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2746AO303 viewsMees (2) is an Autobus Volvo B7R seen at Telstra Dome for the football August 2007.
2760AO351 viewsMee’s (46) Volvo B7R/Autobus in a then new simplified livery, at the Old Melbourne Gaol 24 June 2011.
5872AO267 viewsMees (73) Volvo B7R/Autobus in Melbourne City early August 2007.
9138AO122 viewsMee’s Bus Lines (8) Scania K320IB/Higer A30.
0371AO138 viewsMelbourne Buslink (371) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L approaching the City on its way to Caroline Springs on the outskirts of Melbourne Saturday 4/8/2007.
MYD126136 viewsMelbourne Met (126) MAN SL200/Ansair Mark 1.
MYD171158 viewsMelbourne Met (171) MAN SL200/Ansair Mark 1.
MYD194134 viewsMelbourne Met (194) MAN SL200/Ansair Mark 1.
MYD217137 viewsMelbourne Met (217) MAN SL200/Ansair Mark 1.
ACI 919102 viewsMMTB (885) Volvo B59/Ansair approaching the Clifton Hill Terminus of the 246 run.
ACI 949123 viewsMMTB (885) Volvo B59/Ansair at Box Hill loading for a run to East Kew.
IUG 881133 viewsMMTB (881) Volvo B59/Ansair at North Fitzroy Depot.
IUG 885116 viewsMMTB (885) Volvo B59/Ansair at North Fitzroy Depot.
MVO 773124 viewsMMTB (885) Volvo B59/Ansair in Footscray.
?183 views MTT Tasmania (313) Bedford SB3/Freighter Tasmania – sold off by the time this photo was taken.
GT 7518191 viewsMTT Tasmania (328) Hino BT51/Freighter Tasmania.
TV 969173 viewsMIA Coaches – Griffith Mercedes-Benz O404-3/Austral Denning ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Fullerton Cove (7) TV 969, in Canberra June 2007.
XSU 772195 viewsM.I.A. Coaches Griffith Nissan LKA/TOST at the old Melbourne Gaol October 2011, It was later reregd 1322 MO.
9124AO109 viewsDysons Scania K280IB/Higer A30 still in Midland Tours livery.
ACI 900127 viewsNational Bus Co (891) Volvo B59/Ansair painted up for Whitefriars College (National had a number of runs to this school).
ACI 914139 viewsNational Bus Co (914) Voilvo B59/Ansair was the only Volvo to be painted into the National livery.
?90 viewsThe MMTB had a fleet of Double Deckers that ran for a while in the 50's, they were replaced by trams (Sadly none are preserved in running order).
IUG 857116 viewsMMTB (857) Volvo B59/Ansair at North Fitzroy depot.
IUG 867127 viewsMMTB (857) Volvo B59/Ansair heading up Queen St. in the City on its way to Templestowe.
IUG 873117 viewsNational Bus Co (873) Volvo B59/Ansair painted up for Manningham Youth Services.
IUG 891129 viewsNational Bus Co (891) Volvo B59/Ansair in Zoo Bus livery.
IUG 892128 viewsMMTB (892) Volvo B59/Ansair at Sandringham prior to operating another service to St.Kilda.
IUG 895135 viewsMMTB (895) Volvo B59/Ansair in white livery, at Footscray about to do a driver changeover.
IUG 897125 viewsMMTB (897) Volvo B59/Ansair in white livery, on a tram replacement run in Swanston St.
IUG 899122 viewsNational Bus Co (899) Volvo B59/Ansair painted up for Children’s Safety..
IUG 876137 viewsMMTB (876) Volvo B59/Ansair in Russell St. waiting for its next load prior to heading off to Box Hill,
MVO 762135 viewsMMTB (935) Volvo B59/Ansair in white livery, resting at Footscray depot.
MVO 765145 viewsMMTB (910) Volvo B59/Ansair in white livery, resting at Footscray depot.
MVO 770144 viewsMMTB (886) Volvo B59/Ansair laying over at Footscray Depot.
3 Volvo’s152 viewsThree MMTB Volvo B59/Ansair buses in the 3 different liveries parked next to each other.
m/o 020636 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard,Smithfield ex m/o 8452 ex UTA Mk2 (3954) seen heer in North Parade, Campsie in Road Safety livery. It was deregd 18.12.96 with the plates going to an ex Ventura Leyland Leopard. This was the first Smithfield bodied Leyland Leopard for the UTA.
MO 0494191 viewsDeanes Queanbeyan Bedford BLP2/ Smithfield”Euro” ex Federal Highway Bus Co, ex ex Peter Lacey, Queanbeyan MO 0494 -/87; ex Macquarie Towns Bus Lines, Windsor m/o 4014; ex Gosper, Windsor m/o 4014; ex Fitzgerald, Mudgee MO 8022. Deregd 6/96 & sold to GJ Lewis t/a Lewis Buslines, Tallong as BLP 500 & later rereg TV 1527. Withdrawn 20/2/10 & stored.
m/o 1099 611 viewsGreens Northern Coaches a 1979, Mercedes Benz 0305/PMC ex STA MkII 2124 at Helensburgh.
m/o 1161679 viewsGreens Northern Coaches Iveco Metro/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" with the unusual yellow in the livery instead of the normal white, arriving at Wollongong Station.
MO 1847285 viewsAllen Tuross MAN 15.192/PMC still in Glenorie colours as pictured by Venturatiger. It was m/o 966 at Glenorie, ex Dural Busways. From Allen it went to Marshalls, Moruya from where it was sold locally non psv in 2009.
m/o 1969770 viewsBrand new Green's Northern Coaches Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Custom Coaches CB60 in Transport NSW livery, on Rail standby at Wollongong Station.
m/o 248752 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard, PMCSA, ex m/o 7118 ex Ventura Buslines (19) FRW 019 - seen here before its initial registration. It became (?) 053 EJZ at Logan Coaches Qld.
MO 2759305 viewsDeanes, Queanbeyan (42) Volvo B58-56/Smithfield ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd), Taren Point (unused) 16/2/94; ex GR Hopkinson Transport Pty Ltd, Smithfield m/o 5667; ex ACTION, Canberra, ACT (367) ZIB 367. Dereg 9/99 & scrapped for parts for MO 49.
MO 2960160 viewsDeanes Queanbeyan (44) Volvo B58-65/PMC ex m/o 748 15/6/94; ex Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Casula m/o 748 7/5/94. Withdrawn for parts 1/99.
MO 2961274 viewsDeanes Queanbeyan AEC Reliance 505/Custom Coaches ex St Ives Bus Service(17) m/o 959 6/94; ex m/o 5580, still in St Ives livery. Sold to the Gosford City Sub-Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Association 11/97.
MO 3099402 viewsDions Fairy Meadow's 1988 Mercedes Benz 0405/PMC "Metro 90" ex Quinces DKA107 at North Wollongong Station.
m/o 333700 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard, PMCSA, ex m/o 9209 ex Ventura Buslines (51) FRW 051. It went to Crossley Queensland.
m/o 3401684 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Worldmaster, Newnham ex Ventura Buslines (151), ex Hawthorn Bus service, ex Rennie's Bus lines rebody of Adelaide Worldmaster. It later became (13) 190 EMC at Glasshouse Country Coaches Qld.
m/o 4896176 viewsKaten and Heath a 1974 Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches at the 1995 Papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse. It was ex Bosnjak m/o 5976, ex Evans Bus Service and deregd 11/96 and then reinstated as m/o 9239 4/97.
MO 149 (act)160 viewsDeanes Queanbeyan (49) Volvo B58-56/Comair Reg 7/95 ex Metropolitan Transport Trust, Hobart (60) GT 9180 (B39D) 19/5/95. Disposal unknown.
m/o 513188 viewsKaten and Heath a 1977 Bedford VAM70 (or BLP2)/Custom Coaches at the 1995 Papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse. It was sold to Casula Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Casula 4/04 - renumbered m/o 8291 by 8/04 & sold to Celebrity Event Maganagment, Blacktown as m/o 8291 by 4/07.
m/o 5140307 viewsBusways 1048 Bustech CDi - Cummins ISL ex 5064 MO, at Blacktown 23/9/2014 now with an ad on the side.
m/o 5344469 viewsDions Fairy Meadow's 2010 Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren "CR228L" at the Depot.
MO 54 (act)230 viewsDeanes Queanbeyan MAN SL200/CAC ex ACTION (509) ex ZIB 509 - Converted to B50F for Deanes by ACTION. Sold to Hurstbridge Bus & Coach Pty Ltd t/a Panorama Coaches, Diamond Creek, VIC as (11) PYO 418 6/99, rereg 3011 AO; then to Kingsford Smith Transport Pty Ltd, Mascot, NSW as (51) KS 2217 5/03, rereg YML 699; ex PYO 418; Sold for non-PSV by the end of 2004.
m/o 5981148 viewsKaten and Heath a 1974 Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches at the 1995 Papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse.
m/o 6097551 viewsPremier Illawarra - a 1987 Leyland Tiger/PMC ex John J.Hill resting in the Depot.
m/o 6116468 viewsPremier Illawarra,a 1988 Mercedes Benz 0405/PMC "Metro 90" at the corner of Burelli & Corrimal Sts, Wollongong.
m/o 6203510 viewsGreens Northern Coaches - this is a 2007 Iveco Delta 260 Lowbus/CC "CB60 Evo II" on Route 15 to Helensburgh Station.
m/o 6206587 viewsGreens Northern Caoches Hino RG230/Autobus, on Rail at Wollongong.
m/o 6215463 viewsGreens Northern Coaches 1998 Volvo B7R/Custom Coaches "510" on Wollongong to Sydney Rail.
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