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MO 1145187 viewsPioneer Motor Service, Nowra Nissan UD/Custom Coaches ex King's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kempsey MO 1145 14/4/90. To Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra as MO 1145 1/5/95; Traded to Dick White (dlr), Alstonville 7/07 on a new Daewoo & sold to Robertson's Bus & Coach (GR Robertson), Toowoomba as 620 KMT; For sale at Dick White (dlr), Brisbane, QLD 10/13; Resold to Lifestyle Motorhomes, Hervey Bay, QLD for conversion to a motorhome 12/13.
MO 1304193 viewsPioneer Motor Service Denning Denair ex CA & C Cavanagh Pty Ltd, Kempsey MO 9328,.seen arriving in Sydney. Sold by Nowra Coaches by 11/9/2004.
MO 1305207 viewsPioneer Motor Service Denning Landseer ex Murrays (347) TV 1638; ex VBA 178; ex New Wrights EBJ 053 seen here arriving at the Melbourne Cup. Sold to Greyhound as 361 CXH. Then sold NPSV to Somerville, Victoria.
MO 759256 viewsPioneer Motor Service, Nowra Denning GM. Withdrawn by Nowra Coaches -/00 and sold for a motorhome in Sydney.
?173 viewsPioneer Motor Service Tourmaster seen here on a wet day at the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne, sorry that this one is a little blurry.
m/o 8900228 viewsPleasure Tours Volvo B58-56/Smithfield ex Metro Tasmania, Hobart, TAS (23) GT 7434 (B39D) 28/6/96; ex AL 4249. Withdrawn by 6/99 & sold to Murphy's Commercials (dealer), Mayfield (as (SHE 030) u/r; Resold for non-PSV at Wickham as AA01BT, still there in derelict condition 6/16.
m/o 8996207 viewsPleasure Tours Volvo B58-56/Smithfield ex Metro Tasmania, Hobart, TAS (26) GT 7736 (B39D) 28/6/96; ex AM 2432. Withdrawn by 9/99 & sold to Murphy's Commercials, Mayfield (dlr).
1965AC154 viewsPopes, Tamboon Mercedes Benz OC1621/PMCSA seen here at the MCG carpark on 21/07/2007 after having had a facelift.
Port StephensTV4890.jpg
TV 4890255 viewsPort Stephens Coaches (6) Autobus – Cummins/Autobus on a visit to Melbourne October 2007. Customised unit built for Port Stephens by Autobus, with a Cummins engine, featuring driveline componentry from the former m/o 7426 Austral Denning Aspire which burnt to the ground.
5527 AO220 viewsPortsea Passenger Service (321) Mercedes OH1421/Custom Coaches SB40 ex (650) MO 5410 Busways NSW [650], ex (190) King Bros, in 2008. In 2014 part of Ventura.
5611AO258 viewsPortsea Passenger Service Scania K124EB/Coach Design ex (220) VV38FC Britz Tours, Australia, in 2008. In 2014 part of Ventura.
6065AO207 viewsPortsea Passenger Service (347) Mercedes Benz O305G/PMC ex STA m/o 2551, in 2008. Withdrawn in 2011.
4449AO181 viewsPortsea Passenger Transport (449) Mercedes OH1418/Volgren “SC221” ex (49),ex PBK049. Part of Ventura in 2014.
4461AO187 viewsPortsea Passenger Transport (461) Volbo B10M Mk IV/Volgren ex (61) NHM395. Part of Ventura in 2014.
TV 1388214 viewsPriest’s Wagga Wagga Denning Landseer at Victoria Markets October 2011. Ex Fearnes Investments Pty Ltd, Wagga Wagga TV 1388 by 8/07. Sold to Bush Bus, Alice Springs, NT 20/8/09.
MO 9702109 viewsPriors Batemans Bay ex MTT Leyland Worldmaster/Custom Coaches rebody.
MO 0127107 viewsPriors of Batemans Bay Leyland Leopard/Austral ex Westbus/Calabro.
MO 1890106 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay slightly blurry Leyland Leopard/Austral ex Westbus/Calabro.
MO 2889128 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Nissan CMA86K Diesel with MBS or Nambucca body?
MO 7172108 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Albion Viking VK55/PMC.
MO 8169108 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Leyland Super Comet/PMC.
MO 884796 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Leyland Worldmaster/Custom Coaches badged Leopard, 1980 rebody of an ex Oslo Leyland chassis..
MO 9182115 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Leyland Super Viking/Smithfield an unusual Euro body.
MO 9664248 viewsPrior's Bateman's Bay Tours Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/4RZ 3-axle/Denning Majestic ex MO 9664. Dereg -/09 and stored at Mogo. Sold for temporary farm accommodation and removed 11/2/14.
MO 9699104 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches in a slightly blurry shot.
MO 9701103 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches.
Punchbowl Lineup223 views2 Scanias & 2 Hino's of Punchbowl Bus Co on an early morning Charter at Olympic Park taken in World Youth Week 2008.
m/o 7028279 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/4R 3 axle/PMC ex TV 340; ex RC49F; ex TV 818. Traded to Scania -/99 (stored at Scania, Campbellfield for some time) and sold for a Race Car Transporter, VIC. Noted for sale again on Ebay 1/08. It appears to have had some refront work done since its TV 340 days.
MO 1235408 viewsPye’s Gosford City Coaches (4) Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches ex Peninsula, at the Pope’s visit in 1997. Sold to Harris Coaches SA as WTT 577 – since withdrawn.
TV 226391 viewsPye’s Gosford City Coaches Scania K93CR/Newnham ex Peninsula, at the Pope’s visit in 1997. Sold to Harris Coaches SA as WTT 576.
0072AO145 viewsA Coach Design MAN 18.350 of Pyles of Tawonga, this operation is now part of Fallons the coach has lost its Pyle's livery, it may get a livery similar to the photo above & is seen here at the Shrine of Remembrance November 2007.
0551AO253 viewsQuinces Mercedes O405/PMC at Monash University during the Mercedes O405 farewell tour 28 May 2016 – these days relegated to School Buses, School Charter or as rail replacement bus.
0552AO259 viewsQuinces Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II on the Clayton - Caulfield Uni Shuttle in 2018.
0554AO262 viewsQuinces Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II on the Clayton- Caulfield Uni Shuttle in 2018.
BS02AG269 viewsQuinces Mercedes OH1830LE/Volgren Qld CR228L of 2013, on the Clayton- Caulfield Uni Shuttle in 2018.
BS03RW307 viewsQuinces Mercedes O500LE/BCI Cityrider of 2018, on the Clayton - Caulfield Uni Shuttle in 2018.
Redline Tormaster.jpg
?110 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (2) Austral Tourmaster,
?118 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches Bedford VAM/Ansair?.
BO 5580105 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (39) Mercedes Benz 1617/PMC(A) ?
CD 154491 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (67) Mercedes Benz 1617/PMC(A) ? – possibly a Gen Man photo.
CP 7670103 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (103) Mercedes 1617/Ansair.
CR 149191 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (96) Mercedes/Austral.
CR 3184181 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (10^) Mercedes O303-3/Denning. Redline used to do tours for mainland operators hence the board for Travelmarvel Tours.
?186 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (111) Denning Double Decker , seen here outside the workshops in Launceston.
?116 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches Denning Denair.
?130 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches. A pair of Denning Denairs outside the Cadbury factory [the front unit has been modified].
?174 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches. A modified Denning.
?120 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches Bedford VAM/Freighter ?.
Lineup120 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches. A rear line up shot of vehicles outside the Launceston workshops.
?109 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches Bedford VAM Comair.
3170AO165 viewsReservoir Bus Co (Dysons) (25) Volvo B10M Mk IV/Custom Coaches ex RBT 247, departing the depot for an afternoon school run 13/11/2012. It was sold to Light City Buses, Adelaide in 2013.
MO 0465235 viewsRiverina Buses Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches ex Thies Bus Service Pty Ltd, Albury MO 0465 28/2/00. Sold to James Cann Pty Ltd, Corowa as (21) 1934 MO 20/7/07, renumbered 1934 MO; Rereg XAJ 921 & Sold to Milthorpe Transport, Corowa for a race car transporter 7/09. Seen here 10/6/2007.
7607AO222 viewsRockleigh Tours, Diggers Rest Scania K93CR/Volgren ex (48) B55AO (TAS.), ex (48) CR5011 (TAS.) Tassielink, Hobart, Tasmania; ex (48) CR5011 (TAS.) Hobart Coaches, in King St 24/6/2011.
2232AO166 viewsRyans (32) Mercedes O405/Volgren ex ODP 032, on a Charter at the OLd Melbourne Gaol on 10/12/2012.
2242AO194 viewsRyans (42) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren CR221L has just turned into Buckley St. having left Essendon Station.
2247AO173 viewsRyans (47) Mercedes Benz 0500RF/Northcoast, seen outside the Arts Centre August 2007.
TV 465240 viewsRyan’s Bathurst Leyland Tiger 3 axle/Denning.
5819AO88 viewsSandringham & Brighton Coaches, Moorabbin (127) Scania K320IB/Higer A30.
3296AO122 viewsSandringham Coaches Scania K112TR/PMCSA Apollo ex (27) 3296AO; ex (27) 3296AO Westernport Road Lines, Koo Wee Rup, Victoria., seen here 26/3/2007 after had a facelift.
5172AO244 viewsSandringham & Brighton Coaches, Moorabbin, VIC (110) Scania K93CR/P&D ex (10), ex (151) TV 951 Premier Motor Service.
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