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?165 viewsPioneer Motor Service Tourmaster seen here on a wet day at the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne, sorry that this one is a little blurry.
Premier 7443 MO.jpg
7443 MO296 viewsPremier Illawarra MAN 18.320/Volgren 'Optimus'. Premier's only TNSW Liveried Optimus with the rest being in 'Gong Shuttle Livery. Seen on Rail at Granville 1/11/15. Photo from Adam Stevens.
premier illawarra bustech cdi.jpg
5064 MO575 viewsBusways (1018) Bustech CDI on route T75 Blacktown to Rouse Hill during its 2nd week in service photoshopped into Premier Illawarra livery by Mitchell Petersen. Since reregd m/o 5140.
1683 MO133 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L's one of 3 Volgren low floors that have just arrived new from Melbourne December 2008. Seen here at Marine Drive.
1684 MO121 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L about to commence its next trip to Keiraville in December 2008.
1684 MO129 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228Lwhich just came off a route 33 and has changed desto for the next outbound route to Keiraville in December 2008.
2408 MO136 viewsPremier Illawarra Volvo B10ML/Volgren, 2408 MO, ex Darwin Bus Lines. This vehicle ferried tour patrons to a park in Nowra for lunch in January 2009. Seen here at Bomaderry (Nowra) Station.
2614 MO133 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes OH1830LE/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II – an ex stock unit seen here in December 2008.
374 JLG and 846 JLG110 viewsPremier Motor Service Mercedes O404-3s with Austral Denning bodywork. On the left is 374 JLG is ex (6) Surf City, (41) mo 2273, TV 007, AAT Kings. 846 JLG is ex (2) Surf City, ex (22) mo 1474, TV 010, OVB889, mo 2042, NSU501 AAT Kings and has recently had the Surf City vinyls removed in January 2009.
503 IKF143 viewsPremier Motor Service 14.5m Mercedes O303-3/Volgren body, ex Surf City (35), ex (35) mo 1308, AAT Kings in January 2009.
m/o 6365607 viewsPremier Illawarra 6365 is a PMC bodied Leyland Tiger ex John J Hill, seen here at North Wollongong Stn operating the University shuttle service. it was sold to Warrigal Charters late 2013.

7281 MO193 viewsPremier, Shoalhaven Scania K320IB/Higer A30 in 2017. Reg 6/8/13 for the Moss Vale - Goulburn NSW TrainLink contract. Operates from from Premier Illawarra, Unanderra. Contributed by Peter.
m/o 79361219 viewsPremier Illawarra Leyland Lynx/PMC "Metro 90" Ex John J Hill, Wollongong & Shellharbour (36) m/o 7936. Was built as a trial bus for the UTA in Sydney with Mercedes Mark V style body but after lengthy delays during the building stage, it never operated for the UTA/STA.
m/o 8657691 viewsFrom Premier Illawarra is this Mercedes LO812 / CC formerly from John J Hill, operating local route service at Stocklands Shellharbour on route 76 to Albion Park. This bus wears a new style livery for Premier Illawarra.
BUS 910868 viewsPremier Motor Service BUS 910 is a Hino RG230/P & D, originally owned by Great Lakes Coaches where it was MO 4807. Since rerged MO 6618 and then transferred to Surf City Coaches, Southport, QL
AI27LY590 viewsPremier Illawarra AI27LY is a MAN 18.280 with Custom Coaches CB50HCL body. This is one of three identical buses delivered to Premier Illawarra this year, with two more of the order to enter service shortly. Since reregd m/o 9008.
u/r 160 viewsPremier Illawarra – Two new Volvo B9R’s/Irizar in March 2011.
BUS 973140 viewsPremier Illawarra Volvo B7R/Custom Coaches SB40 ex MO 9232, on a University 57 service in 2003. Later reregd m/o 9014.
MO 3107137 viewsPremier Illawarra Daewoo BH117L/UBC Chiron. On rail May 2008 in Katoomba. Since reregd 4770 MO.
m/o 6141145 viewsPremier Illawarra Renault PR100.2/Ansair in service during 2002. It was ex Action, Canberra, ACT (683) BUS 683 5/00. Deregd 13/1/12.
m/o 6317109 viewsPremier Illawarra, Nowra Nissan UD RB30/PMC is ex Premier Illawarra, Shellhabour m/o 6317 10/08; ex John J. Hill Pty Ltd, Wollongong & Shellharbour (17) m/o 6317 in January 2009. Sold for motorhome in late 2010 or early 2011.
m/o 6323119 viewsPremier Shoalhaven Nissan UD RB30/PMC ex Premier Illawarra, Shellharbour m/o 6323 10/08; ex John J. Hill Pty Ltd, Wollongong & Shellharbour (23) m/o 6323, in January 2009. Sold for motorhome in late 2010 or early 2011.
MO 6344158 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 2128, on a Warrawong 34 service in 2003.
m/o 6412170 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 238 ex Rutty's Bus Service, Figtree (12) m/o 6412 6/01; ex m/o 7390, at the depot in 2001, shortly after the takeover which took place in June that year.
TV 45921188 viewsPremier Motor Service (606) Scania K124EB/Queensland Coach Company (Majestic)
TV 4592172 viewsPremier Motor Service (4592) Scania K124EB with a QCC Majestic body is ex (606), ex PMS 606, ex McCafferty's (GPA) (650), ex (550) ex WHO 183, on rail at Katoomba May 2008.
TV 4595196 viewsPremier Motor Service Scania K113TR – 13.5m/Austral Pacific-Northcoast on rail in Katoomba May 2008. It was reregd TV 7492 30/1/2015.
TV 4595202 viewsPremier Motor Service Scania K113TR – 13.5m/Austral Pacific-Northcoast on rail in Mount Victoria May 2008. It was reregd TV 7492 30/1/2015.
TV 4610145 viewsPremier Motor Service (4610) Scania K380IB 13.5m/Irizar Century first regd 5/1/2009 seen here later that month.
TV 4610137 viewsRear shot of Premier Motor Service (4610) Scania K380IB 13.5m/Irizar Century first regd 5/1/2009 seen here later that month.
MO 67191749 viewsNowra Coaches Volvo B58 Arti/PMCSA ex Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA (933); ex Serco (933); ex Trans Adelaide (1357). Since reregd 2401 MO and Withdrawn by 18/7/2012.
m/o 90081085 viewsThis MAN 18.280/Custom Coaches "CB50HCL" is one of a new order of MAN and Volvo buses for Premier Illawarra. It is seen departing Central Railway Station on railbus duties.
MO 6609755 viewsOne of the latest purchases for Premier Illawarra is this Volvo B7RLE/CC CB50 seen at Oak Flats. Since reregd 4750 MO.
m/o 79251234 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Tiger/PMC . It became m/o 8748 before being sold to Premier Illawarra, Shellharbour as m/o 9253
m/o 61351725 viewsRuttys (Wollongong, NSW) (35) m/o 6135 is a Hino RG197K with PMC '160' body and is still as such with Premier Illawarra.
WUT 8921007 viewsFrom Ruttys of Wollongong is WUT 892, an Ansair bodied Renault PR100.2 - a recent acquisition from ACTION, Canberra (it is ex-ACTION 679). This has since become m/o 6189 with Premier Illawarra.
5172AO233 viewsSandringham & Brighton Coaches, Moorabbin, VIC (110) Scania K93CR/P&D ex (10), ex (151) TV 951 Premier Motor Service.
SB78FZ394 viewsKanga Coachlines a 1994 MCA, Nissan RB30 ex WPH 148 Hanleys Passenger Service, Gladstone, S.A.-ex WPH 148 Southern Flinders Bus & Coach, Crystal Brook, S.A.-ex WPH 148 Taylor, Crystal Brook, S.A.-ex MO 2914 Bega Valley Coaches, Bega, N.S.W.-ex TV 951 Premier Motor Service, Nowra, N.S.W., on rail.
Nowra Coaches.1417 viewsA lineup of various units.
MO 6605 and MO77701807 viewsFormer Harrison's Volvo B7R/Autobus now reg 2377MO and Domino DC113 in the Shoal Bus fleet. The latter was ex Pioneer Motor Service, Nowra MO 7770 -/90; ex Sonter, Laurieton MO 7770. and sold by 8/07
TV 3850284 viewsSteve’s Tours Scania K124EB/AD Majestic on night rail June 2008. It was ex Pegasus Coach Tours (Ken Hainsworth), Riverstone ZEL 806; ex Premier Motor Service (Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd), South Nowra (516) PMS 516; ex Greyhound Pioneer, Australia (516) TV 1414. Sold to Don Pty Ltd, Moore Park as TV 5022 by 3/08 ??, then to Grant's Coach Lines, Woodville North, SA as SB44BS by 10/08.
m/o 7568162 viewsSydney Coachlines Leyland Leopard PSU/2R/Custom Coaches ex Premier Illawarra; ex Nowra Coaches; ex Baxters (63); ex Delwood m/o 7568; rebody ex UTA 3544. It is still in the now-superseded but very nice Premier Illawarra/Nowra Coaches livery. Seen here in January 2009.
TA 1155 and TA 1354794 viewsTrans Adelaide (1155) Volvo B59/PMC and (1354) Volvo B58 artic/PMC on the right, at Morphettville 22/1/98. The latter is now 2407 MO at Premier/Nowra Coaches, South Nowra, N.S.W. ex MO 6613.
TV 6123336 viewsPremier Motor Service Scania K113TRB 8x2 14.5m/Autobus ex (QLD) 851 FEN 17/2/11; ex Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD (3) 851 FEN, 4 axle coach laying over at Ventura between runs in December 2011.
volgrenOptimus premier illawarra.jpg
034 TMZ500 viewsBrisbane Transport (2090) VolvoB7RLE/Volgren Optimus. Photo by Derek Orford photoshopped into Premier Illawarra livery by Mitchell Petersen.
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