Bosnjak JBJ chassis, seen here in the Red Arrow livery and fitted with a Smithfield body of 1980. Centralian photo.
m/o 4944372 viewsVolvo B58/Smithfield Red Arrow unit that came to Bosnjak with their purchase of part of the Western Road business. Sold from Hillsbus to Warrigal Charters, Wollongong as TV 3743 8/7/07. Then sold for a motorhome in Melbourne, VIC 22/12/08. Centralian photo.
?292 viewsBosnjak Mercedes 812/Custom Coaches showing route 812 on the desto. This is now operated by Transit Systems. Centralian photo.
?281 viewsBosnjak Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches. Centralian photo.
TV 828301 viewsBosnjak (Westbus) Volvo B10M tag axle/Volgren Q body of 1984. Centralian photo
TV 409264 viewsBosnjak (Westbus) Volvo B10M with Custom Coaches body of 1986. Centralian photo.
m/o 8018311 viewsBosnjak (Westbus) Volvo B10M with Custom Coaches body of 1989 at their Seven Hills depot. Centralian photo.
JAU 597420 viewsBased at Penrith for most of its time with Bosnjak was this fully imported Bedford YMT3 with Duple coach body of 1978. Centralian photo
m/o 4181, m/o 264 and m/o 4879479 viewsAt Bosnjak’s Penrith depot in the early '80's were 4181 Ford R226 CVI body of 1969 formerly with Australian Iron & Steel at Port Kembla; 264 AEC Reliance 470 with Comm Engineering body of 1959 formerly with Dept. Interior ACT as ZIB033 in the background and 4879 Leyland RTW ERT1/1 with Campbell & Mannix body of 1958 formerly MTT Perth 27. Centralian photo.
m/o 4526415 viewsAt Bosnjak’s Penrith depot at unknown fate is m/o 4526 Leyland Leopard with Smithfield body. Centralian photo.
m/o 4888344 viewsBosnjaks Parramata Bus Co Leyland Comet/Custom Coaches of 1965 for sale at Suttons Arncliffe in the early eighties. Centralian photo.
m/o 5002340 viewsBosnjaks Parramata Bus Co AEC lorry chassis/Custom Coaches of 1966 for sale at Suttons Arncliffe in the early eighties. Centralian photo.
TV 503430 viewsBosnjak’s Denning Mono Gm^V71 of 1972 build. Centralian photo.
TV 630519 viewsBosnjak Smithfield bodied coach. Believed may have been a rebodied Volvo chassis. Centralian photo.
TV 630427 viewsIt was a fully imported by Bosnjak’s Volvo B58 with Duple coach body of 1974 build. Seen here at the '74 or '75 bus show. Centralian photo.
u/r511 viewsBosnjak Volvo/Smithfield coach on display at a bus show in the seventies. Centralian photo.
1GBX 84348 viewsStill carrying WA rego 1GBX 843 as a clue to its mining transport origins, Botanica Touring Yutong 57 seater coach. Service launched on 6 September 2019 and the vehicle since reregd TV 8248.
m/o 4510 and m/o 4520367 viewsBowmans, St Marys Leyland Nationals at the depot. Centralian photo.
m/o 4520359 viewsBowmans, St Marys Leyland National at the depot. Centralian photo.
m/o 4508 and m/o 874407 viewsTwo Bowman, St Marys Leyland Leopards are shown here back before 2007. Centralian photo.
Depot 448 viewsAn early shot of the Bowmans, St Marys depot. Centralian photo.
Ex m/o 467329 viewsBowmans, St Marys Leyland Comet with Hughes, Wetton & Reilly (HWR) bodywork of 1957 vintage. Taken in mid eighties or earlier. Centralian photo.
Ex m/o 467368 viewsBowmans, St Marys Leyland Comet with Hughes, Wetton & Reilly (HWR) bodywork of 1957 vintage. Taken in mid eighties or earlier. Centralian photo.
Ex m/o 467429 viewsBowmans, St Marys Leyland Comet with Hughes, Wetton & Reilly (HWR) bodywork of 1957 vintage. Taken in mid eighties or earlier. Centralian photo.
m/o 881343 viewsBowmans, St Marys Leyland National. Centralian photo.
m/o 870, m/o 5498 and m/o 5785462 viewsBowmans St Marys m/o 870 Bedford Vam of 1976; m/o 5498 Albion Viking 41L of 1969; and m/o 5785 Albion Clydesdale of 1972. Centralian photo.
?265 viewsPossibly an early Athol Hedges Body (Brisbane) - the headlights are too new for the rest of the vehicle - but would guess late 1940s / early 1950s. The single desto blind suggests a private operator - certainly not BCC. Seen in late 70’s or early 80’s by Centralian as possible mobile home conversion.
?282 viewsPossible BCC bus with Athol Hedges body most likely Albion or AEC chassis. Seen in late 70’s or early 80’s by Centralian as possible mobile home conversion.
m/o 787761 viewsCDC Commercial St Mary's MAN 12.220/Custom Coaches CB30. ex QCity, ex Hillsbus, ex Westbus, still in partial QCity livery, in Katoomba late 2021
CC 538457 viewsChalmers Coaches Domino Denning bodied Denmak mono, the style which later became known as the Tourmaster DC113 (single rear axle) ex HOD 307, ex ISZ 350. This vehicle with Chalmers was built in October 1975. Later reregd TV 565 then sold to Deanes where it brcame m/o 7053. Refronted after an accident and then sold to Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta. Centralian Photo.
CC 538345 viewsChalmers Coaches, Gordon IBC Cat/PMC at a bus show in 1983. Centralian photo.
u/r434 viewsChalmers Coaches at the 1979 bus show prior to delivery was this Domino Tourmaster DC122 which became CC 539.
CC 642397 viewsChalmers Coaches Denning coach built in March 1981.
m/o 299254 viewsChalmers Coaches Hino RC320 with a GM6V71 motor and CCMC body of June 1971. Centralian photo.
m/o 300394 viewsChalmers Coaches Denning coach with a build date of March 1974.
m/o 4696262 viewsChalmers Coaches Hino RC320 with CCMC body of July 1976. Centralian photo.
m/o 967286 viewsChalmers Coaches Bedford BLP2/Smithfield of 1978. Centralian photo.
TV 100377 viewsSeen here on a later Chalmers Coaches Denning. One of only a few TV plates held by Chalmers.
JJP 280338 viewsChapman’s King Coaches Hino RC320D - GM 6V71 Freighter 'Moonraker' 1971 build, ex Stateliner and shortened prior to registration in NSW. Centralian photo.
JJP 280324 viewsChapman’s King Coaches Hino RC320D - GM 6V71 Freighter 'Moonraker' 1971 build, ex Stateliner and shortened prior to registration in NSW. Centralian photo.
m/o 5696242 viewsChester Hill – Bankstown Bus Service (Dewey) Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches of 1971 carrying TAA markings for airport work in Sydney. Centralian photo.
5348 MO95 viewsConroy's Kelso Mercedes OH1725/Autobus in Bathurst operating the Bathurst to Dark Corner school run in early 2021.
m/o 490294 viewsCremorne Bus Service Bedford VAL70/Custom Coaches of 1970. Seen here in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Centralian photo.
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