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1565 MO1176 viewsNew in TNSW livery (with no waratah logo) for Blue Mtns Bus Co is this Scania 270UB with CB80 body seen here at Valley Heights.
1565 MO1250 viewsNew in TNSW livery (with no waratah logo) for Blue Mtns Bus Co is this Scania 270UB with Custom CB80 body seen here at a wet Katoomba depot.
380111 viewsTransport Herirage steam locomotive 3801 passing through Blackheath station 9 May 2021.
TV 835416 viewsLangley's Dubbo Austral Minimaster ex various operators including Hopkinsons and its original owner Deluxe Coachlines still showing its livery, passing through Mount Victoria May 2021.
XN38UZ18 viewsCommunity Accessing Bussing in the Blue Mountains has taken a giant step forward with the Blue Mountains City Council purchasing this Hino Poncho for its fleet in early 2021.
m/o 982318 viewsHillsbus Scania K289UB/Volreh CR228L 14.5M awaiting its next rail replacement trip at Katoomba May 2021
m/o 535915 viewsHillsbus Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L in Metrobus livery, on rail replacement in the Blue Mountains May 2021.
m/o 529521 viewsBusways (1069) VolVo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L ex Westbus region 1, a surprise rail replacement in the Blue Mountains May 2021.
3714 MO1069 viewsThis is the original TNSW liveried vehicle in Blue Mountain Bus Company's fleet a Volvo B9R with CC SB50 body.
TV 6100 and TV 865917 viewsSid Foggs TV 6100 Scania K420EB and TV 8659 BCI Cruiser near Katoomba Falls Kiosk on a very foggy Wednesday morning May 2021.
TV 670716 viewsFantastic Aussie Tours Denning Landseer DD ex Nowra Coaches and originally APT, at Scenic World with an Indian Pacific off train load of passengers at Katoomba May 2021.
TV 95508 viewsMacquarie Coaches Yutong in the Blue Mountains May 2021.
TV 173A20 viewsGood Az Gold Volvo B1f0M/Austral ex Brisbane Transport (243), seen in St Marys getting a lift home May 2021.
TV 000A16 viewsNorth Sydney Bus & Coach Yutong, first with the new series TT plates, in the Blue Mountains May 2021.
3712 MO14 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co (Pearce) Volvo B10M/PMC of 1984, ex Defence Force, seen here in 2014, signwritten for Retro Tours.
Anset13 viewsParked near the Fantastic Aussie Tours depot in Barton Sreet, Katoomba in early 2021, was this very unique restored Flxible Clipper built in th USA.
TV 480114 viewsGood Az Gold Denning Denflex of 1983, seated for 70 school children, still in very good condition, in St Marys January 2021.
m/o 689018 viewsBlue Mountains Transit Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus at their Katoomba depot showing Mount Victoria destination January 2021.
TV 670714 viewsFantastic Aussie Tours "Kapunda" Denning Landseer decker ex Nowra Coaches, seen here in January 2001.
TV 675314 viewsMacquarie Educational Tours Scania K310IB/Express coming into Katoomba from Echo Point in January 2021
TV 119A & TV 120A12 viewsICharter, St Marys Higer Roadboss coaches at Scenic World January 2021.
TV 927719 viewsCDC Travel Mercedes O500RF-3/Irizar with Penrith Panthers Rugby League promo wrap. Seen here in Parks St, Katoomba January 2021.
MO 1677263 viewsEntrance Red Bus Service Airbus Scania K92/Centurion of 1987 ex Wollongong Coaches TV 593. Airport Express m/o 3240 is next to it. Centralian photo.
u/r226 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Airbus Scania K93/Custom Coaches at a bus show. Centralian photo.
?311 viewsTrans Australian Airlines White/MBA – one of their earlier vehicles. From the Ron Drummond collection.
UW 616 and UK 997314 viewsTrans Australian Airlines White/Waddington. From the Ron Drummond collection.
Lineup286 viewsA line up of Trans Australian Airlines Custom Coaches bodied vehicles from the '60's bus fleet (photo from the Ron Drummond collection).
RXM 289267 viewsTrans Australian Airlines South Australian registered Ford operating in Sydney. Centralian photo
Lineup237 viewsAt the Ansett terminal at Kingsford Smith 3 Ford R192's with Ansair bodies of 1972 build - EIR 009, DIA 843, and furthest away unclear. Centralian photo.
GRX 552223 viewsThis was an example of a newer Ford chassis and Ansair body operated by Ansett Airlines on their airport to city terminal service. Centralian photo
KEV 645229 viewsan example of a newer Ford chassis and Ansair body operated by Ansett Airlines on their airport to city terminal service. Centralian photo.
BIW 353232 viewsOperating on the airport to the city service (although as a charter operator) in the '70's was Kingsford Smith Airport Bus Service (also known as Kingsford Smith Transport - KST). Photographed in the mid '70's BIW 353 was one of 2 Bedford/Isuzus they operated with Chivers body of 1974. Centralian photo.
CT 674291 viewsMany private operators took tour groups to and from the airport, Crossways CT674, a Mercedes Benz OC1617 with Domino body of 1982 was an example of this. Centralian photo.
?226 viewsOn display at the Bus Show is a new Airport Express liveried Mercedes Benz 0405 with PMC 160 body. Centralian photo.
m/o 3390 and m/o 3240242 viewsRepresenting the Airport Express services between the City and airport operated by State Transit is this shot showing 3240 a Mk 5 Mercedes Benz/PMC of 1989 and 3390 a Mk 6 Mercedes Benz?PMC of 1990. Centralian photo.
?200 viewsAlbion Victor with Syd Wood body in the yard of Sheltons, Dungog around about early to mid '80's. Centralian photo.
m/o 524237 viewsAllomes Bus Service which provided industrial services to the BHP steelworks in Newcastle at change of shifts, AEC Reliance 505/ Custom Coaches of 1970. Centralian photo
?205 viewsThis Austin diner sat near Kirklands depot in the middle of Lismore in the early '80's. While looking like a trailer bus, it was purpose built as a diner. Centralian photo.
m/o 5949402 viewsBass Hill Bus Coaches Bedford VAL70/Custom Coaches of 1970, chassis imported from the UK where previous body had been destryed by fire . Seen here in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Centralian photo.
m/o 6252267 viewsBeattie, Wollongong Bedford VAM3/Freighter.Body was previously on a SA Education Department Dodge. Body was modified by Mee’s, Melbourne and started off as a demonstrator with St Kilda Bus Service. Centralian photo.
Depot248 viewsBelvedere Bus Co depot shot with from left : m/o 5750 Austin with PMC body of 1963; m/o 669 Bedford SB with CCMC body of 1965; m/o 5693 Bedford Val14 with CCMC body of 1966; and m/o 207 a Bedford SB conversion with CCMC body of 1965. Centralian photo.
m/o 207223 viewsBelvedere Bus Co Bedford VAL70/Hedges of 1972 ex Pearce, Valley Heights. Centralian photo.
m/o 668232 viewsBelvedere Coaches Albion Viking AVK43/Athol Hedges of 1968 – rear engined. Ex Sid Fogg’s. Centralian photo.
Lineup342 viewsBosnjaks Parramatta Bus Co had a number of AEC lorry chassis converted and fitted with CCMC bus bodies in 1966. Here are former mo 5025, 4974 and 5001 with a couple of Leyland Comets, for sale at Suttons Arncliffe in the early eighties. Centralian photo.
Depot306 viewsBlacktown Bus Co A depot shot with m/o 4467 a Bedford SB3 with Comair body of 1961; m/o 4264 a Bedford SB3 with Syd Wood body of 1959; m/o 4533 another Bedford SB with Syd Wood body; and m/o 4040 the Leyland Comet. All the Bedfords were new to Blacktown Bus Co. Centralian photo.
m/o 281274 viewsBlacktown Bus Co Bedford VAM3 Perkins/Custom Coaches of 1970.
m/o 4040259 viewsBlacktown Bus Co Leyland Comet/Custom Coaches of 1958 ex Parramatta Villawood. Seen here in the mid 70’s before being taken over by Seven Hills Bus Co in 1975. Centralian photo.
m/o 4611 241 viewsBlacktown Bus Co Bedford SB5/Custom Coaches of 1963. Centralian photo.
m/o 5757251 viewsBlacktown Bus Co Albion Viking VK55/Coach,aster of 1972. Centralian photo.
Depot260 viewsBlacktown Bus Co early '70's depot shot with on the left an ex Hunters Hills Syd Wood Reo that they acquired but I believe was never registered with them. Centralian photo.
MO 9475319 viewsHere's a shot taken Easter Saturday 2007 of Blue Mountains Bus Service MO 9475 Leyland Worlmaster – Cummins/PMC ex Katoomba Leura Bus Service, rebody ex Perth, at the Kanimbla St , Katoomba sub-depot - 3rd from left. Centralian photo.
?227 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Service. A shot of the Megalong Road site in 2007. Centralian photo.
?229 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Service. A shot of the Megalong Road site in 2007. Centralian photo.
m/o 324236 viewsBlythe Bedford SB5/Smithfield of 1973 on route 229 to Roselands. Centralian photo.
m/o 4018238 viewsBlytheway Bedford VAM70 remotored with Scania and then GM according to the front/Coachmaster ex m/o 5692, ex Foley TV 474/5539/5692. Centralian photo
m/o 5074207 viewsBlythe Bedford SB5/CVI - body of 1966. Centralian photo.
m/o 5128228 viewsBlythe Albion Viking VK41L with CVI body of 1967. Centralian photo.
3714 MO 927 viewsRear view of Blue Mountain Bus Company's Volvo B9R with CC SB50 body in Transport NSW livery
3714 MO1008 viewsBlue Mountain Bus Company's Volvo B9R with CC SB50 body in Transport NSW livery along the Great Wstern Highway just after it had been delivered.
TV 644306 viewsBlue Mountains Explorer new BCI double decker in service 8/11/2017.
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