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7412AO226 viewsBacchus Marsh Coaches:Coach Tours of Australia (92) Volvo B7R/Volgren on a charter to the Melbourne Cup 1st November 2016.
MO 1790497 viewsBathurst Coaches (12) MAN 12.190 / Volgren ex Demonstrator. Sold to Townsend's at Renmark, SA for their route service. Last seen in the withdrawn bus section of their depot in November 2011.
Bayline Coaches 71 MAN 10_160 6th Mar 2010.JPG
BUK337886 viewsBayline Coaches #71 MAN 10.160 with Volgren CR221L bodywork ex Hong Kong. Seen in Tauranga on 6th Mar 2010
BCC Toombul 3 aug 12.jpg
602 FDL758 viewsBrisbane Transport (602) Volvo B10L/Volgren CR222L at Toombul on 3 Aug 2012. 1 of only 6 completed at BT workshops due to Austral Pacific closing down. Received from Derek Orford.
601 FKG752 viewsBrisbane Transport's 601 is a Volgren CR222L bodied Volvo B10L. It is pictured in Queen St, Brisbane operating the Spring Hill Loop.
994 PDW228 viewsBrisbane Transport (994) Volvo B10ML/Volgren 7/1986. Vince Griffiths photo.
3467AO96 viewsBenders, Geelong (66) Mercedes O404-2/Volgren heading for the 2004 scout jamboree.
3467AO107 viewsBenders, Geelong (66) Mercedes O404-2/Volgren on a charter at Ethihad Stadium in 2004.
MO 9039513 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Company operate this Volvo B10M Mk IV, with Volgren CR221 body (disregard the SC221 sticker below windscreen). It is now registered 3774 MO.
TV 828205 viewsBosnjak (Westbus) Volvo B10M tag axle/Volgren Q body of 1984. Centralian photo
PRT 003265 viewsPark Ridge Transit Scania K280UB/Volgren CR228L in Adelaide St, Brisbane 13/2/2014.
Brisbane Transport 5074 Volvo B12BLE 650-RPP.jpg
650 RPP278 viewsBrisbane Transport (5074) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren at the PCYC car park Deception Bay 20/11/2016. Photo from Bedford 29.
Brisbane Transport 5075 Volvo B12BLE 540-RPT.jpg
540 RPT278 viewsBrisbane Transport (5075) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren at the PCYC car park Deception Bay 20/11/2016. Photo from Bedford 29.
716 TCS330 viewsBrisbane Transport (2062) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren coming across from the Island stop in Fortitude Valley. 17-11-2014. Colhad75 photo
115 SBU308 viewsBrisbane Transport (1974) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren at Garden City June 2014.
969 LHI799 viewsBrisbane Transport (1025) MAN 18.310 (Diesel)/Volgren at the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO).
733 GWU594 viewsBrisbane Transport Virginia (733) Scania L94UB/Volgren seen here in Fitzgibbon Chase.
737 GWU558 viewsBrisbane Transport Virginia (737) Scania L94UB/Volgren seen here along Norris Road, 100m from its terminus.
354 TMZ624 viewsBrisbane Transport (2094) Volvo B7RLE /Volgren Optimus interior view. Received from Derek Orford.
OEU 200119 viewsBroadmeadows Bus Service (13) Hino BD186R/Volgren on a charter to the Royal Melbourne Show in 2001.
0366AC138 viewsBroadway Tours, Reservoir Volvo B10Mx3/Volgren(Q) on a charter to the Crown Casino.
Brown Bomber Scania ATDB mastercopy.jpg
WSR 504995 viewsSouthlink (3352) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR224L photoshopped into Brown Bomber livery by operator541.
brownsplains bi 7 3 Volvo B12BLe volgren Volvo 13resized.jpg
472 RKQ608 viewsBrisbane Transport (5016) Volvo B12BLE (Volgren) at Browns Plains Bus Interchange. Received from Derek Orford.
030 KNK227 viewsBrisbane Transport (G1370) MAN 18.310 CNG/Volgren CR228L sitting in the layover area after having just completed a 120 service from the City July 2008.
053 LAL198 viewsBrisbane Transport (G1406) MAN 18.310/Volgren CR228L about to do the extremely short trip to Wishart Outlook July 2008.
053 LAL204 viewsBrisbane Transport (G1406) MAN 18.310/Volgren CR228L has just arrived at the Garden City Busway Station from the City on a 170 July 2008.
246 ITX1195 viewsNew for Brisbane Transport is V1200 a MAN 18.310 with Volgren CR228 body work. This is the first of 180 of these CNG powered buses.
282 JEB1111 viewsBrisbane Transport 1217 (282.JEB) is a MAN 18.310 with Volgren (Toowong Workshops) body. It is based at BT's Virginia depot and was photographed at Toombul Interchange.
BT1522MANBrisbane 10 10 2014.jpg
116 LVS334 viewsBrisbane Transport (1522) MAN 18.310 (CNG)/ Volgren CR228 in Free Loop livery in Brisbane 10 -10 -2014.
438 MRD1089 viewsBrisbane Transport – One of the latest acquisitions is C1806 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren] delivered 8/2/2010.

BT2163VolvoBr7eevVolgrenOptimusChermside22 2 2015 (3).jpg
593 VFG323 viewsBrisbane Transport (2163) Volvo B7RLE eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside 22 2 2015.
BT2168 758 VGM Sandgate10 2 2015.jpg
758 VGM311 viewsBrisbane Transport (2168) Volvo B7RLE eev/volgren Optimus at Sandgate 310 terminus 10 2 2015.
BT2171VolvoBREVolgrenOptimusChermside22 2 2015^ (3).jpg
964 VIH 292 viewsBrisbane Transport (2171) Volvo B7RLE eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside 22 2 2015.
BT2177 752VKFChermside 7 5 2015.jpg
752 VKF346 viewsBrisbane Transport 2177 Volvo B7R eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside Bus Station 7 5 2015.

875 WJT257 viewsBrisbane Transport (2248) Volvo B7RLE /Volgren Optimus at Chermside Bus Interchange 20 Jan 2017.
599 WRX230 viewsBrisbane Transport (2801) Volvo B8RLE/ Volgren Optimus at Chermside Bus Interchange 7 May 2017.
902 WZV235 viewsBrisbane Transport (2802) Volvo B8RLE /Volgren Optimus at South Brisbane 7 May 2017.
978 XBW229 viewsBrisbane Transport (2804) Volvo B8RLE /Volgren Optimus at south Brisbane 7 May 2017.
BT5024mtCootha17 5 2015.jpg
808 RLS340 viewsBrisbane Transport (5024) Volvo B12LE/Volgren at Mt Cootha. Not usually seen at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens but running a special service to the opening of the Botanical Gardens extension over the Legacy Way tunnel 17 5 2015.
704 KMP113 viewsBrisbane Transport (1953) M.A.N. 18.310/Volgren CR228L rigid 31/12/2007 – TP1200 photo after a bit of post-processing.
981 EEN192 viewsBrisbane Transport (L981) Volvo B10ML/Volgren loads and unloads at Garden City Station on a 150 to Browns Plains July 2008.
VPO 324220 viewsBrisbane Transport (C356) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L on a route 220 to Wynnum July 2008.
620 HOE193 viewsBrisbane Transport (C620) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Volgren has just arrived in town and prior to entering the tunnel has changed his desto July 2007. This was is a Mercedes Benz O500LE/Volgren CR228L from a cancelled order of sorts. It was withdrawn in 2013.
353 KOU175 viewsBrisbane Transport (G1353) MAN 18.310/Volgren is about to cross the Victoria Bridge on a 111 to 8 Mile Plains July 2007.
BTMAN18_310VolgrenCityGliderTownHall5Jan2016 [1643300].JPG
384 LLU434 viewsBrisbane Transport MAN 18.310/Volgren (T1041) in a more colourful City Glider livery at Brisbane City Hall 5 Jan 2016.
216 JIB1797 viewsBrisbane Transport (1216) MAN 18.310/Volgren CR228L at Westfield Chermside
223 JPA189 viewsBrisbane Transport MAN 18.310/Volgren about to cross Victoria Bridge to terminate at the Cultural Centre on a 385 July 2008.
SB40ED371 viewsTorrens Transit (1389) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren CR228L Owned by Transit Systems ex (368) 368 HRE Brisbane Transport, Brisbane at Thebarton 10/11/2014
908 HQA924 viewsWhen this photo was taken V808 was the newest Scania L94UB-CNG / Volgren CR224L for Brisbane Transport. Taken in Adelaide St, Brisbane.

BTVlovoVolgrenOptimus2161QueenSt19 3 2015F.jpg
303 VFG249 viewsBrisbane Transport (2161) Volvo B7Reev/Volgren Optimus at the start of route 310 in Queen St Brisbane 19 3 2015. It was later involved in a head on collision with (1380) at Woolloongabba.
792 HUM1690 viewsBrisbane Transport's (792) Scania L94UB buses with the Volgren CR224L body were part of the first mass CNG order by BT. Built by Volgren (635-664)/Brisbane Transport Workshops (655-842) up until 2005, there are many subtle variations to the specification that were made as the order was completed.
599 FKG1589 viewsBrisbane Transport Volvo B10L [Volgren]
624 FCE1530 viewsBrisbane Transport's pair of Volvo B6L[Volgren] midi buses are used for CitySights tour services. The Council's City Sights bus tours take you through the Brisbane CBD, Southbank area, Chinatown, Spring Hill and Milton, stopping at historical and cultural tourist attractions along the way.
033 XFG206 viewsBrisbane Transport Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren Optimus (V2301) at South Brisbane 23 Sept 2017.
BTVolvoVolgrenOptimus2165Chermside15 3 2015.jpg
100 VGN275 viewsBrisbane Transport (2165) Volvo B7RLE eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside bus interchange 15 3 2015.
BTVolvoVolgrenOptimus2168Chermside15 3 2015.jpg
758 VGM273 viewsBrisbane Transport (2168) Volvo B7RLE eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside bus interchange 15 3 2015.
BTVolvoVolgrenOptimus21698 2 20151500km.jpg
746 VAH285 viewsBrisbane Transport (2169) Volvo B7RLEeev/Volgren Optimus at South Brisbane 8 2 2015. The latest Optimus in the BT fleet with the white character display now standard from 2161 onwards.
BTVolvoVolgrenOptimus2171chermside15 3 2015.jpg
964 VIH257 viewsBrisbane Transport (2171) Volvo B7RLE eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside bus interchange 15 3 2015.
364 HRE936 viewsBrisbane Transport 364 is a Volgren bodied Mercedes-Benz O500LE, photographed at Mt Omanney Shopping Centre.

622 HOE939 viewsFrom Brisbane Transport Toowong is this Mercedes O500LE / Volgren just after leaving Queen Street Bus Station for Mount Ommaney on the Busway crossing the Victoria Bridge.

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